I really love the characters of Fairy Tail but I wish to have arcs of other characters, for the filler arcs, instead of making them about either Lucy or Erza. I want to see more of Gajeel, or maybe Juvia. Hell, I would even like to see how the thunder legion came to be, esp. Freed.
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@crewniverse hire me I can write lapidot filler episodes watch me uwu

Act I: Steven comes to the barn to bring Lapis to the library and shows her a “myth”. It’s about a brave human named Lazulus who has to complete a challenge to win over Perigune, an extremely short, but cute, girl with huge hair. They bring a blue cloak with them on their journey.

In order to do so, Lazulus has to fight Jaspeus by arm-wrestling. Jaspeus starts cheating by taking his elbow off the table, so Lazulus punches him in the face really hard and then gives him a wet willy.

Lazulus marries Perigune and they move into a temple made of wood. They build a fountain dedicated to a goddess with pink hair who helped them on the way and burn a cake, a common practice in those days.

Act II: Steven and Lapis go back to the barn and eat cake and teach Peridot to eat cake.

Act III: Steven warps back to the temple and sees Connie, arriving for training. She notices Steven has a library book but he doesn’t have a card because he stole it not knowing library cards exist.

The moral: Library cards exist.

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