film asing

What is done in films can’t be done in another art form…[F]ilm is the only art form that works with the concept of time. It’s not that it develops in time, because they all do: music, theatre, ballet, and other artistic activities. I refer to “time” in the literal sense of the word. To what a shot is, from the moment you say “action” until you say “cut.” What is that? It’s the fixing of reality, fixing of time’s essence…What is cinema? It’s a mosaic made of time…Imagine a camera, rolling for an hour on a determined scene, any scene that you want…If we gave the recording of these scenes to several directors, each with a different personality, that would give us three or four types of films…[B]ased on the given choices of what is more interesting for each director, the artist discards or keeps elements of the film, the final result changing from one director to another. The film will be different. What I’m saying is that, despite the fixing of time, of the same recording of time, the artist or the artists are able to elaborate, to choose the material, to impose their own creativity into the film.

Andrei Tarkovsky, Filmmaker’s Masterclass with Andrei Tarkovsky: Cinema Is a Mosaic Made of Time