shit that definitely goes down at scotland yard

  • dramatic readings of john watson’s blog
  • charades where they act out previously solved murder cases
  • sally balancing things on top of greg when he is asleep at his desk
  • people repeatedly mistaking bearded anderson and beardless anderson for two different people
  • dimmock keeping a heart-shaped-framed photo of sherlock in his desk; occasionally bringing it out to gaze at it adoringly
  • sally flipping the finger at corners where she thinks mycroft’s cameras are hidden
  • it’s actually anthea watching; she finds it cute
  • the assassin hired by moriarty to kill greg in TRF is still hanging around pretending to work there because the other assassins forgot to tell him that the job was off
Feel- K dot

I feel like a chip on my shoulders
I feel like I’m losin’ my focus
I feel like I’m losin’ my patience
I feel like my thoughts in the basement
Feel like, I feel like you’re miseducated
Feel like I don’t wanna be bothered
I feel like you may be the problem
I feel like it ain’t no tomorrow, fuck the world
The world is endin’, I’m done pretendin’
And fuck you if you get offended
I feel like friends been overrated
I feel like the family been fakin’
I feel like the feelings are changin’
Feel like I ain’t feelin’ you all
Feel like removin’ myself, no feelings involved
I feel for you, I’ve been in the field for you
It’s real for you, right? Shit, I feel like—

I feel like it’s just me
Look, I feel like I can’t breathe
Look, I feel like I can’t sleep
Look, I feel heartless, often off this
Feelin’ of fallin’, of fallin’ apart with
Darkest hours, lost it
Fillin’ the void of bein’ employed with ballin’
Streets is talkin’, fill in the blanks with coffins
Fill up the banks with dollars
Fill up the graves with fathers
Fill up the babies with bullshit
Internet blogs and pulpit, fill ‘em with gossip
I feel like this gotta be the feelin’ what 'Pac was
The feelin’ of an apocalypse happenin’
But nothin’ is awkward, the feelin’ won’t prosper
The feelin’ is toxic, I feel like I’m boxin’ demons
Monsters, false prophets schemin’
Sponsors, industry promises
Niggas, bitches, honkies, crackers, Compton
Church, religion, token blacks, and bondage
Lawsuit visits, subpoena served in concert
Fuck your feelings, I mean this for imposters
I can feel it, the phoenix sure to watch us
I can feel it, the dream is more than process
I can put a regime that forms a Loch Ness
I can feel it, the scream that haunts our logic
I feel like say somethin’, I feel like take somethin’

passionatebutterflyartist  asked:

psst i love ur art and i saw ur takin requests??? can i ask for silvally!Gladion?? ike, gladion as a silvally?? thankie and have a wonderful day n keep up the wonderful art!!!!


im giving you all a fair fuckin warning. starting tonight at midnight (if i finish studying), i will be posting acowar spoilers. THEY WILL ALL BE APPROPRIATELY TAGGED AS SPOILERS. SO IF YOU NEED TO BLACKLIST IT, DO IT. BECAUSE IM NOT HOLDIN BACK.


The animal within chapter 11

It took two days to fix the truck and during that time the wolverine had helped his female heal. He had stitched up her leg and bandaged the rest of her wounds. Making her stay in bed for the time while they were here he brought her whatever type of food she wanted and watched the cartoons on the motel tv with her. When it came time for them to leave he was anxious to get out of the area even if the town had been a nice one. He knew that the mutant y/n had told him was Saber tooth would find them soon and he wanted to be gone long before that. Lifting her up he carried her to the truck and went to sit her on the bed when she looked at him, “Can I sit up front with you?” she asked making him carry her up the front and sit her in the seat gently. Turing the key he was happy to hear the vehicle working fine. Putting it into drive they headed back north. “Why do you always go north?” she asked him in a curious voice. Glancing at her he focused back on the dark road. “Be harder for anyone to find us. Thicker air, less people, bunch of reasons really… why were you heading south?” he asked. “I was going to try and find my brother, he was heading north when we got separated.” she said in a soft voice. Nodding he continued driving but saw the sad look on her face. “We’ll find him, It may be a while but I’ll look for him. I got to get you someplace safe first, it’ll be spring soon and it will be easier for Saber tooth to find you again.” he told her honestly. Seeing her curl up some and give a whimper he regretted telling her. “You should have let him have me, he’ll kill you if he finds us again.”

Pulling off onto the side of the road he turned to her and gripped her chin in his hand. Meeting her tear filled eyes he shook his head. “No. No, you are my mate, my omega. He will not have you ever do you understand me. I will fight for the rest of my life if it means I am the only man that will ever lay claim over ya. He is not going to take ya from me again. If he finds us, I’ll beat em’ just like I did last time, alright?” he told her in a deep voice. When she nodded he sighed, “Who is your alpha?” “You.” she whispered. “And who’s omega are you?” “Yours.” she answered again. “That’s right. I will protect you.” he told her before placing a kiss on her cheek. Pulling back he felt her head follow his shoulder and looked into her tired eyes. Standing he lifted her up and moved her onto the bed. Looking around she smiled at the pillows and blankets that were still where she left them. “You kept my nest.” she said in a happy voice making him smile. “Get some sleep mate.” he told her as he covered her up with one of the blankets. 

Wolverine had drove north for three weeks watching as early spring arrived. He had stopped along the way earning money in the fighting cages and putting it aside. Getting out of the truck y/n watched as her alpha male went and knocked on a door. He hadn’t told her what he was doing only that she needed to trust him. When the door opened she couldn’t see who he was talking to only watched as he pulled out a wad of money and handed it to the person. Nodding his head he stuck something in his pocket before making his way back to the truck and getting in. “What…” she went to question but not before he held up his finger to stop her, “What did I say?” he asked making her sigh, “I know I know, trust you.” she said making him smirk.

A while later the female looked around as they pulled off down a dirt path in the mountains. Looking around she saw most of the snow starting to melt away revealing green trees. It was a long path but when suddenly the trees opened up to show a small cabin with a open yard. Looking to her alpha she knotted her brows, “Do you like it?” he asked with a small grin. “You…is is this ours?” she asked in a happy voice. When he gave a small nod and a grunt she couldn’t stop smiling. Once the truck had slowed down she jumped out. “Hey careful of your stitches!” he yelled after her not being able to stop the chuckle in his voice. It filled him with joy to see his female so happy, especially after what they had gone through. Shutting off the truck he followed after her.

Opening the door to the cabin he held her hand to keep her from running inside. Sniffing the air he made sure they were alone. Smelling no other he stepped inside and looked around. The walls were all wooden along with the floors and the ceiling that was opened up to show the beams. It wasn’t big but it was cozy. There was a fireplace on the wall in the main living area that was empty for now. In the room beside it was a small kitchen with a single sink and a small fridge and oven. Pulling her along he made his way into the room in the back of the home. He enjoyed the fact that there was only one window in the room making it harder for anyone to break in. Off the bedroom was a bathroom with a tub and shower made of stone. He was surprised when she wrapped her arms around his middle and began hugging him tightly. “I love it, thank you alpha!” she said into his chest making him smile and pet the back of her head. “We’ll have ta get some furniture and stuff ta fill it with but should work for a while.” he told her. 

After bringing in their things wolverine went to go chop some wood for a fire. Spring may be on it’s way but it was still rather chilly. Coming back inside with an arm full of wood he looked to see his mate had already made them a nest of bedding by the fireplace and was laying on it looking into the fire. He could tell she had taken a bath as her hair was wet and now she wore nothing but one of his shirts that was far too big on her. “Well ain’t that a sight.” he said with a growl as the shirt showed just the bottom of her ass cheeks. Looking at him she watched as he through a few more logs on the fire before kicking off his boots and joining her on the bed. When she cuddled up to him he couldn’t help from purring in approval. It had been a long time since they had matted and his the animal was raging to mate. Kissing her neck he let out a growl when she rubbed her hand up his chest under his shirt. “Your playing a dangerous game little girl.” he said in a deep voice as he nipped at her neck and began pushing off her shirt. Pulling back she looked into his eyes, his pupils were dilated to show almost no brown. “Tell me again.” she whispered. “I love you.” he said without pause. “I love you too.” she said as he leaned forward to capture her lips in a kiss. Rolling her to her back he straddled her legs as he leaned forward to unbutton the shirt. Seeing her nude chest he growled and leaned forward to suck one of her nipples into his mouth. Suckling the nub until it was red he licked over to do the same to the other. Please..“ she whimpered making him bite down on the mound of her breast. Gasping out she got the message, he was in control. 

When both of her nipples were left red and raw he licked down her stomach to her sex, spreading her legs he looked down and felt his alpha begging to be released. Shaking his head he licked up her slit and heard her give moan. Lapping at her sex he slowly pushed one of his fingers into her entrance making her hips buck unwillingly. "Hold still.” he said in a scowling tone. “Yes alpha.” fucking her with his finger he added another to ready her for him. Soon she was relaxed enough that he crawled back up her body and removed his clothes. Laying on top of her he felt her skin against his own. Feeling her shiver he licked the side of her neck and pulled one of the blankets up over his shoulders to help keep her warm. Kissing her shoulder and neck he moved to look at her face. She looked relaxed and calm something she had never looked when they matted before. He decided it was the only way he ever wanted to see her again. His female knew she was loved by her alpha, that she meant more to him than just someone for his to fuck. “My mate.” he said before slowly pushing into her. He watched with awe as her eyes slowly slid shut and she gasped at being filled with his cock. Rolling his hips back and forth he made love to her. He listened as she moaned out his name and lifted her head from the bed with every pump of his hips. Before long she was grasping at his back, digging her sharp claws into his shoulder blades only for the cuts to soon heal. When he felt her muscles clap shut around him she cried out as she came. Smiling he growled into her neck and pushed in as far as he could, filling her with his seed. Rocking back and forth for a few minutes he gave a sigh and kissed her neck. Rolling over he looked to see her close to sleep. Smirking he moved to hold her close. Sighing he kissed the back of her head, “Promise you’ll still be here when I wake up this time?” he mumbled as he placed lazy kisses on her head. “Mmmhm.” she said as she was close to sleep. “Good, I need your help fillin’ this house with little ones.” he smirked and heard her let out a small squeak.