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Naruto Tribute: Characters [3/5]
→Yamanaka Ino (山中いの)
Now, you know a cherry blossom is a “sakura”…and the cosmos is an “akizakura”, the prettiest flower of the fall. The real meaning of the word “cosmos” is “harmony”…and it does harmonize with almost everything.

wow, who would’ve thought a season where splitting up the main protagonists of the show, putting the titular protagonist with a screentime black hole character, and trying to resolve like 6 different stories at once would’ve resulted in a mediocre season
Wow, no one saw it coming :^)

I really love the characters of Fairy Tail but I wish to have arcs of other characters, for the filler arcs, instead of making them about either Lucy or Erza. I want to see more of Gajeel, or maybe Juvia. Hell, I would even like to see how the thunder legion came to be, esp. Freed.
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Yu-Gi-Oh! (original) Drinking Game

-Drink every time someone plays a card that doesn’t exist irl. If you do this during season 4 have a liver transplant on standby.
-Alternatively, drink (or sip) whenever someone plays a card you own.
-Drink every time the animation style changes.
-Drink every time the power of friendship wins the day.
-Drink whenever the “heart of the cards” is mentioned.
-Drink whenever Kaiba voices the gripes of the audience (like that one time after the Noah arc when he basically said “this whole filler arc was a waste of my time let’s forget all about it"👌🏻).
-Take a SIP for every last-minute/last-turn ass pull strategy.
-Chug from the bottle when a character says a line that is actually cool/funny/scary.
-Drink every time someone explains what Pot of Greed does. Seriously this happens EVERY TIME SOMEONE PLAYS IT.
-Similar to the last one: SIP whenever someone explains basic rules or does simple arithmetic (ex. “800 plus 500 is 1300 ATK points!!!).
-Drink every time a person declares something "impossible”.
-SIP when Yami goes all Dan Green and super-dramatic-shouty on his opponent.
-Chug whenever Yami and Kaiba actually get along/work as a team (don’t worry this only happens like twice).
-Drink whenever someone’s soul gets nicked (via shadow realm, seal of Orichalcos, etc). Make it a double if they stay gone for more than one episode.

Natsu’s Fighting - Nalu

Okay, so Nalu Shippers, including me, love the moments where Natsu saves her. Remember that I’m not bashing those moments: they’re absolutely amazing. Anyways, Anti-Nalus point out that Natsu will rescue anyone, and they have a point. Natsu will fight for everyone without thinking, even strangers (i.e. Kageyama and Yukino). He’s always wanting to fight at every opportunity. You know when he doesn’t fight? When Lucy needs him not to. Just think, after he rescued her from Phantom Lord’s tower-

-Natsu was adamant to go in and beat the shit out of Phantom Lord, until he saw that Lucy was crying and in no condition to fight alongside him. After he found out Lucy was upset, he decided to go back to the guild.

Not enough for you? Remember the so-called ‘filler arc’ with Michelle and the Infinity Clock and everything? Remember that moment immediately after Imitatia was revealed? Natsu, one, told Lucy to stay back because he didn’t want her getting hurt, and two, jumped up in the air with a fire-dragon-iron-fist ready for Imitatia. About to punch her, Lucy yelled out, “No, stop!”, still not wanting to accept that their friend was actually their enemy. Now, we all know that Natsu won’t listen when someone says no fighting, but for Lucy, he stopped mid-punch, MID-AIR, which caused him to get hit back by Imitatia. Anyone else, and he wouldn’t have stopped, at least not before landing the first hit.

I don’t know, but it says something when someone who loves fighting stops only when one person asks them to.

note: I watch the Funimation Fairy Tail dub, so any quotes were from that version.


I mean really? Really?

Was there not a plethora of vastly more interesting characters from the first Chunin Exams that you could choose?

Why the hell would you pick the absolute blandest of the bunch? God I hope the Rookie 9 and Fu can make quick work of them.

I had to use illustrations to properly express my feelings on this, and for the most part the filler arc sounds genuinely interesting, it’s just these 3 Leaf ninja are the absolute worst. One of them is a freaking old man for god’s sake!

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And to think such an amazing Itasasu AU started because of an "NO OFFENSE BUT" anon ask... I kinda want to thank that salty anon now. (No, but thank you and Eeliiii!! I'm liking this AU a lot!)

I kinda want to thank that anon too haha

Really this Itasasu AU is so interesting and filled with emotions, it’s really cool that it came out of a salty ask. So I really have to thank @eeliiii for this~

fairy tail headcanon #392

Aries is so apologetic because of the abuse by Karen. She used to be pretty bold and more like who she became in the celestial spirit filler arc before Karen, and that makes her change so much sadder. Some part of her thought it was better to erase all memory of her abuse than it was to be loved but so different .Leo reassures her that she did nothing wrong whenever she says sorry to him. He loves her, and would protect her from anyone even her own self.

me, a manga fan, pretending to understand anime filler arcs