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ok but… loona are really one of a kind i cannot fathom how much money blockberry creative has invested into the debut of those girls, this with multiple mvs every month all filmed abroad and in a different country each time, with the best of the best mv directors and music producers, the enormous amount of trust they must put into the success of these girls to create such a huge year-long predebut project is outstanding. the quality of the content they put out is honestly unbelievable for an undebuted group, and the artistic directors have really put in their all to craft each and every concept for each girl’s release and put out masterpieces every month. not only does each girl have her own animal mascot, it perfectly ties in with the concept of the song and mv and the concepts are always very fitting for the girls’ ages. not only that but the amount of love you see every staff member has for the production and the girls is incredible, like the time heejin hyunjin and haseul had to film all day walking around in london and their feet were killing them so their director bought sneakers for all three of them and honestly it’s heartwarming to see such a beautiful thing happen in kpop and i hope everyone can give these girls some support because i really can’t stand to watch this amazing group flop


diego luna appreciation weekdecember 27 (diego + alice braga w/ surprise gael)

people that inspired in my in my journey, diego luna was special, because it was the first film i did abroad and he was such a strong actor in the sense of young, but with so much knowledge because he was an actor since he was a kid. - alice braga, interview magazine

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I dunno. 'Sense8' and 'Game of Thrones' both film all over the world. 'Doctor Who' is mostly filmed in Cardiff but it has filmed in the USA, Spain, Italy and all over England and Scotland. I think SPN could get out and about more, personally. Particularly since the guys all live in the US (Texas, Washington, California) and are always flying all over the country for conventions (super convenient if you ask me! Whole cast in one place, plaid & trenchcoats everywhere, usually an Impala around.. ;)

None of those are American Network television. Sense8 and Game of Thrones have Massive budgets and much smaller seasons. The Doctor who episodes that filmed abroad were massive events. 

I don’t mean to be condescending here, but filming a TV show is massiveltt expensive. Just moving from studio to a location in the city for a day costs THOUSANDS of dollars. Not the filming, the moving of equipment, the parking of dozens of trailers and the cost of permits. Most shows shoot half of their ays or less on location because of that cost. On Supernatural, nearly everything you see inside is a set that was built the week before.

They have a crew that is local and that they know, hiring new people in a new location is risky and flying the existing crew would be extremely expensive.

They can’t just pick up a camera and go shoot anywhere, it’s a production of over a 100 people that goes into shooting and SPN doesn’t have that budget.

Ariel Winter Celebrates Her 4-Month Anniversary With Levi Meaden in China

Time flies when you’re having fun! Ariel Winter is currently soaking up the Chinese culture in Qingdao, China, with her boyfriend, Levi Meaden.

WATCH: Ariel Winter Shows Off Her Stems in Sexy Halter Ensemble: Pics

Meaden is filming Pacific Rim: Uprising abroad, and Winter has joined him to celebrate a special occasion.


The Modern Family star took to Snapchat, posting a picture of her man, writing “4 month date.”

The pair dined on delicious sushi and Winter later posted a sweet selfie from bed, writing “Lazy Sunday in bed with babe.”


The cute couple also hugged and kissed in a PDA shot on Instagram. They have been jetsetting quite a bit as of late.

In mid-February they had a fun excursion to Australia where they goofed off with a kangaroo.


A post shared by ARIEL WINTER (@arielwinter) on Mar 11, 2017 at 5:26pm PST

MORE: Ariel Winter Admits She Struggled ‘For Years’ to Find Body Confidence: 'It Was a Really Long Journey’

“She wanted us all to do Blue Steel but we weren’t down. #selfie@tarongazoo,” Winter captioned a sweet selfie with her man and a kangaroo.

The actress has also made several solo appearances. To see her sexy red carpet look, watch the clip below!

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Summary of FMA live action known information thus far

A lot of new information came out recently, so here’s a brief summary of everything I’ve been able to find out up until this point (4/3/16).

  • Slated for summer 2017 release
  • Will be filmed abroad in Italy from around June until August
  • Distributed by Toho
  • Estimated box office revenue of at least 3 billion yen
  • Johnny’s, the talent agency leading man Ryosuke Yamada is contracted with, hopes to use this to snag another best actor award at the Japan Academy Awards (So in other words, the movie is basically award bait)
  • Will be directed by Fumihiko Sori, who has a reputation for excellent CGI
  • Seems to be a direct adaptation of the manga plot up until about the “first half”*

*Frankly, I’m confused as to what this means. The Japanese article specifically said “first half”, but the first half of the manga would be right about up to the beginning of the Briggs arc… That’s a LOT of material to adapt in one movie. Not to mention that while “plot relevant” characters such as Hughes, Tucker, Lust, Envy, and Gluttony have been cast, there’s been absolutely no mention of Greed and his gang, the Curtises, Paninya and Garfiel, or any of the characters from Xing. So I really don’t know what to make of this.

In any case, here’s a list of known cast so far. Since most of you probably have no idea who these actors are (I know I don’t, lol), I’ve included images and examples of other works they’ve been in. Since they’ll stretch out the post a bit, I’m going to put it under a cut.

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I am always taken aback by the face Tony pulls when I mention my parents being mean to me, or ignoring me. It’s the part of him that Uther and Nathan come from - his jaw sets and his eyes do the cold dead thing and hes all anger for a second and then it just drops and his brow furrows and he looks at me with eyes that seem to want to look after me forever and its all sadness and amazement that people can be knobs. You can tell that he just can’t comprehend it, like, he is an amazing dad, he loves his girls to the ends of the earth and is still wracked with guilt over missing so much of their childhood by filming abroad. He is so proud of his kids and cannot understand why anyone would be a bad parent and deliberately be mean to their child and it is in those moments when I realise what a good man he is, and also why he is so caring towards me.

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Angelina Jolie helps bring Sundance hit to theaters: See the exclusive trailer

‘Difret’ tells the amazing true story of two Ethiopian women

Ethiopia has made great progress as a nation since the devastating famine and civil war of the 1980s, but as recently as the 1990s, women in that country were susceptible to unspeakable violence disguised as custom. In Difret, which played at Sundance and opens in theaters on Oct. 23, two Ethiopian women fight back against the practice of telefa, the accepted abduction and rape of teenage girls as long as the man marries his victim.

Based on a true story, Difret was the passion project of Ethiopian filmmaker Zeresenay Berhane Mehari. It tells the story of a 14-year-old (Tizita Hagere) who defends herself against her abductor and is sentenced to death when she kills him. A female lawyer (Meron Getnet) takes her case, pitting generations of tradition against the future of equal rights in her country. Mehari turned down opportunities to get his film made abroad, in English, because he was determined to film it in Ethiopia, in Amharic, so that his countrymen and women could see and relate to the story.

“Difret not only shows the tenacity and strength of two remarkable Ethiopian women and brings the world’s attention rightfully to these two real-life heroes, but it also shows the extraordinary talent and creativity of Ethiopian filmmakers,” says Angelina Jolie, who became an executive producer prior to Sundance, where the film won an Audience Award. “I’m very proud to be a part of it.”

EW has the exclusive trailer