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Super detailed questions about your OCs

1. What’s their full name? Why was that chosen? Does it mean anything?
2. Do they have any titles? How did they get them?
3. Did they have a good childhood? What are fond memories they have of it? What’s a bad memory?
4. What is their relationship with their parents? What’s a good and bad memory with them? Did they know both parents?
5. Do they have any siblings? What’s their names? What is their relationship with them? Has their relationship changed since they were kids to adults?
6. What were they like at school? Did they enjoy it? Did they finish? What level of higher education did they reach? What subjects did they enjoy? Which did they hate?
7. Did they have lots of friends as a child? Did they keep any of their childhood friends into adulthood?
8. Did they have pets as a child? Do they have pets as an adult? Do they like animals?
9. Do animals like them? Do they get on well with animals?
10. Do they like children? Do children like them? Do they have or want any children? What would they be like as a parent? Or as a godparent/babysitter/ect?
11. Do they have any special diet requirements? Are they a vegetarian? Vegan? Have any allergies?
12. What is their favourite food?
13. What is their least favourite food?
14. Do they have any specific memories of food/a restaurant/meal?
15. Are they good at cooking? Do they enjoy it? What do others think of their cooking?
16. Do they collect anything? What do they do with it? Where do they keep it?
17. Do they like to take photos? What do they like to take photos of? Selfies? What do they do with their photos?
18. What’s their favourite genre of: books, music, tv shows, films, video games and anything else
19. What’s their least favourite genres?
20. Do they like musicals? Music in general? What do they do when they’re favourite song comes?
21. Do they have a temper? Are they patient? What are they like when they do lose their temper?
22. What are their favourite insults to use? What do they insult people for? Or do they prefer to bitch behind someone’s back?
23. Do they have a good memory? Short term or long term? Are they good with names? Or faces?
24. What is their sleeping pattern like? Do they snore? What do they like to sleep on? A soft or hard mattress?
25. What do they find funny? Do they have a good sense of humour? Are they funny themselves?
26. How do they act when they’re happy? Do they sing? Dance? Hum? Or do they hide their emotions?
27. What makes them sad? Do they cry regularly? Do they cry openly or hide it? What are they like they are sad?
28. What is their biggest fear? What in general scares them? How do they act when they’re scared?
29. What do they do when they find out someone else’s fear? Do they tease them? Or get very over protective?
30. Do they exercise? Regularly? Or only when forced? What do they act like pre-work out and post-work out?
31. Do they drink? What are they like drunk? What are they like hungover? How do they act when other people are drunk or hungover? Kind or teasing?
32. What do they dress like? What sorta shops do they buy clothes from? Do they wear the fashion that they like? What do they wear to sleep? Do they wear makeup? What’s their hair like?
33. What underwear do they wear? Boxers or briefs? Lacey? Comfy granny panties?
34. What is their body type? How tall are they? Do they like their body?
35. What’s their guilty pleasure? What is their totally unguilty pleasure?
36. What are they good at? What hobbies do they like? Can they sing?
37. Do they like to read? Are they a fast or slow reader? Do they like poetry? Fictional or non fiction?
38. What do they admire in others? What talents do they wish they had?
39. Do they like letters? Or prefer emails/messaging?
40. Do they like energy drinks? Coffee? Sugary food? Or can they naturally stay awake and alert?
41. What’s their sexuality? What do they find attractive? Physically and mentally? What do they like/need in a relationship?
42. What are their goals? What would they sacrifice anything for? What is their secret ambition?
43. Are they religious? What do they think of religion? What do they think of religious people? What do they think of non religious people?
44. What is their favourite season? Type of weather? Are they good in the cold or the heat? What weather do they complain in the most?
45. How do other people see them? Is it similar to how they see themselves?
46. Do they make a good first impression? Does their first impression reflect them accurately? How do they introduce themselves?
47. How do they act in a formal occasion? What do they think of black tie wear? Do they enjoy fancy parties and love to chit chat or loathe the whole event?
48. Do they enjoy any parties? If so what kind? Do they organise the party or just turn up? How do they act? What if they didn’t want to go but were dragged along by a friend?
49. What is their most valued object? Are they sentimental? Is there something they have to take everywhere with them?
50. If they could only take one bag of stuff somewhere with them: what would they pack? What do they consider their essentials?

Me: Okay I think I’m already in enough fandoms, I’m not entering any new one. Nope, I’m not ruining my life anymore. DO NOT ENTER. Also me: *watches a new tv show, film, book, music band or whatever*

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In 2017...
  • Let’s see more black girl magic and black boy joy.
  • Let’s keep celebrating black excellence.
  • Let’s remind the younger generation and ourselves that black is beautiful.
  • Let’s continue to fight social injustice.
  • Let’s keep reminding everyone that black lives do matter.
  • Let’s support black businesses more.
  • Let’s be more kind to our brothers and sisters regardless of their shade of skin.
  • Let’s read more black books, listen to black podcasts and show love to black media/blogs.
  • Let’s stop calling black women angry.
  • Let black women remember they are valued. Show them respect.
  • Let black boys and men explore their sexuality without judgement.
  • Let’s remember that mental health does affect the black community.
  • Let’s speak out on cultural appropriation.
  • Let’s keep creating amazing music, TV shows and films.
  • Let’s push for greatness in all aspects of our lives.
  • Let’s make sure more of our young brothers and sisters stay in school and graduate college.
  • Let’s show the world what it means to be black and proud.
  • Let’s no longer be afraid to be black.
  • Let’s embrace our past, work on our present and ensure a great future for our people.
  • Let’s remember that we are forces to be reckoned with.
  • Last, but not least. Let’s stay woke.

Wishing you all a prosperous and fulfilling 2017. It’s our year for the taking.

Much love.

“We deserve it” rubs me the wrong way, sends chills up my spine, makes my skin crawl in the same way as chalk screeching on a chalkboard does.

As a consumer of art, television, literature, music, film, etc., enjoy it, love it, revel in it, relate to it, dislike it, critique it, but make no mistake, you do not deserve it. None of us do.

Artists, writers, musicians, filmmakers, producers, creators do NOT owe you a specific storyline, lyric, romantic pairing, or plot.

They’re creators. They create. They imagine worlds that we get to enjoy or dislike. Places we can escape to, have opinions about, but still DO NOT DESERVE.

How entitled and selfish is that? To think you’re deserving of a creator, fanfic writer, producer, or actor to cater to your desires and will.

Reality check… disagree with something, like it, dislike it all you want, consume as much of whatever form of media is your vice, but your specific wants and desires–even if more than one person shares your viewpoint–still doesn’t DESERVE to be catered to.

You’re a consumer. We are consumers. We consume.

Unless you’re paying for a commission or signing paychecks every month as a patron of the arts, you don’t get to dictate what someone else creates. And even then you’re still not deserving of it, you’re a patron.

You know how the entire Autistic community is getting increasingly frustrated by our representation in the media, and how we’re all asking for better representation?
Well, I’m doing something shocking. I’m channelling my special interest, musical theatre, and writing a show about, wait for it, a girl with Aspergers with a single dad and an arts based special interest, with the working title “Spectrum”. It’ll take years to write, as many shows do, but I’m letting the community know now that one of us is trying to change things. I’m promising you now, I will do my best to portray us. I’m one of you and we deserve our stories to be told. I’m just doing it the only way how. Hopefully that makes up for some of the abominations we’ve seen in film and TV.

Let Me Introduce You To Someone Named Morticia Addams.

Oh Look! Another well-written female character with lots of personality in a famous franchise! That’s right in today’s post we’re looking at a lady character from one of my favorite fucking franchises ever: Morticia Addams. [Wednesday’s post will be coming soon don’t you worry]

First off: Morticia is in a franchise that in addition to the original comic strip includes TV adaptations, film adaptions, video game adaptations, book adaptations, a musical adaptation and The best-selling pinball game pf all time. All of which Morticia is featured in as The Addams Family’s deadly but pleasant matriarch. She’s part of the most beautiful marriage ever seen on TV [She and Gomez are one of my three OTPs] and despite Gomez being the ‘official head’ it’s clearly Morticia who truly rules the family.

She’s elegant, beautiful, fiercely loyal, subtle and the one to take action when something goes wrong. [See the Addams Family film to see what i mean] She has hobbies such as cutting off the heads of roses, feeding her African Strangler Cleopatra and strumming a Japanese shamisen. She may be creepy and kooky but that’s what makes her awesome as well as the world’s greatest TV mum.

Next Time: A mother who goes on a quest to save her dying child
I'm composer and music supervisor Brian Reitzell. Here to answer all your American Gods / film / TV music questions. My film projects include The Virgin Suicides, Lost In Translation, Friday Night Lights, Marie Antoinette, Stranger Than Fiction, and 30 Days of Night. AMA! • r/movies
I am a composer, musician, producer and music supervisor. I recently finished season 1 of American Gods. I started out as a drummer playing with...



Vivaldi’s Four Seasons

Light, bright, and cheerful. It’s some of the most familiar of all early 18th century music. It’s been featured in uncounted films and television commercials, but what is it and why does it sound that way? “The Four Seasons”, by Italian composer Antonio Vivaldi, are famous in part because they are a delight to the ear. However, even more notable is the fact that they have stories to tell. 

At the time of their publication in Amsterdam in 1725, they were accompanied by poems describing exactly what feature of that season Vivaldi intended to capture in musical terms. The birds welcome spring with happy song, but soon, a thunderstorm breaks out. Not only is there musical thunder and lightning, there are also more birds, wet, frightened, and unhappy.

In “Summer,” the turtle dove sings her name “tortorella” in Italian, before a hail storm flattens the fields. “Autumn” brings eager hunters dashing out in pursuit of their prey. 

The “Winter” concerto begins with teeth chattering in the cold before one takes refuge by a crackling fire. Then it’s back out into the storm where there’ll be slips and falls on the ice. In these first weeks of winter, the old year is coming to a close, and so does Vivaldi’s musical exploration of the seasons. 

Not until the early 19th century would such expressive instrumental program music, as it was known, become popular. By then, larger, more varied ensembles were the rule with woodwinds, brass, and percussion to help tell the tale. But Vivaldi pulled it off with just one violin, strings, and a harpsichord. Unlike his contemporary Bach, Vivaldi wasn’t much interested in complicated fugues. He preferred to offer readily accessible entertainment to his listeners with melodies that pop back up later in a piece to remind us of where we’ve been. So the first movement of the “Spring” concerto begins with a theme for spring and ends with it, too, slightly varied from when it was last heard. 

It was an inspired way to attract listeners, and Vivaldi, considered one of the most electrifying violinists of the early 18th century, understood the value of attracting audiences. Even in the composer’s own time, Vivaldi’s music served as diversion for all, not just for the wealthy aristocrats. 300 years later, it’s an approach that still works, and Vivaldi’s music still sounds like trotting horses on the move.

Watch and listen to the TED-Ed Lesson Why should you listen to Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons”? - Betsy Schwarm

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ID #30670

Name: Myles
Age: 20
Country: United Kingdom (England)

Hello there!

I am at University in my second year studying Media with Film & TV.
I’m interested in doing this as I would love to get into contact with interesting, open minded people all over the world to discuss anything and everything! It would be great to get to know you and hear about your daily lives as well as exchanging photos. I really enjoy listening to, and getting to know new people!

My interests include:
Listening to a lot of music (The Beatles, Mac DeMarco,Tame Impala, Ben Howard, Frank Ocean to name a few). Attempting to learn the guitar, slowly haha. Taking photos. My dog, but I do love all dogs! Reading, in particular anything by Jack Kerouac. Nights out with friends! Watching Films (American Beauty, Dazed and Confused, Donnie Darko) and Television (The Simpsons, Peep Show, Black Mirror, Friends, Freaks and Geeks, Stranger Things, The Office!). Playing football!

My dream is to buy a camper van and travel the world in it! The world just fascinates me with all it’s beauty and I love to talk about it and hear about other people’s adventures.

In summary if any of this sounds remotely interesting to you and you think we could get on well, I’d love to hear from you!

Peace! :-)

Preferences: No preferences really, maybe just being at least 18!

Oh yeah and nobody likes small talk let’s talk about deep and interesting things we are passionate about!