filly twi

Just a rough and very simple animation I did to test out how fast my computer works with Toon Boom. Works like a charm!

I’m not entirely sure what the context is, I just wanted a filly Twi scoffing at something. What do you think she’s looking at? Let me know!

I might begin uploading more animations in the future. :3 If so, is there anything you’d like to see animated? (please keep suggestions simplistic!)

I have finally named the littlest one. They’ll stick with Twi’s family tradition of naming at least one girl “Twilight.” It only took three fillies between Twi and Shining to get there, but hey.

So yeah, here’s little Twilight Dapple (Called either Dapple or Dapdap) getting Muma hugs. 

Filly Twi’s Final Adventure
That’s right this blog is coming to a close

But not after one final adventure. Filly Twi is about to embark on a thrilling adventure. Where to? You’ll have to stay tuned to find out

((Hey guys, throwing up this really quick teaser for the beginning of the end of the blog, it’s been a great 4-ish years but let’s face it, we got our lives to attend to now and it was bound to happen eventually. But I didn’t want to end Filly Twi with just a random update but with a story arc I was never able to properly provide for her. I will be working on this in my free time so don’t expect like weekly updates or whatever, there will no doubtfully be long breaks in between updates . I plan to properly end it on Twi’s 5th anniversary of this blog but we’ll see how that all goes. Thank you for all the support over the years you guys are amazing, I would b where I am now without you all. Let’s have one last adventure together, ok?  Ask and submission box permanently closed))