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Do Not Be Offended

I am currently a senior at one of the top film schools in the US. 

On the first day of my TV Comedy Writing class, my (male, white) professor looked around the room (which was 15 boys and 6 girls, including me) and said, “anyone who’s gonna get offended by racist, sexist humor, or anything else, shouldn’t take this class.”

The professor proceed to go around the room, verifying that the girls in the class would be okay and not get offended by any of the jokes made during the class.

I'm a graduate film student at NYU, and I wanted to let you know that within a day and a half your blog has probably been seen by just about every student and faculty member here. It's made some people in our not-perfect-but-relatively-egalitarian program realize how big a problem this still is in the industry and I've already overheard conversations from both men and women determined to change this. So you should know that this is having a deep impact, even if the results aren't immediate.

Reference Image of the Day: A still showcasing some great action-comedy framing from The World’s End, directed by the incomparable Edgar Wright. This is one of my favorite movies of all time, because aside from its impeccable visual craftsmanship, it does my favorite thing that movies have the power to do: show people flawed, relatable characters that make them feel less alone in the world.
I was in a place of deep nostalgia when I had the idea for Flying High, and The World’s End was a shining beacon of hope for me during that time. If my movies can give people something even remotely close to that experience, I’ll be totally satisfied.

anonymous asked:

What schools have good directing, film, writing, programs

University of Southern California
New York University
University of California - Los Angeles
American Film Institute
California Institute of the Arts
Columbia University
Chapman University
Loyola Marymount University
Emerson College
University of Texas - Austin
Syracuse University
Boston University
University of North Carolina School of the Arts
Northwestern University
Wesleyan University
Stanford University
DePaul University
Florida State University
Columbia College Chicago
Savannah College of Art and Design

Hope this helps!

A Man’s Job

When I was 18 I applied to film directing at the state university in my country and got rejected. Since it was my passion from a very young age my dad wanted to see if I should pursue it so he went to have a chat with the man who was leading the program, also a renowned film director. He told him I was very close to being accepted but they don’t really like taking in women because at some point:

“They’ll get pregnant and won’t devote to film. At the end of the day it’s a man’s job to direct.”

My dad was disgusted by this, and deliberately enrolled me into the private school where I finished what I love. I haven’t made a feature yet, but I made a lot of short films that have been to festivals around the world.


Screenshots for my midterm production in my Editing class.

Uwi Na, Gabi Na | Go Home, It’s Late (2015)

Actors: RJ David & Paolo Rayco

Writer, Editor, and Director: Daniel Saniana

Assistant Director and Production Manager: Aje Candelaria

Director of Photography: Ron Nigel Mosot

Production Designer: Candice Lizada

Sound Recordist: Patricia Damaso

Mock Pitches

Top graduate film school, mock pitches in teams of two. 

A male and female student are paired and the guy bulldozes the entire pitch by himself, never deferring to his partner nor letting her speak once. This was something that this particular male student often did: talk over people, be the center of attention, dominate situations.

In response, the female professor and female guest lecturer tell the whole class how that scenario was the female student’s fault because she “abdicated power” to the man and that’s something women do sometimes. I was stunned.

If you have two children and one of your children is being a jerk and not sharing a toy he is supposed to share, do you say, “Timmy, share with your sister” or do you say “Gee Cindy, it’s your fault your brother is such an asshole”???

I’m tired of women being blamed for men’s direct failures. The guy obviously does not understand the meaning of teamwork nor when to take it down a notch. The feedback could have been a lesson for him on how to become a better team player. Instead it was demonstration of internalized misogyny for all of us.