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Name: Thear
Age: 17
Country: England

I’ve never had a penpal and honestly I’m pushing myself out of my comfort zone just a little bit, but it sounds really interesting and a much more ‘organic’ I guess you could say, way of making friends than just hovering around people’s social media, while also knowing a little bit about them to begin with!
I’m currently in College taking Media, but moving to Art (3D Design) next year! I’m really into Architecture(+sustainable living), film-making and any form of creative media really.
- Two Door Cinema Club, Florence + The Machine ( I adore Florence Welch.. just sayin’ ;-) ) STRFKR, Alt-J, Fox Academy, classic MCR and all of their new work! Glass Animals, La Roux and some favourites such as Bowie and Zappa
- (Green/Chaos) Witchcraft (low-key haha) but genuinely, If you’re into it you’ll know what I mean by a lazy witch, but I love plants and nature and feel a strong connection to really natural settings so it would be nice if you did to!
- Is this a like or more of a characteristic but I’m pretty political, simplified I’m pretty left wing and feel it’s a good way to tell a persons moral code, you don’t have to be particularly into politics (it would be cool) but as long as you’re anti-trump, supports LGBT+ people and is very much not conservative then that’s a good starting point!
- I’m vegan! Would be lovely to have someone on the same wavelength as me although, once again, not a be all, end all thing!
- Astrology! And not just sun signs and horoscopes but Natal Charts and all that jazz! I’m Taurus sun, Libra Moon and Scorpio rising! (and very earth/venus dominant!)

Some fun little things are:
-I love baking, I’m great at making sweet pudding things, less at savoury but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
-I’m very introverted but that’s not to say I’m not to say I’m particularly shy, just not so good in large crowds and busy situations(anxious AF)
-My kind of hanging out is either sitting at home, baking and listening to music or wandering in a local forest and climbing some trees!
-I have pink hair (currently. Used to be forest green, very cool😁)

Ideally someone who is fairly active on social media, allows more casual interaction and relies less fully on snail mail!

Preferences: 16 to 18 (maybe 19?)
Someone who wants to (occasionally) use snail mail (depending on how interesting my life has been!) and including maybe little doodles or small items (Kinda like tumblr swaps people do would be cute!)

Obviously all the typical: no racists(or strongly anti immigration) no conservatives or republicans👌👌or really judgmental people because that’s not going to work!


Yes you.
I am fucking talking to you.

**takes you by the shoulders**

Listen to me right now. 

The film industry is dominated by white men. Usually, older white men. 

As a woman, as a young person, as a person of color, it will never be easy to get into that industry.

But I want you to promise me something right now.

If film is something you love. If you even have an interest in it. If you want to be in that industry someday. If you even just want to study it to learn about it.

Don’t you dare give up.

Because there might not be any POC directors or actors winning those Oscars or other awards. But one day you could.

The industry is growing, learning to listen to other voices.

So shout yours as loud as you can.

Write your scripts, direct tiny films on your phones. Save up for a solid, cheap DSLR. Get some friends together. Shoot a two minute film in your backyard about you learning to fly. Save your money to buy screenwriting books, or download them off line. Learn how to read and write a script in proper formatting. Learn the different crew poistions and how they interact. Take free online courses. Find stupid videos online that show you how to do simple things with lighting and cameras. Take the camera off auto and learn how to manipulate the image on manual mode. Learn the difference between ISO and shutter speed and aperture.  Learn basic storytelling. Look up some basic cinematography shots. Teach yourself. Go to film school if you want. Get access to equipment and learn some things from industry professionals. Make mistakes and then learn not to make them again. Ask film students or people in the industry what their first job was and how they got it. Join teen film clubs and do work with others. Ask friends or just people you know online (like tumblr for Twitter friends) that you know are filmmakers about things you just want to know. Ask questions. Ask them to maybe even read your scripts you’ve written. They don’t have to be perfect. They just have to exist so your friends can see where you are and what you need to work on most.They will be happy to help. 

But don’t you fucking dare give up. 

Don’t ever tell anyone else to give up.

If you want it, if you really want it, it is possible. Through blood, sweat, and tears, it is fucking possible. Never think anything differently. 

Go out there. Tell your story. Because no one else has lived a life exactly like yours and you are the only ones that can make those decisions.

I’m here. You have tons of friends on this site and others who do the film thing. Ask and we will help. Just don’t let yourself give up because you think it’s hopeless. It’s not. Together, we will make your voice heard.

Together, we will change the world.

I love you. Keep fighting. Pass it on. Add more words of encouragement/helpful links/notes that could help a friend considering the film industry. We love you and, if you are dedicated, we both want and need you. If you’re willing to work, so are we. Let’s go.

The Monogatari series can do a lot of things that it can get away with in animation that you couldn’t do in real life despite my insistence that a lot of filmmakers could learn a ton about technique from it.

It’s lack of background characters for instance is something you can’t really do live action.

They tried that with movies like the shitty 1998 version of the classic British TV series The Avengers but it just looked really weird because you can only get away with empty streets in post apocalyptic sequences or dreams and hallucinations or a scene that takes place at 3am in a live action environment.

It stands out too much with live action actors but it’s totally fine in Monogatari because you get the sense it’s more a psychological head space representing how characters feel than an actuality based on the way it’s directed “shot” and edited.

It’s a style that lends itself more to animation than live action although I find myself filling reference folders with shots and sequences for dialogue heavy scenes.
Townies trailer

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FINALLY, its been two years but I’ve finished my film!

(this is just the teaser for insta 😛 )

If you find yourself in Chicago Friday May 12 come on down to the Gene Siskel Film Center at 6pm and be one of the first to see the debut of Townies! The Friday night screening will not only feature myself but many other talented animators and filmmakers don’t miss it!

Kristen Stewart on her directing debut: ‘The best female film-makers are compulsive freaks’


Stewart concedes she’s in a fortunate situation, aware that Come Swim probably wouldn’t be at Cannes if its director wasn’t an A-list actor. “People who are much more talented and inspired couldn’t ever have the opportunity to make a short film for the amount of money I was given to make this,” she admits. “I had eight days to shoot it. It was the most comfy process.”

If opportunities are limited for first-time directors, the situation is markedly bleaker if they’re women. Come Swim was produced as part of the Shatterbox Anthology project, run by US lifestyle website Refinery29, which aims to redress the disparity between male and female directors. But it’s an uphill struggle: only 7% of the top 250 films in 2016 were directed by women, a figure that’s lower than it was in 1998.

For Stewart, the only way to correct such an imbalance is with pure intensity. “The coolest female directors I’ve ever worked with are such compulsive freaks,” she says. “You ask Kelly Reichardt [director of Meek’s Cutoff and Certain Women] what it’s like to be a female director and she’s just like, ‘I don’t have an answer because I couldn’t do anything else with my life.’

“The female artists who do the best work, they’re just so focused that nothing is going to get in their way. Kelly, fucking Patti Smith, they’re just workers. It’s hard to talk about, because you need to talk about it to change it, but at the same time it’s like, ‘Just do it.’” She pauses, reconsidering this call to arms. “That’s the most ridiculous thing to say. Of course, people would just do it if they could. I’m in the craziest, most lucky position.”

Whether Stewart will continue making her own films is unclear. She still has plenty of acting commitments, including a drama about the hoax writer JT LeRoy, created by Laura Albert. What’s more, she doesn’t just want to stumble into any old directing gig. “People keep asking, ‘So what’s next for you? Do you want to develop projects?’ I feel they have to just come to you. I don’t want to do an impression of a film-maker. I don’t want to do it for the sake of it.”

If Stewart does return behind the camera, it’s likely to be on her own terms. “I don’t like the idea of making movies with any regard for an audience. Because I’ve worked with people who have been like, ‘I want the audience to think this at that moment.’ Well, who are you making this for then? Because if you start making this for everyone, you’ll end up with something generic. It needs to be its own animal. You can package and deliver an idea after the fact, but if it’s what informs you in the first place… pffft, don’t make movies!”

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I made this video in after effects for my brothers bday 👌🏼✨




Because I have had conversations with established screenwriters who try to add LGBT relationships to plots and they are told expressly by the studios that they can’t do that. Just ask the writers of Steven Universe who were told to tone down the Lesbian elements in order to appease the Chinese market.

There are screenwriters who really want to do it in big budget projects, some of whom actually do have same sex partners but the political pressure from China and Chinese investors prevents it from happening.

Hollywood is not beholden to American political interests, the writers don’t support Trump and a MAGA hat and or a Trump bumper sticker on your car in the studio lot in plain view of the producer as a writer will almost certainly leave you without opportunities.  The lack of LGBT representation in a famously left leaning town has nothing to do with the rise of Trump and everything to do with appeasing conservative Chinese Communist Party heads for big cash grabs.

Not everything is about America, multimilion dollar movies are funded by foreign cash and sold to foreign markets where they make a majority of their money nowadays. It has nothing to do with Trump. The only thing Trump has affected in town is the amount of fundraising parties at homes of the movers and shakers and protest rallies supported by IATSE unions.

The reason why high school students are played by people in their twenties is that there are laws preventing child actors from working overtime which frequently happens on productions ( Over 8 hrs by Los Angeles standards) meaning that it is more legally and financially feasible to use a baby faced 20 something than an actual 14-17 year old. An 18 year old doesn’t need a parents permission to work as well so it clears up a lot of red tape and hand holding.
There’s no sinister motive to it at all.
It really is just legal protection and adherence to the law.

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Name: Kyle
Age: 21
Country: USA

My name’s Kyle, and I have a lot of trouble making friends. I figured I’d give this a shot. I’m a huge nerd, I go to college for film making. I’d like to meet some people who I could bounce ideas off of and send scripts to. Also we could talk about comics or shows or whatever.

Preferences: Age: 17+
I prefer the US, only because I don’t know any other language, but if you speak English and are from Hyrule or something, that’s cool. Honestly though, just be cool.