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Mary and The Witch’s Flower (2017) | Trailer #1

Take a look at Studio Ponoc’s first full trailer for their first feature film, directed by Hiromasa Yonebayashi (When Marnie Was There, Arrietty). The film is still currently listed to release this year. More info about this film (and Studio Ponoc) is available at ANN.


HBO has set an April 22, 2017 premiere date for its film adaptation of “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.”


Tom Hiddleston as Captain James Conrad in new trailers for Kong: Skull Island

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HEY ! So finally here’s the FX exercise we worked on during 4 weeks with Camille Guillot, Sarah Naciri, James Molle, Benjamin Berrebis et Côme Roy. It was a lot of stress but still it really was a blast to do it with them !:) And yeah it’s a trailer for a feature film, but of course it’s totally fake we won’t do the feature aha:)

And you can watch the other trailers from my awesome classmates there:


Power Rangers (2017) Trailer - It’s Morphin’ Time [source]

I’m growing to like the idea of a giant demon made of gold (Capitalism) being punched by a robots made up of smaller robots operated by a multi-ethnic team of Millennials.


New trailer for Nicola Yoon’s Everything, Everything film adaptation just dropped. Enjoy!

Happy watching!

I’m excited about some things.

Mara, Fassbender, Gosling and Portman? Sign me up, also anytime we get to hear Ryan sing is a good day.  

Foreign period drama, handsome brunette men, and seemingly beautiful cinematography. Okay, it’s on my list. 

hmmmmm. Guy Ritchie? Okay. 

Don’t. Just don’t.

Nothing really compares to this. 


So there will be a Michael Fassbender’s movie featuring the Red Hot Chili Peppers. My favorite actor and my favorite band. I love coincidences.


Logan - Trailer 2

The more I see of Logan the more I love it. I do wish it was set in the far future, where everyone Logan knew is dead, but c’est la vie.

I had a theory that  Professor X was just a figment of Logan’s imagination. Something that’s keeping him going in his old age (if it were the far future, and if logan were 150 years old) but things don’t seem to be turning out that way.

I love the way this movie feels. And I love the constant misdirection that is ‘everyone wants Logan’. He wasn’t the one that Magneto wanted in X-Men 1, He wasn’t the one that Striker wanted in X2, he was sent back in time in DOFP because he was the only one that could, but it was Kitty who had the power to send him… and now, the hunted one isn’t Logan but X23.


Imperial Dreams (2017)

Filmed on location in the Imperial Courts projects outside Los Angeles, Imperial Dreams is a gangster fairy tale about a father’s struggle to build a better life for his son.

Directed by:   Malik Vitthal

Starring:   John Boyega, Glenn Plummer, Keke Palmer, Kellita Smith, Rotimi Akinosho, De'Aundre Bonds

Release date:   February 3, 2017

riddle me this:

so if Percival Graves has been abandoned as a character because he’s supposedly not important to the story, why in sam hill does this conversation exist?

in terms of storywriting, this just screams foreshadowing. It tells the audience to expect future exposition of the character in order to answer the question: who is Percival Graves? like. it’s right there in the script. We’re having the mysteriousness of this character shoved into our faces. It’s practically begging us to theorize about this character and be tortured by the fact that we know so little about him. 

(or, alternatively, it’s some subliminal message from JK Rowling telling us, the fans, to stop obsessing over this character. i seriously doubt it, though)

either way, I refuse to believe that the Fantastic Beasts franchise has seen the last of this character. 


Michael Bay made five of these?

Another F*cking Transformers Movie?


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 - International Trailer

Starring Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, & Dave Bautista

In theaters May 5, 2017 (USA)


After nearly a decade long break from feature films, Argentinian director Lucrecia Martel has finally completed Zama, her long delayed adaptation of the novel of the same name by Antonio di Benedetto.


Maya Angelou: And Still I Rise Official Trailer (2016) - Documentary

The first feature documentary about the remarkable writer, poet, actress, activist Maya Angelou.

gosling. mara. fassbender. portman.

diretti da terrence malick.