film poser

I took a trip to see Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 yesterday and I can confirm that it is indeed a hell of a lot of fun!

Is it as good as the first? In my humble opinion, no.  Yet it still kicks ass and will have you laughing (and even crying) all the way through.

The opening scene is just brilliant and baby Groot is going to shift some serious merchandise following this!

For those wondering how it contributes to the setup of the Avengers Infinity War films, it kinda doesn’t.

There’s Easter eggs and nods galore but it pretty much stays true to itself and I’m really glad for that.

I’m not saying anymore as I know the film hasn’t been released in some regions yet and I wouldn’t want to spoil any aspect of it.

It’s a Marvel no-brainer but make sure you stay after the film because there’s tonnes of post credit sequences!