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VIDEO: ‘Wonder Woman’ First Look: Gal Gadot Breaks Down Her Intense Preparations.

ok so hear me out

I’m so happy BTS is getting recognition and doing all these really awesome things, having more opportunities etc. Like the BBMAs is a huge deal, and they are doing really awesome working the carpets and interviews. 

but riddle me this: why in the bloody hell are they filming things with a nobody Disney channel actress?? 

You know, I’ll readily admit that so far, the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a whole has had consistently better film output than the current DC Extended Universe.

But on the other hand:

  • DC didn’t make Superman secretly a member of the Klan during a surge of racist and xenophobic rhetoric and politics in the US
  • DC also didn’t make their Jewish characters like Harley Quinn or Batwoman into pseudo-Nazis while the US is under a blatantly anti-Semitic political administration
  • DC also didn’t ask comic shop employees to wear T-shirts with pseudo-Nazi logos or to cover their store logos with pseudo-Nazi symbols
  • DC also, in my knowledge, never blamed slumping sales on being too diverse in their lineup
  • Which isn’t to say they haven’t had their share of tone-deaf and flat-out insulting gaffes, but when New 52 didn’t do as well as they expected I know they didn’t blame it on having a Green Lantern and a Batman who were Muslim
  • Marvel Studios has yet to release a solo superhero film starring a woman (Elektra is a Fox film).  DC’s had two female-led cinematic releases (three if you consider Evey to be the main character of V for Vendetta), those being Supergirl and Catwoman.  And yes, Supergirl and Catwoman were terrible, but at least they exist.  An attempt was made
  • The current DC Extended Universe will also give us Wonder Woman before the MCU gives us Captain Marvel
  • If the current planned lineup for the DC Extended Universe holds, then their first five solo film leads will probably be two white men (Man of Steel’s Henry Cavill and presumably whoever plays Captain Marvel in Shazam!), a Jewish woman (Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot), a Native Hawaiian man (Aquaman, Jason Momoa), and a black man (Cyborg, Ray Fisher).  The first solo film in the MCU with a lead who isn’t a white man will be Black Panther, their thirteenth solo film.
  • While Marvel was making Captain America and Magneto into HYDRA agents, DC made Snagglepuss into a gay Southern Gothic playwright because why not
  • While DC has its own fair share of fuckery, bad decisions, pointless, flow-wrecking crossovers, and other such garbage, at least they haven’t blown so many dog whistles at the alt-right in the past year that it’s very hard to consider it tone-deafness or coincidence at this point

So in conclusion, as we currently stand, DC’s on Marvel’s left.

2017 Tribeca Film Festival - Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (April 28th, 2017)

1. Daveed Diggs plays Kimmy’s love interest

[Executive Producer Robert] Carlock revealed that the Hamilton star was cast as Kimmy’s love interest in the third season in a part that was written for him. “It was very much from the point of view, ‘Daveed likes the show and would like to do it, and well that would be a fun person to put Ellie with,‘” said Carlock while discussing this season’s impressive list of guest stars. “And so there’s a little romantic arc that she has with him. He’s obviously amazing.”


Despicable Me 3 (2017) | Trailer #2

Look what came in the mail today! :D

I love Old Man. Somehow, Phelous has taken this freaking guy and made him into something I can’t even describe. I love the voice he gives him, I enjoy his “Old Man Reads Creepypastas” videos, and anytime he makes a cameo, it makes me laugh.

My friend and I have been bonding over Phelous’ videos for ages now, and Old Man is just one of those elements we get a kick out of. So I ordered a T-shirt for myself and for her. ^w^ I’m so thrilled!

Thank you Phelous, for both creating the shirt design and the laughs! :)