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my spring film is here! i sacrificed 6 months of my life for this baby so give it a watch!!!



>>>> Hi friends, it’s been a while!

Happy April!

After an incredible spring break excursion to Calgary, Alberta (airbnb’s are so interesting, wow) my friends and I spent a day regrouping and looking ahead to the final 7 weeks of the semester. Then I kicked it with a stack of film theory books I borrowed for an essay I have coming up!

Typically, at the beginning of the month I look through all of my syllabi and map out major assignments and required events. Then I look at the event and guest lecturer schedules to see what other cool things I can make it to.

**if you haven’t picked up The Art of Living Other People’s Lives, I recommend it. It’s light, but also thoughtful and funny and generous. I’ve been using it as a palette cleanser in between film theory!


Here’s the student film I’ve worked on this year along with my friends! It was a fun challenge.


PHEW my final film is done! I’m glad I can finally share it with you all! ^^

It’s about LOooOooVE! I hope you enjoy!


my third year film at sva! an experimental animation reflecting on colonialism, vampires, and the lost colony 



It Came From Turtle Bay is a story about two kids and a weird mermaid!

Me: I just handed in my assignment

Film/Video/Animation Student: Hahaha 😂 You probably just emailed 📧 it to your professor and it probably only took 5 🖐 seconds ⏲. I bet the entirety of your undergrad is saved 💾 on one thumb drive. Me? By the time I graduate I would have bought 💵 two portable hard drives just so I can back up my assignments, each of which are at least 3 GB and that’s just the final .mov 🎥 file. Anyway, I need to go upload my work to the teacher’s station. It’s gonna take a whole 2 ✌️ minutes 🕰 to load this masterpiece and I don’t want to keep anybody waiting. 🎞📽📹

ID #31946

Name: Sarah
Age: 18
Country: France

Hello! I’m Sarah, an 18-year-old film student. I live in France. I speak french and english, and I plan to learn German then Spanish. It would be great to talk with people who speak these two languages I want to learn. But everyone is welcome, I just want to practice a language which isn’t my native language (french).

I love cinema! Photography is also one of my hobbies, as writing, drawing and reading. I’m used to go the cinema alone, it’s like a break from the day. So I also cherish those moments.

I’m the kind of person to be funny by being clumsy. I’m not very social though, because I don’t know how to be (It’s not shyness). I don’t even know how I met my friends. I’m also open-minded, creative, passionate, idealist… Yep, I’m an INFP.

Preferences: Just someone around my age (17-25)


Here’s my 3rd year film at CalArts!! Hope you enjoy :)


This is my final and fourth year film at CalArts!!  "Family Spirit" is about a family of ghosts that sit down for dinner only to realize there is another unwelcome presence at the end of the table.

Enjoy!! :)