julezblog  asked:

Just wanted to say your blog is badass. I'm passionate about film and fully support more females in above the line roles. I'll make it a goal to watch more female directed/ lead actress films.

Thank you so much! There’s nothing that gives me greater joy than hearing people say they’re going to try to watch more films directed by women. 

Also if you’re serious about it you should try to do the 52 films by women challenge, a personal pledge where you try to watch 1 movie directed by women per week for a year. You tailor the challenge to you, so you would pick out which films you like, but it’s helpful to track tags on here and on twitter to see what people are watching and get suggestions for things you might find interesting. 

I know people who haven’t necessarily been able to do the 1 film per week thing but even so they’ve said it helps them to boost the numbers of films directed they see by women by a lot. 

You can sign up here:

Also @oldfilmsflicker made a great post that I added to with suggestions on films directed by women and where to find them

Happy viewing!