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Beyoncé Full 2017 Grammy Awards Performance.

You know I ain’t wrote a post about it, but Moana was fabulous and such an amazing movie. EVERONE should see it at least once, support this film so we can have more. I was impressed by so many things but these are a few in point form:

  1. Moana has a boys narrative.
    She is the chosen one.
    She has a grand adventure.
    She is the ONLY one to do this impossible task.
    She has a real coming of age story.
    She is a chief of her village.
  2. She doesn’t have a forced romance narrative / she has no romantic interest. This is HUGE her story was never overshadowed, taken over, or revolves around a BOY!
  3. BUT her story is still about / is driven by love! Love for her people, her grandmother, her family, love of the ocean, of sailing. The whole damn story is about love, caring, support. It’s AMAZING.
  4. She isn’t overshadowed by Maui, he is there and he supports her adventure and her story, but he doesn’t impose on her narrative. He even grows, develops and becomes this better person because of her (not the other way around).
  5. NOT A SINGLE WOMAN IN HER LIFE IS EVIL, HATEFUL, MEAN. EVERY WOMAN IN HER LIFE SUPPORTS HER AND HER DECISIONS. From the random tribes women who praise her skills, to her grandmother who lovingly encourages her desire to go to the ocean, to her Mother who instead of stopping or discouraging her quest HELPS HER GET READY TO GO. It’s so amazing there are no evil step mothers, no evil sisters, no village bitches who hate the main character because she’s pretty. ALL THE WOMEN SUPPORT AND LOVE. FUCKING YES PLEASE.
  6. She is given the chance to understand her Father. She is given time in her narrative to know her fathers fear intimately, and from it she doesn’t hate her father for his desire to keep her safe and away from the ocean. She doesn’t leave her island hating her parents, or have any negative feelings. She UNDERSTANDS AND KNOWS her father fear, she doesn’t resent him for it. IT IS SO POWERFUL.
  7. THE MOVIE IS FUNNY. OKAY. Yeah some of it is slap stick for the kids, but I laughed so hard at the stupid jokes. THE CHICKEN I need not say more. Just enjoy and laugh and be a kid okay.
  8. The music is lovely, the songs are great, I really enjoy them.
  9. The antagonist doesn’t have to die a horrid death, nor is the antagonist brutally punished in some way. The ending is so PURE and full of love and caring. I mean the song she sings, OH SLAY ME I HAVE EMOTIONAL FEELS ABOUT THIS.

So those are some of the things I really loved. I just enjoyed this movie it felt really good watching it and I plan to see it again (if not more). A good adventure, coming of age story full of love!


Despicable Me 3 (2017) | Official Trailer #1

when I was 12 I watched insidious, and I had to pee, so I went to the bathroom and saw blood everywhere. I thought the movie cursed me, but it was just my first period.

  1. Gamera vs. Barugon (re-titled War of the Monsters in the US, 1966)
  2. Godzilla vs. Gigan (re-titled War of the Monsters in the UK, 1973)
  3. Godzilla 2: War of the Monsters (NES, 1992)
  4. War of the Monsters (PlayStation 2, 2003)
Sing Handles Its Characters Better Than Suicide Squad

I can explain.

In the first few scenes of Sing we zip around the city from Buster Moon’s failing theatre to Rosita’s overcrowded household to Johnny’s half-hearted heist to Ash (and her prickly boyfriend’s) failed audition at a local club to Seth McFarmouse’s sax playing and to Meena, a shy elephant singing happy birthday to her grandfather in a tiny house.

Narration isn’t used for any of these – instead we see how Buster Moon sneaks out of his theatre to avoid speaking to a representative from the bank, how Meena’s house is too cramped for a three-generation family of elephants, how Rosita’s raucous family constantly interrupts and disregards her, how Ash’s less-talented boyfriend tells her off for hedgehogging* the spotlight, how Seth McFarmouse shakes down a passerby who made too small of a contribution.

This is a surprisingly mature way to handle character introductions and it’s why Sing, despite its predictable and even cliché plotline, has generally fared well among critics. If you don’t like the music, and you’re not a fan of sight gags, or if you just weren’t paying attention and missed them, you probably didn’t like Sing. The movie has a few odd character designs, but once I saw how the characters moved I was more accepting. (Buster’s zany antics and quick wits might have been more suited to a lemur than a koala though.)

When I watched the intro to this movie I could only think of another terrible introduction scene I saw early this summer. Suicide Squad’s 45-minute long cast introduction, cut along Viola Davis eating a steak, bored me to checking my watch every time a new character was introduced. Sing trusted its audience to draw their own conclusions about each character’s motivations and personalities. Suicide Squad had Viola Davis read off the wiki pages for each new character. None of the clips presented revealed any character, since throughout the movie the characters were more or less impressions of the characters one could glean from a single comic book, and Viola Davis helpfully explained each character’s motivation since that wasn’t in the movie.

Even though Sing isn’t a particularly original film and its plot was revealed throughout its multiple trailers, it used its medium effectively, is fun to watch, and knows how to construct a story and its characters. It may be an original story with a thoroughly unoriginal premise, but its thoughtful construction blew other big-cast productions like Suicide Squad out of the water.

This is how you use a big celebrity cast, David Ayer.

*I’m sorry I had to.