Hey guys!  If you don’t know me on tumblr, my name’s Dominique (BaesBurgers).  I used to be a professional makeup artist, but a couple of months ago my car was broken into and my kit and DSLR camera were stolen. I became a makeup artist in 2011.  My kit took me about 4 years to build, and was worth about $2k. But the monetary value doesn’t stack up to how much my kit meant to me.  It was all of my dreams in a roller bag, to be honest.

There’s no other way I can really put it aside from saying that 2015 has sucked ass.  I got a divorce from my bestfriend, my mom was diagnosed with CKD (on top of other medical complications), unemployment (from my day job), losing my kit, and most recently being diagnosed with MS.  Ironically enough, it was my diagnosis that got me out of depression.  Before I was diagnosed, I was convinced that the universe was telling me to give up on my dreams, career, love, and to just give up in general.  But after I was told that I had Multiple Sclerosis, I realized that life is completely, and I mean ABSOLUTELY completely, out of my control. So I can make the decision to wait to die, or enjoy the life I was gifted with. If you do follow my blog, you know that I occasionally do have bad days, but they never last too long.  I want to keep chasing my happiness and I want to keep chasing my dreams.  I want to be a makeup artist :)

All this being said, I do need help.  I’ve been struggling with the idea of making a ‘gofundme’ for a while. Honestly, I don’t place my makeup kit very high on the list of things that matter in the world.  I am well aware that there are more serious issues to be paying attention to, and more important causes to be donating to.  I do not deny these facts, lol.  But I’m pushing my pride aside to ask for assistance.  Anything contributed will help.  $2 can buy me a pack of sponge applicators, $6 would pay for a lip pencil.  Nothing is too small. (Reblogging is also contributing!) 

Link to my GoFundMe Page:

$100 out of $500 already raised :D!!!!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read.  Please enjoy some of my work (especially the SFX stuff ‘go fund me’ wouldn’t let me put on their site lol)


Presidential Death Beds & Independence Day

Here’s a little history trivia about this special day

John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, Founding Fathers and the second and third Presidents of the United States, both died on July 4, 1826, on the 50th anniversary of Independence Day. 

Because of their opposing views on politics as well as their contrasting personalities, the two men were not on friendly terms, and rumor has it that Adams’ last words on his deathbed were “Jefferson survives.” Little did he know that Jefferson had actually died five hours earlier.

Leaving you with that conversation starter, we hope you celebrate this day with friends and family and feast like the Romans!