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Flux| Namjoon

the new foreign exchange student is surely irritating you to the point of insanity but you cant deny his attraction and the not so secret sexual attention rising between you two

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Warning: Usage of alcohol, cussing,smut, foreign exchange student!, angst i guess,

Genre: Smut and angst?

Word count: 8.8K

A/N: Sorry i was supposed to post this early but damn i re downloaded mystic messenger and a bitch cant stop playing that shit. Its addicting

The world was a mighty big place with warm bodies lurking around its every corners. The world was filled with approximately 7.5 billion people around the year of 2017 only growing in population. This meaning approximately 15 billion legs have walked across our planet each telling individual stories of there own. an unspeakable number of hair follicles blowing through the wind while 15 billion hands soothed there tangled hair.

Yet each 7.5 billion person wasn’t the same. Each held there own reason behind the darkness, each person like feathers from pillows of there chaos. We were all interesting in our own ways seeking the attention like a cold lech.

I had been one of the people who craved attention but not going as far as wanting it to suck me dry. I had liked things where as i was involved rather than not. I craved hanging out with my best friends and going to useless parties that wouldn’t matter in my later years. I had managed the boring role of a over slightly egotistical teenagers. Not to the point of my head being filled up of it but just the right amount, i wasn’t a snob.

Somewhere along the mixture of parties and alcoholic mixes i had balanced my school work. I wasn’t the smartest kid in my school but certainly was in my homeroom class, literature. I found it the least amount of work as i grabbed the ink and wrote whatever flowed from the mind. An addict with a pen was forever a living struggle, as long as i kept my mind to it.

I guess with the expectation of keeping up semi good grades i had the joyous opportunity to show our new foreign exchange student around his newly wed high school. He was apart of the 7.5 billion apart of our money hungry world. Filling kids to the brim with false advertisement and dreams forgotten. Certainly moving to the united states would only enhance these qualities.

Our teacher began picking up a conversation on the trilling topic, sending the classroom into a ever longing boredom. The conversation was not well needed but was very educational in some sort of way but was very unreasonable as our new student stood awkwardly at the door. I displayed quick eye contact with him in the mist of trying to see his appearance. I dismissed the eye contact and took in his facial features. They were fairly made of beauty and his dimples surely stood out the most, only enhancing as he smiled.

Our oblivious math teacher continued on with her speech before she turned to the nervous student who appeared to be nibbling on his lip in dispute of the overwhelming welcoming. To make things even more awkward she made sure to slow down on her words to make sure he would understand. I hadn’t known if Namjoon had spoken English or not but it surely was still awkward.

“This is our new foreign exchange student who goes by the name of Kim Namjoon. Please treat him kind and well as he begins his new journey. He is a very brave soul who has seeks to move here in order for freedom. Please respect him and his wishes.”

I physically cringed at her usage of words. Freedom? I hadn’t known why people would come to the united states for a taste of freedom anymore, it was all a blur of false advertisement. Surely Namjoon had to know this to as his face matched mine. My face only contorted more as our teacher made my name fall from her lips.

“Y/N please raise your hand. Namjoon this will be your new seat buddy and your student for the next couple of weeks till you pick things up.”

I raised my hand very lazily growing tired of how she said seat buddy so enthusiastically. She seemed overly excited over the whole situation. Namjoon made his way past the sea of desk before he was met with mine where he seated his belongings down on and proceeded to take a seat.

I heard other classmates groan most of them belonging to girls. The were envious of my position of looking after the new student who was rather attractive surely he had to know as well. Due to my new role of his so called guardian i did feel some sort of special feeling as if he was my own personal keepsake. Of course i had boundaries as well, i didn’t want to do anything to make him uncomfortable.

I took the liberty to look over him as he was sitting professionally in his seat while his eyes read a bored expression. As did everyone else in the class. Everyone checked out as the teacher began her lesson. Her over energetic attitude often drained people from there daily studies and attention span.

“Alright class i will now leave you by yourselves to complete the following problems. Ah Y/N i have a special assignment for one of my few excelling students.”

I mentally rolled my eyes at my new found role. I had been barely passing the semester wondering how i gained this cameo. The teacher wormed around all the other surrounding desk before she was met with mine a Namjoon’s. She began going on about how i would be an excellent help for his educational path or something along those lines. At those words Namjoon lowered himself into the desk and slummed as if he was becoming irritated by the situation at hand.

“Now ill leave you two to the work. Im sure you both will have a super time together!”

“Oh a super duper time!”

My words were spilling with sarcasm but it was obvious she was fairly oblivious to anything coming her way. I turned my attention to a bored Namjoon waiting for the whole thing to be over in a blink of an eye. As was I but if this brought my way to some extra credit i would fake everything with a smile.

“Alright so looks like the lesson is revolving around angles and other boring shit. So lets get started.”

I flipped through the packet before looking up to see Namjoon just staring at me in a curious way. I couldn’t tell if he was confused or if he was just looking at me. None of the less i was confused by his sudden state. So i just took it as a sign of him being confused by the lesson.

“Ya know angles. Like acute obtuse and right. Lets see the first problem shows an obtuse angel. Which is bigger than 90 degrees.”

I began to stretch my body as big as it could go trying to demonstrate an obtuse angel. His eyes began t widen be still managed his bored expression without a blink of another emotion. This making me huff in irritation but still continued on.

I then moved my way to the ground in attempt to turn myself into an acute angel making myself as small as I could. I began going on about how acute angels were small only making him sigh in annoyance. It certainly was a step in the right direction at least he was showing some sort of emotion and body language.

I stood up to demonstrate a right angel before he pulled me back in the desk holding his hand up telling me to stop my attempts.

I run my hands through my hair in sheer anger from his attitude yet he hasn’t been able to put any input in about the situation.

“Listen im just trying to help you out and I don’t understand why you have to be in such a bad mood.”

I said the comment knowing that he couldn’t understand me anyway making me not feel ashamed by my comment. Surely enough that non shameful state vanished rather quick.

“Actual i speak English quite fluently and if you people actually had the decency to consider asking me then this whole thing wouldn’t have happened.”

I was shocked to say the least not that he could speak English but that he was actually contributing to a simple conversation.

“Congratulations to you! Sadly i couldn’t give a rats ass on how people treat you. Im just looking for an extra credit assignment.”

I honestly could careless about what he thought about me. Sure my reputation remained in me having a gracious amount of friends meaning i didn’t need anymore. Namjoon was attractive to say the least but just based off of first impressions his personality was not something that outweighed his looks, he probably thought the same about me.

Surprisingly Namjoon smiled slightly at my statement flicking a piece of my hair.

“It really is a joy to finally here someones honest opinion and actually talking to me like a normal human being but your attitude is absolutely repulsive.”

“Why thank you its my specialty.”

“Is annoying people your specialty as well.”

“Ah are you fucking five years old.”

“Ah are you fucking oblivious that everyone likes you due to your looks.”

It was shocking that he had been here for less than a couple of hours and he was already unlocking the truth. Sure i didn’t have the best personality one that was based on sarcastic comments and back handed compliments. I couldn’t help it though i always was weird when it came to my emotions, i was still an immature teenager trying to figure herself out. I just found it funny how Namjoon already figured myself out more than me.

My lack of response caused Namjoon’s face to soften thinking he had gone to fair but in reality it didn’t effect me in the slightest. It surely wasn’t the rudest thing i heard just the most truthful making me think more about his comment.

The bell rang signaling for lunch and an end to the awkward conversation.

“Well hopefully lunch will fuel your truthful mindset.”

As i got up from i seat i could sense him looking at me as i walked out the classroom. I could tell he was curious about me in some weird way. I really wasn’t anything interesting and sure enough he would find out soon and the bitter truth following along with it.

I had been eyeing the lunch room in search of my two best friends seated at a table. I had plenty of friends and was popular among most peers as were they but we just choose each other for the majority of things. We were comfortable around each other more than others seeking fondness in each other. I spotted them from across the sea of tables as i say to hands waving at me as I waved back. I made my way over to them before i felt someone bump into me.

“Is that who were sitting with?”

I turned over eyeing Namjoon rolling my eyes at his presence.

“That’s who i’m sitting with, get lost.”

“Well then where am I supposed to sit?”

“You can sit with the damn trashcan for all I care.”

I began walking before i turned and saw a saddened look in his eyes making me sigh. Curse MY good ways. He truly did look hopeless it was his first day after all he didn’t know anyone and was most likely nervous to the brim. I rarely had a consonance and at times i hated it. These were one of those times.

“Fine you can sit with me and my friends. Just don’t be yourself you’ll annoy the shit out of them.”

“Oh you actually do care. They certainly look more pleasing and kind then you. How did you end up with friends like that?”

Namjoon proceeded to wave at them and follow to table they were seated at, this was sure enough going to be an enchanting experience.

“So yeah, basically he is my dog he follows me everywhere.”

I had just got done explaining to Jimin and Taehyung that i had to look after Namjoon as he was our new student and in dire need of guidance. Luckily i had been the best person chosen for the job.

“Believe me i have no choice to, the teacher practically forced me to stick by her side. She thinks i’m some helpless child that needs a spoiled self centered 10 year old to look after me.”

I clapped my hands at his observation of my self centered ways. Sure i did think i was pretty but not to the point of where i would literally make out with myself in the mirror. Nothing was wrong with a bit self love but as of right now i hated myself for bringing him over to this lunch table. The only seat available was next to Namjoon making everything even more delightful.

“Wow the teacher sure did a great choice picking you two together.”

Jimin said his statement rather sarcastic pointing out the obvious as me and Namjoon nodded

“I know were just best buddies.”

Namjoon said jokingly putting his arm around me making me scuff at his playful state. I removed his hand from me looking at him in disgust only making Jimin and Taehyung laugh.

“I can practically smell the sexual tension.”

Taehyung was never afraid to let anything flow from his lips. This being one of the reasons why i loved him so much but as of right now i hated that trait. I hated it so much that i was thinking about literally punching him in the face but settled on throwing a carrot at him instead.

Namjoon however laughed it off and took light in the situation by putting his arm back around my shoulder making me roll my eyes yet again. This time however i didn’t remove his hand as I dint see it as a nuisance unlike the rest of him.

Deep down i was scared that like his hand the rest of him would turn more bearable. 

Lunch time had finished fast as did the next classes following. The end of the day was already near us. Any other time i would be excited for this to occur but lucky for me our glorious math teacher decided that now would be the perfect time to tutor him. Couldn’t agree more.

Now here we were sitting across from each other. I was actually putting myself to good use as he was mindlessly glaring at me as if he was blaming me for the position he was in now. Believe me I don’t want to be here either but if i wanted to get an excellent grade in math this was the hard work that came with it.

“Are you going to continue glaring at me or actually make yourself useful?”

My statement was sure enough to knock him out of his trance. Still his hard gaze remained but none of the less he decided to open a book. The silence grew more making it peaceful as we gathered information before he decided to open his mouth.

“How is working in complete silence even going to help me? I could be out explore what this place has to offer me rather than doing this.”

“firstly, The purpose of working in silence first is to get the information we need then we group together and discuss the lesson. Now second, Just because you are the new student doesn’t make you fucking special. You are like ever useless body rooming around this anxiety riddled school. Stop idolizing yourself.”

I had been so feed up of his behavior that i had snapped. Not even twenty-four hours together and I was on the brink of stabbing him with a sharp fork. He always talking about how i was self centered while he was. Always thinking that hes special and was meant for far more. Congratulations your just likes every useless soul to room earth.

“Ah thank you for speaking your useless mind. It really brings me joy to see you so irritated by my simple breath.”

I shook my head by his comment decided not to give him the courage by responding. I continued reading not minding him before he viciously decided to speak yet again. Seriously could this guy even shut his mouth for more than a minute.

“Well, we certainly could do something more enchanting more the this. We could tame the sexual tension Tae was talking about.”

Sure his statement had caught me off guard but the usage of the name Tae was enough to make me look up from my book. Namjoon didn’t deserve to call Taehyung by the name of Tae, only me and Jimin did as we were close friends. What gave Namjoon the right to use the name to his advantage.

“You really need to learn to be quiet cause bullshit keeps flying from your mouth and its distracting.”

“So your calling me distracting? Is it because of my irresistible charm.”

I looked at him in disgust as he looked at me with an innocent smile displaying his face.

“More like your irritating irrational behavior.”

I brought my attention back to my book becoming irritated by his nonsense. I hated the way his dimples popped out when he smiled making the situation unbearable for my eyes well being. I would just give anything to have this session to end at any given moment.

My attention was disrupted as I heard the chair next to me squeak signaling someone was bringing the chair out from under the table before that sat in the seat. I looked up to see that Namjoon changed his previous stance which was sitting in front of me where he was now sitting beside me. Oh this session just continues to grow in excitement. Literally wanted to stab him with a fork.

“Why don’t we just demolish this sexual tension before it grows in proximity.”

Namjoon was displaying a whole new persona. One that was oddly satisfying but also disturbing to say the least. No matter what he did I always found it disturbing and repulsive, this act he was doing counted as one of those feelings. Sure the sexual tension was slightly there but there was no need to actually partake in it. Namjoon was like every horny boy in the world and I would not fulfill his needs, well at least not this soon.

Namjoon proceed to put his hand on my thigh in attempt to make me weak under his touch which was failing. I didn’t know why he had been such an overly sexually teenager so suddenly but it was surely becoming more annoying then he already was.

“I suggest you move your hand before I chop it off. I’m sure you wanna keep the hand that you jack off with.”

“I wont anymore once it takes your place.”

My eyes widened as I finally looked up at him. I was surprised by his comment that sent some sort of shock in my body. I began to blush from his comment not use to this sort of open sexual affection. Normally a guy never really said anything along those lines we would be to busy getting down to business. It was just strange to hear those words come out his mouth and i hope he secretly didn’t mean them. Or did I?

“Relax i’m fucking with you. Its pay back for making me attend this stupid tutor shit, I seriously have to go somewhere.”

Namjoon began to fall into a fit of giggles as i just stared at him as if he was crazy. Which i was convinced he certainly was. He had managed to play with my emotions making me think something completely different from what he intended. It definitely fucked with my mind either if I thought about it or not. Now as Namjoon begins to stand up and leave i begin to find my voice again.

“What do you possibly have better going on? No one even knows who you are.”

“Actually Minnie and Tae know me plenty enough. Enough to hang out with me without your presence. Funny how your then best friends find me more likable then you. Crazy I know.”

I didn’t believe a word he said. They wouldn’t do such a thing to me right? I had known Jimin since the begin of freshman and I had knew Taehyung to the end of it.  Now that we were in sophomore year I would have thought that we would be good enough friends to stick by each others sides. Maybe this was another one of his ways to mess with me. It was safe to say I hated Namjoon.

“I hate you.”

“I love when you profess your undying love for me.”

With that he exited the library in search for Jimin and Tae. I hated him more than anything. I hated how he acts like hes special. Most of all I hated how he walks into this school stealing things of mine. My friends being the main priority. I hated how he smiled with his dimples and they acted as if they were the peace holder for the earth. I hated everything about him. I just hoped that Jimin and Tae could see him for the slum he truly was. They couldn’t just leave me in the cold. Best friends don’t do that.

Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into a solid month. A month of a fiery hell spent on earth. Namjoon managed to completely disrupt the chaos inside of making it only grow in proximity. In the limited time that hes only been here he has managed to change my whole being into something I never imagined myself becoming. The popular party animal likable girl I once was faded into a depressed filled self-conscious girl afraid of the worlds problems.

I hated him because of this. He stole everything I had managed to wear it better than me. He turned my life into a living hell and he thought nothing of it. He still pushed me around thinking it was mindless joking only breaking me down but the fiery only raised in heat. I couldn’t do anything about it only just sit and watch it happen, but as of tonight I felt as if it would be different.

I had been stuck at my job working as a cashier at the local small convenient store. It was badly deserted only the occasional passer by. I had been mindlessly chipping at my nails not paying attention to the surrounding before a light tap on the counter brought my attention to the suffer.

“Hello Mrs. we were wondering if you could do the honor of checking out our items.”

I had wished I wasn’t working tonight as I was faced with Taehyung Jimin and the infamous Namjoon, or as people call him around school Rap Mon. I felt my mood turn to a more annoyed one when I was graced by his presence. This same emotion began to take a tole on Taehyung and Jimin. I truly did love the both of them but as they got together with Namjoon they became different people. People I never thought they would become.


I began scanning the items and bagging them before i grabbed a hold of the beer.

“I’m going to need to see your IDs please.”

“Come on, don’t be like this babe.”

I held the same stone cold bored look not bothered by his small nickname for me. It was just another way to try and play with my emotions. Something he had thought he had been good at.

“Don’t be like what? I’m not going to lose my job over your arrogant ass.”

“Oh don’t you just love me.”

“I hate your fucking guts. I will literally hit you with a shovel.”

“I love when you profess my undying love for me.”

I rolled my eyes pushing the alcohol away telling them to put it back.

“Come on Y/N you use to be fun to hang out with. Not this buzz kill.”

The comment had came from Taehyung surprising me that he even intervened. He never said anything remotely negative to me. He was a relatively sweet and caring guy always getting along with everyone and never thought of hurting anyone. Either it be emotional or physically.

“Come on guys, please don’t act this way to Y/N. She doesn’t deserve it.”

Jimin smiled slightly and attempted to make slight eye contact with me. Jimin had always tried to back me up but I could tell he didn’t want to pick sides and I didn’t want to put him in an awkward position.

“Your right she doesn’t deserve it. Some people just simply change and they don’t know it.”

Taehyung finished his comment picking up the unpaid alcohol while Namjoon picked up the remaining items.

“Your right some people do change.”

I said those final words as if i was spitting venom from my mouth. The words seemed to affect Taehyung as well as his face softened as if asking if it was true. He knew it was which saddened me. He loved being liked by many people that he didn’t realize that he was destroying his other friendships.

“You guys can go, i’ll met you in the car.”

Jimin shewed the others off. Taehyung payed me one last look before following after Namjoon like a sad puppy.

“I’m sorry, they probably don’t mean it.”

“Yeah probably.”

I raised my eyebrows sarcastically. Jimin noticed my gesture as his hands reached out for mine making me look back up at him meeting his saddened eyes.

“Listen I know Tae has been acting stupid lately but trust me he misses you.”

“Sure has a damn funny way of showing it.”

“Well I know I miss you for sure. I really do Y/N, I miss talking to you. I forget what its like to actually have a conversation with someone who doesn’t judge me.”

Me and Jimin had knew each other before we even met Taehyung, meaning we had a more strong welled bond. I never judge him and he never judge me as we didn’t find the need to. I remember one night Jimin had came out to me being gay after being so scared of accepting it, so he told me. He told me because he knew I wouldn’t judge him and his sexuality. Sure Taehyung was the same as me but as of now he wasn’t.

“What do they say about you. Minnie i swear i will shove my fist up there asses if they ever make you feel uncomfortable.”

Jimin laughed slightly before looking back up at me with a warm smile. I was confused to say the least by his gesture.

“I’m sorry its just. I haven’t heard you call me Minnie in a while and i just miss it.”

I smiled warmly at him before leaving the counter to go hug him lovingly. He really wasn’t like them. He never aimed to hurt anyone even if he did he didn’t purposely mean to do so.

“Now what have they said too you?”

“Nothing to extreme. They say Jimine pabo, so nothing to bad.”

I hadn’t known what he said since I didn’t speak a lick of Korean. I still knew it couldn’t be a good thing judging by his body language.  I just wish there was something i could do to make him feel at least an ounce better.

“You know what, you should come to the party with us. Before you say no just please think about it. I miss you a lot and maybe your presence will set Tae back into his actual self.”

God of course this was the only way to make him feel better. I really hated having a good soul sometimes.

“Uh, fuck it sure.”

Jimin busted into excitement as he hugged me tightly uttering many amounts of thank yous. I smiled at him feeling a small amount of happiness but that quickly diminished as soon as the car ride began. I would have given anything to just be back at the lonesome convenient store rather than suffer from the tension. Instead i tried to focus on the street lights. I counted each as we drove past them. Each number was soon represented the amount of times I wanted to punch Jimin for making me attend this gathering.

I loved Jimin but damn I hated him as of right now.

We had been at the party for nearly two hours and surprisingly I had been having a good time. Int he last two hours i managed to play a game of beer pong and having conversation with people slowly but surely hoping to earn my title back. I had almost forgotten how trilling it was to party and not have a care in the world. Of course that had to end soon.

“Don’t you look absolutely ravishing tonight.”

I turned and was greeted by Namjoon. I examined my outfit realizing that I had still been wearing my work outfit. I was far to drunk to actually care about my presence or the fact that he was trying to pick on me.

“Thank you for finally acknowledging my fashion. It really warms my heart so.”

“I’ve also noticed how you have been checking me out all night.”

I definitely wasn’t to drunk to actually admit to something like this. Sure I had glanced at him once or twice but it was nothing major.

“Denial is a real thing Namjoon and you need to accept that. Its okay I get it your real fucking oblivious to things but you need to accept that I will never like you.”

“See Y/N you are right denial is a sad sickness. One that you in fact need to get over and just accept that I am not the bad guy.”

Namjoon held a drink in his right hand as his other skittered around my waist bringing us closer. Any other time I would push him away but with the alcohol lurking through my system it made things more bearable.

“Oh but you are. Your the big bad wolf gobbling everything in your way.”

“You sure aren’t a peach either. Your the evil witch who thinks she’s the prettiest of them all but can’t even complete with half of the people put in the world.”

I put my hand on my heart faking as if I was hurt. It did sting slightly but I didn’t let it effect me enough. Namjoon soon put down his drink to put both hands around my waist making use grow even closer than before.

“I can’t stand when you touch me.”

“Ah I make you that weak? Maybe you should take a seat.”

Namjoon picked me up and placed me on the kitchen counter as he got in between my legs. He flashed me his giddy smile with his dimples on display. This caused me to giggle slightly from the sight, I couldn’t control my emotions around him.

“Ah she does laugh and smile.”

Namjoon proceeded to ruffle my hair only making me laugh more. I hated it. It was the alcohol that showed my true feeling and emotions. I just didn’t want him to see it.

“Yeah your pretty cool when you aren’t a jackass.”

Namjoon’s eyes softened as he aimed to grab my hand. I wrinkled my eyebrows confused by the sudden behavior.

“Hey listen there’s something I wanna talk to you ab-”

Namjoon was cut off by the loud abundant blonde bimbo who latched herself onto him. Namjoon was fairly popular with the ladies obviously meaning that he should be ready at every moment. As of now he wasn’t but none of the less he held on tight to the girl as she spoke drunkenly to him.

I hopped off the the counter not wanted to see what mostly likely would occur next. Namjoon rolled his eyes to the situation but still enjoyed as the girl shoved her tongue down his throat.

Jimin soon appeared from the crowd and took notice of my mood. Jimin grabbed onto my hand dragging me into the living room where other teenage bodies were. Jimin called out for a seemingly fun game of spin the bottle making everyone cheer and me groan as he turned and smirked at me.

When did high school parties start becoming so cliche.

We had all managed to squeeze into a small circle with a empty beer bottle lying in the middle. Namjoon had been sitting in front of me eyeing me every time someone spun the bottle in hopes they wouldn’t land on me. I don’t know why he seemed to worry so much but as my turn approached he had straightened himself out eyeing the bottle with all his might. Secretly I had been doing the same thing, eyeing every time someone spun the bottle hoping it wouldn’t land on him. Of course it did the majority of the times making my stomach churn.

I eyed the bottle as did other before it landed on Namjoon. Oh luck was truly on my side as of now.

I moved closer to Namjoon wanting the deed to be over with already. As i was face to face with him he moved his mouth to my ear.

“I would rather die than kiss you.”

“You really think I wanted this to happened jackass.”

“I don’t know what goes on in your arrogant ass mind.”

“Shut up and just kiss me semi good so this can be over with.”

“Whats in it for me, so you can get yourself off later”

“I’ll stop bothering you.”

Namjoon looked at me with some sort of sympathy or sort of sadness, as if he didn’t want it to happen. I must have been tricking myself due to alcohol lurking through but I was still eager to kiss him. I wasted no time to bring our lips together creating a lovely collision between the both of us. As much as i hated to admit it but he was a good kisser. Soon enough our tongues began to mix together not minding anyone else who was around us well before one of Namjoon’s sluts pulled us apart.

“Namjoon, what the hell. You are only allowed to kiss me like that.”

I rolled my eyes at her behavior. It was really sad how desperate she was being specifically to someone like Namjoon. Sure he was attractive and had his own little witty comments that managed to make any female swoon but besides that he was repulsive. After the kiss I was only focused on his attractive witty side rather than the repulsive one. I was way to sober for this.

“Well, I need a drink.”

I proceeded to get up from my previous position moving myself outside attempting to bring myself back to my regular mindset. Maybe some fresh air was the solution to this but as soon as Namjoon opened his mouth i was brought right back to the previous mindset.

“Did you just come outside to just have an excuse to not talk about what just happened?”

“N- actually why is that any of your fucking business. Listen i’m real fucking stressed out. I just possibly lost my best friend, i’m losing my shit and cant keep myself together because of you.”

“Because of me? What possibly could i do to somehow impact your life so fucking greatly i didn’t do anything terrible to you.”

I looked at Namjoon baffled as he stood there obvious as ever. A common expression playing on his face.

“Holy fucking shit how oblivious can you be. You turned my life into a living hell. First you stole my friends from me and gained this insane amount of popularity and became this big party animal. Everything i use to be. I couldn’t give a shit about the popularity and the parties but you stole my fucking friends. That’s why i hate your guts and there must be some hidden reason on why you hate mine.”

Namjoon examined my angered state looking at me as if i had two heads. This only filed my anger. I shouted at him asking what was his problem before he shook his head in disbelief.

“You really are oblivious.”

I shook my head in irritation.

“Enlighten me.”

“You drove them away. You began becoming so closed off because you weren’t the center of attention anymore that you stopped hanging out with us. Why cant you just fucking learn that the world doesn’t revolve around you.”

As Namjoon finished his sentence I began taking notice in what he said. Was the whole stealing my best friends thing just some sort of illusion I made up in my mind. It couldn’t have been, they just stopped hanging out with me. It wasn’t my fault but either way Taehyung was right. People certainly do change.

“So that’s the reason why you hate me so much?”

Namjoon ran his hand through his hair letting out a dry laugh before eyeing me.

“I don’t hate you idiot. I cant fucking stand you and the shit you put me through but I don’t hate you. I fucking like you and if you didn’t have your head so fair shoved up your ass you would realize that. I’ve liked you ever since you shared your honest opinion with me. You weren’t fake like all the other girl, you were up front and blunt. I like that about you yet i cant stand it.”

I looked at him with all the amount of shock riddled in my body. He stood there hopeless asking me to say something. I couldn’t muster any words. He couldn’t like me. he was supposed to hate me just as much as i hated him. With this new found information it really opened up my outlook on him. My mindset began to open but I closed it right back up afraid of what lurks inside.

“How are you going to like somebody when you ruined there whole being. Please tell me that Namjoon?”

“I can pick up all the broken pieces and make them new again. Please i don’t know what i did to cause it be i promise i can make it better,”

Namjoon reached out to hold my hand as i jerked away trying to gain distance from him as he only grew closer trying to smooth me away. It wasn’t going to work, I was on the berate of beginning to hate myself more than I hated him. The truth was I never really even hated him, it was just a persona I played that I even lead myself to believe. I admired him and his careless attitude I just hated that I wasn’t in the picture.

“Hey Y/N, you ready to go?”

I turned and say a sad Jimin with his hands in his pocket. I looked at Namjoon and back at Jimin nodding my head. I made my way to Jimin ignoring Namjoon’s pleads and cries. He didn’t like me and he never would. I had drowned my feelings for him why couldn’t he do the same? I had managed to barry my feelings for him before they grew to strong knowing they would become a problem, but as I walked away and was getting in the car with Jimin i could feel those feelings start to surface again. Fuck did i hate the feeling.

Kim Namjoon was one of the 7.5 billion people in the world but he was the only person who managed to make me feel like one whole person while all the others were simple passerby’s.
And I was willing to let what I had go.

A month turned into two leading to five. Five months of no communications to Namjoon or Taehyung as i was to afraid to face my unidentified feelings. It wasn’t Taehyung i was confused with but rather Namjoon. I knew what feelings held for him i just didn’t want to except them and open them out for the world to see them freely. I truly did like him but those feelings were remained to stay closed off. For now i had Jimin and he was there to capture my feelings helping me understand them better but still hadn’t chose to open them out for others to see. Jimin had seen me mop around the house over all the unexplained feelings before he came up with a conclusion.

As of now me and Namjoon had been up in my room attempting to study together. Jimin had told me that he needed help with literature homework only to drop off Namjoon at my front door. We were both confused to say the least but since we had nothing better to do we were stuck to study together was definite better than the different options we had which was to talk. I realized this study session would be cut short and would switch to the alternate vision as Namjoon slammed the book and turned to me. Could this guy ever shut his mouth?

“Listen i’m sorry if i ever did anything to make you uncomfortable, but will you please tell me what i did for you not to talk to me for five months?.”

“You know what i’ve realized about you? Girls flock to you just because your a foreign exchange student and your new but your just like ever useless american boy in america. You don’t care about anyone’s feelings.”

“And you think your so fucking perfect? Your so fucking stubborn its driving me to the brink of insanity. It fucking kills me how someone so beautiful can be so ugly inside.”

“No one told you to like me jackass.”

“At least i’m not a pussy and i’m not afraid to actually accept my feelings.”

It struck a nerve inside me by how well he could read me and my emotions. By now he seemed as if he knew more about my emotions and feelings more than me. I hated how well he knew me and i hated how much i was drawn into him because of that and the other uncountable reasons. He was right i was suborn to not accept all this but i wouldn’t tell him so.

“My feelings hate you.”

“Oh how i love when you profess your undying love for me.”

“I hate when you say that.”

“I know you secretly love it, your just to stubborn to actually realize it.”

“What will it take for you to shut your mouth for one damn second?”

“Talk about your feelings and emotions you have, and don’t run away from them. That doesn’t sound so hard now does it?”

Namjoon looked at me and smirked down at my angered persona. He knew i wasn’t capable of doing so but he wanted to see how far i would go. I wouldn’t go to far since I couldn’t even accept my own feelings leaving me only one way to actually show my emotions.

I quickly brought my lips to Namjoon’s enjoying the feeling of feeling his lips back on mine after five months. He truly did have the softest lips one might ever have felt.The kiss soon became aggressive as he pulled me onto his lap wanting to feel more of me. Our tongues began to mix together in aggression from trying to fulfill the last five months. All this tension had manged to build up to finally crash down.

Namjoon began to grow more aggressive as he squeezed my ass earning a slight moan to slip from my mouth. Namjoon eyed me with lustful eyes as that small moan escaped my mouth. Namjoon had identified my eager state as he placed me on the desk getting in between my legs. Namjoon proceeded to grind himself into my heat and kiss my neck hungrily. Namjoon then dipped his hand into my heat as I let out a tiny moan from the new fond friction.

“Your terribly wet for someone you seem to hate. Sure you still cant stand my guts?”

“More than anyone else i’ve ever encountered.”

Namjoon took this comment as a challenge as he slide down my pants eyeing my soaked underwear. I felt slightly vulnerable as he eyed my clothed sex but lost all state of mind as he took them off and proceeded to kitten lick my women hood. Namjoon was eager but not to eager to not pleasure me enough, which he was doing a great job as he focused most of his attention on my clit while teased my entrance. This enough was make me squirm.

“Ah fuck Namjoon. I cant.”

Namjoon looked up at me before curling his fingers hitting my G-spot in hopes of making me come to the edge. I was already close as my walls clenched around his fingers. Namjoon continued on circling his tongue around my clit pushing me to the edge as i let out one final moan. Namjoon continued to slurp up my juiced before coming back up to my level.

“You still hate me after i made you cum better than all the guys who fucked you before?”

“Still cant stand your guts.”

Namjoon’s eyes darkened even more than before making me slightly weaken under his touch. He proceed to carry me to the bed as he grabbed a condom from his wallet while I laid underneath him awaiting.

“You really keep condoms in your wallet?”

“Well you’ll never know when your enemy secretly has been wanting to fuck you this whole time.”

I rolled my eyes but couldn’t wait for him to enter me and give me what i gratefully desired. Namjoon had finished rolling on the condom as he asked permission to which i nodded eagerly. I felt Namjoon’s cock wrap around my walls sending me into over drive. I had kept my mouth afraid to show him how much i was enjoying this. Namjoon proceeded to speed up eyeing my state smirking as beads of sweat rolled down his face as he reached unbelievable speeds.

“Are you to afraid to admit how good my cock feels wrapped around that tight pussy of yours?”

I whimpered slightly from his comment only pushing me to the edge. Namjoon grabbed onto one of my legs putting in over his shoulder hitting a new position. The new found position sent me into a new form of nirvana making me let out a moan that i couldn’t hold back.

“Ah fuck Namjoon, fuck right there.”

Namjoon smirked at my sudden vocal commotion only driving him more. Namjoon soon displayed a few moans of his own as he speed up. Namjoon was certainly doing unspeakable things to me not only in bed but also with my emotions that i could no longer keep under control. They were sure to spill out soon. As of now i couldn’t focus to long on it as my second orgasm was approaching.

“Can you go any fucking faster?”

“If go any harder our not gonna want me to stop.”

Namjoon put his words to action as he held into my leg pounding into me as i let out an uncontrolled moan that i didn’t expect. I loved making a rise out of him, it always gave me what i wanted and he never disappointing. Namjoon was giving me countless amount of reasons for him to be worthy  and it took to this point of sexual tension for me to finally realize it.

I had let out one final moan as i came undone as Namjoon soon followed behind as our moans mixed together in a form of bliss. Namjoon got off from atop of me to throw the condom away in the bedside trashcan. After the mind blowing sex we hadn’t really expected we laid there in silence looking up at the ceiling.

“I’m, uh sorry if i was to rough.”

I nodded not really knowing how to respond. Namjoon turned his body using his elbow to prop himself up eyeing me.

“Do you really hate me this much? I had thought at least after all this you would show some sort of affection.”

I let out a soft sigh feeling nervous that the conversation was approaching. I hated talking about my feelings especially when it came to him, but there was no running away now. I turned my body facing him seeing his eyes soften before switching back to a poker face as we eyed each other.

“I-I don’t hate you. I never did its just uh i don’t know I just have a hard time showing my feelings. I don’t hat you i guess i like you. It was just this persona i put up. I acted like i hated you but in reality i really admire you.”

I closed my eyes as i stated what i felt before opening them back up greeted by a smiley dimpled faced Namjoon. He displayed a happy state as mine copied his seeing that he wasn’t weirded out by what i said making my mood lighten. Namjoon pulled me into a hug making me laugh lightly feeling actually okay with my feelings for once.

“You know Taehyung misses you, a lot.”

I had stiffened at his name feeling my emotions contract again and so could Namjoon.

“Yeah im sure he does.”

“No im serious, sure he doesn’t say anything but i can just see it in his eyes. Almost as if somethings missing but he cant seem to figure out what or rather who it is.”

I opened my mouth to say something before Namjoon’s phone rung. Namjoon took one arm away from my bare body to examined his phone. Namjoon had typed away before looking back at me with a guilty smile making me look at him confused.

“What did you do?”

“I may have just invited you to hang out with me Taehyung and Jimin. So this should be fun.”

I sighed at Namjoon and his attempt to fix my relationship with Taehyung. Me and Namjoon hadn’t even been on good terms for a couple of hours and he was already disrupting the chaos in my life. Seems like something he does quite often.

I thought i would have been prepared for this but i certainly was not. I had been face to face to Taehyung as Jimin and Namjoon were awkwardly in the background awaiting for the next few moves. Taehyung moved slowly to me before he full on engulfed me in a heart warming hug. His hands gripped around my waist as mine gripped his neck while my nose was in the crock of is neck taking in his scent.

“Oh my god ive missed you so much. Im sorry that ive been such a mean person i truly didnt mean it i just- Ah i dont know. I dont deserve you or your forgiveness but i just cant live without one of my best friends.”

“I missed you too Tae.”

I laughed slightly as he hugged me tighter at the nickname. The hug didnt last long before Namjoon pulled us apart and eyed Tae with a glare.

“Alright thats enough now get our hands off of my girl.”

I smiled softly as Namjoon came behind me and put his arms around my waist bringing us closer in proximity. Tae looked at us with a smirk and pointing between us.

“I see you both settled the sexual tension.”

“Oh you dont even know the half of it.”

Jimin grabbed Tae and walked out my door as they went on to talk about mine and Namjoon’s new found relationship. We followed soon after them hand in hand engaging in small conversation before we got in Jimin’s car.

This time the rid was filled with obnoxious laughs long lived conversation unlike the awkward tension it once was filled with. Namjoon still had his arm around me as we sat in the back seat occasionally stealing a small kiss from me informing me everything was going to be okay.

Namjoon managed to destroy my world but then pick up the broken pieces making them new again.Out of the 7.5 billion people apart of our world i was the only person who was feeling such an extraordinary feeling. It surely wasn’t love as it was to soon but it was a sign of reassurance that Namjoon and i would be okay rather it be boyfriend and girlfriend or strictly friendship. I knew we wouldn’t go on bad terms. These 7.5 billion people roamed our earth, but as of now i only focused one the four of us. The four people who made my world rotate and the one person who made me feel as if i was the only person on planet earth.

Namjoon was the one person i hated the most out of all of these people but somehow he managed to be the one person i cared about most. I had finally accepted my emotions and fate, finally being able to accept it as he sat lovingly by my side.

Dinner party

ARIES is mingling with the ones who seem cool and showing off their new outfit or haircut. The only beverage they consume is a half filled drink because they don’t want to stain that new outfit. By the end of the party, they have already had four arguments/outbursts because someone said something rude or gave them the wrong look and also did something nuts to get talked about.

COME WITH: Themselves, what else do they need?
LEAVE WITH: The one they wanted and a bruise/scratch

TAURUS only talks to a few people  with an alcoholic beverage in hand (they bought their own bottle) and three plates full of food, looking around occasionally at everyone else when the conversation suddenly stops.

COME WITH: Partner of 5 years, husband or wife, or more and the bottle
LEAVE WITH: The partner

GEMINI converses with everyone they see for a good five minutes (or one) and then looks around for more action. They eat but only small bites, setting the plate down a lot to mingle some more. They are shifting in conversations, constantly moving, sometimes taking the time to flirt.

LEAVE WITH: Whoever was the most impressed with their ways

CANCER gives everyone a chance but will have the same person by their side the whole time, making sure to follow them or at least keep them in sight. They will have one plate and eat with who ever is not sketchy. They’ll be seen smiling and laughing a lot but will complain to the one they came with about someone or something on the car ride home.

COME WITH: A close life time friend and dish they made themselves
LEAVE WITH: The friend and a temper

LEO takes the lead of the party by being unacceptably loud or patronizing. Most don’t mind and find them to be surprisingly fascinating. They barely think of food because they’re too busy getting attention. They’re making everyone laugh by being their usual self.

COME WITH: A confident attitude and shiny hair
LEAVE WITH: Anyone they want

VIRGO is at a small filled table talking about themselves and how they have worked so hard the past month. In between their sentences they don’t mind bringing up what others could of cooked or worn better. They also don’t mind talking about their relationships that are not doing so well. Will listen to the others but only for a short time.

LEAVE WITH: No one and disgust or annoyance

LIBRA is sure to charm the pants off of a few people, having their way with them. Before that happens, they are flirting just for fun with others and then head for the dessert that looks so irresistible. Might stir up the dynamic of the situation by gossiping or making others feel insecure.

COME WITH: Their beautiful selves
LEAVE WITH: The most attractive one they met

SCORPIO doesn’t have to do much and at least two people will come to them because they look as though they have a secret that needs to be unleashed or look like they know what they’re doing. If they hadn’t bought someone with them, they would stand around and stick to one person or a small group as leverage until someone else comes to them. They eat a good amount of food to blend in.

COME WITH: A partner or good friend
LEAVE WITH: Who they bought, they can’t lose them

SAGITTARIUS doesn’t care who they end up with, they just talk to anyone for a good time and will be the one to forwardly state their opinions, tell out of the wall stories, and not give it a second thought. One outbreak will occur because of what someone said or did to them.  They eat as much as they want and enjoy every bite.

COME WITH: Their spunky attitude
LEAVE WITH: Their spunky attitude

CAPRICORN mingles with ones they see as intelligent or giving. They try the food to see if it’s to their liking and if it’s beneficial, they grab one more plate, drinking an alcoholic beverage while discussing buisness and politics with anyone who is interested.
LEAVE WITH: No one and a job offer

AQUARIUS is keeping a low but noticeable profile, grabbing whatever they want at the buffet table. They talk to anyone who gives them attention first or whenever the time is right and won’t stop talking until the other person leaves. They stay for a good hour, grab dessert to go, and leave with quite a few numbers.

COME WITH: Their never ending thoughts and desire to express them
LEAVE WITH: No one but that dessert and those numbers

PISCES keeps to themselves but have a close friend with them. They just go along with what everyone is doing to avoid any friction. They stick around for a while having a couple plates of food with the close friend and mixing in the crowd.

COME WITH: The close friend
LEAVE WITH: The close friend

Nice Fireworks, Minho

CL made this awesome moodboard based on my smutty story, and we’re not even one bit sorry. Here you go… Merry Christmas and a Smutty New Year. 

Word count: 2254
Genre: Smut
Warnings: the usual. Don’t read if you’re a minor.

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never enough (miniminter)

request: (@mishaddy) Can i get a cutsey simon one shot? Where he and her go clubbimg and some guy tries to flirt with her so simon puts a stop to it but feels insecure

you weren’t renowned for being the youtube party girl. instead you liked to uphold a clean cut image, keeping in mind that you had a young audience. so, it was fair to say you were the exact last person people were expecting to show up at the after party of the annual production of youtube rewind.

You daringly entered a room filled with many alcoholic beverages and horny young adults, determined to make it through the night and stick to your new years resolution of being more outgoing.

youtubers, both those involved and those who weren’t involved in filming loitered the cramped hallways of the house whose owner you were still unsure of. if it had been up to you, you’d have spent new years in the comfort of your own four walls but stupidly, you made a promise to chai when wrapping up filming that you would go to the after party on the release date of the rewind. which, coincidentally was new year’s eve.

looking around the room it became apparent that it didn’t even matter if you were apart of the production, or not. meaning chai had sneakily conned you into attending an actual new years party. whilst mentally reminding yourself to find a new best friend in 2017, you began shifting through people to search for someone you knew well enough to strike up a conversation with.

“aye, y/n” a voice called from behind you followed by a chorus of similar responses. you turn to see what is known as ‘the buttercream squad’ grouped together, one of the culprits had his red solo cupped raised inviting you over. disappointed that you hadn’t come across chai yet you made your way to the group of boys who’d taken a sudden interest in you.

“hi jack, boys” you said respectively, greeting the blonde who initially summoned for you.

“didn’t think you’d be here tonight gorgeous” jack admitted with a certain lust to his tone.

“yeah, thought you’d be the last person to show up at a stupid youtube party” joe adds in, unnecessarily.

looking down, you played with your rings to avoid giving a pathetic answer about why you hate this type of scene.

“oh, come on love. joe’s just winding you, don’t feel embarrassed” jack nudged after he’d moved uncomfortably close to you.

the boys continue to rave on a bit, slowly letting you perish from the spotlight. at some point or another jack had moved his arm to let it rest upon your shoulder, burning into you. the thought of the contact made between your skin and his made your mind get lost in its own world. it wasn’t until he let it drop from your shoulder, to the small of your back did you suddenly become aware of your surroundings again and the discomfort you’d endure for the past 5 minutes. and he wasn’t finished there, you could tell he was slowly inching towards your ass.

in which point you frantically jumped away from him, causing all the other boys heads to snap your way.

“jesus y/n, you alright?”

“yeah, just fine” you lash. “i’m going to go get myself a drink.”

“yeah, i’ll join you. i need a refill anyways” jack says trailing behind you, trying to keep up with the fast pace you had in attempt to get away from him.

after rushing to catch up with you he slows his pace, stopping in front as he whispered in your ear “i’m glad you felt the need to get us away too. maybe we should ditch this party it’s lame anyways…” he glances around the room for a second before uttering “i could think of a few things that would put you to good use.”

feeling nothing but disgust you push past jack still in hopes of crossing paths with chai, or really anyone that could save you from this creep.

“hey, slow down y/n. i’ve always fancied you, and i’m sure you find me attractive enough, it doesn’t even have to mean anything-.” jack getting cut off grabs your attention enough to stop storming away from him and see what caused the disturbance.

now stood between jack and yourself was a large frame, and lanky limbs. simon.

he guarded you with a protective and, in some ways an endearing stance as his hand that reached behind his back interlocked with yours.

the two of you had a thing on and off. although it never really went any further, and it had been at least a month since you’d last seen him. it wasn’t really a thing either, you just used to hang out just the two of you and he’d act like the perfect gentleman but in fairness you’d never even kissed the guy. so maybe it wasn’t a thing, maybe you weren’t anything more than friends, which would explain the growing distance between you both. but right here, right now, you couldn’t think of anything other than how protective he was of you and how nicely your delicate hands slipped perfectly into his strong ones.

“i think she wants you to leave her alone mate” simon warns.

“fuck off, i just wanted to have some fun. i wasn’t going to hurt her. besides i can get any girl here i’m not going to put myself out for y/n she’s not worth it.” jack walks backwards slowly, with his arms raised in the air to emphasise his innocence before disappearing back into the party.

simon turns to face you “you okay?”

wiping the tears from your eyes from jacks last comment before they fall you nod in response. “i’m okay si, you stood in before he did anything.”

simon stops momentarily processing what jack could have done to you and instantly feeling disgusted. “hey don’t cry, you’re okay. i promise i’d never let anyone hurt you” he says detaching your fingers so he could bring you closer and engulfing you into a warm hug. “c'mon let’s go sit somewhere quiet.”

you end up following simon outside, the cold of the night nipping at your bare skin. “here, let me” he says removing his flannel and placing it over you shoulders, leaving him in his plain black t-shirt that fitted him just nicely.

“you’re such a cliche” you laughed while gladly accepting his offer. he sits down besides you, letting your head rest upon his shoulder. you both sat in silence for a few minutes while you gazed at the midnight sky.

“y/n?” simon broke the silence, you hummed in response continuing to take in the view of the night stars. “i’m sorry i’m not enough for you”

you quickly sat up properly in order to look at the man beside you in utter confusion. “simon? what do you mean?”

“sarah told me you had a slight crush on me, or at least you used to..” you sighed in response, adding her to the list of people to murder later. “..but you need people like jack, who are confident and have all the time in the world to dedicate their love and affection to someone as gorgeous as you. all’s i’m saying is that i’m sorry i can’t be that person” he apologised.

i went to interject but he continued on claiming, “y/n you are one the prettiest and most intelligent girls i’ve ever come across. and the temptation to kiss you right here, under the moonlight is painfully strong. but, i know you deserve someone better than me, and sure as hell better than jack. i’m sorry for taking you on those dates that weren’t really dates because neither of us were brave enough to call them that, and for wasting your time-”

you’d heard all you needed. simon liked you, just as much as you liked him. you were no longer afraid of his rejection, and you needed to stop him from continuing on with his stupid speech. and the 10 second countdown to midnight was your perfect opportunity to do so. you cut him off in the only way you could think, by pressing your lips to his. letting you both get lost in one another momentarily. his fingers tangled themselves in your hair while your arms made their way to the nape of his neck. you openly welcomed the sudden warmth despite the chill of outside. the feeling of excitement rushed through you as you felt so comfortable with simon, unlike jack.

as you both pulled away slightly, you grinned at one another, panting slightly with your foreheads resting adjacent to the other.

boldly, you feel the need to address his previous assumptions “simon, you’ve always been enough. from the very second you entered chai and sarah’s apartment and our eyes met for the first time.”

he pulled you back under his arm, a permanent grin etched on his face, “what do they say about kissing someone you fancy at midnight of new year’s eve? is it that they’re obligated to go on a proper date with you in the new year?” he smirked knowing full well that you’d have gone on a date with him even if you hadn’t just kissed him.

pros and cons

◇ In which the line between pros and cons is awfully blurred.

◇ Hyungwon x reader

◇ gang!au

◇ requested by: @got-7bangtan-boys; (((: I would like to request a Monsta X Hyungwon Gang!au 😍


Hyungwon had always had the worst habit of showing up at the completely wrong time. He never meant to - well, at least you think so - but he consistently managed to appear whenever you dearly wanted him not to.

The date is the 31st of December, and as tradition, your family gathered at your house to celebrate the coming of the new year - and by family, I mean family. That included the distant cousins, twice removed, the eccentric aunts that only visited 1 every 5 years, and that one drunk uncle who’s never seen sober.

You sit around the coffee table with a few members of your family, sipping at some soda because apparently, you’re too young to be drinking alcohol! (Which, ironically, was told to you by that one drunk uncle you mentioned earlier).

Music played softly in the background, chatter filling the air comfortably. You don’t bother trying to get into conversations, finding them rather dull and uninteresting. You were content with just listening and judging - but as soon as the topic moves from your grandfather’s new lawn mower to relationships, you want more than ever to jump up from the couch and take refuge in your bedroom.

Should the attention ever shift from your five marriages in great aunt to you, what were you to say? You were a terrible liar, yet revealing to your family that your boyfriend was the infamous Hyungwon, a part of the inner circle of the notorious gang Monsta X, didn’t seem like a good conversation starter.

Especially since the mere mention of Monsta X could darken any mood. Everybody in this city was well aware of who they were - and although there were a lot of mixed opinions about them, everybody could agree that Monsta X were extremely dangerous and rightfully feared.

On one hand, they did protect the city to an extent. No other gang stepped foot on their territory, and if any innocent citizen was wrongfully hurt by another gang you could guarantee they wouldn’t live to see another day. On the other hand, however, Monsta X were a gang. They dealed, they stole, and they definitely killed - though never innocent people. You made Hyungwon promise that. Your family could confidently swear that Monsta X were the scum of the earth - which was quite awkward, obviously.

“-and what about you, _____?” Your cousin’s voice pulls you back to the surface, and you’re suddenly aware of the whole group’s eyes on you. You almost cough up your soda at the unwanted attention, raising your eyebrows cluelessly.

“What were we talking about?” You all but sqeak, eyes darting about frantically. You know exactly what they’re talking about, but maybe the subject will change from relationships to the deficiency of your attention span?

But no luck - the same cousin scoffs playfully, rolling her eyes at you as she teases, “Do you have a secret plus one?”

It’s as if everything slows down. You try to prevent your eyes from widening and that stupid smile that always grows on your face when you lie from appearing, and you’re sure you’re about to sassily reply with a that’s none of your business but you’re not completely stupid - your delayed reaction seems to catch the attention of the other aunts and cousins and grandmothers around the coffee table, and you’re sure they’re about to call you out, when suddenly the door bell rings.

“I’ll get it!” You call hurriedly, ignoring the suspicious looks on your relatives’ faces and running out of the living room. Relief fills your body like a bathtub being filled with water, and by the time you’re pulling open your front door, you’re positively beaming - that is, until you fully register the man standing in front of you.

Hyungwon stares back at you expectantly, mask pulled over the bottom half of his face and naturally sleepy-looking eyes piercing your own. You choke on your own breath as you realise that he’s standing right in front of you, metres away from your family and metres away from ensuring his death because you were seriously about to kill him for coming here-

“Who is it, ____?” You hear somebody shout to you. You stutter on your words, drawing your eyes away from Hyungwon to yell back into them.

“N-nobody!” You assure, “Must’ve been some kids playing pranks.”

And then your head is snapping to Hyungwon in milliseconds and you’re stepping outside quietly, shutting the door behind you.

“What are you doing?” You hiss, grabbing his wrist and pulling him so that you didn’t stand directly in front of your door - which, with its glass windows, you could easily be seen from. “You couldn’t have picked a better time? My whole family is here, Hyungwon-”

“And I’m sorry about that, princess,” he begins quietly, pulling his mask down slightly so that he could speak clearly. You realise, with a start, that his bottom lip is cut, dried blood sitting just on top of it - and, now that you look closer, he’s definitely clutching his side more desperately than any normal person would - and is that a limp-?

“-but I couldn’t go anywhere else.”

“What happened to you?” You gasp, hands coming up to cup his paler-than-usual face gently, turning him this way and that to inspect him. “Baby, are you alright?”

“Deal gone wrong,” Hyungwon coughs, his head bowing to rest on your shoulder, “Shownu dealt with them, but our hideout was compromised so we were ordered to stay under the radar until Shownu finds another place…”

“Do you want me to bring you to your apartment?” You ask worriedly.

He shakes his head. “Not yet - I don’t have a First Aid kit, I can’t go to hospitals-”

You bite your lip, thinking desperately about how you’d sneak Hyungwon in to tend to his wounds - you couldn’t go in through the back garden, because the kids were playing there and there was no doubt that they’d snitch. Your bedroom was on the second floor, and the windows were on the front and side of the house.

“Wait here,” you order Hyungwon, who only nods, a pained expression on his face, and collapses onto the wall that separated your garden from your neighbour’s.

As quick as you possibly can, you pull open your front door and begin sprinting up the stairs. You’re glad that there doesn’t seem to be many people on the second floor - only your shady stoner cousin who’s camping it out in the bathroom - you dart into your room, making sure to lock the door after.

One of the perks of having extremely safe parents - the retractable metal ladder kept in your room at all times in case of a fire. Lord knows how many times you’ve used it to sneak out, but for once you’re actually using it for something important.

Wasting no time, you unlock your window and throw the end of the ladder down, fastening the other end to your bed. You stick your head out the window, looking to your left at your back garden to make sure no-one was watching. When you were sure that none of your evil cousins were snooping, you beckon loudly - “Hyungwon! This way!”

His eyes snap open from where he’s resting on the wall, and he begins to stumble down the side of your house, hands grasping the metal and beginning to haul himself up with a strained grunt.

“Are you okay?” You call softly, leaning outside the window. “Can you get up, or is it too hard-?”

“I’ve been through worse, sweetheart,” Hyungwon manages to smile up at you, though you can see right through him. He’s in pain, but he’s obviously well capable of reaching your window, because in less than a minute he’s collapsing into your bedroom with a groan.

“On the bed, on the bed!” You fuss, helping guide him to lay down, frantically undoing his hoody to take a peek at the wound on his torso. “Oh, my God - Hyungwon-!”

“’M fine,” he coughs tiredly, watching lazily as you rush around, preparing your First Aid kit and cleansing alcohol and bandages and stitching materials. “Just patch me up, will you?”

You don’t answer, mind completely transforming to your more professional, medical-graduate self as you take a seat beside your bed and begin. Hyungwon shuts his eyes, hand gripping your thigh tightly, only hissing when an alcohol-dipped cotton pad meets his ripped skin.

His breathing is laboured now; luckily, the bullet didn’t damage any organs or anything minorly important, but he still required stitches. The amount of times this must’ve happened for him to be so comfortable with a needle piercing his skin time and time again makes you feel vaguely scared for his health-

Three knocks on the door barely stop your stitching process, but the panic welling up inside of you is hard to mask from your face. You’re wincing as you try as hard as you can to not give away the fact that Hyungwon’s in your room.

“_____?” Your mother’s voice is muffled through the door, but it doesn’t ease your nerves at all - in fact, your hands are shaking with the pure tension in the room as you continue to stitch Hyungwon up, and you pray you won’t give yourself away when you answer her-

“Y-yeah?” You call back. Despite the slight wave in your voice, you’re proud that you were able to get out a single sentence without bursting into laughter - which is what you did when you lied. Needless to say, lying wasn’t your strong point.

“Aunt Dev just arrived… she’s wondering where you are, honey-”

“I’m not feeling too well,” you answer, making your voice a bit more frail and weak - for realism. “I’ll come down in a minute, though-”

“You’re not feeling well?” Your mother sounds incredulous. “You were fine just 30 minutes ago. Let me take a look at you.”

Your eyes widen, and Hyungwon has already gone completely still in suspense. Your room is a mess, littered with bloody cotton pads and bandages and medical equipment, not to mention the fully grown man laying on your bed with a hole in his side - which, by the way, you haven’t stopped working on, and is almost completely closed. Just one more minute…

“Wait a second,” you say after a few seconds, finishing up stitching. Like a shot, you’re taking every piece of equipment you used and shoving it under your bed - you beckon Hyungwon with your hand, pointing to your wardrobe with such desperation that he doesn’t even complain with pain when he sits up and tip-toes into your closet, closing the door firmly yet quietly behind himself as you go to answer your mother.

“You look fine to me,” your mother tsks, ignoring your weak protests and grabbing your wrist, “Just come and say hi.”

You end up being forced to stay downstairs for the next few hours, and by time you run upstairs to check on Hyungwon, he’s nowhere to be found.


“So you’re telling me that he hasn’t contacted you since?” Rosè confirms, taking a long gulp of coffee, a calculating look in her eyes. You nod, running a hand over your hair.

“It’s been two weeks,” you sigh quietly, “He isn’t returning my calls, he isn’t calling me, and I have no idea if he’s okay or not-”

You break off uncertainly, eyes glancing down at your drink and then to the silvery rain that trails down the cafè window. You wonder where he is, if he’s among the hectic traffic, if he’s found shelter in the dreary rain of today. If he’s thinking of you.

Rosè must sense your worry, because she places a perfectly manicured hand on top of yours, eyes soft. “I’m sure he’s fine, sweetie.”

You nod gratefully, but your mind is still completely focused on the tall, brunette man. Rosè’s face contorts in pity, and she absentmindedly pats your hand, biting her lip in regret.

“Listen,” she begins softly, as if trying to ease you into something. “I have to get to work, but before I leave, I want you to think about this. Any relationship that makes you this worried isn’t good for you, and I want you to be happy, okay?”

Her words jolt you. You had never considered… leaving Hyungwon… Maybe a break or two, but imagining life without him already makes the growing ache in your chest more painful, and it must show.

Rosè sighs, sympathy pulling at the edges of her expression as she stands, pushing in her chair gently. “I’ll see you later, okay?”

You smile weakly in response, lifting your hand in a meagre wave as she bustles out of the shop, pulling her hood over her amber locks and joining the faceless blur of people that pass you by. Her absence leaves you with your own thoughts, and you’re glad you decided to come to the cafè today because if you had been in your room alone the sheer pressure of your thoughts would drive you insane.

You begin to weigh the pros and cons carefully:

Pro number one: you love him. A lot.

Con number one: you love him. A lot.

What a coincidence.


Pro number two: he’s always there for me.

You stare at the scrawl of writing in your journal, tilting your head to the side. A frown is tugging at your eyebrows as you read the phrase over and over again, and in a mixture of complete anger and worry, you’re scribbling it out with frustration and replacing it;

Con number two: he’s never there for me.

You can’t believe you’re this hung up over a man - but it’s not just a man, your mind chastises, it’s Hyungwon. It seemed stupid and too dramatic and you felt like crying even though crying seemed like defeat to you, and you weren’t defeated. You wouldn’t let yourself be.

You’d like to think that you’re not as desperate as you actually are, too, and imagine a text from Hyungwon coming through - you fabricate the cool and suave reaction you have to it - not answering back, maybe, or rolling your eyes, scoffing not texting me for weeks and expecting a reply? Sure.

Completely unrealistic, really, because when you hear the familiar ding that only belonged to Hyungwon, you were flung into an anxious whirlwind on whether or not this was actually happening - and in the library, of all places.

Where are you?

You stare at the message, disappointment seeping through your pores. That’s it? Weeks without contact and the onky thing you receive is a measly message asking you where you were? But alas, you’re sense of judgement is skewed and against everything telling you not to, you type out a quick reply that you think has the right amount of I’m pissed at you and I hate you right now, so deal with it:


Minutes pass with you staring at your phone expectantly.

Go home.

You scoff. You’re seriously unimpressed right now.


You set down your phone and open the book that had your attention before you were interrupted. A handsome manor house grew out of the darkness at the end of the straight drive, lights glinting in the diamond paned downstairs windows. Somewhere in the dark garden beyond the hedge a fountain was playing— Why wasn’t he replying..?

With a frustrated huff, you throw the book down. Damn him! You had been doing fine without thinking about him and he’s completely messed up your train of thought with a tiny message - you feel a sense of loss as you pack up your belongings, shooting the book you had been reading a longing look, but you know that you can’t read when you’re like this.

You spend at least 30 minutes waiting for a bus. Darkness is settling over the cerulean blue sky like an inky blanket, and because it’s Saturday the buses operate a different schedule, with buses more spread out throughout the day.

Normally, you’d curse the fact that you had to wait half an hour for a bus, but as you step on and are engulfed by the stuffy warmth that’s a stark contrast to the icy coldness outside, you don’t really care - especially as you realise that Hyungwon must want you for a reason, and then your mind starts wandering, and then you’re kinda dreading seeing him. Who knows what he’s gotten himself into now?

Were you - were you in danger? What if he was hurt again, but this time worse?


The house is still when you entered - which was to be expected, since your parents were at a wedding someplace up north - and you try to ignore how this was literally the start of every horror movie ever as you flick on the living room light, hoping to find your boyfriend and not a murderer.

Nobody. You huff, sliding your bag down your shoulder. Where was he?

You manoeuvre around the couch, pushing the door to the kitchen open slightly to check if anyone was there quickly. Nobody, again, and nobody in the dining room, the downstairs and upstairs bathroom, and you even check your parents’ bedroom before you come to your own.

And sure enough, there he is.

He’s sitting on your bed stiffly, donned in his signature tight leather jeans and black t-shirt - looking more uncomfortable than you’ve ever seen him - and when you push open the door and walk in he hops up with the most relieved expression on his handsome face, taking your forearms in his hands and pulling you to face him.

“Thank God,” Hyungwon sighs, burying his head in the crook of your neck. You can only stand, frozen, confusion written on your face and paralyzing you. Hyungwon doesn’t mind, though, and pulls back to take a good look at you, hand brushing over your hair and your cheek carefully - and that makes you snap.

“What do you think you’re doing?” You demand, pulling yourself away from him. Hyungwon’s brows furrow and he looks offended at your enquiry, opening his mouth to explain himself but you’re already cutting him off.

“You actually think that you can disappear for almost a month after coming to me with a bullet hole in your side and things will be normal?” You laugh humorlessly then, the sheer look of oblivion on his face confirming your accusation. “Hilarious, really. Look, just tell me why you’re here, and then leave.

“I left because I had to,” Hyungwon argues. You pay him no mind as you begin to shed your jacket, throwing it in your closet. Hyungwon’s hand clasps around your wrist and suddenly you’re yanked back to face him. “I did it for you!

“How?!” You cry, “By making me worry for your safety and not even sparing a text to say that you’re okay?”

“Jesus, Hyungwon,” you continue, pressing your palms into your eyes tiredly, “Even when you say everything’s fine I’m constantly worrying about you! You talk about bullet wounds and drug deals like they’re the most casual topics in the world! You - you’re never safe, and that’s what worries me!”

“I had to go,” Hyungwon presses, his voice getting quieter. This is his negotiating voice - you recognize it way too much from countless times that you’d fought with Hyungwon. Needless to say, he had a way with words that almost always made you falter in your path of rage. “_____, baby, listen to me, please…”

He takes your silence as a queue to go on.

“I never wanted to leave you, okay? But Shownu said that while everything is getting sorted we’re too vulnerable. People want us dead, okay? And I’m not letting you get hurt because of that.

“I’m sorry that I didn’t call or text,” Hyungwon finishes softly, and you suddenly realise how close he is, because you’re pressed up against his chest and his arms are instinctively wrapping around you. “That was a mistake. But things are better now.”

Silence engulfs the room as you evaluate his words. You were more than pissed off at him for not contacting you but if you were in his shoes, would you have done any better? After all, he was only trying to keep you safe the best way he knew how to, and it’s that fact that makes you sigh in defeat, giving up and letting your forehead rest against his chest.

“I’m forgiving you now,” you mutter, “But if this happens again…”

“It’s not going to,” Hyungwon states firmly, pulling back to face you. “I swear to you, sweetheart.”

And he leans in, interlocking his lips with yours and sending electricity bubbling throughout your body, sealing his promise with the most promising of kisses.

In Another Life

Pairing: Linstead
Timeline: AU
Genre: Mostly fluff/comfort.
Prompt: 5 times Linstead met before Jay joined the unit

A/N: I realize this might not be what you meant with this prompt, but hell, I had fun with it. I hope you enjoy it too!

P.S: Reviews make me happy, and when I’m happy, my muse is happy, and when my muse is happy… You all know what happens. More fics ;)

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Midnight - Steve Rogers

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Characters: Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, Bruce Banner, Clint Barton, Tony Stark

Warnings: N/A

Request: @yourtropegirl: “could I request a one shot with Steve Rogers kissing on New Year’s Eve”

Word Count: 480

Author: Hannah

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Happy New Years//Negan

Info: New Years with Negan at the Sanctuary

Warnings: swearing, smut

Originally posted by walking-dead-icons


Her hands gripped her glass a bit tighter. Anticipation running through every vein in her body. 


The air was heavy and filled with excitement. Excitement of what? It was just another day, another day we made it into another year. It was pointless. This was just for everyone to get drunk. 


She looked around at her surroundings. Alcohol, ping pong, sleazy couples and everyone smiling. You’d never think Negan would let something like this go on under his reign. 


Speaking of Negan, where was he? She looked around the room, past the sweaty bodies tripling over their own feet. Negan wasn’t around, not even on the overpass. 


She pushed through everyone. Negan wasn’t with any of the wives, surprise, they were all downstairs. It was a struggle and she relinquished her glass to a drink savior. She didn’t care at this point. 


She scaled the metal steps onto the overpass hoping for a better view. Every black haired person, someone wearing a white t-shirt or a red scarf or leather caught her eye. She’d check to see if it was Negan and it never was. She didn’t even have anything with him but was so anxious to find him. 


She fidgeted and her fingers started playing games. She’d bite her fingernails in nervousness. She was too scared to go anywhere else in case she got in trouble. Even standing here she feared any repercussions. 


She still had her fingernail between her teeth when a voice shocked her. 

"That’s a bad habit" 

She turned and saw the tall, dark and handsome man in front of her. His body loomed over hers, him standing at 6'2 and her just 5'5. 


“I-I was looking for you” she stuttered in shock of the mans good looks “Not sure why-”

“One” the crowd cheered over her. 

Negan grabbed her body and pulled it to his. Hip to hip, lips to lips. Negan kissed her and hard. She thought maybe he was drunk but there was no taste of alcohol on his lips. 

“Negan” she moaned into his mouth. 

“Tell me baby, tell me. Do you want me?” He asked looking her in the eyes.
She nodded hastily. 

“Say it” he groaned as he squeezed her hips harder. 

“Yes, Negan, I want you" 

Negan dragged her to his room through empty halls. They barely kept from discarding their clothes in the halls. Their clothes in their hands or hanging from one limb as they arrived in his room. She crawled onto the bed and laid on her back, only think still on her were her panties. 

Negan looked down at her with dark, hungry eyes. He stood in just his boxers at the foot of the bed. She jerked her hips up to him showing her need for him.

"What do you need baby? Huh?” Negan taunted as he yanked her down to the edge of the bed. 

“I need you” she whined knowing he was just teasing. 

“My long hard cock inside you? Yeah? That tight little pussy of yours needs a good fucking” he spoke in a husky tone and grabbed her face harsh before kissing her. 

He moved his sloppy kisses down her neck and onto her collar bones. She pushed her chest up into his. There was no doubt she needed him. 

“Fuck me already, Negan” she whispered into his ear before nibbling his earlobe. 

“Anything for you, princess” he groaned. 

He pulled her underwear down her legs and pulled his boxers off next. He lined his cock up with her before thrusting in. She arched her back with ecstasy, a moan left her lips at the way he filled her up. She hadn’t been touched in years, having any guy fuck her would be great but with Negan it’d be mind shattering. 

“Tell me what your ready, doll” Negan spoke. 

His body hovered over hers. She could feel his hot breath on her face. He didn’t want to push her too far knowing her lack of sexual partners in so long. 

“Now” she breathed with a nod. 

Negan pulled out before slamming back into her again. Nothing hurt, it all felt good in the best ways. She moaned and weighed beneath him as he continued to thrust into her. He watched her come undone beneath him. 

He’d always seen her with her guard up, dressed in layers and covered in a layer of dirt. Now she was underneath him, naked and covered with sweat due to their activities. 

“Fuck” he couldn’t contain himself. 

“Oh god” she panted feeling herself getting close to release. 

“Negan is just fine” he smirked from above her, moving a little faster. 

He felt her coming close and then started to rub her clit. She screamed out as she finally came all over his cock. He kept going faster to find his release, though his strokes were sloppy, he didn’t slow down. He did though when he came inside of her. 

“Fuck” she breathed. 

“Happy New Years” Negan spoke with a smirk, his tongue running over his white teeth. 

“That was much better than a New Years kiss”

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Resident Advisor

Avengers x Reader

Summary: The Avengers have been misbehaving and getting a lot of bad press lately, so you’ve been assigned to be their Resident Advisor. You’re up for the challenge and take it on with your guns blazing, but they quickly learn you might not be so different from them.

VERY LOOSELY based on this anon ask/request: *shiny eyes* +w+ do i see an open ASKBOX?! yesssss okay okay what if steve and thor had a crush on someone who often was sweet but mature /confident, and also had a much funnier side which she did not allow to be shown much unless amongst with trusted ones? like she starts feeling more confident with the avengers crew and there’s this time where they catch her making a pun with tony or smth / being a meme with the others, idk just overall funny crush. X’D 

Word Count: 3406

A/N: I was originally just going to respond to the ask with a short one-shot this morning but I got a little carried away- 3k words later. I’m making it a full post. Oops!
As always, advice/comments/critiques are highly appreciated and cherished, and I’m down for requests or prompts too (Preferably not anon, because I sometimes like to clarify what it is that you’re wanting so I can put my best efforts into it for you!)


You were sitting at the kitchen island with your laptop open in front of you, checking your emails and letting Hill know you had just gotten off your red-eye flight and had arrived at the compound. You had yet to change out of your black leggings and oversized sweatshirt because a fresh cup of coffee and a cinnamon bagel took precedence.

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My Exception

A Spencer x Reader version of He’s Just Not That Into You

My writing is going on hiatus for a bit this week guys!! I’m working basically full time, and in college, but I shall try to post another fic before Christmas!! X

‘See, Y/N, if a guy gives a shit about you, he will make the effort. No exceptions.’ Spencer Reid said as he turned to face you.

After meeting someone at a bar, and them failing to call you afterwards, you have returned to said bar with the BAU team. Not just to fulfil your stalking tendencies, but also for a night out.

You only took this guy’s number to fill the Spencer-less void in your love life, as it was pretty clear that Reid didn’t like you in the same way you liked him. So in your bid of desperation to find a man who would reduce your desire for Spencer, you had taken to gallivanting around bars every weekend. Unfortunately, none of the other males in the surrounding area compared to the BAU’s resident genius, so your feelings for him naturally increased.

‘Honey, maybe he has just lost your number?’ Penelope smiled as she placed a reassuring hand on your shoulder.

‘No, no, no!’ Spencer shouts as he placed his glass down on the bar. ‘Stop telling her that! Believe me, as a male, I know what we do. If he wants you, he will make a goddamn effort, if not, then he simply just isn’t into you.’

You put your head in your hands. ‘Why can’t I find a man?’ You mumbled to yourself.

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There is nobody else

Louis Tomlinson - 1746 words (Requested by anon)


“I’m actually quite nervous to meet them, you know.” I mumble towards my boyfriend, playing with the chipped off black nail polish on my left fingers. Louis is humming a tune, unfamiliar to me, probably the melody to one of the new songs he has been working on, his fingers tapping against the steering wheel to the rhythm. “You shouldn’t be love, I’m sure they’ll adore you.” Louis smiles briefly at me before his left hand lets go of the steering wheel to pat my thigh in a soothing manner, keeping it there as he gives the thick flesh a final squeeze.

“Besides, you’ve met Harry already. And you’ve skyped with Niall once.” Louis adds, nodding his head as if confirming his own words in his mind before taking a turn, the flat where Liam lives already coming into view. We were celebrating the holidays with his mates, them all coming together for a meal and I don’t know whatever they were about to plan next, but it would be the first time I would meet all of One Direction in actual person, after dating Louis for four months.

I’ve met Harry casually when he stopped by Louis’ place for something I can’t pinpoint anymore, and he seemed rather friendly though rushed. I hope they were all that friendly towards me, because I wouldn’t be able to cope with the fact that my boyfriend’s friends don’t like me.

“Yeah I know but still..” I trail off, absentmindedly biting the nail on my left pointer finger as I see Louis park his car. What if I’m overdressed? What if I’m underdressed? They’re not gonna like me at all I just know for sure maybe I can fake being sick or something and we can just go home, I’ll do this another time maybe.. Or maybe never, that would be nice too.

“Love, come on. They’re waiting we were already running late.” Louis holds out his hand for me to take as he stands by my opened car door, my shaky hand resting in his before I pull myself out of the vehicle. Louis’ greeting with Liam being one for the books, with a romantic bro hug and a slap to the back. I smile politely as Liam grants me a bright grin, motioning me in with a simple hello.
“You must be y/n. I’ve heard so much about you! And you’re even more beautiful in person.” I can feel the blush already creep onto my cheeks and right now the inner me is fangirling like a maniac, but I simply thank Liam as I grasp Louis’ hand tightly so he wouldn’t leave me behind.

“Lads, this is y/n. Y/n, this is Niall, Harry and of course Liam.” Louis smiles as he points to every one of them, but of course I already know who is who. Still I simply mutter a ‘hi’ to everyone with a small wave, staying close by Louis, but he pulls me towards the sofa and directs me to sit by Niall.
“Hi.” I grins at me, the crinkles by his eyes increasing as he gives me his brightest smile. I smile back, nodding my head as my eyes trail over to Louis who is discussing something with Harry on the other side, both of their faces bright with joy.

“I am actually a huge fan and this feels awkward.” I chuckle dryly, rubbing my sweaty palms on my dress as I let my gaze fall back onto Niall. “Oh don’t worry love, I am a big fan of yours as well so I’m fangirling on the inside too.” That statement made me snort, and I giggle rather loudly as I try to muffle the sound with my outstretched palm. Immediately the tension I felt drops from my shoulder and I smile towards Louis who gives me a particular look but shrugs it off before resuming his conversation.

“You don’t even know me!” I chuckle, turning my body a bit towards him so we could have a proper conversation. “Yet!” Niall adds with a wink which sends me into a frenzy of giggles again, thanking Liam as he hands me a glass filled with a bubbled liquid. Fancy.

After half an hour Liam redirects the lot towards the table, Niall sitting across from me so we could continue our conversation. Louis let himself fall down next to me, his hand immediately landing on my thigh in a tight manner before giving it a rough squeeze. “Ow, what’s that for?” I groan as I turn towards Louis, unfolding my napkin before placing it on his hands over my lap.
“Sorry love.” Louis merely states, a tiny smile cast towards me before Niall catches my attention again.

“And then he said I never make the same mistake twice, I make it five to six times just to be sure and leapt in again.” Niall is already laughing hysterically by the end of his sentence and my gasp, my hand resting on my chest. “No, you’re not serious?” Niall is at the verge of crying as he nods his head which makes me go into hysterics with him, wiping away a tear that has fallen due to this amusement he brings along with him. “You Irish are fucked up, I swear to God!” I chuckle again and Niall raises his glass at my statement, my own glass of wine raised to clink my glass with his.

“Give that girl another refill! She needs it!” Niall booms towards Liam who laughs along and nods his head, standing up to go grab a new bottle of wine from wherever. I am still lightly chuckling as I turn towards Louis, his jaw set tight as he gives me a tight smile. “Love, is something wrong?” I touch his arm lightly, tracing his tattoos as I await his answer. “No, not at all.”
The sarcasm is dripping from his words and I want to roll my eyes because he is doing this again for no reason at all, but I decide to drop it and have a lovely evening with his friends who are absolutely to die for.

“Liam, let me help you with the plates.” I push myself into a standing position as I already collect my empty plate, my balance a little off with how much wine Niall has been giving me in the past hour. Liam smiles gratefully as I follow him towards his kitchen, gasping at the size of his whole flat as I pass by the open doors. “You have a lovely home.” I compliment him as I put the plates near the sink, turning around as Liam puts his pile down as well. “Thanks, I’ve decorated it myself. Could you run the water? I’m gonna get the glasses too ‘cause I have another wine for the main course.” Liam smiles as he skips out of the kitchen and I turn on the tap, my fingers tapping against the expensive marble as I wait for the sink to full up.

“Enjoying yourself?” I hear my boyfriend’s voice behind me and a smile graces my lips as I turn around, but it is immediately wiped off of my face as I see his expression. “What’s wrong babe?”
“You and Niall get along pretty well, don’t you think?” I shrug my shoulders as I watch Louis take tentative steps closer towards me, his fingertips trailing over the same marble I was tapping mere minutes ago. “Yeah, he is quite friendly. But I didn’t expect otherwise.” I smile as I raise my arms to embrace my boyfriend in a hug but he keeps his distance.

“You’re mine, but it doesn’t show that way.” Louis grunts and I roll my eyes visibly this time, his jaw tense again as he sees my motion. “Don’t fucking do that.”
“Louis you are overreacting, please.” I try to reason with him, stepping closer to him as I let my arms fall around his waist. “You’re forgetting whose you are.” I refrain from rolling my eyes again and squeeze his waist, kissing his jaw briefly before stepping out of the embrace I made.
“No I am not, I am trying to mingle with your friends so they like me. And I thought I was doing a good job.” I cross my arms over my chest, raising my eyebrows at him as a smirk takes over my lips.

Louis seems at a loss for words and I step towards him again, lacing my fingers through his. “You never laugh with me like that..” he trails off, squeezing my hand as he averts his gaze from mine.
“Of course we do! Now you’re just focused on this.” I coo, kissing his chin as I lace my arms around his waist a second time. “Don’t be jealous, it’s not a good look on you.” I finish off, hoping he’d drop it now, for once and all.

“I’m sorry I just-“ Louis starts but I cut him off with a kiss to his lips, standing on my tippy toes. “I love you Louis, only you.” I pat his bum and let go,  turning back to the sink which is nearing the brink of overflowing as I hastily turn the tap off. “Where is Liam? He was just grabbing glasses..” I grumble as I push past Louis, slapping his bum again as if to tell him non verbally that he is in my way.”

“Y/n.” I stop and turn around, raising my eyebrow at my lounging boyfriend.
“You’re mine, right?” He seems quite nervous and I roll my eyes before smiling brightly at him. “Of course Louis, always.” I walk out of the kitchen to see Liam laughing with Niall and Harry, the glasses dangling from his hands.

“We were wondering where you two were!” Niall chuckles as he raises his almost empty glass, his eyes turned into slits due to his excessive smiling. “Sit down, I’ll do the rest.” Liam smiles as he motions to my seat and I let myself fall down, Niall already filling my glass back up. Louis lets himself fall down next to me, pressing a kiss on my cheek before raising his glass.
“To friends and a good new year!” Louis chants and we all reciprocate, cheering as we chug our alcohol down and Louis takes me in a protective sideways hug and I smile at my boyfriend and his amazing friends, which I am now glad to be a part of.

Hope you like it,
Lots of love,
L. xox

Another Take

Originally posted by huckleberryb

Another Take

It was like the moment you wanted through the door he felt you. That was just the effect years of dating had on someone. He watched you from across the room as you disappeared into the party.

Ever since you two broke up he’d kept his distance from you. You deserved that much, but it’s been almost a year and he still couldn’t help but think that maybe he could make it up to you. The past year he’d thrown himself into his work, which provided the best resume for 2015.

Maybe this was his chance, a chance to start over.

He made his way over toward you a little too eagerly, not wanting to lose you again. You turned around and gasped seeing Sunghwa so close to you. “I’m sorry-Oh Sunghwa..” you stared at him in shock, but recovered quickly. “Hey…”

He smiled looking down at you. You were as beautiful as ever. “Hey…Um, what are you doing here?”

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After that gorgeous handjob I definitely need something sweet and lovely. Like Harry surprising his missus with a candlelight dinner and stuff like that. Totally romantic and fluffy, ending up in bed hugging and snuggling.

A double update - woo! A short and sweet little something for those of you who love some cuddly Harry.

I love me some cuddly, surprise-filled, loving, boyfriend!Harry. It’s my absolute favourite - followed by sweaty, weak and submissive Harry. ;) ;) 

Read my newest smut piece, here

+ Feedback is greatly appreciated. x

“Harry, s’all this?” 

Confusion laced with your words as you stood in the doorway of the kitchen. In front of you stood a tired looking Harry, a smile on his lips with an apron tied around his waist with a face covered in flour and his hands covered in a sauce that you could detect as a lemon and garlic marinade due to the aroma filling the large and brightly lit kitchen. His green eyes were sullen and his eyelids looked heavy yet he looked as happy as ever, wiping his hands on a kitchen towel before his arms opened wide and he wiggled his fingers to summon you closer to him, to give him a hug and to have you close after hours of being away from one another.

“Peaches, s’all this for, hm? Have I forgotten something?” You wondered, your cheek pressed against his chest. “Are your parents coming down from Cheshire? Is Gemma coming over? Oh, is it February already? Is it your birthday? No, it’s just gone New Years,” you whispered, looking up to him.

You were sure you’d forgotten something.

An important date; a birthday, a visit from his family, an anniversary, maybe.

Harry always took it upon himself to create a feast fit for thousands when it came to a special date or an organised meal or a planned get together that required alcohol and snacks and homemade sweet treats that had him slaving away in the kitchen for hours of the afternoon. Hours that become filled with his sweet singing and his groans every time something went wrong and the sounds of pots and pans clanging together in a hasty movement of rushing to get everything finished.

But, you raked and raked your brain and nothing came to mind. And a wash of relief coursed through your body when he explained just what he was slaving in the kitchen for.

“Just want to show my love for you, Gorgeous. I had a free afternoon, and you were busy with work and I got bored and I just wanted to treat you and show you how much I love you,” he smiled, his lips pressing against your forehead and lingering softly on your skin. His warm breath fanning across your hairline and eliciting a soft yet content sigh from your mouth, between your lips and brushing against his apron. “Cooked a storm up in here today, m’tellin’ you. Had t’ changed clothes a couple o’ times and I think I got some flour and some egg whites in my hair. Forgot it was on my hands and I ran it through my hair to push it away from my face, and it got all matted and sticky, so I need a shower before we eat or I’ll be scratchin’ all night.”

“You’re awful,” you scoffed, pushing his chest away. “What have you made today?” 

“I’ve made a nice tomato soup with those croutons that you like as well as a little chicken Ceaser salad that Lou recommended to me. She said Lux absolutely loves when she makes it and she sent me the recipe the other day. I’m cooking lemon and garlic marinated chicken at the moment and some of your favourite herb-dusted baby potatoes with parsnips and carrots boiling in the pans on the cooker,” he explained, looking down at you as you snuck your head around his waist and gave his bum a soft pat. “And, I’ve made us a chocolate treat that mum recommended.” 

Peeking over his shoulder, you could see bowls filled with a chocolate-looking icing and a spatula covered in frosting.

“And what has your mum recommended?”

“Some strawberry and chocolate cake. Of course, I can bake a cake because I-“

“-used to work in a bakery. I know,” you teased, a smirk forming on your lips as his eyebrows furrowed and formed a soft dip at the top of his nose.

“Stop teasing me. I did used to work in a bakery. Took you back there, din’t I? You loved the lemon cheesecake they had there,” he reasoned, tapping the tip of your nose with his finger. A smile forming on your lips as you retracted your hands from his bum and pushed at his hips. 

The lemon cheesecake.

The words had your mouth watering. It was 3 years ago when Harry took you back to Cheshire for the first time, to meet his family and to show you around the routes he knew and the rooms he grew up in and the places he spent his childhood in – his primary school and his secondary school, the fields he played football in, the parks he hung out in with his friends, the college he applied for before his life changed for good, as well as the place he shared his first kiss; but he never went in to too much detail about the girl he did it with because he wanted to forget the rushed decision he’d made, new memories wanting to be made by recreating his first kiss with you, his current girlfriend who he loved dearly and knew was the one he was going to marry.

But the one place he took you too, that you loved and stayed within the walls of the longest, was the bakery he used to work at. His face lighting up as the two of you walked through the back door, an apron being thrusted into your hand as Barbara pulled Harry into her arms, handing over a slice of cheesecake for you both to share. The sweet smelling treat strong and yellow and gorgeously presented, a mint leaf sitting on top of the thick layer. His old boss, patting his back and setting him to take the front of the shop for an hour or two, was thrilled to have him back after so long – his best worker.

“We’re off track, anyway. I made us a chocolate cake with strawberries on the top as well as strawberry jam with the chocolate frosting between the two layers. It tastes good, too,” Harry smirked, turning on his socked heels and walking back towards the cooker, “and it’s sitting in the fridge to stay moist and proper. We don’t want a warm cake.”

“Did you buy ice-cream? We cannot have cake without ice-cream,” you stated, hopping up on the part of the counter that looked evidently clean and unused, holding the half-empty carton of strawberries. “Strawberry ice-cream always goes well with chocolate cake.” 

“I have the carton of ice-cream with chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ice-cream in. I think it’s still full from when we babysat Lux,” Harry explained, lifting the lid of the saucepan, his face engulfed by steam and disappearing behind the thick smoke. “Jesus. They smell good,” and you could hear the grin in his voice. “Do you want to go and get dressed out of your work clothes? I can see paint splatters and handprints on your shirt.” 

“S’actually your shirt,” you murmured beneath your breath, a shy smile on your lips as Harry’s eyes widened and his neck snapped towards you. “Sorry.”

“You wore my shirt to work?” He questioned, a smirk on his lips. “Did I say you could wear my white shirt to work, hm? I don’t remember saying you could raid my wardrobe and take one of my expensive shirts,” he teased, amusement lacing his words as they rolled from his tongue. Your eyes wide as you looked down at your fingers and toyed with your nails. “Oi, m’jokin’, Gorgeous. My clothes are your clothes. Apart from my jeans because you’ll trip over them.” 

“Won’t get them up my legs because they’re so tight,” you giggled, reaching for a strawberry and picking the stalk off of the top. “Surprised your legs still work, if I’m honest, Peaches. And your balls. I’m surprised they’re still release sperm.”

“Oi, they work very well, thank you. The number of condoms I’ve fill can be proof,” Harry smirked, his teeth taking his bottom lip as he chewed on the flesh lightly. “Besides, they work well and we’re going to make babies. Lots of ‘em.”

“Alright. You have the easy part. All you have to do is spunk in me and then I do the hard work,” you grunted, jumping from the counter and stepping, with a large step, over to where Harry was standing. His arms behind his waist as he tugged on the strings and undone the knot at the base of his back, removing the neck of the apron and placing it over the back of the stool underneath the kitchen island. “M’just goin’ to get changed. Anything in particular? My pyjamas? My underwear?” 

“I’d love for you to come down naked, but, I’d like to eat rather than have sex with you on the counter,” he whispered lustfully, his arm snaking around your waist and pulling you to his body. “I love you. Wear a nice something. We don’t get to go out but, it’s always nice to dress up in our own house, right?”

“I prefer this anyway,” you smiled, “it’s so much more private and we can kiss and be intimate without people catching us in the act or taking photos or interrupting us.” 

You loved his fans and his strong fan-base supporting his every move.

And he loved them just as much.

They got him to where he was today and he never stopped showing his appreciation, no matter he was; walking the streets, getting a coffee from Starbucks, making a breakfast stop for the two of you in the later hours of the mornings, eating in a restaurant with you between lunchtime and dinner-time, or on his morning run when he was dressed down in his hoodie and a pair of running leggings with his hair pulled back into a tight bun with loose tendrils falling down his face and sticking to his skin with the sweat building up in layers.

You’d been interrupted on many dates and you understood that they were excited to see the one they admired and the only that they loved with their entirety and the one that they had been wanting to meet since the moment he was able to greet fans and take selfies with them and hug them tightly as he whispered his ‘thank you’s to them. But it was always nice to have a date in the comforts of your own home, where you were one another’s company without the feeling of being stared at or spoken fondly of or interrupted for chats and photos. It was never part of the ideal date Harry had in mind, and it was then (in times when all he wanted was to enjoy a dinner with you) that he wished he could click his fingers and have the privacy he desired – privacy where he was left alone to be intimate with you as you went out on normal dates and experienced the normality of a relationship that should have come with the relationship you had together.

“You’re definitely right, although we still run the risk of Horan coming up the steps and knocking on the front door,” Harry chuckled, “he’s missed me.”

* * 

Dinner had gone down a treat. 

With washed plates and full tummies and wine-flavoured lips that were pressed together in soft kisses, the both of you were content and happy and pleased with how the night had passed. The conversations entailed of anything and everything that was unrelated to work, because it was a Friday night and all you wanted was to unwind from the stresses and forget about the work you would go back too on Monday morning – the stresses of looking after children for a little under 5 hours, in a busy nursery block, where your attention had to be divided by those who were in need of being noticed and heard and where you had to be fully aware of what was happening.

Conversations entailed plans being made to visit his mother in Cheshire – because Harry claimed that he ‘never saw mum as much’ and that he wanted to get more recommendations on food he can treat you with.

He spoke about holidays and when you had time off so he could whisk you away to an exotic country and treat you like a queen – Hawaii and Greece being the top countries he mentioned more often than none, and it was clear cut that he’d been researching hotels and flights and seeing when the best time to go would be where the rooms weren’t all occupied and you would be left alone to spend time together.

You spoke about parties and get togethers as well as the newest upcoming party, slash, get together that Grimmy was holding in a couple of weekends at his home – a Summer party that required everyone to be there with booze and food and their party hats on because he claimed it was ‘going to be the best party thrown out of the entire list of parties thrown for Summer that year’. 

But as the night came to a close, and Harry’s hair was washed and dried from egg whites and yolk, and the both of you were dressed in your pyjamas – a nice fitted yet thin sweater upon Harry’s body with a pair of his black joggers hanging down his legs, whilst you dressed in your sleep shorts and a loose white t-shirt of Harry’s that had gone through a lot in it’s life time – lounging on the sofas with reruns of old programmes that the two of you used to cuddle up and watch. 

“We should head t’ bed in a bit, Gorgeous. I can see you’re almost falling asleep over there,” he chuckled, the sound rousing you from your state of tiredness. “S’almost midnight and you look exhausted,” he stated, yawning soon after.

“Coming from someone who’s been cooking all day and looks even more tired than me,” you teased, dropping your phone to your chest and propping yourself up on your elbows. “Come sit over here. F’we fall asleep, we fall asleep. I jus’ want some cuddles, really.” 

And you need not say more.

Because he was up in a flash, and making his way over to you, shuffling himself behind you and spooning you close to his chest. His feet knotting with yours, with your ankles bashing together every so often, and his arm snaking around your waist and settling upon your belly where his fingers began to draw soft circles into the material of his t-shirt. 

“You’re so comfy. Love bein’ this close to you, Gorgeous.”

“Hmm. S’my favourite position, honestly,” you whispered, twisting your body around and wrapping your arms around his neck as you pressed your chest to his. “Love you,” you whispered, your lips brushing against his.

“I love you too,” he whispered back, before pressing his red wine-tasted lips to yours.

* *

YOURINSTAGRAM: Hi, Peaches. Come cuddle with me. I miss your warmth and your cuddles and just you in general. You’re so close but so far. @harrystyles. 

All Grown Up (Part 2)

Originally posted by mayfifolle

As requested, here’s a sequel to All Grown Up!

Summary: The Christmas party has come and gone, and it’s clear this new, fresh-out-of-college Jungkook is here to stay. But how exactly do you feel about it? You have no idea. Only now, it’s New Years Eve, and your parents want to spend it with none other than the Jeons. 

Genre: Fluff  | Word Count: 2019 | Pairing: ReaderXJungkook

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i don't even supergirl but once again your writing is politely forcing me to ship something hmu with some christmas supercorp headcanons

lmao ‘politely forcing’ aka my usual method of persuasion also i love how this is like the second ship i’ve gotten you into, from a show you don’t even watch 

  • ANYWAY so lena is used to spending christmases alone, like before she went to boarding school it was usually only her and lex and maybe the housekeeper, but usually not, and then when he left for metropolis, it was usually just lena and whatever meals isabel had prepped and frozen for her before leaving to be with her family for the holidays.  and once she was in boarding school, it was much the same, she’s not ever invited home save for her senior year and she starts to wonder if that was all contrived, all some plot of her mother’s to humiliate her, to break her into something she could control
    • yikes that got sadder than i had intended (and i intended it to be p sad) but the point is that lena’s used to holidays alone, college saw a one well intentioned girl dropping hints abt lena going back to hers for christmas but lena was still a little gun shy when it came to Actual Relationships and then the news abt lex broke and that girl dropped her ass faster than lena could’ve predicted, but honestly she’s not surprised
      • so she spends the time spanning from november to january alone, usually drinking wildly expensive scotch and buying herself way too much shit to make up for the fact that the entire city is lit up with light, that people are happy and with people they love and her apartment is unchanged, just as empty as it was the rest of the year.  when she makes her move to gain control of l corp from her mother and the board, she starts working through the holidays, trying to prove herself capable and dedicated and then when she gets it, gets the company, then she has a reason to ignore the holidays (even though she’s always sure to make sure holiday bonuses are on time and no one, not even the cleaning staff or jess or anyone is scheduled to come in starting from the 23rd and running through the 1st of the year)
        • this was a v long way of saying that lena hates this time of year and honestly dread fills her entire being whenever the first notes of a christmas song start to play in the elevator to her office on the day after thanksgiving 
  • ANYWAY kara LITERALLY loves christmas so much, she really does, and the danvers were always a relatively festive family, like they did the whole thing with the lights and ice skating and hot cocoa but then alex was older and not as interested AND THEN kara comes along and its like having a little kid all over again so they go all out her first few christmases and even after jeremiah ‘dies’, eliza and alex work really really hard to keep it up bc even if it hurts its better than wallowing, better to try and get kara to smile than to stare at the empty spot at the table
    • basically kara is the Most Festive.  like you are kidding yourself if you think she does not deck the fuckin halls and drink every holiday starbucks drink and spend way too much time picking out the perfect gifts for everyone she loves.  my girl is so holly jolly that she even manages to get alex in the spirit of things, usually ending with alex a lil tipsy from heavily liquored eggnog but wearing a santa hat and elf shoes just the same
      • the superfriends find it terribly endearing bc duh and everyone goes along with it, goes caroling at the children’s hospital, goes on a tour of the city lights, the whole nine yards bc who on earth or any other planet could say no to that face
  • so you have Lena, the Grinch, and Kara, the Ghost of Every Christmas Ever and their first christmas together is actually p funny and also a little sad bc they’re not even dating and lena’s just lost what little family she had left and kara’s feeling so bad about it and then when she finds out that lena spent thanksgiving alone, is planning on spending christmas alone too she feels even WORSE and appears at lcorp with a bunch of thanksgiving leftovers under the pretense of having lunch with lena but with full intentions to casually invite lena to friendsmas
    • and its a little awkward and uncomfortable at first bc lena’s still smarting from what kara said to her, still a little hurt that she wouldn’t just come out and say what needed to be said, that she came at her in such a sideways way, but kara’s just so damned earnest that lena can see she didn’t mean to hurt her, that she was scared and tired and lena understands that, cant imagine the fear she must have been going through, thinking she and everyone like her were about to die and even if kara still thinks supergirl is a secret, lena knows and can forgive her so they warm up p quickly and then kara’s slipping the topic of christmas into conversation and lena sort of waves it off, something about no rest for the wicked and then kara’s bumping her shoulder gently and leading into it in the most obvious way like so i usually host christmas over at my place….. and lena’s sort of just looking at her bc, bless her, she has no idea what kara’s getting at so kara’s continuing, rambling i’d really love it if you’d come because i dont think anyone should be alone but i completely understand if you think it’ll be too much but it’s really fun i swear!  we do party games and alex makes really strong eggnog and 
      • and then lena’s laughing a little, a small watery little laugh and asking when she should be over, what she should bring and hiding her panic bc literally????  she doesnt think she’s ever been around anyone but lex for christmas, and their christmases were very different, she’s sure, and all her memories are tinged with bitterness now, with heartache, so how the fuck???  is she supposed to act??????
    • kara makes it pretty easy tbh.  lena shows up five minutes early with some wildly expensive alcohol from her personal collection and like so many fucking presents and kara’s eyes go a little wide before they go soft, filling in the blanks, picking up the tense of lena’s shoulders and then she’s pulling her in and telling her that alex just made the eggnog, but there’s still plenty, dont worry and then she’s in the middle of what one can only describe as a winter wonderland and holy SHIT maybe lena didnt think this through
      • but its……literally the best christmas lena’s ever had and it shows and kara mentions her yearly new years eve party and lena’s like i’ll bring the champagne
  • next christmas tho they’re together and lena spends most nights at kara’s and she really shouldnt be surprised by how early she starts decorating but the morning after thanksgiving, lena stumbles of the bedroom, still kind of hungover and definitely still working her way through the food coma aftermath, and kara’s just……just fuckn surrounded by boxes labeled CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!  and lena’s like oh please no, not today and kara’s throwing some tinsel at her and holding up one of the many sprigs of mistletoe she has stashed away for moments just like this and lena’s rolling her eyes but she’s also not stopping kara from pushing a santa hat into her hands when she leans into a kiss, even gamely puts it on and promises to help but some of us dont have kryptonian immunity to hangovers, so i’ll need a minute and some coffee
  • HERE ARE THEIR CHRISTMAS TRADITIONS (bc of course kara manages to get lena to actually love christmas and not just humor her)
    • actual city lights flight around national city: they wear dark clothes and stay out of sight, but its amazing and the first time they do it, lena’s still not that super pumped when it comes to flying, so she’s pressed as close to kara as she can be but somewhere mid-flight she starts to relax and enjoy it and kara spends more time watching lena look at the city below them than she does admiring the lights (besides, she has a sneaking suspicion that they’ll be doing this again next year)
    • kara sort of insists on a christmas movie marathon every year and lena’s hopeless, really, just capitulates with a long suffering sigh, but she kind of loves the hot cocoa and the cheesy movies and, mostly, loves how kara’s head inevitably lands in lena’s lap, how kara falls asleep so quickly when lena starts to run her fingers through her hair (and, like, if she keeps watching those damn movies long after kara’s dozed off, she’ll claim that she didn’t want to wake her girlfriend by reaching across for the remote)
    • if you dont think kara has a stocking decorating party every year, you are wrong my friend.  EVERY YEAR.  
      • darling, sweetheart, song of my soul, light of my life, don’t you think we have……maybe too many stockings?
      • every year we grow as people, so every year we need a new stocking.  keep glittering
      • they have literal boxes of stockings bc kara insists that everyone make one and then agrees to store them so there are L I T E R A L piles of boxes of just stockings and when they move in together, lena declared one closet of their new place the Stocking Closet and therefore off limits to her, bc the last three times she tries to get out one of the Stocking Boxes, the entire precarious stack just fuckn collapsed on her so superheroes only, i’m afraid
    • hot cocoa in the park whenever it first snows; lena used to hate the cold with a burning passion, refused to go out for anything longer than ten minutes and even then made sure she was bundled up as warmly as she could manage but she figures that one of the many perks of dating an alien (one alien, in particular, of course) is that your girlfriend could serve as a portable personal space heater, so she’s pretty amenable to a walk in the park (okay, yeah, and it’s pretty adorable how kara’s eyes light up when it starts to snow again, adding to the light dusting on the ground)
    • midnight wrapping sessions; this is less tradition and more necessity as kara was often called away on supergirl duty just as she got started wrapping but there was always a lull in activity around christmas which meant christmas eve was the perfect time to wrap and lena’s usually up then anyway and honestly kara’s pretty excessive with ribbon and tape so lena’s really just there to reign her in a little but its still pretty fun and maybe lena has a habit of disappearing and returning in her bathrobe with a ribbon tied around her waist and…….just her bathrobe with a ribbon tied around her waist (what are you waiting for, supergirl?  don’t you want to unwrap your present?) (it is the literal cheesiest line kara thinks she’s ever heard and its the worst one that lena’s ever said but kara’s still blushing HARD and nodding fast and ditching the wrapping session in a heartbeat)
Phan: Those Who Trust- Part 16

Wordcount: 1.6k
Genre: Angst, Fluff, Hurt/Comfort
Warnings: past non-con and abuse
Summary: Dan used to be a submissive and now he’s just a broken shell of a man.
Beta: legendarygalaxydragon
A/N: Here it is, the promised New Year’s Eve special. Finals week starts in less than a month, so if updates over the next weeks are scarce I apologize, but I’m probably rocking back and forth at 3 a.m. in a corner. Here’s to hoping that 2016 will be a good year for all of us. Hope you enjoy! :)


As the clock struck midnight, cries of “Happy New Year“ and “Cheers“ filled the apartment as glasses full of champagne, beer, wine or other beverages of choice clinked against each other. The room was crowded with people, what had originally started as a small gathering of friends had played out into a party with strangers that neither Dan nor Phil had ever met before, but they brought more alcohol and snacks and a good mood, so neither of them had complained upon their arrival. Their apartment had never seen more people in it before than tonight, and no matter where Dan looked, now that it was midnight people were hugging, or sharing passionate kisses.

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May 15 || Bralec

Brooklyn got up, sweat all over her body and she felt that horrible sinking feeling in her stomach. She knew what it was. The day the calender hit may 15th and it was as if the day would never end. She found her phone on the bed side table, checking the lockscreen.

02.37 am

May 15

She sighed, her breath coming out shaky. It wasn’t the day, no, it was three years ago, but still it hurt like it just happened when the day rolled in. It was completely irrational to be triggered by a date yet there she was, her whole body shaking as she remembered waking up by a phone call at 3.30 am. She remembered seeing the very same lock screen. May 15. And just like that, Joseph Carter was no more.

She got up, hoping a warm shower would calm her. She could be strong this once, right? She wouldn’t have to call someone because she couldn’t even breath on her own, right? She peeled off the little clothing she had on and ran the shower, for so long that when she got out the water was running ice cold. But she was too numb to feel. She put on new pair of shorts and t-shirt like she was robot and crawled inside her bed, tears only silent so far. She checked her phone again.


May 15

She cried and cried until she was sobbing. She couldn’t cope, she couldn’t stay strong. Her soul was ripped off, taken away and she was left aching forever. There was a void in her existence that nothing could ever fill. With their last taken picture in her hand, she walked to her liquor cabinet. Three years gone by and the amount of alcohol she started to have increased greatly. There wasn’t a time she wouldn’t get drunk when she was mourning after Joseph and each time she knew she was dancing on the edge of a line that was alcoholism. But tonight, she cared even less. She went through the bottles, taking three of them which had so little left in them and she just sat there. Right in the middle of the house, too exhausted to go back to bed or her room. She opened the cap, drinking straight from the bottle while she cried her pain away.


May 15

The amount she consumed wasn’t enough to knock her out or get her drunk. But it was enough for her to stop thinking. She took her phone in her hands once again, only a minute after checking the time and went through her contact list. It was Matty who was there the first time. They were together back then and she clung to him throughout all of it, the whole night until her eyes gave out. And it was Rhett the previous year. He yelled at her and she cried more. She hit him and he held her, all the while saying what she did wasn’t fair. She didn’t want to be fair, she wanted to let go. She wanted to unexist.

Now she couldn’t call neither of them. One was her ex who she shared two complicated kisses and one odd dinner together recently and the other was her former crush and her twin’s best friend, her old friend who she couldn’t tell when she saw the last time. She was alone, miserable and she could hardly breath.

“Joseph please come back.” she wailed on the floor, laying on her side, her arms around her legs.


May 15

She took her phone again and with shaky fingers she went through the last calls. Mom, Alec, Alec, Dad, home, Alec, Alec, Alec, Masie, Izzy, Alec…

Her finger hovered over his name. Could she? Could she call him? She knew she shouldn’t. He was the only friend who didn’t see this mess. The mess that drove everyone away. But she couldn’t breath anymore. She needed someone to hold her and tell her it would be alright. Her finger gently touched the screen and her sobs intensified. Shame washed over her, mixing with the great grief.

“Alec, please come. I… I need someone. Please.” she cried, not hearing his reply. “Door is unlocked.” she said, not hearing if he even agreed or not to come. “I don’t want to be alone.” she said softly, her voice thick after hours of sobbing.

A promised dance

Newt Scamander x Reader

Request:  Hello! I was just wondering as The new year is nearly upon us if you could do a Newt Scamander x reader? I was thinking something along the lines of it being New Year’s Eve and as the countdown begins reader notices newt is missing from the New Years party they are attending :) thank you

Originally posted by newtafidoscamander

Your vision was blurry as you were dancing in the bar with your best friends. Loud music and cheerful laughter were mixed and filled the room, your lips were wet from the alcohol, and as your legs started to gave up, you went to find an empty seat in the corner.

It was New Year’s Eve and the only thing that you kissed was the neck of the bottle. 

“Five minutes until midnight!” - you heard Queenie’s joyful voice from the middle of the bar. 

You felt dizzy from the firewhisky, but it didn’t stop you to realize the absence of Newt. As you look around in the pub, you slipped off from the chair, but you saw him nowhere. He behaved oddly all night, except that one or two hours when the alcohol affected him strongly and he couldn’t stop dancing and talking. Of course it was an oddly behave from him too, but at least he didn’t look sad. Earlier today he was silent, and you were sure he didn’t even want to came with you, but you badgered him all day. You knew without words that he loves spending time with you, and you also knew your friendship slowly started to become something more.

A girlish voice in your ear pulled you back from your thoughts. “I think you should find him.” - Queenie chirped as she nodded to the direction of the backdoor. 

A moment later you were outside, but Newt wasn’t there either. 

“Three minutes until midnight!” - you heard a voice from inside again. Since you weared a short dress and didn’t take your cloak with yourself, you wanted to go back, but when you turned on your heels, you noticed a brown suitcase in the corner.

You climbed down as quickly as you can with your weak legs, and you saw Newt as he half laying, half sitting with his back on a tree. As you walked closer fastly to him, your moves wasn’t really steady, and when you wanted to stop in front of him so suddenly, you accidentally fell down on his lap. 

“Hey, alright there?” - he smiled as pulled you closer on his lap, but you just giggled. 

“I, I think I drank a bit more than I should.”

“I think you drank a LOT more than you should.” He held you by your lower back and your thigh; his hand on your bare skin burn more than the firewhisky ever did. 

“What are you doing down here? It’s almost midnight.”

“I’m not a fond of New Year’s Eve.” - he answered in a low voice without looking at you. 

“Why?” You cupped his face and he didn’t answer, just gently shook his head and and kissed the inside of your wrist. 

Newt was a complex man with a difficult past, and you still didn’t know a lot of things about him. He almost never was ready to answer when you asked, but when he felt like it, he told you everything - in small steps. Now you really didn’t want to make him more sad than he’s already, so you didn’t push him. 

You glanced down on his watch. “We missed it.”

“Do you want to go up?” - he asked, now looking at your eyes. 

“No.” - you said sadly and rested your head on his shoulder, but a few seconds later he lift you up.

“Come on. I owe you with a slow dance.” He promised you indeed, earlier that night when both of you started to feeling yourselves very well, and you confessed you never had a proper slow dance earlier. He got really passionate and told that a wonderful woman like you deserves to have a slow dance as much as she wants, and he’ll gladly take your slowdance-virginity later.

“Newt. I appreciate, but my legs hardly working anymore.” - you smiled, but he didn’t give up.

“Not a problem sweetheart.” - he said before reached down grasped your ankle. You shrieked a little and clutched his shoudlers while he take off your shoes. 

He straightened and pulled you closer by your waist. “Stand on my feet.”

You giggled into his chest but did it; you were so small compared to him. He gave a quick kiss on your forehead before started to moving. His touch was always so calming for you. Both of you were in silent, but it was a sweet one. There were no unconfortable silences between you. After a minute or so, he stopped and you stepped down from his feet, but he still held you tightly yet gently to himself.

He looked into your eyes and you gave a quick deem on his lips, then back in his eyes. He opened his mouth like he wanted to say something, but stopped and in the next moment his lips were attached with yours. You could still feel the taste of the sweet bitterness of the alcohol, but it was on Newt’s lips or yours, you couldn’t decide anymore. His tounge caressed yours gently, before you pulled back.

“Happy New Year’s Eve, Newt.” 

“Now it’s much better.” - he smiled. - “Happy New Year’s Eve, Y/N.”



For the last three years, it seems as if I’ve been chasing love. I’ve been wanting, even needing, to fall in love with someone again. I’ve been in love twice and the first time was perfect. I was cared for constantly, I never doubted the relationship, and it lasted me four wonderful years. But no one stays with their first love so as quickly as I fell into love, I fell out of it. The second time was much different. It was perfect at times, but also one of the most painful experiences that I went through. Looking back I am extremely grateful because it shaped me greatly and as much as it hurt, I wouldn’t take the experience back. 

Lately I’ve been realizing that I have been trying to constantly fill the void that was opened up three short years ago. I’ve been trying to fill the void with each new set of lips I kissed, each inch of someone’s body, and tons of alcohol. I’ve convinced myself that in these past three years, I have been just experiencing life and what its meant to have your heart broken several times. My college years have been amazing but at the same time, every semester was marked by someones presence and sudden absence. My life has been filled with many temporary people, temporary experiences, temporary rushes. 

I’ve been searching for a love that made me feel full and complete. I haven’t focused on myself in three years. I haven’t given myself the time to truly dig deep and figure out what the hell I want from this life. My faith in myself has never been so low but I’m also extremely optimistic about my future. I’ve been learning that maybe, just maybe, nothing works out for me in the end because I haven’t given myself a chance. I wanted to fill a void so bad that I lost myself completely along the way. I can’t say no, I have no backbone, and I’m known to have people walk all over me. And why the hell am I living a life like that? I don’t deserve it. 

Maybe my senior year will be marked by my own personal growth. I guess I should just put some faith into myself and love myself first.