film potion

Slytherin Things (Part 10)

Black and white photography, old cameras, scenic shots, unused film in boxes everywhere, old parchment, feather quills, fineliners, burning the edges of paper for fun, watercolour pencils, minimalist designs in the corners of schoolwork, Shakespeare references, beautifully designed labels on potions, decorative envelopes, the scent of fresh ink…


“Witch’s Brew” Project  

I’ve been pretty busy lately, with the Artbook, my internship and a lot of school stuff including this! I just started a new year at Supinfocom and this year I’ll be working on a short movie project I decided to name “Witch’s Brew”~ Guess what? It’s about a little modern witch! 

Here you can find the new design for Abbigail (Abby) and some color tests, I might do a more finished version of that picture soon :3 It’ll be a 3D short film and I’ll try to show you some part of the process if you are interested!

Lots of witchy love ✨ 🌘🔮


Here’s another little teaser. Sorry to anyone in Germany it got blocked there :( Make sure to watch the official trailer and clips.

Behind the Scenes: Candid photo of actors Andrew Flynn (James Potter) and Laura Tarver (Lily Evans) in the Gryffindor Common Room between scenes on the set of The Gathering Storm: A Marauders Fan Film