An important message about the power of film and storytelling from The Salesman Director Asghar Farhadi.


‘Moonlight’ is the first LGBTQ-themed film to win best picture. That’s a big deal.

Whether or not Moonlight took home the Best Picture trophy Sunday night, it would’ve been a standout film with deep personal, political and cultural resonance. But its win elevates the film to the level of cultural artifact. People will be able to tell from this win what mattered to people in 2016. And this year, black queer lives mattered.

Where mainstream LGBTQ media has offered mostly white representation before, with notable exceptions like Noah’s Arc, Moonlight centers on both unapologetic queerness and blackness. It treats its queer, black and Latino characters with dignity and respect.

In a world that is still striving to understand intersectionality, Moonlight doesn’t compartmentalize Chiron’s blackness and his queerness. It allows him, and other characters, to be radically fully-realized, whole people. And when you create psychologically complex characters full of agency, it allows us to feel that we can be the same. Read more (Opinion)