Project Deity: Demi God Fillius Mills

Chosen Champion for the God of the Silver Moon

Fillius Mills, known across the lands as The Man With The Shining Arm, is a renowned calm and collected yet fierce spellsword. A man who supposedly never sleeps wielding a shining silver sword that moves so fast that people aren’t sure it actually exists.

When the silver moon is at it’s fullest, the god Dos’ chosen champion is at their most powerful. Fillius Mills’  blessed power slowly grows, and he slowly becomes closer to his deity over time at each lunar apex. His eyes adjust to moonlight and turn a glowing silver.

As Dos’ chosen, he has won three trials for the God of the Silver Moon.  Two victories were claimed from his rival chosen of the opposing goddess Miia, who’s bickering with Dos is legendary. As a result of the divine’s endless arguments, champions of both gods have become close allies and often spar together. The result is a slew of draws during hallowed duels, which only stokes the burning rivalry between the two gods.