So I was sitting there on the latest YouNow chat with Dan, and I asked if Dan met Michael Buckley when he was in London. And as usual, I didn’t think he saw it, since the chat was crazy. But he did, he answered that he didn’t and that he didn’t meet up with whichever Greene-brother he was supposed to have dinner with. 

Luckily I was sitting on the toilet (TMI, I know..) during this, so I didn’t pee myself *proud 22 year old* What is my life..?

**Thanks for the submission fillish!!**

I miss her more than words can describe. We just hugged trough Skype and kissed goodnight. She’s the best person I know. One more week and I will be with her and I get to hug her again. The one I played Harry Potter with when I was 10. The one I made YouTube-videos with. The one I kissed at midnight on New Year’s Eve. The one I love more than words can describe. My companion, my Avenger, my Watson, my Robin, my Ron and Hermione, my Turk, my Castiel, the one who saves me over and over again. She’s my bitch, and I’m hers. For the rest of time.