film: la belle et la bete (2014)

From the 2014 film La Belle et la Bête (Beauty and the Beast).

I really liked the way this scene was filmed. The Beast remains just on the edge of Belle’s vision, looming behind her. He’s all the more menacing because she cannot see him clearly, and the focus on Belle’s face not only captures her fear but means we see little more of him than she does.

I was a bit disappointed that the film didn’t continue to present the Beast in this way, because it was so effective.

I’d love to see a whole film carry through with this approach over the course of several meals and conversations. 

(More thoughts about what I’d like to see in a Beauty and the Beast film below.)

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The 2014 film La Belle et la Bête (Beauty and the Beast) is very pretty.

The story does some different things with the Beast’s backstory and the worldbuilding, which turn out to be even more relevant than they first appear because they eventually intersect with the subplot about one of Belle’s brothers. All of this introduces some suspense to an otherwise familiar tale, as well as a few more female characters.

However, I would have preferred to spend more time with Belle, and for Belle to spend more time with the Beast. A montage or even just a comment from the narrator, implying the passing of time, would have made the relationship between these two more convincing. Admittedly the film makes it look convincing… until you stop to think “Wait, do you two actually know each other?” 

But it is very, very pretty.