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Supernatural Set Hunting and Snapshots (2018)

Well, the year started decently enough, it’s still January and I was lucky to find the Supernatural set yesterday and also manage to catch a little bit of filming :)

Arrived just in time to get a quick snap as Jensen and Jared left the first set, but did have a chance to watch some filming when they moved to the next set a few blocks away. 

Unfortunately, handheld night shots aren’t the best, but…nice memories. I did enjoy watching the set up of all the cameras, lights etc. and seeing the episode director Amanda Tapping :)

Should be episode 13.15. Also, for such a tall guy, Jared is…just too fast for me and I keep missing my shot! Hopefully, I’ll have other chances :)

Sony a6300, Supernatural set, New Westminster, January 22, 2018