Ağrılarla geçen kötü bir gecenin ardından bak her şey nasıl da geçiyor diyerek teselli veren güneş ve elimde ağzına kadar kahve dolu minnak filli bardağımla, uyanan ve işe/okula koştura gitmeye çalışan, hala uyuyan, kalk hadi saat 12 oldu yalanına maruz kalan, hiçbir şey yapmak istemiyorum bugün diye düşünen ve sayamadığım diğer herkese günaydın :)

I’m moving out of Applebrook for a few years! I really don’t wanna go! But I hafta, I promised when I signed up for the scholarship. It’s a school made for gifted colts n fillies.

I’m excited and sad! I don’t wanna go, but i do! 

Looks like Cherry has gotta say goodbye to his applebrook friends for now,,,


Class is in Session!

Ms. Cheerliee: Good morning, class! We have an important lesson to get to! And a special one to add to it!

Ms. Cheerliee: Let me introduce to you, Keira Starlight, the current owner of the Ponyville’s Art Shop!

Keira  was a bit nervous, but overcame that as best as she could.
Keira: Good morning, class. I’m going to be teaching you today about art. I know most of you are either looking for you cutie marks or finding the purpose in it. You see, art is very much like a cutie mark. It shows a passion for a talent that is very unique to you. No two art styles are the same, much like no two ponies are the same.

The fillies blink their eyes, nearly lost on her words.

Keira uses her magic to pull out a piece of art she had done.
Keira: Here one of my paintings I did. You might recognize this one already, but this is in the Canterlot Gardens. I did this picture when I was a filly, just like you all.

seeminglymostlyharmless  asked:

how are you preparing for Halloween, the best of all holidays?

Dear Maine,

I love preparing for Nightmare Night! I always have! Now that I’m older, I usually go for a ‘wicked witch in a candy house’ aesthetic when I’m considering my exterior decorations. 

There’s another thing I do to prepare though! I get a few different categories of treats for the young ones who come to the door! First, I make sure that I get my treats at different times and that they’re all carefully packaged and placed in separate baskets so there’s no chance for cross-contamination! And I label them clearly, so that when I bring out all of them to hand out treats, the little ones can pick something that they don’t have an allergy to!

If by some chance, some poor filly or colt is allergic to all my choices, I also have a few small trinket style toys that I have next to the door for them. So nopony is left out!

Nightmare Night is really one of my favorite holidays!