My 30 second film, which got into LAFF (my school’s film festival) and premiered at Warner Brothers Studios along with many of my peers’ films this past weekend. Couldn’t upload it online until afterwards. 720 frames per second with over 500 drawings. Music from Spongebob and sfx from various freesound sources as well as Hannah Barbaras sound library.


海景第二排 by YL.H
Via Flickr:
延平北路 Canon EOS 500n Kodak colorplus 200


“Everything’s pattern on pattern on pattern— the chairs and the seat coverings and the wallpapers and the costumes…. Something that we wanted to build into the opening section was that it was very verdant and over-textured, as opposed to the later section where things become a lot sparser.” — Joe Wright, Atonement (2007) director’s commentary.

“Rather than love, than money, than faith, than fame, than fairness… give me truth” - Into The Wild