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Do u have any good movie recommendations? Feeling kinda low rn and in the mood for a nice feel good thing uk and I feel like u have good taste haha

i’m so sorry to hear you’re feeling low!! feel free to msg me if you wanna talk, but since you asked, i do oblige!! i’ll scrape something together because like everything i watch is highkey sad lmao, but this should be a hopefully solid list!

  • hidden figures - there’s something so lovely about watching three amazing women do amazing things
  • the nightmare before christmas - this movie sorta owns me ngl it’s just unadulterated FUN
  • field of dreams - kinda bittersweet but like, it makes me happy
  • cinderella - live action or animated!!!!
  • adventures of sharkboy and lavagirl!! what an iconic film!! deserved an oscar tbh
  • lemonade mouth - who doesn’t wanna see a group of kids who are hurting find solace in each other and music and form a beautiful group who makes beautiful music i’m teary
  • starstruck - tbh this movie made me cry but in my defense it was 3:00 am and tech week ok
  • brooklyn - also saoirse ronan is like incredibly pretty so watch just for her tbh??
  • hercules!!! - made me cry, ten stars
  • princess and the frog!! best music ever!!
  • honestly anything disney can make the list
  • paper towns - this is such a guilty pleasure but fr it’s a lot of fun, and there’s some quality laughs in there. also halston sage: a concept
  • on the town - just a fun high quality musical featuring frank sinatra and gene kelly!!! amazing!!
  • teen beach movie - another guilty pleasure but i don’t care its everything to me
  • stranger than fiction - will ferrell??? in a drama??? not as rare as you’d think
  • ferris bueller’s day off - who doesn’t like good 90s romps, SUCH a feel good
  • the duff - it’s just a cute rom com but i love it
  • 10 things i hate about you - “i know you can be overwhelmed, and i know you can be underwhelmed but can you ever just be whelmed?” “i think you can in europe!”
  • clueless - cher horowitz is the funniest human being ever omg (and she’s gay for kai!!!!!!)
  • the edge of seventeen - this movie was rly funny and made me feel a whole lot better about life in general ok
  • la la land - ngl i really like this movie bc i really like jazz and bc my mom loves it so much that i love it bc of her love, but yeah it’s nice n its rlly pretty too
  • little miss sunshine - this movie is so cute and feel good!!!! i love the lil girl
  • rushmore - this movie made me laugh my ass off and then it made me feel things and then laugh my ass off again
  • of mind and music - this had a lotta sad moments tbh but i believe it had a vaguely uplifting ending
  • the theory of everything - i loved this movie so much a+ acting 

ok sorry anon that was ten times more than you bargained for but you asked and i PROVIDE. and also i have watched a lot more movies than i thought


The 8 Films of Quentin Tarantino. 

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