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Neo-Nazis call for a boycott of ‘Rogue One: A Story Wars Story’

  • Neo-Nazis are calling for a boycott of Rogue One
  • Their argument is that Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is “anti-white” (even though the lead in the film is white). 
  • Though perhaps it’s also unsettling for some that the lead also happens to be a woman.
  •  This movement against Rogue One appears to stem from one of its writers, Chris Weitz, tweeting negatively about Trump.
  • It’s led to the hashtag #DumpStarWars trending on Twitter. Read more
Mystic Messenger Characters + Favorite Halloween Movies!



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  • It’s not too spoopy for this sweet cinnamon roll
  • There’s love! So cute
  • Perfectly festive enough to cuddle on the couch together and watch
  • “I’m not afraid of scary movies! I’m a manly MAN! I just prefer this over blood and guts…”
  • Such a romantic



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  • He’s not super into films that are fanciful, so American Psycho‘s black comedy surrounding the neurotically rich is right up his alley
  • He??actually??really??enjoyed the film?????
  • “Perhaps it’s time to redesign my business card…”
  • Sometimes you call him ‘Patrick’ jokingly
  • He doesn’t think its funny



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  • It’s a musical
  • He loves the energy of the film
  • And the musical numbers
  • After a few beers you guys sing together while you watch it
  • ♪ ♫“Damn it, Janet!”
  • “I love you!”♫ ♩ ♬ 



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  • So cheesy. So scary. So spoopy!
  • Movie marathon, anyone??!
  • A staple of horror films
  • So many classic moments
  • You guys watch these no matter what time of year it is



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  • Cute boys???
  • Plus it’s a classic
  • Jaehee is crazy about the classics
  • And vampires!
  • “I’d love to see Zen play the role of a vampire. He’s so elegant, he could easily pull it off with his chiseled face, piercing eyes and long gorgeo-”
    • “J A H E E   P L E A S E !” ‘
  • “Oh, sorry MC…” *ahem

◉ V


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  • He really enjoyed the book
  • Not a huge horror fan
  • But this is more of a psychological thriller
  • So he likes it
  • Enjoys the fact that it provokes thought
  • Creepy enough that he can still hold you close while you watch



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  • Likes how weird and unconventional it is
  • Not scary to him, really hasn’t found a movie yet that totally creeped him out
  • But he knows it makes you jumpy
  • He loves when you clutch onto him for comfort ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Usually ends up making out with you half-way through the movie anyway

I feel like the set of the original Star Wars could have been the plotline for a Hollywood drama. like mark had a crush on carrie but carrie had a crush on harrison, who was married at the time. anthony daniels and kenny baker didn’t even like each other, kenny believed anthony was “arrogant”. sir alec guinness was irritated by the entire cast and couldn’t wait to get killed off. and to top it all off, they’re being directed by a man who created this plot that he has based off of himself in his wildest nerd fantasies. everyone was high and/drunk off their asses but somehow this ended up being a legendary Hollywood blockbuster film, perhaps one of the best movie sagas of all time.

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Hey, if you're still planning on filming a replacement episode, perhaps you might be looking for a violinist? Knows the themes and emotional musics XD

(In reference to this post)

OMG I love you guys, this has become a ‘hmm I think I’ll write a wee thing’ to ‘YEAH BUT ARE YOU FILMING IT XD’. once part of it’s up, I’ll tag folk who were interested but yaaaaas please someone film it, I’d be ecstatic– you might have to make a cardboard plane and tarmac though?! ;)

Scarlet Vision: How I thought it would be... and how it was

Me to my Sister before Civil War: although I wish they were together in the future, after the disaster that was the romance of Brustasha in AOU, I do not think they do something so explicit in this film with them. Perhaps a words, a gesture, nothing more.

In the movie:

* He goes to his room through the wall *


* She looks visibly nervous *

* HE looks visibly nervous *

* They talk about an earlier conversation about using the door instead of the wall, making clear that already happened more than once *

* They sit side by side in the scenes where they are together *

* They will come for me | We will protect you*

* They look to each other for a few seconds, ignoring the others in the room *


* Despite how difficult is for him to understand human emotions, he try to make a recipe of her favorite food to cheer her up*

* He looks confused because of why he wants to make her happy *

* He looks at her as she is the most fascinating and beautiful person in the room*

* He tells her that no one could ever fear her for who she really is*

* They exchange a conversation about the fear of their powers *

* She laughs at his jokes*

* More crossed eyes *

* They exchange smiles *

* He looks guilty when he confesses that she has to stay in the facility by Tony orders, and he can not meet her eyes*

* He is visibly upset, and she is cross *

* physical approach *

* What do you want? to people to see you… as I see you *

* That look in each other’s eyes remained longer than necessary *

* They kept looking into each other’s eyes when the scene changed *

* He looks hurt when she attacks him with her powers *

* Although she is attacking him, his last words are of worry about her and does not fight back *

* He flies to her and holding her in his arms in the end of the airport battle *

* I am sorry | It’s okay, I’m sorry too *

* He ignores Rhodes the first time*

* They keep looking to each other even when Rhodes returns to warn him about Falcon *

* He shoots Rhodes instead of Falcon by mistake *

* I was distracted | I thought that never happened | me neither*

* He is visibly disturbed, guilty and upset after Wanda and the others were arrested *



Guys, the Russo’s shipping was hard, very very hard, and it will be much stronger for upcoming movies, remember my words.

so what would you guys think if i made a youtube channel? to post v short films things and perhaps poetry, art and the odd video about books? it would be bad quality as i don’t have a camera, and would have infrequent uploads, but it’s something i’m interested in trying doing again. thoughts?

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So I'm planning to watch "I Saw the Light" tonight. What should I do to prepare and what should I prepare for?

Well, first of all, I am really honored that you would ask me such a question.

I’ve made it pretty clear that I love this film and I will perhaps be repeating myself here with some things.  Just a warning.

My advice is that you sit back and focus on the human story.  This is not a stunning piece of film in the sense of the medium itself, as far as the nuts and bolts of what makes up those flickers of lights on the screen.  But it is a stunning portrayal by Hiddleston, one that rivals any comparable transformation by an actor, ever. He is amazing. Regardless of problems with the screenplay, direction, etc. - I love it.  I love the stillness, I love the sounds, I love how it looks.  It is wonderfully acted by everyone involved.  It is not flashy or glossy.  It isn’t fancy or overdone.  It’s simple and sincere and that combination makes it unique beautiful. It’s like Hanks lyrics, I think, in that way.  It’s a story of a life for which we don’t have all the answers and that is mirrored in the way it is told.  You might have questions, you might wonder what is going on, you might wonder who people are, etc.  It is difficult to watch at times, because it isn’t fiction; pain and addiction are real and Hiddleston completely inhabits that realm in a way that is raw and honest. And I love all that, the missing pieces and the vignette style.  Because that’s how life is.  As I’ve said before, whatever exposition and nitty gritty facts about this or that or who really don’t matter to me – I just keep my eyes on Hiddleston and he shows me what I need to know.  And as he’s said before, there are moments of sheer joy in this film.  I mean you will grin like the Cheshire Cat in parts, especially when he’s on stage being infuriating.  And you will laugh.  And you might cry.  

So let them paint a story for you and think of it as a mosaic.  The whole is greater than the parts, because it will look like parts are missing.  But step back.  And see the story.  See the pain. See the joy.  And when you let them blend together, you’ll see the life.

2016 in media

I would say the majority of my waking hours revolve around storytelling. If I’m not at work drawing stories, I’m at a movie theater, watching a tv show, buying music, reading a comic/book/fic…and the rest of my time is doodling about what I’ve just watched/read. 


I will shout from the rooftops until I am unable, but, without a doubt, Moonlight was my favorite film of the year. Perhaps of the last several years. It changed my perceptions and behavior, and I truly believe everyone, especially in America, should see this film. A story that is simultaneously universal and specific. A film so beautifully tailored, from script, to direction, to score. To this day, if I think about scenes in quiet moments, I crumble.

Kung Fu Panda 3
Hateful Eight
The Hunstman: Winter’s War
Hardcore Henry
Midnight Special
Zootopia x 3
The Boy and the Beast
Where to Invade Next
CA: Civil War x 2
Nice Guys
Jungle Book
Finding Dory
Swiss Army Man
Hell or High Water
Sausage Party
Kubo and the Two Strings
Don’t Think Twice
Star Trek Beyond
Southside With You
Blair Witch
The Handmaiden
Dr. Strange
Edge of Seventeen
Rogue One
Fantastic Beasts
La La Land x 2
Manchester by the Sea
Girl on the Train
Secret Life of Pets
The Little Prince
10 Cloverfield Ln
Jason Bourne (can’t tell you what number we’re at now)
The Lobster
The Bronze
Lucky Numbers
Love and Friendship
Hunt for the Wilderpeople
The Red Turtle
Sing Street


Yuri!!! On Ice

Holy shit, was this show the perfect medicine for coping with the end of this year. Like the series finale for Legend of Korra, the finale for this show will go down in history as a wonderful Christmas/holiday present for the LGBTQ+ crowd. I will also admit to having quite the figure skating fangirl phase in my youth. My sister and I would watch competition and special after special featuring Scott Hamilton, Evgeni Plushekno, Elvis Stojko, Kurt Browning, Michelle Kwan…I could go on. Don’t even get me started on the book My Sergei. So it’s not shocking that I would get sucked into a figure skating anime. Even just on the animation angle, there are some GORGEOUS sequences I could watch over and over. I was hunching my shoulders in preparation for blatant queer-baiting, as cartoons and anime tend to do, but they followed through, and every week they managed to top The Gay of the week previous. No, there were no clear shots of kissing, but the intimacy portrayed left no doubt of the nature of Victor and Yuuri’s relationship. 


Lucius - Good Grief. They are still my favorite music-making machine. I love this album and their latest single releases.


Lucius x 4 (between their tour and SXSW I lost count)
Leon Bridges
Lake Street Dive
Porter Robinson & Madeon
Local Natives
Dan Deacon
Savoir Adore
Fantastic Negrito
Frightened Rabbit

Albums - purchased, but not limited to this year

Shura -  Nothing’s Real
Hiatus Kaiyote - Choose Your Weapon
Lake Street Dive - Side Pony
Carly Rae  Jepsen - Emotion Side B
Carly Rae  Jepsen - EMOTION Deluxe
Sing Street OST
Trolls OST
Moonlight OST
Solange - True
Solange - Soul Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams
Lucius - Good Grief
Caravan Palace - <|°_°|>
And the Kids - Turn to Each Other

I definitely buy more songs than albums and won’t list them all here, but the most recent song I keep hitting play on is 1975′s “Somebody Else”. I don’t much like the rest of their songs, but when you’re at a standing desk drawing and this song comes on, you can do nothing but sway and sway. 

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No Zooey at the TCAs? I mean, that's even more fuel to the fire that she's with child again. I wonder if Jess will have some episodes where she only appears briefly. Stuff she can film ahead of time, perhaps only with one other character.

Well it certainly makes you wonder, I mean she didn’t show up to many things at all last time she was pregnant. As for the show I think they might just continue to shoot at the episodes as normal but perhaps just out of order like it’s been suggested. They’re shooting the last third of the season now so I doubt they can afford to have her missing much, especially if something big is happening with Ness.

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Are we going to pretend this isn't exactly the image that Jeff has been building for Harry? Also, it's part of the Dunkirk promo. They don't want Nolan associated with a mere boybander, so they have to "elevate" Harry. Whether he's happy about it or not (I reckon not), it's not the media pulling this out of thin air. It's a PR strategy. Why would Harry even have been mentioned if the idea hadn't been planted? He's been ghost most of the year. It's PR driven promo in Conde Naste titles. (GQ too).

hmmm… i don’t know if i believe that rn, especially since i reckon getting the 1D fan base to watch and support Harry in the film is perhaps more important since we are literally millions which means $$$$ for Dunkirk. Nolan is Nolan and film fans will watch his films regardless plus he usually casts whoever the fuck he wants because he believes in them and does not really care for the public opinion.  (see: Heath Ledger as Joker who was super successful but literally everyone in the world hated the idea when the casting was announced) 

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rope or shadow of a doubt? i guess this is a film question

shadow of a doubt, no question. i really wish i liked rope more. it has some moments of brilliance but overall i find its insistence on its half-hearted philosophizing pretty tiring and completely disingenuous and the style overly gimmicky (i will always maintain that hitchcock had much greater and subtler success using long take in under capricorn, even if no one else besides me cares about that film). shadow of a doubt is one of hitchcock’s wryest films, perhaps the fullest exploration of one of his major themes (a convulsive darkness that’s seething beneath the surface of dull, respectable middle-class family life, waiting to erupt when just the wrong person is invited in/a general lampoon of the morbid fascinations of bourgeois existence), and joseph cotten gives one of his best, not to mention hottest, performances 

X:men Apocalypse Cuba Frustrations

Spoilers for X:Men Apocalypse

What’s really frustrating about watching X-men Apocalypse is the continual references to the scene on the beach in Cuba in X-Men: First Class, as a scene that is key to Moira and Charles’ relationship, when in actuality this scene is very much about the relationship between Erik and Charles.

Be it platonic or not, this scene underlies the differences between the two characters in their struggle with humans. Moira, plays a minor role in the fight between the X-men and Shaw’s mutants. In fact, the climax of the film, perhaps, is when Erik lifts the submarine out of the water with Charles’ encouragement. This act is very much about the beauty of their collaboration. Even Henry Jackman’s score underlies this message with Charles and Erik’s motifs playing together as the submarine is triumphantly lifted from the water. This act, the lifting of the submarine that Erik was unable to accomplish on his own, is proof of their collaborative power, and also underlies the tragic truth of their relationship, that they are better together though they are often fighting on different sides. Moira doesn’t serve as any motivation in this act, having only two direct interactions with Erik during the entire movie.

One of those interactions is later on the beach, when Moira shoots at Erik, and he deflects a bullet into Charles’ back. There are then close ups of the three characters. It is Erik, though, who first reaches Charles.

For Erik, this scene is all about his continued attempts to protect those closest to him backfiring. He tries to place blame on Moira here and attempts to strangle her, only to have Charles confirm his fear that he is indeed a monster and the one who hurts those he cares about (this is how Erik sees it; Charles doesn’t say anything akin to this).

Moira is not representative of her individual motivations, but representative of humanity as a whole. And most importantly the role that humanity plays in the relationship of Erik and Charles. That Moira appears as a love interest to separate the two is almost poetic, seeing as Erik and Charles’ relationships with humanity is what separates them.

Moira, acting as humanity, defends herself, and Erik, in his attempts to protect himself from humanity, hurts Charles, a recurring theme in the movies and regret of Erik’s. In fact, in the Cuba scene he refuses to let anyone get near the Charles and him, and the way he holds Charles is very like a grieving lover. Subtext aside, this positioning and focus make it clear that this scene is about the relationship of these two men.

Even when Charles is passed off to Moira later in the scene, there is no long moment between the two of them, no comfort of a lover. In fact, the scene shifts focus instead to the relationship between Erik, Charles, and Raven. Moira only remains symbolic, of the different ways that humanity embraces Charles while it attacks Erik, almost underlining the motivation behind the difference in their viewpoints.

As for Charles, this scene is far more for him about his realization that Erik is not going to change the way he wants him to. He refuses to leave with Erik, to condone, his actions. That is the entirety what First Class has been building up to! This juxtaposition of the potential of Erik and Charles’ collaboration through the feat of lifting the submarine and the realization that ideologically they are unable to continue to work together. That there is so much potential, but, it’s almost as Erik fears, he is too damaged to work this close with the person he cares about most. And Charles’ realization that all the hope he has cannot save Erik from these destructive feelings.

What’s frustrating about the reattribution of this scene to Moira and Charles’ relationship in X-Men: Apocalypse, is that it’s a complete misreading.

One, Moira is already a frustratingly underwhelming female character. Instead of writing her a better connection with Charles, the writers misappropriate a scene that is for Erik and Charles.

Two, in the face of this scene’s importance to those who do believe that Erik and Charles do have a greater relationship than just a friendship, this scene is very significant. For the writers to take this scene and reapply it to a heterosexual ship, not only takes from the emotional weight and center of a good movie, it feels like a slap in the face to this portion of the fan base. A way of telling them that how they are reading this scene is wrong by redirecting it. But, because of the aforementioned reasons, this simply makes the writers look foolish and is part of the reason why Apocalypse doesn’t resonate as well as the previous two installments in the trilogy in my opinion. That the X-Men franchise feels so threatened as to not just allow this part of the fan base their ship, but seems to place direct attention towards the “problem” seems unprogressive, ironic as that’s exactly what X-Men Apocalypse comes off as.

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I miss Jensen and J2!! Jensen has tweeted something after the good wishes of new year?

Hello, lovely anon!

I know how you feel. I miss them both as well! It always feels like a cause to celebrate when J2 post a picture together or are spotted with one another. :) Especially if it’s been a while since we’ve last seen them together.

There’s nothing new on Jensen’s social media accounts since that New Year’s tweet. The man is not that active on any of his sites, so it’s nothing unusual, really. I hope his hiatus has been relaxing and happy and that we’ll get to see his smiling face soon! 

Oh well! I assume they’ll be back to filming soon enough, so perhaps we can expect some sightings from Vancouver if they feel like popping back on the radar as a unit. I sincerely hope that they’ll surface soon. :)

I hope you have a great day, anon! Here’s a sexy demon!Dean gif to brighten up your day.

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I know someone who has read the "I, Tonya" script, and he said that Gillooly's character is one of the best roles in the entire film, perhaps even more than Tonya herself. Like, Seb will REALLY be able to sink his teeth into this one...

I’m excited for him 

This is Nobby. He is a character that was originally supposed to be in the Chicken Run movie, but got cut from the final version. I learned this from the oh-so-spectacular book “Chicken Run:Hatching the Movie” by Brian Sibley. This little chick was supposed to be a little brother for Ginger. 

Here he is (drawn by me) wearing his little green balaclava hat and smiling with his buck teeth. This was created using watercolours and colouring pencils. There are other characters which were cut from the final film…perhaps I will draw them as well? :) 

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Someone made a really good point saying that all the trailers thus far have incorporated what the main is ashamed of (hence SKAM) - any ideas of how this could play out of it's Even's storyline?

Oh my, I hadn’t heard about that! The name of the show is only now making sense to me haha

Okay, sooo… My bet: whatever happened at Even’s former school is what makes him ashamed. Thus, the trailer could be some sort of flashback, just like Eva’s was. Following the home-video aesthetic, perhaps somebody filmed the actual thing (good chance for Julie to talk about bullying)… Whatever happened to him was not just another manic episode: he had to leave Elvebakken because of it, it surely was difficult to deal with (even though he shouldn’t be ashamed of his mental illness, obviously).

Since we barely know about Even’s past, I think a season about him should be focused on it :)

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Do you know when season three premiere?

No, unfortunately I don’t. I hope it’s going in the spring, but I know that they are far from finished filming, so perhaps it will be later in 2017. 

However, fingers are crossed for April. That is when season two premiered last year.