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John Smith  +  Battle 

1x02 Sunrise , The Man in the High Castle

battle (n.) c. 1300, from Old French bataille “battle, single combat,” also “inner turmoil, harsh circumstances; army, body of soldiers”, from Latin battuere "to beat, to strike”. Phrase battle royal “fight involving several combatants” is from 1670s.

My experience of Wonder Woman was my four year old niece dressing up as her hero running to the poster of Diana and demanding a photo with her and when we actually sat down to watch the film, every time Gal Gadot came on screen without her WW costume she whispered “Its Wonder Woman.” And when she came on wearing her full outfit, my niece shouted “WONDER WOMAN.” Really loud in a packed out cinema. We got a few dirty looks, but she didn’t care. She saw a girl on screen being braver and more badass than any bloke. And after watching the film, she refused to take the costume off and even slept in it that night.

Wonder Woman: Warriors

We are the warriors that built this town from dust.
– Imagine Dragons (Warriors)

In honour of the release of “Wonder Woman” in Singapore today, here’s a drawing of one of the most badass superwomen in comics! 

I haven’t watched the film yet, but I heard it’s really good! I’ll be watching it with a couple of close friends this Saturday, so I’m really excited!! 

Also, Saturday happens to be Wonder Woman Day, so do head down to your local comic book stores for the festivities!!!
I’ll definitely be heading down to mine ;)


Bishop Briggs - River - Choreography by Galen Hooks - Filmed by @TimMilgram