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ID #14550

Name: Kris
Age: 15
Country: Germany

Many people wrote that they feel awkward talking about themselves, that’s not the case with me.
But after I’ve tried joking around how easy it is to introduce yourself (because I actually do not feel awkward), I failed! Introducing is a very serious business!
So I proudly present the third attempt of making myself sound interesting:
I’m a kinda laid-back German female teenager who does not take everything a serious as she should. I like weird and sometimes evil jokes, but I’m not daring most of the time, I’m actually a polite, enthusiastic, sometimes impulsive person but I never want to hurt anybody. Whether I suffer from a lack of self awareness or confidence, nor I’m never shy but I’m also not a narcist at all. I’m considering myself more of an extrovert even though I like very much of “cliché introvert stuff” but meeting my friends refreshes me. I’m learning English since 8 years, Spanish since 8 months, I’m able to talk a bit in French including lots of grammar mistakes and I’m able to introduce myself in Norwegian.
Music is great, I play two instruments and listen to a lot of different artist from German indie pop over rock fusions to decent minimal music to aggressive metal. My favorite genre isn’t existing but I like crossover a lot and have a thing for skandinavian (especially norwegian) bands. The crazier the better and that doesn’t only goes with music.
My favorite films are TAG, The Green Butchers (Den grønne slagtere) and The Rock Horror Picture Show. I’m very interested in the trash-genre. Currently I’m watching iZombie, Doctor Who and SKAM.
My favorite books are “The Edge Chronicles” and I like a lot by Haruki Murakami and Stephen King but I’m literally open to any recommendations!
Besides media I like to cook, analyze dreams, and to discuss about philosophy and made up theories but discussing is possible if the chemistry between us is fine because I’m fed up with smartasses.
The other big thing in my life is art and I’m doing a lot of it in all different ways such as drawing, painting, crafting, and sometimes writing.
The thing that interests me the most are humans in biological, social and philosophical ways. That includes especially topics like gender, gender roles, sexuality, religion, culture, and the “how” and “why” behind almost everything.
I’m very interested on hearing your small stories of everyday life and about your dreams, your culture, your family, yourself in general, talk about nerds stuff and very serious things while being silly together, too. I would like to develop a close long-term friendship with someone via snail mail. Physical letters are more personal to me because someone puts a lot of effort into some paper which is going to make the other person happy and I find such things very beautiful.. and romantic in a platonic way. Yeah. :D
So if you want to share your mind with someone who definitely won’t stop replying after the first letter, please contact me, I would appreciate it.

Preferences: Not under 15, not over 20, I do not care of gender at all. It would be awesome if you life in Norway and are fluent in the language because I very recently started learning it and I’m very interested in the culture.
If your hobbies aren’t exactly like mine do not fear contacting me! It is exciting to talk to someone who is very different from yourself and from people you would normally talk to.