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little art academia

akko – first-year animation student. can hardly draw a stick figure, admitted for tenacity and dreams of creating a children’s show. fave animation: Shiny Rod

lotte – first-year sculpture student. builds with reclaimed antiques/trash, explores feelings of fleeting sincerity and empathy in work and life. fave sculpture: Fresh Widow

sucy – first-year film student. an absolute snob who only watches paracinema, secretly dreams of directing a flashy lesbian romance. fave movie: Mulholland Drive

diana – first-year photography student. classically-trained prodigy from a line of famous artists, shoots and processes 10 rolls/20 plates per week. fave photographer: Sally Mann

hannah/barbara – first-year undeclared students. talented designers but too busy partying, tasked with carrying diana’s view camera/film bag at all times. fave artist: Andy Warhol

andrew – second-year historian/curator. heir to the world’s greatest private collection, questioning the morality of collectors to father’s dismay. fave work: The Starry Night

amanda – second-year painter. complains about “the institution” and gets bad grades on purpose, creates masterful oil portraits that are rarely revealed. fave painting: Madame X

ursula – first-year art history professor. struggles to gain respect of students or colleagues, secretly tutors students instead of grading papers. fave work: Venus of Hohle Fels

croix – visiting professor of new media. uses neural sensors to create “procedural visual realms” through an unknown process, in extremely high demand among institutions and corporations alike. fave artist: Hatsune Miku

chariot – sole animator of web series Shiny Rod. enigma who garnered millions of views on an original magical girl series, disappeared in disgrace after a major network bought it out. fave work: ???


I’m a film snob; I love any genre if it’s done well. As Guillermo del Toro said—I like this quotation, I heard him interviewed a few months ago—monsters are living, breathing metaphors for our social and personal issues. I was attracted to The Forest because there’s the psychological element of this woman who’s basically repressing her inner demons; she’s never processed a trauma. We all have shit. We all have baggage we’re in denial about. This idea that a place would exist that mirrored your monsters back at you, I found intriguing. The concept seemed like exactly what intelligent horror should be.

I am utter trash for these two, and the concept of a First Order art school AU. 

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The Wachowskis directed the Matrix movies as men and shouldn't be on your Monica Bellucci post.

The Wachowskis were still presenting as men and credited as such during the initial run of The Matrix movies but I included them in the Bellucci post for several reasons:

a) Before Lana was publicly out as a trans woman she was living openly as a woman in private. The rumours about Lana go back to The Matrix years and it is possible that Bellucci, as someone who worked with the Wachowskis, knew about this and was including them in her quote. 

b) Even if Bellucci wasn’t speaking about them in her quote, and I knew 100% that she had no idea that they were trans women I would have still included them in the list. Lilly Wachowski gave a great speech a few years ago at GLAAD where she invited people to revisit the work of her and her sister and reappraise them through the view of their transness.  

The point of the “directed by” posts is to help people discover women directors because I know that a lot of people end up becoming fans of cinema or discovering directors through actors they like (that was what happened to me. Thank you for making me a film snob Nicole Kidman!) 

I would feel remiss excluding the Wachowskis from Bellucci’s directed by women filmography just because at the time they were not ready to come out as trans women. They are not only incredibly talented directors but they are also incredible cultural pioneers. Lana is the first (and so far only) openly trans woman to direct a studio movie! Their work does deserve to be reappraised and discussed in that light. 

This blog will always accept trans women as women. 


The Cinema Snob: Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter

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I Hate Film Snobs
  1. Just because someone doesn’t like a movie doesn’t mean you get to insult them and call them names.
  2. If you’re using the fact that you watch a lot of highbrow films to make yourself feel superior to someone else, you need to cut that shit out.
  3. As punishment, you are hereby ordered to come to my house to watch Doris Wishman, Ed Wood, and Herschell Gordon Lewis movies until you learn some humility.

Yeah, I see you there with your hip looking glasses and expensive wine, ranting about how it’s not a pure film experience unless there’s no subtitles. You’re an entitled twat and nobody likes you. Just thought I’d let you know.

Will you move in with me?

The story of how Isak and Even decided that they should move in together Enjoy <3

Note: This was supposed to be a drabble but it became so much longer than I intended because…..I just couldn’t stop bloody writing. I really hope you guys enjoy this and it makes you smile.

Even looked down at the golden haired angel sleeping peacefully in his arms. Isak’s head was pressed against Even’s heart and he could feel his warm breath tickling his neck. Even sighed and caressed Isak’s soft pink cheek. They were both wrapped in a blanket with Isak’s laptop sitting neglected on the corner of the bed. They were in the middle of watching a Nicholas Cage film Isak insisted was “absolutely iconic. The master of film Even I mean it!” before he fell asleep after the first 15 minutes of the movie.

He chuckled lightly, knowing Isak could feel his heart beating against his cheek in his dreams. The thought made Even’s body tingle with warmth from the tips of his toes. As he gazed down at the most beautiful boy he had ever laid eyes on, Even knew that every single thing he was holding in his arms right now was everything that mattered the most to him. Isak was, is, always will be for eternity, everything to Even. His arms wrapped tighter around his sleeping beauty, the world disappearing around him when it dawned on him just how much Isak meant, how much he will always mean.

He continued to stare down at the man of his dreams as Isak made a little sleepy whimper. Even grinned and could not resist it any more. Slowly and gently he leant down and pressed a small tender kiss in between Isak’s eyebrows.

Just like magic Isak moaned himself awake, his arms reaching up to wrap themselves around Even’s neck before he even opened his eyes.

“Even” he sighed as he opened his eyes and saw the beautiful boy’s face hovering above him, only inches from his.

“mmm yes beautiful?” he replied, kissing the tip of Isak’s nose, making him giggle.

Suddenly his eyes grew wide as he struggled to sit up in Even’s long arms that refused to let him go.

“oh shit did I fall asleep during the movie?”

Even smiled “yes and I was thankful because it was so much more entertaining”

Isak rolled his eyes. “Ah shut up film snob” he said, finally managing to sit up comfortably, pressed against Even’s chest, arms still wrapped tightly around his small body.

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So, I'm a huge fan of the TGWTG Anniversary films, and my favorite one is Suburban Knights. You are my second favorite character in it, after Brad Jones. I just wanted to know what your favorite part about that film was, both in the script and off set.

My favorite part of the film is the Snob yelling at Angry Joe: “THAT’S NOT EVEN A PERSON!”

Off-set is of course us rallying to finish the movie when it looked like weather was going to force us to cancel the whole movie.

Interview With The Vampire (1994) Movie #3

Let it be said that this is probably the most well done movie regarding vampires out there. It is beautiful and also the only movie that does not make me cringe from the presence of Tom Cruise. This 1994 horror drama film stars Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Kirsten Dunst, Christian Slater, Antonio Banderas and Stephen Rhea.

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The movie follows Louis de Pointe du Lac as he sits down to tell his tale of his early life as a vampire. After being turned by Lestat de Lioncourt in 1791, Louis struggles to accept what is required in the life of a vampire, by hanging on to his humanity and unable to take the life of a human, while Lestat encourages him to accept his harsh new world. In the process of trying to keep Louis from leaving him, he turns Claudia, a child that Louis fed. It switches between his early years and present day as he explains the life that he had no choice but to live. 

“Don’t be afraid. I’m going to give you the choice I never had”

This movie has some of the most morbid and dramatic lines in a vampire movie or maybe any horror movie out there, which is saying a lot. Here are a few of my favorite lines:

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Upon the first watch, it can be a bit slow, which I realized after rewatching this movie with my fiance and out mutual friend. They made jokes of a lack of plot and never knowing what was going on. However, I do not want to sound like a film snob, but I believe this isn’t a movie you can just casually watch. It is a beautiful film and yes, maybe as far as vampire movies go it is not as action filled as most, but that is why I enjoyed this movie so much, because it was subtle with the story it was trying to tell and it came off as a work of art because of it. Plus, it is always nice to see a rather decent adaptation of a book. 

If you are looking for a classic take on vampires that brings the glamour and the dramatic flair that gothic fiction usually successfully brings, then this is the perfect movie. Also, I would like to point out that one of the best scenes is performed by a twelve-year old girl and she carries a lot of the scenes and does an excellent job of being a tormented old soul in a child’s body.

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Favorite Quote:  “ Which of you did it? Which of you made me the way I am?”

Rating: 8/10

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Tumblr mom, how do you deal with overly pretentious film/book snobs?

I pay them as much heed as they deserve, namely, none.

If someone wants to be snobbish about something, do you know what they really want? They want your affirmation that they are Right about the thing, that their view on the thing is more important than the thing. And if people agree with them, it feeds that, and if people disagree with it it fuels their need to reaffirm why XYZ is awful and you should hate it too because they are Right.

It’s my favorite thing in the whole world when people start doing this to just go “Huh…well that’s your opinion” and just change the subject. Or if they are being particularly annoying, I don’t even respond at all, I just change the subject. I won’t affirm that kind of behavior by engaging in it.

This also applies to people who do this sort of thing for a living. If XYZ person says ZYX about thing and you know you’re going to hate it? Don’t give them the click. Deprive them of that ad space revenue, quite literally just don’t look at their work. People like that love being the center of the attention.

And I’ve got better shit to do than give it to them.

PruAus Shippy Stuff

I saw a ship meme floating around, so I wanted to to fill it out for my boys.

Gives nose/forehead kisses: Austria gives forehead kisses, because they’re dignified, chaste, almost-father-like? As in, I imagine he gave forehead kisses to Italy back in the day. – Maybe? IDK. – But Prussia would be more likely to give nose kisses, because they’re kinda funny. “Here, let me kiss your nose.”

Gets jealous the most: Prussia. And it boils over, but he hates to admit it, so he just lashes out, and acts like he’s mad about something else. “Jealous? No way I’m jealous, Austria! I’m just pissed about that mess you left in the kitchen.”

Picks the other up from the bar when they’re too drunk to drive: Well, I want to say Austria, as I imagine Prussia is the only one likely to get drunk in a bar, but then again, I’m not sure Austria can even drive a car. :/ Plus, he’d probably get lost on the way there. So yeah, neither. Prussia walks home from the bar.

Takes care of on sick days: PRUSSIA. Austria is the ‘delicate’ one, after all, thus he’s the one prone to illness. And taking care of him gives Prussia an excuse to be useful; to be praised. “I made soup, Austria! Soup!! Now open up and let me feed it to you.” *blows on the spoon* “After this, I’ll take your temperature,” etc.

Drags the other person out into the water on beach day: Um, I was gonna say Prussia drags Austria, because he’s the stick in the mud, but according to canon, Austria is scared of sea creatures, so for the life of me, I can’t see these two at the beach period. I mean, unless Austria is playing the damn piano in the sand, on the water, or wherever he was in that one episode, I still think Prussia would be off building a castle, or swimming, or doing his own thing basically.

Gives unprompted messages: I don’t know what this means, exactly. I’m just seeing that dude from DON’T BE A MENACE TO SOUTH CENTRAL WHILE DRINKING YOUR JUICE IN THE HOOD showing up at Austria’s window, shouting, “Message!” Sounds more like France’s antics than Prussia’s.

Drives/rides shotgun: Prussia drives, Austria rides. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Brings the other lunch at work: Prussia doesn’t work-work, but he’s the one more likely to fix a meal for someone else, so I can see him carrying it to Austria’s music room. “Hey, you’ve been playing Schumann for the past three hours. I made a sandwich for you. It’s important to eat, you know!”

Has the better parental relationship: These men don’t have parents.

Tries to start role-playing in bed: Hmmm…I’m gonna say Austria, because he strikes me as the kinkier of the two. Plus, Prussia wouldn’t want to pretend to be someone else, because he’s so awesome as is. *insert boisterous attitude*

Embarrassingly drunk dancer: Oy, I guess Austria, maybe. Tho for the record, I’d like to state, Austria is a fine dancer. Good timing, a feel for music, all that jazz. But that’s while sober. While drunk, I imagine he misses a few beats.

Still cries while watching TITANIC: Ah, neither. These men fought in war after war, watched young men suffer and die, countless people losing their lives all in the name of one country vs another, so why on earth would a guy clinging to a board in the water induce tears from them? (I didn’t cry during that movie, so maybe that tinges my answer. Also, I’m a film snob, and if these two are gonna watch any picture based on the Titanic, it’s gotta be A NIGHT TO REMEMBER, from 1958. So much better! And there was actually a German movie entitled TITANIC, from 1943, which I’ve also seen, but can’t recall much of it; I do know they took ‘liberties’ with it, due to the ugly era. So yeah, these two would go for the more historically-accurate one from the late 1950s, or maybe even the one from earlier that decade, again entitled TITANIC; it was Hollywood’s version, from 1953, whereas A NIGHT TO REMEMBER was British. Still, I can’t foresee them crying, unless Austria gets emotional during the violin scene.)

Firmly believes in couples costumes: Based on Hetaween 2011, they both seem to believe in couples costumes, but Prussia was dressed to match India, and Austria was dressed to match Hungary. Of course, they both ended up trading in those costumes for a group costume led by Germany. Then in Hetaween 2013 (finished 2014), Prussia was a knight, and Austria was nothing. The latter almost came to the party naked, tho, and Prussia seemed ‘amused’ by that.

So as for who believes in it, I’ll say both, but kinda neither? Prussia doesn’t care if he has a couple to be a part of; “Dressing up alone is too much fun!” And Austria is too indecisive to choose a costume on his own. *shrugs*

Breaks the expensive gift rule during Christmas: PRUSSIA. Buying things to make himself or others happy is right up his alley, and he can be a bit compulsive in that regard. Austria, on the other hand, sets a tight budget and sticks to it. I imagine he does splurge occasionally, especially while in love.

Makes the other eat breakfast: Again, Prussia. He’s up bright and early, working out, showering, making a meal. Austria sleeps in, and takes his sweet time just to come grab a cup of coffee. Donning a bathrobe, hair a mess, he has to listen to Prussia preach the importance of eating at the start of a day.

Remembers anniversaries: They’re both kinda forgetful, aren’t they? I’m not sure if I made that up, or if there’s some basis in canon. I guess Prussia could check his diaries to see if it’s an anniversary. Austria probably doesn’t care.

Brings up having kids: Ha, neither. They know they can’t, for obvious reasons, plus personifications can’t get pregnant nor impregnate others unless they give up their immortality like Nikoniko did. But they could get a pet, or call Kugelmugel their kid. I see Prussia being the one to bring up such plans.

My mindset as a creative person has always been less film school snob and more

“Ok, what here worked?”

“What could be improved upon?”

“What does not work?”

It’s partially why I look up to Edgar Wright. He pulls from so many different reference points and makes them fit the story.

Andi Mack Movie Headcanons

*Really into romantic period pieces
*The kind of person who watches a movie and speak only in movie quotes for the next few days
*Will eat all of the popcorn
*Does not tolerate spoilers
*favorite cliche is the moment where person A of couple looks at something, says “It’s-” and person B says “beautiful” while looking at person A
*Is always the most torn up over character deaths

*Looks immediately at the tumblr tag after watching a movie
*Prefers TV, tbh
*Will yell at a movie
*Definitely a film snob, no question
*She saw Moonlight and will talk about how great it was to anyone and everyone
*Has a grudge against Fight Club
*Watches those really intellectual film critic channels religiously

*80’s movies are what keep him alive
*Prefers his popcorn sweet
*Always says that he’s going to buy a movie on DVD but never does smh
*Watches the Bee Movie a lot
*Develops weird-ass theories about movies but really intensely backs them up
*Gets the most uncomfortable during sex scenes

*Takes his little sister to the movies a lot and has lots of opinions on the kids films
*AKA he doesn’t like Illumination, loves Pixar, and thinks that Dreamworks is losing it’s edge
*Is always Shocked™ at plot twists
*Can quote the Harry Potter movies verbatim
*Is always the one who tries to argue with a villain apologist
*Cannot go a movie without accidentally making a loud noise during an intense scene

Today, I received an email (to my primary email account) from Twitter regarding “suspicious activity” on my Twitter page.  Which was weird because I didn’t think I had a Twitter associated with that particular email account.

Basically, I had completely forgotten that I used to have this Twitter account that I signed up for it back in 2008 but haven’t updated since 2010.

What’s interesting about it (and the reason I’m sharing this) is because– LOL, I can pinpoint the tweets I made and you can tell that I was beginning to have a “Robert Downey Jr. situation”.

Like, it started on Christmas 2009 when I saw Sherlock Holmes, but little by little … 

Example: a week after Christmas–

Five days later, talking to a friend:

A day after that:

Over a week after that:

(I’m LOL-ing over how I kept on spelling out his full name instead of using the RDJ shorthand.)

Never really imagined that over six years later, that “HUGE Robert Downey Jr. kick” would still be around.  Damn