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I Hate Film Snobs
  1. Just because someone doesn’t like a movie doesn’t mean you get to insult them and call them names.
  2. If you’re using the fact that you watch a lot of highbrow films to make yourself feel superior to someone else, you need to cut that shit out.
  3. As punishment, you are hereby ordered to come to my house to watch Doris Wishman, Ed Wood, and Herschell Gordon Lewis movies until you learn some humility.

Yeah, I see you there with your hip looking glasses and expensive wine, ranting about how it’s not a pure film experience unless there’s no subtitles. You’re an entitled twat and nobody likes you. Just thought I’d let you know.

I am utter trash for these two, and the concept of a First Order art school AU. 

okay so in my film theory class the other day we were talking about how film genres go through 4 stages:

  • the experimental stage, which is before that genre is actually defined and named as a genre
  • the classical stage, where the genre’s formula is established and recognized
  • the refined stage, where the genre is reiterated by nuanced artists for the film snob audience
  • and the baroque stage, where the genre is reiterated through parodies, remakes, nostalgia films etc. 

and as i was scrolling through my dash today i realized that memes do the same thing, they just go through the stages at breakneck speeds

like, last night was the first time i ever saw a picture of a fat cat with the word “BODE” on it. and now, less than 24 hours later, i saw a picture of a cat laying on a doormat that said “ABODE.” this meme has already entered the baroque stage!!

that still leaves the question of happened to the refined stage, though. since memes don’t really lend themselves to being embraced by the elite, i’d like to argue that the refined stage of memes occurs when fandom artists reiterate the meme for the consumption of a specific fandom. sticking with my earlier example, a refined BODE meme could be the drawing i saw of a homestuck character with BODE written over them. why can’t i major in memes??


The Cinema Snob: Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter

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dennystopplayingfootball  asked:

Was wondering if you'd ever do an episode on my favorite Eddie deezen flick, surf II. I love it so much, but it seems like the kind of film the snob would review.

Surf II is awesome, I love that movie.  That’s definitely one of Deezen’s best.  I’d totally do an episode on that.

stanzi-manzi replied to your post “me: oh boy i can’t wait to watch this video suggesting actual quality…”

omg this was like when i saw one of those about best opera arias and a. the person did not know what an aria was and b. PHANTOM OF THE OPERA WAS ON THE LIST like no disrespect to phantom but. um. uM.

ksjdfg,M<ANSDF GOD………’s a great musical but i wouldn’t classify it as an opera ? whom knows like idk much abt opera maybe im dumb But Like…..i know the feeling like ive watched so many horror movie list things and they’re always like “and the best horror movie is…………..the bye bye man” and im just like please let me rest

niiyog  asked:

ok since i love ennoyachi a lot and it is my life, can i ask for any headcanons ??

hq-rare-pairs has a great ennoyachi tag !!


my favorite thing about ennoyachi is that next year he’s captain and she’s his manager like ghkda’;ghkgds; i’m SO READY FOR THAT !! they’ll probably see each other a lot during lunch or after school to talk vball and crash each other’s place every now and then like before an impt match or something?? yachi’s mom would definitely think he’s A+ boyfriend material for yachi

eventually it just becomes A Thing with them where they’ll just see each other after practice even during off seasons AND THEY HAVE MOVIE NIGHTS !! (did you really think i could have enno headcanons without movies somehow)

okay so sometimes yachi picks, sometimes ennoshita picks. ennoshita has Good Taste™ and will pick out story-heavy films with A+ cinematography but only if he knows yachi would like it because he’s not that kind of Film Snob (he totally is tho there’s no fuckin way he isn’t but only because his guilty pleasure is really shitty action movies)

yachi is a fuckin cASUAL into cartoons and superhero films; basically nothing stressful because the point is to have fun, and ennoshita doesn’t mind because he does like them but more than that he likes watching her have fun

once in a while, yachi lets him put on one of his Deep & Thought-Provoking Films. she does her best, but she doesn’t get them. ennoshita attempts to explain, and while she does catch on quick, she still isn’t really into them

NO HORROR MOVIES they tried, they really did, but she was barely even watching (what, with her head buried in his chest) and when yachi went home and got in bed he had to stay on the phone with her the rest of the night until she fell asleep because she claimed she could see weird shit moving in the dark. enno would probably love to stay on the phone with her any time regardless of the circumstances tho

they avoid rom-coms ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) s'not that they hate them; just can’t have the other getting the wrong idea, y'know? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) yachi’s disney films get to him though and he’s glad she’s so concentrated on them otherwise she’d notice that he’s constantly staring and blushing like mad and internally Struggling

and honestly yachi only glues her face to the screen because she already stares at him enough when they’re watching his Deep & Thought-Provoking Films because she loves that he’s so into them even if she isn’t and she also wouldn’t wanna be caught staring at her senpai during a really romantic scene like that one part in the little mermaid. that number felt really long all of a sudden

IT HAPPENS ANYWAY like no way they could keep that up for long. they somehow manage through awkward confessions and even though ennoshita wants to punch himself because that wasn’t even a little romantic, YACHI’S HAPPY. AND YACHI WANTS TO BE WITH HIM. THAT’S ALL THAT MATTERS

ok i think i need to lie down and rethink my yachi OTP now


The Cinema Snob - DVD-R Hell: Rock: It’s Your Decision

As requested by partoneandtwo

[Do you have a favorite Cinema Snob moment that you’d like in a gif format? Let me know! I’m taking requests in my ask box! And check out my other Cinema Snob gifsets over HERE.]

*Film snobs* “Vin Diesel can’t act and is an action movie joke.” *Me* “Um, his sweet,  compassionate, kind speech about Brian at the end of Furious 7 is one of the few cinema moments in history that still gets to me and breaks me out in tears.”

Like, the guy might have been in some utterly awful movies, not be a technically “great” actor and hang out at the gym too much, but he does quite clearly know what love is.  And is amazingly good and quite genuine at portraying it on screen. 

No one who ever watches Furious 7 will ever get over Dom’s utter smile of relief when Brian flat out tells him: “It’s OK, you can say goodbye now.” 

Blip Shutdown: Where Will the Videos Be?

As many of you know, Blip is shutting down today.  We’ve received many many many questions about where the videos will be going, and what that’ll mean for the website.  As a lot of you have noticed, we’ve started up a new youtube channel, which you can subscribe to here:

Not every video will be uploaded onto our youtube page though.  Only a select number of videos will go to youtube, mainly the Midnight Screenings, certain Snob episodes, and any other video that won’t be flagged right away for copyright.  Not that that makes a huge difference anyway, as one of our Midnight Screenings was flagged last week, and we had to do an appeal to get it turned back on.  Same with the Bingo episode of The Cinema Snob.  Last week I filmed a Snob episode on “Elm Street 2,” which was immediately blocked and can’t be posted until we get to our new video home.

The new home for The Cinema Snob will be on Screenwave.  Out back catalog is currently being uploaded onto Screenwave, and when that is finished, we will be going through the long tedious task of replacing the embed codes on the website.  Unfortunately this might mean that there will be many blank pages on the website for a little bit.  The reason we haven’t started posting the embeds from Screenwave yet is because for some reason our website was on a blacklist for our videos.  We have no clue why, and we’re in the process of getting that fixed.  I have no idea when that will be though, so be prepared to possibly see some blank pages.

That doesn’t mean that you should start uploading our back catalog to youtube.  Please don’t do that.  We’ve seen many of our videos popping up on random youtube pages that aren’t out own, and that doesn’t help us, that actually hurts us quite a bit.  Please leave our videos alone and let us upload what we want to our official youtube page, as well as our new Screenwave account.  The revenue we get from our videos helps maintain the website, as well as helps everyone who works on the site.  Some will probably then say to me “can’t you just let someone archive them on youtube during the transfer.”  My answer to that is, be patient, our videos will be posted up on our own accounts soon.  

So, I hope you like our transfer to Screenwave, and in the meantime, don’t forget to subscribe to our official youtube channel.  And keep an eye out for the new Midnight Screenings episodes coming Friday.

I think what cis people don’t get is that no-one is saying that you have to date a trans person. You don’t have to date any of the trans people you meet in life. Maybe you don’t meet very many, maybe you don’t have anything in common with any of the trans people you meet, maybe you don’t click, who cares! You don’t have to date any of those people.

But saying you would never, ever date a trans person, any trans person, presupposes that all trans people [of a certain gender or otherwise] are the same. Or that they’re all dangerous. Or some other negative stereotype.

AND THAT’S CREEPY! That’s the issue!

No-one is saying you have to date Sarah, the cute transwoman from work, because you know she loves awful comedies and you’re a film snob. No-one is saying you have to date Josh, the transguy who still makes bacon memes in 2016 when you’re a vegetarian and it puts you off. You don’t have to date a trans person to “prove” you’re not transphobic (we super don’t want you to), but if you would never, ever date any trans people ever, then there’s a reason you feel that way, and it’s not gonna be a good one. Sorry.


So true.

SO TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is true forever and ever.

Today, I received an email (to my primary email account) from Twitter regarding “suspicious activity” on my Twitter page.  Which was weird because I didn’t think I had a Twitter associated with that particular email account.

Basically, I had completely forgotten that I used to have this Twitter account that I signed up for it back in 2008 but haven’t updated since 2010.

What’s interesting about it (and the reason I’m sharing this) is because– LOL, I can pinpoint the tweets I made and you can tell that I was beginning to have a “Robert Downey Jr. situation”.

Like, it started on Christmas 2009 when I saw Sherlock Holmes, but little by little … 

Example: a week after Christmas–

Five days later, talking to a friend:

A day after that:

Over a week after that:

(I’m LOL-ing over how I kept on spelling out his full name instead of using the RDJ shorthand.)

Never really imagined that over six years later, that “HUGE Robert Downey Jr. kick” would still be around.  Damn