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“A Dogs Purpose” is a movie about a dog and how he has changed multiple people’s lives.
This movie also happens to be pulled from many self-owned theatres, along with cineplex and cities wanting to get rid of any screening.
The video that went viral was two clips edited together to make the assumption the dog was harassed, on top of it the voice we hear so clearly should not be heard clearly. The water in the background should have muffled the voice even beside the camera as it. The voice is actually edited in.
Due to people’s rash thinking, we assume the dog was neglected and thrown in the water. When the director talked about the issue, he said he was with another team at the time of the supposed incident. Many people didn’t believe him at all cause apparently having two teams is not a thing.

1. We have a 1 long video showing what could be animal harassment.
2.From personal experience and knowledge the voice had been added in.
3. There is such a thing about more then one film crew for a movie. Doing so cuts the filming in half and provides more post-production time. Honestly, you would have multiple crews too to finish filming within 6 months instead of a year.
4. If there was any animal harassment or neglect the movie wouldn’t be screened. Why you ask?
There is a agreement all directors, Producers and AP’s must follow, and if there was any animal harassment there jobs will be gone ASAP. If anyone spotted anything, they’re allowed to speak up. Film crew would’ve walked away and this would’ve been publicized in summer of last year if all these allegations where true. Film would’ve been slatted immediately, and we would never hear of the movie going to screen.
5. You think to rationally and quick and don’t look into the parts of the viral video. You never questioned it.
Whoever had the video had it for months! Before they released it to media, which happened to be 2 weeks before.

If you hate me, go ahead. It just shows who looks into things and knows the fact of a movie.

The signs as pretentious film kids on a student film set

Aries: drives the van. asks the director if they can be the one to say “action.”
volunteers to carry the c-stands.

Taurus: makes suggestions to the art department but doesn’t help with the arting. chats up the DP about cameras. always into the crafty.

Gemini: already knows everyone on set. tries to make conversation with the DP as they’re lining up a shot. waits all day to yell, “martini shot!”

Cancer: volunteers their personal items as props. knows where the first aid kit is. gets flustered every time the AD hurries them.

Leo: yells, “quiet on set!” and then continues talking. fraternizes with the actors. keeps showing people their reel between takes.

Virgo: has the call sheet in their pocket at all times. forever on the lookout for continuity errors. always wants to get one more shot “for safety.”

Libra: flirts with the actors. says, “fix it in post,” every time something gets fucked up. flirts with the crew.

Scorpio: really into Chiaroscuro lighting. freaks out if no one is on fire watch. calls close ups “chokers.”

Sagittarius: weirdly into GoPro shots. insists upon sitting shotgun in the van. damages equipment trying to get a difficult shot.

Capricorn: shamelessly networks between takes. drops film lingo secretly hoping someone will ask them to explain. asks a PA to pour their coffee.

Aquarius: rude to the director, but nice to the PAs. wants to get experimental with it. smokes a million cigarettes.

Pisces: always asking to see frame and playback. whines when the shoot doesn’t wrap on time. is high.

I got asked a few weeks ago by pictosays if I had any tips for upcoming film students, now I’m nowhere near an expert but this is what I have come up with from personal experience.

Learn from the ground up 
You are in school for a reason, don’t walk in thinking you know everything because you made a film for A Level Film Studies, everyone did and people will get annoyed with you rather quickly.

Take risks
University is the time to take risks in your work, you have a safety net, use it to your advantage.

Get experience
Talk to 2nd/3rd years to get roles on set, they need some extra hands on set and you need to know how a set works in the ‘real world’.  Also use your summer/weekends wisely, get an internship or some runner jobs at a production company. Hands on experience is invaluable and a foot in the door never hurt.

Be nice to your peers
In film school more so than others you have to work in teams, it’s part of the industry and it’s a part of everyday life. Don’t make enemies you will regret. 

Theory is important
It’s one thing being able to make a film look nice but if the shot has no real relevance/meaning then it’s pretty useless. 

I use this website all the time, it has detailed tutorials on all industry standard software. There is a subscription fee but most (mine anyway?) universities offer a subscription as part of the degree. (Also Avid is the industry standard for editing Feature/Hollywood films at least get your head around the workflow) 

Be prepared to self-teach
This is true of all subjects but in film somethings you just have to figure out yourself, you have to figure out your own workflow. So instead of complaining about it just get stuck in - you never know it could be fun. 

Don’t get cocky about your specialism 
You want to be a director? Awesome, go for it but have a backup. Director isn’t the only job available and it also isn’t ‘the most important’. Film sets are nothing without all the other departments, learning how they work will do you no harm.

Watch films!
Expected really but at times you get caught up in production, make time to go to the cinema or to re-watch your favourite film, remind yourself why you do what you do. Also expand your genres, watch the classics and go to experimental film festivals because inspiration can come from the strangest places.

That’s everything I have for now, it’s also good to remember my BA is more fine art film than feature/hollywood but the principles the same - play around, find your niche and work hard.

If you have any questions just drop me a message :)

Me: I just handed in my assignment

Film/Video/Animation Student: Hahaha 😂 You probably just emailed 📧 it to your professor and it probably only took 5 🖐 seconds ⏲. I bet the entirety of your undergrad is saved 💾 on one thumb drive. Me? By the time I graduate I would have bought 💵 two portable hard drives just so I can back up my assignments, each of which are at least 3 GB and that’s just the final .mov 🎥 file. Anyway, I need to go upload my work to the teacher’s station. It’s gonna take a whole 2 ✌️ minutes 🕰 to load this masterpiece and I don’t want to keep anybody waiting. 🎞📽📹

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Any clue as to what I could do with a degree in Film studies?

Here are some careers:

  • Arts administrator
  • Educator
  • Editorial assistant
  • Film producer
  • Information assistant
  • Journalist
  • Media planner
  • TV researcher
  • Independent film director

You could also work for:

  • Advertising and marketing firms
  • Civil service departments
  • Commercial galleries
  • Design institutions
  • Film/TV production companies
  • Museums

Hope this helps!

The only two reactions I get when I tell people I'm a film student
  • Person 1: WOW! So you're gonna make movies! That's so cool! Hahaha look out Steven Spielberg! Could I be in one of your movies one day? Better prepare that Oscar speech! Can't wait to see you on the red carpet! :D
  • Person 2: What's your backup plan? Cause I mean maybe you should just do film as a hobby.

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What schools have good directing, film, writing, programs

University of Southern California
New York University
University of California - Los Angeles
American Film Institute
California Institute of the Arts
Columbia University
Chapman University
Loyola Marymount University
Emerson College
University of Texas - Austin
Syracuse University
Boston University
University of North Carolina School of the Arts
Northwestern University
Wesleyan University
Stanford University
DePaul University
Florida State University
Columbia College Chicago
Savannah College of Art and Design

Hope this helps!