Best of “Drawfriend Stuff #1408 - Now With SPIDER Section” on Equestria Daily :)

Members of Silly Filly Studios as Monty Python Sketches

Meredith - Dead Parrot

Jen - Lumberjack Song

Jax - Bank Robber

Tay - Romans Go Home (Life of Brian)

Hannah - Gumby Brain Specialist

Raw - The Spanish Inquisition

Spencer - Four Yorkshiremen

HC - Fish Slapping Dance

Zedrin - Argument Clinic

Swivel - How Not to Be Seen

Emi - Dirty Hungarian Phrasebook

Courtney - Storytime

Monica - Spam

Nick - Mr. Hilter

Yun - Confuse-a-Cat

Travis - Philosophy Football

Jade - Non-Illegal Robbery

Rev - Cheese Shop

Also, here is the SFS Interview Process