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I am obsessed! Mentioned earlier that for lunches I was doing a tofu-avocado salad sandwich filling. This is only my second time making tofu and I am hooked. Drained it, and then marinated it overnight with salt/pepper, garlic, oregano, and red wine vinegar. Then, next day put in a small avocado, dijon mustard, pinch more salt/pepper, dash extra red wine vinegar, and juice of a lemon. Mashed it all together with a fork. Topped with my homemade pickles and spread onto oatmeal bread. Spinach and mint soup as my side; made dairy free through the use of coconut milk.


Here is some of the dishes I have been making.

I think it is really cool how the components of the dish get made throughout the day or the day before, labeled and put in say the ‘cheesecake tray’ in the fridge. Which will have the cheesecake made and sliced up, macaroon filling and tropical fruit salad in and the macaroons will be in a box as they are not refrigerated. So when the order comes through it can be assembled and ready in two minutes. All components of the dishes are made in the hotel. Once everything is prepared for the day we make things in advance for the next day. It is so organized.

The Beginning, Inevitably Featuring an Octopus

Valbrandur, the small octopus currently sitting in a salad bowl filled with water on the other side of the table, looked rather nervous, and Oscar suspected it had to do with the fact that it somehow knew his spell would backfire and not succeed in healing it. From what it needed healing, he couldn’t tell. His head was already hurting enough when the two mermaids demanded it be taken care of, shoved it into his hands without further explanation (he had never planned on holding an octopus before, so this came as an unpleasant surprise), and strode off to his living room to sprawl on the couch and watch tv. Apparently, when their tails had turned to human feet right before his eyes earlier, they had taken his moment of speechless shock as a sign that they were welcome to prop their feet on his coffee table at any time. They didn’t bother to help/helping him find a tank for the octopus that was still wriggling in his arms. Now, ten minutes later, he was about to go crazy (or choose the safer option and cry) from the complete chaos and the need to know the reason for their visit.

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5 Things Tag Meme

The great @windydesert tagged me for this tag meme thingy 23 years ago. Thank you btw. <3

1 SONG:  Dog Fashion Disco - AD NAUSEAM

2 MOVIES:  Bad Taste, Иваново детство

3 SHOWS:  Hogan’s Heroes, Twin Peaks, Human Remains

4 CHARACTERS: Sophie Haas (Mord mit Aussicht), Dorothy Zbornak (Golden Girls), Tjaden (All Quiet on the Western Front), Schlump (Schlump).

5 FOODS: Käse-Lauch-Suppe, Ćevapčići, Pelmeni, Maultaschen filled with plums, tuna salad.

tagging: @itstimewehavesomesoliddick, @silly-lioness, @spartanchan, @borussia-in-saecula-saeculorum, @mathiasismywhore, @kayetastic, @everythingisscary, @panzersexual

Twitter friendly tag: Salad Hand takes the challenge out of creating new salad recipes. Build a salad that’s original, healthy, zesty, sweet and crunchy, the choices are up to you.

Rules of play:

There are four categories, Base, fillings, toppings and dressings.

Get some salad inspiration by flicking through the cards and reading the ingredients. If you need a little guidance, follow the coloured tabs in the top right corner. Match up the corresponding colours and you’ll get some ingredients that go nicely together. Otherwise…

Start with the base (green). Flick through and choose one or more of the base card ingredients. Start with a handful of the ingredient and depending on how many you are serving or how hungry you are, increase the amount accordingly.

Next up is fillings (red). The fillings give the salad its personality so have fun, pick as little or as many fillings as you like. Aim for variations in flavour, colour and texture to make your salad more interesting.

Choose your toppings (orange) to add the final touch. Think of them as accessorising your salad, a small sprinkle is enough.

Finish your salad by choosing a suitable dressing (yellow).

Nutritional information can be found at the bottom of most cards.

Project title: Salad Hand is a project to encourage healthy eating in New Zealand. It is designed to be fun and simple for the player to use.

Reflective Statement: 
My idea started out as a way to inspire players to make their own salad. It started off very simple with only the ingredient on the front and the category on the back. It has transformed into a ‘lifestyle’ card. My cards now provide you with the nutritional information of ingredients and suggestions on how to prep the ingredients ready to be put into the salad. I’ve targeted my cards towards parents. They are designed for ease of use and convenience. My aim was to encourage healthy eating in New Zealand and gradually through play-testing and research I believe my card can promote healthy eating, far more than my original design at least. I would expand this concept further by introducing more elements for children.  The cards could have more of a child friendly design for example cartoon vegetables which would make the cards more exciting. They could become a trading card where children can collect the whole range of ingredients much the same idea as collectable giveaways in supermarkets.

Find my research, play-testing and iterations:

Important Message to all with or friends of those with Psychosis or any mental illness

My name is Aly and I am coming to tumblr to ask for help on my senior project. I am completing my degree in Liberal Studies with a focus in the Arts and my ultimate goal is to become not only an art therapist but as an advocate for fellow mentally ill people while in the field. 

I am going to attempt to create a book that sheds light on mental illness, mainly psychosis, which requires generous literary donations from anyone willing to participate in this venture. I will be creating artwork based on each piece of poetry, prose, or journal entry I receive. 

What I require to achieve a full work are submissions of writing from anyone dealing with psychosis or any mental illness. I don’t care about the quality being that of Sylvia Plath or Maya Angelou, in fact I encourage your most raw emotions, unedited. I encourage works filled with Word Salad and other distortions of language. The purpose is to see beauty in YOUR normal. 

The final draft will be submitted and ordered on so it can be easily produced and also accessed by those who submitted their own works. I wont be able to send free copies however I can find out how to apply a discount for anyone who helped me achieve my project. 

When you submit your beautiful pieces to me, if you wish, also mention how you would like to be sourced/credited at the beginning or end of your section. Anonymity is also accepted and respected. 

Depending on how many submissions I get I may have to be selective;however my goal is to create as many pieces I can so please please share this post to get the word out!! I believe that we deserve to have our voices heard from our own perspectives and not from what the media deems us to be!! 

Thank you so much for taking your time to read this,I appreciate anything I can get! 


HERE I AM EVERYONE, happy sunday!
yesterday dinner was a huge sandwich filled with salad, tomato, about 150g of grilled tofu and human blood. no joke, it was just a lot of ketchup. so fucking good.
then i also had 2 peaches