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Raw (2016)

Directed by Julia Ducournau

Cinematography by Ruben Impens

interviewers really should be treating harry like they’re treating fionn, both newcomers to big films. the focus of harry being in 1d is irrelevant and tbh not what fans of harry even want to hear about? because i’m ready for harry to tell me about his research, about his process. i really want to hear his thoughts on the story and his character….. just a thought


autumn leaves and rain by maisiewalker

it’s just so hilarious how some people want bucky and steve to appear in the black panther film. “where’s bucky?? where’s steve??? why aren’t they in the trailer???’ look i get that civil war ended with the both of them being in wakanda but that doesn’t mean that they’re going to be in the film. if they are, post credits at most! black panther is supposed to be about t’challa, and wakanda and it’s gonna focus around that. don’t get me wrong, i love steve and bucky, don’t get me wrong, but i’d love them not to be in this movie please and thank you!

let this film focus on t’challa please, it’s his movie!!

Warner and DC To Split in 2019

For 30 years since Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman film, Warner Bros. had a hand in every major DC Comics property film. That relationship will officially come to an end with 2019′s The Batman, the last film starring Ben Affleck in the role.

This comes as a surprise despite murmurs of fan dissatisfaction with the current DC cinematic universe. According to DC CEO Denise Sieyo, “Warner did an amazing job with DC films but we need to start fresh. The current wave of this cinematic universe will be completed, and then we’ll move on.” This news means the cancellation of several films including Suicide Squad 2, Cyborg, and The Green Lantern Corps.

The move comes after a harsh year of fan discontent, with millions taking to the internet to berate choices such as the casting of Ben Affleck, the dark tone of Zack Snyder’s visions for the Justice League, and the Suicide Squad movie, which did well at the box office and even won an Oscar for Best Makeup, but was critically loathed and saw many fans aghast. The move is mutual according to Warner CEO and last surviving Warner brother Brian Hugh Warner.

More surprising is the upcoming DC plan. Having left Warner, the comic superpower will team up with its next studio: Marvel Studios. Said Sieyo, “Marvel has been doing pretty well and we thought, hey, why not just turn it over to them?” The move has shocked comic fans globally, but executives for both companies claim the move will mark the dawn of a new era in comic cinema. With Marvel fully taking over the creative direction of the DC universe, producers are confident that the next DC film world will focus more on fun and entertainment, rather than the more serious films to date. Stan Lee will also provide cameos for DC Universe films, and a crossover between the Justice League and the Avengers is already in early stages of development.

“It will be a huge undertaking with a budget of over $350 Million dollars,” said Marvel Studios head Mark Sussudio, “And it will need to have an amazing classic of a villain to fight both the Justice League and the Avengers at the same time. Thankfully, our parent company also owns the rights to Star Wars. That’s right.”

Avengers v Justice League v Darth Vader: Dawn of the Guardians of the Galaxy Far Far Away Part 1: Mirror of Fate is planned for a March 2023 release.

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Why do you draw kraglin with such a huge ass nose and thick brows? I'm not saying you cant, artistic freedom and all, but im curious since that's not even close how sean gunn looks

You’re right! From now on, I’m only going to draw him like this.

TFA-Introduced Characters by Screen Time
  1. Rey - 42 min 30 sec
  2. Finn - 30 min
  3. Kylo Ren - 19 min 15 sec
  4. BB-8 - 10 min 15 sec
  5. Poe Dameron - 8 min 45 sec
  6. Maz Kanata - 3 min 30 sec
  7. General Hux - 3 min 15 sec
  8. Snoke - 2 min
  9. Phasma - 1 min 45 sec
  10. Lor San Tekka - 1 min 45 sec