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Man, I hate how few views this has. This astonishing film is about a woman who has suffered at the hands of all kinds of abuse from different men in her life, and due to the trauma, she starts to mistreat herself as well. It’s JAM- PACKED from start to finish with Florence Welch’s beautiful voice, along with stunning choreography and cinematography. If you’ve ever suffered at the hands of someone else, especially a man, in a relationship- or if you don’t feel like you love yourself enough- watch this film. Then PLEASE share it with your friends so that they can see it too. It’s a masterpiece that shows a woman at the core of who she is, unfiltered and raw. And I really think it needs to be seen.  

everyone is having a good time on this saturday night but im a nerd ass bitch taking notes on Iñárritu movies. im sorry films. god i wish i had adderall

Gellert Grindlewald was a brilliant and charismatic Nordic wizard in his mid 40′s/50′s, and they thought Johnny Depp instead of the obvious choice…???


(( OOC: Guys….. GUYS…… GUUUUYYYSSSSS!!! OMFG!!! THIS IS A WORK OF ART! This has to be the best fan-film I’ve seen. The casting is wonderful, the acting is pretty-damn-on-point, and the music and GUH!!! I’m so impressed. THIS NEEDS MORE VIEWS, SPREAD THIS LIKE WILDFIRE!!! )) 


{Batjokes` love hate confessions are so adorable, I just can`t <3}

This movie has saved 2k17 with its gayness perfection.

And I was sure that they would kiss. Seriously.


antichrist? it’s very good. brødre? that one, aswell. stjerner uden hjerner? maybe not that one, but the others are very good.

#look at this precious ray of sunshine being all happy and excited and passionate!!!