film noir 101


For the movie lover in your life, may we recommend The 101 Best Film Noir Posters from the 1940s–1950s, a collection of posters from the most iconic noirs of the classic era, gorgeously reproduced, compiled with review notes by Mark Fertig, and with a foreword by William Friedkin (Oscar-winning director of The French Connection). This oversized hardcover from Seattle publisher Fantagraphics is a fantastic gift littered with images of hardboiled private eyes, gun-toting thugs, and sultry femme fatales. A downright steal at $35, it is hands down one of the best film books available this holiday season.

Another new reward on our Kickstarter campaign available now for a $100 pledge:

Film Noir 101 Print (100): A limited edition print featuring a poster from our new book Film Noir 101: The Best 101 Noir Film Posters from the 1940s-1950s by Mark Fertig. Size approximately: 17" x 22"

Pre-order for signed copies of the book is also available for a $40 pledge!