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I’m so in love with the animation short, In A Heartbeat by @bethdavid and Estaban Bravo. ( @inaheartbeat-film )

Such a heartwarming and lovely short… I totally wept like a child <3

✨The one who defied the First Order, because it was the right thing to do✨

(Thanks to @tubolard for the art critique!)

Tomatoredd Headcanons!

@doctorwily @ellsworlds Here’s a bunch for ya!

• Tomatoredd and the other rejects that escaped all live in a abandoned apartment complex, near to the town.

• Tomatoredd sometimes flinches when scared, and the Matt side will naturally cover up their face and say his catchphrase, “NOT THE FACE!” Even though the Matt side knows they’re not a stud, this is a part of his personality that he can’t let go.

• Their food preferences are mixed, making them have a relatively awful taste palette. They mostly eat causal food like meat, veggies, etc. but there are times that they eat just about everything at once. Foreign food, sweets, bitter food, etc. They’re voracious eaters too, since in the Reject Room, they were fed just prison-like slop. So when they escaped, they’ll just eat about anything really fast. Even if it tastes bad, they’ll eat it without any thought.

• They actually have a 2nd mouth. It’s hard to see but it’s there! It doesn’t do much, other than to help chew. But if Tomatoredd is angry, they’ll bare the second set.

• They’re afraid of the public at all costs. The only times they go out is at night, straying away from major hubs of public activity. They just go out to buy food and essentials at those 24/7 marts.

• They some times go to the arcade to blow off some steam. Of course they go at night, but at least there’s no lines to play any of the arcade cabinets! The Matt side always makes them blow money at the Skill Cranes. The Tord side loves to play all the shooting games, mostly House of the Dead. One time he and the Tom side managed to play a few rounds of Time Crisis, shooting at the dual screens at once. The Edd side is more into classic gaming. Tom of course is into rhythm games, but they suck at it.

• They have a obsession with plushes and collectibles, thanks to the Matt side. Even though they have HORRENDOUS hand-eye coordination, they still try the skill cranes. They usually lose, until one night the Tord side lost it since he got so tired of loosing, and punched the glass. It broke, but some shards of glass got embedded in their hand. It hurt like hell, but they did steal some of the rarer plushes and ran off.

• Without thinking, they’ll babble and moan at times, when they’re talking too much internally.

• They have relatively poor accuracy, but nonetheless, they’ll use any weapon in a emergency, including guns and harpoons. They personally prefer melee weapons, since you don’t need great accuracy to make damage.

• They have a major sweet tooth. Both them and Scribble Tom can eat bowls of candy without stopping. However, if the eat so much, they’ll get REALLY BAD stomach aches. Miraculously, Scribble Tom doesn’t get sick at all.

• Tomatoredd is REALLY flexible and is almost double jointed in every joint you can think of.

• They can turn their head 180 degrees. They found this out by accident, when one day they turned their head to hear what Torm was saying. When they saw Torm’s shocked expression, they looked down and saw their entire back. They don’t like turning their head so far now. It creeps everyone out, even the other clones.

• Tomatoredd is treated like the ‘Middle’ child. Torm is the ‘Oldest’ and nobody really pays attention to him, since he’s his own thing going on. They only pay attention to him when they do something dangerous, which is ironically most of the time. Scribble Tom is of course treated like the 'Youngest’ so everybody pays attention to him. 'Film Buff’ Tom (AKA Not-Funny-Tom, Thomas, etc.) is akin to a father figure and tries to look over everyone, but he’s always working to keep everyone happy. Realistic Matt left the other clones to go on a career of being a professional model. He visits the 'family’ from time to time.

• Tomatoredd is constantly looking over Scribble Tom, since he’s the most purest and happiest out of all the clones. They treat him like a son, not a brother.

• Them and all the other Tom reject clones have a 'Void’ eye. Nobody knows why they have it, but it’s there. The eye works like Sub-Space, so the clones can put just about anything in it. One time, Tomatoredd yanked a entire rifle (they have now idea how it got there) out of their only eye socket.

• Tomatoredd is a huge horror fan. Since the 'Originals’ all had different horror tastes, as a fusion they like every off-shoot genera. They mostly prefer slasher films. However, the ONLY horror film they couldn’t stomach down was 'The Thing’. It reminded them of defusion and how painful it is, so they’re harshly against watch or even talking about that film.

• It’s very hard for Tomatoredd to be aroused. Since the four of them get prefer different 'preferences’, it’s almost impossible for them to get into the mood.

• Tomatoredd is very sensitive. They can feel just about anything, like a soft breeze or a gentle tap. They don’t like to be touched harshly, like being tugged.

• They don’t like harsh colors or noises. The other clones are okay with this, but Tomatoredd isn’t. TV static and bright neon yellow are the ones they hate the most. It hurts their ears and eyes a lot.

• Tomatoredd drools a lot in their sleep. They’re also a restless sleeper.

• They usually have nightmares about melting and such. They usually wake up in a cold sweat, crying or pawing at themselves, trying to see if they’re all in once piece.

• They have a mixed music preference, but it’s hard for them to focus on music. They started to like chiptune and vaporwave, since it’s calming, but at the same time it has some stimulating sounds.

• After spending awhile in their outfit they were 'born’ with, they started to buy color neutral clothing. Mainly because they don’t want to draw attention to themselves. The other reason is that they’re at the point they view themselves as one person, not four in one body. They started to wear blacks with some undertones of grey or white. They also got a copy of the 'Smeg Head’ shirt, to please the Edd side, and that it’s pretty comfy too.

• Tomatoredd considered getting a glass eye, but it was too awkward. The idea was if they got the eye, the could look 'normal’, but the Tom side felt like it was his fault, so they ditched the idea.

• Tomatoredd has three 'forms’ of destabilizing and they all vary:

1st Form- It’s triggered by strong emotions, like fear, rage, or sadness. It’s mostly melting of the flesh, and maybe a few extra limbs. It’s painful, but it’s the LEAST painful.

2nd Form- It’s triggered by aggression to others, but all four parts must be equally angry. Extra arms and eyes form, and even mouths from time to time if they’re really pissed. The forming of the eyes pains them the most.

3rd Form- It’s triggered by intense internal conflict, such as Tom’s and Tord’s hatred for each other. This is the most ANTAGONIZING form, since it’s close to all four parts of them splitting. Multiple limbs, facial features, and even heads can be formed just in a matter of seconds. When this stage passes, the fusion is usually distraught and is in agony. They try their hardest to make each other content to avoid this.

I was your first real love,
I pulled your arms around me and taught you how to hug,
You made me your own and learnt how to kiss,
I taught you how to fall madly,
and you taught me how to fall fearlessly, you taught me how to love, you taught me how to love.
And even though it seems obvious you won’t,
I’ll remind you not to forget me.
Don’t erase my name from your memory,
My kiss from your lips,
My fingers from your stubble,
My hand from your hand,
My whispers from your ear.
And a part of me will always hide inside of you,
Because that summer I spent with you
Played magic in front of my eyes
And even though this is good bye,
Remember me, remember us,
Remember how madness was our escape,
Because I know you’ve still got a little love for me,
Maybe you’ll always have a little love for me.
Okay what if.....

Tomatoredd gets really bad nightmares ever since they broke out of the reject room. And like the nightmares are so bad that they actually DEFUSE slightly while sleeping. So one day they wake up and head to the bathroom like normal and that’s when they realize-

Their mouth is gone.

It’s not there, it’s just flesh. They start to panic, wondering how this happened, until they feel something wet coming from their chest. They look down and pull up their shirt, and see a gaping mouth smack dab in the middle. Apparently while defusing while sleeping, they somehow relocated their entire mouth. They started to calm down a little bit, since they’re glad they didn’t loose the mouth completely, but now they have to deal with THIS. They head over to Torm’s room and wait for him to come. When he opens the door, he’s caught off guard and asks if Tomatoredd is okay. All they do is point down, and Torm sees the massive maw in their chest. Torm gets as white as a sheet. He pulls in Tomatoredd into his room and starts asking them HOW this happened. The thing is, they never spoke with the new mouth yet, so all that came out was distorted moans. Even though they have no mouth on their face, they still wince in pain. Torm says to them to take it easy and stay in their room. The only bad thing is that they’re hungry. Like REALLY hungry. Torm and Tomatoredd sneak into the kitchen to eat, since Realistic Matt and ‘Film Buff’ Tom went to their jobs earlier. Torm never expected them to devour SO MUCH however. By the time they were done, half of the pantry and fridge’s food was gone. Their mouth hanged open, drooling and showing off it’s surprisingly massive tongue. Jokingly, Torm said do they want seconds, not knowing that they’re STILL hungry. They moan out yes, and Torm is just done of dealing with this. But at this point Scribble Tom comes into view and the duo is silent. Apparently Scribble Tom wants to play with Tomatoredd. Scared, Tomatoredd turns away and dashes to their room. There, they start to worry since they don’t want to scare him. Then Torm came into their room with a simple black pen. The game plan now is to draw a 'mouth’, while trying to avoid showing good ol’ Scribble the massive chest mouth. After a few moments of drawing a crude line on their face, they go out. Surprisingly, it went without a hitch, all the way into the night when it was dinner. Bad thing is, Realistic Matt and 'Film Buff’ Tom has no idea what happened, plus Scribble Tom would get suspicious if Tomatoredd didn’t eat. At the table, they kept quiet, and tried to 'eat’. The food just slid off of their face, onto their lap when nobody is looking. It was the most stressful part of their life. After everyone fined eating and left the table, the fusion lost it and started to eat just abou everything edible that they saw, since they’re sO HUNGRY. The house’s food was almost all gone. Looks like Torm now has to make a night run for groceries. Finally when it was nighttime, they went to bed. They got the same terrifying (yet familiar…..) nightmare, but when they woke up the next day, they was normal again. The thing is, this is not going to be the ONLY time this happens. Every few months, the get 'The Nightmare’ and they wake up with relocated or extra parts. The 2nd time this happens, they had a cluster of extra eyes that they couldn’t control, and they had to wear sunglasses indoors to try to hide them. The 3rd time they got some extra arms, and they wore a old coat to hide them too. The 4th time was the most 'complicated’ once since well…….. both of their eyes were on the palms of their hands. It was incredibly painful and all the fusion could do was moan in absolute agony and to try to keep their hands closed to avoid hurting their eyes.

Torm doesn’t like to talk about this issue. AT ALL.

But The reason why Tomatoredd is so reliant on Torm and only shows this off to him? Since he’s a fusion, Tomatoredd ASSUMED they go through this too, plus they’re more calm and collected while talking about defusion. The thing is, Torm never suffered from this, and they’re getting seriously nervous for him……

A scribble I did while watching one of my favourite underrated Disney films, Treasure Planet. The way they managed to blend 3D and 2D animation still boggles my mind. And its just a really fabulous movie. Seriously, watch it right now.