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Send a space thing for questions

Planets: Life

  • Mercury: What’s your full name? 
  • Venus: What’s your first language? 
  • Earth: Where’s your home? 
  • Mars: What’s your sexuality? 
  • Jupiter: Do you have any siblings? 
  • Saturn: Any pets? 
  • Uranus: What’s your hobby? 
  • Neptune: When’s your birthday? 
  • Pluto: What time is it right now where you are? 
  • Moon: What are you currently studying/hope to study? 

Stars: Experiences

  • Sun: Have you ever had alcohol? 
  • Sirius: Have you ever failed a class? 
  • Rigel: Have you ever gone on a rollercoaster? 
  • Deneb: Have you ever been out of your home country? 
  • Arcturus: Have you cried out of something other than sadness? 
  • Betelgeuse: What’s something you can never forget about? 
  • Aldebaran: What’s something you care desperately about? 
  • Canopus: Have you ever broken a bone? 
  • Bellatrix: Have you ever been forced to lie/keep a secret? 
  • Alphard: Have you ever lost a friend?
  • Vega: What’s something you’ve done that you wish you hadn’t? 

Constellations: Favourites

  • Centaurus: Favourite holiday?
  • Orion: Favourite month?
  • Cassiopeia: Favourite book?
  • Delphinus: Favourite study?
  • Hercules: Favourite instrument?
  • Gemini: Favourite song?
  • Pegasus: Favourite place to be?
  • Libra: Favourite colour? 
  • Phoenix: Favourite thing to wear?
  • Aries: Favourite movie? 
  • Cygnus: Favourite weather? 
  • Hydra: Favourite sound? 

Galaxies: Love/Friends  

  • Milky Way: Who’s your oldest friend?  
  • Andromeda: Do you consider yourself social? 
  • Black Eye Galaxy: Do you believe in love at first sight? 
  • Cartwheel Galaxy: When was your first kiss? 
  • Cigar Galaxy: How’s your flirting skills? 
  • Comet Galaxy: Have you ever had to leave a relationship because someone changed too much? 
  • Pinwheel Galaxy: Would you date the last person you talked to? 
  • Sombrero Galaxy: Do you have a crush right now? 
  • Bode’s Galaxy: Have you ever had a secret admirer? 
  • Sunflower Galaxy: Would you date/make friends with someone out of pity? 
  • Tadpole Galaxy: Would you deny a relationship/friendship? 
  • Whirlpool Galaxy: Have you ever cried over a breakup? 

Other stuff: Wishes 

  • Comet: What’s your big dream? 
  • Asteroid: What does your dream life look like? 
  • Meteor: What’s something you wish you could tell, but can’t? 
  • Nebula: If you could undo one thing in your life, what would it be? 
  • Shooting Star: If you could bring back one thing, what would it be? 
  • Pulsar: What do you hope to do in the next 10 years? 
  • Supernova: What’s one thing you want to do before you die? 
  • Quasar: If you could spend the rest of your life with only one person, who would it be? 
  • Wormhole: What’s something you wish would happen, but know won’t? 
  • Black Hole: What’s the last thing you want to see? 
Naruto anime - Canon edition (my story)

I’ve recently downloaded the Naruto/Naruto Shippuden anime series, but the anti-filler edition. It’s a fan-made project in which every episode comes along the manga volume which it covers and only shows the animated moments from Kishimoto’s story. As you can imagine the anime is WAY SHORTER like this.

Yesterday, I was hanguing out with some my besties and I had brought an external hard drive with the show for one of them to watch from part 1. She had invited a friend of hers who claimed to love Naruto and that her OTP was canon… I’m not going to mention the ship she likes because I hate fandom wars, but let’s just say is crack as hell (I don’t mean a  for a manga reader, and far from being canon.

She went on to defend why her ship was canon and soon I saw the problem. She was only mentioning filler scenes (and not even those were meant for shipping, but I kinda got why was she liked it taking those into account). I tried to explain to her that those moments never happened (but that she had the right to like crack and non-canon ships anyway like I do; my OTP is non-canon, I LOVE crack-shipping and I enjoy AUs, I know what I’m talking about XD) but got ultra-mad instead (seriously) and shouted stuff like: “I’ve been following Naruto for years! Shut the fuck up, the anime can’t make up things on its own… if it’s animated, it happened in the manga! You just can’t accept my ship is canon and yours isn’t!”

As we were in my friend’s house I ended up playing the anime series, but just to show her that those scenes weren’t there or in the manga volumes. She got even madder (even aggresive) and claimed she was going to block me in Facebook the following morning, so I left the house after giving the external hard drive to my friend. Just two of the guests followed me, because they didn’t know the other girl at all, and we decided to have a drink somewhere else; they don’t like animation, as they find it childish, so they were shocked over the other girl’s behaviour.

“She is going to block you because of a child show? This must be the most unrealistic thing I’ve ever heard!” - said one - “And she got so mad over a fictional character being paired up or not with another; even though you told her she could continue liking it anyway, no matter what the author said… good thing she must be the only weirdo who takes that stuff so seriously”

If only they knew XD

PS: If you want to show Naruto to a new fan, choose the non-filler edition. Be a good friend.

While it may have been hard to watch, I will say that I did appreciate the way this episode did not so much push as freaking catapult Regina over the moral event horizon.

She literally tortured Emma. We saw Emma on her knees, sobbing, begging for mercy, as Regina murdered her parents in cold blood, and then blamed her for not stopping it. 

That leaves any argument that Regina was redeemed 100% dead in the water. And eliminates any possibility for future redemption. They can’t walk her back from this.

I was waiting for an unambiguous indication as to whether or not we were supposed to be buying Regina’ ‘redemption’ and I got it in spades.

Regina is now canonically not only not redeemed, but not redeemable.

Chat with a Gorgon

D.S. was a gorgon that answered my call to a conjuring that I was doing earlier this week. While she didn’t fit with what I was looking for, Magdalena, my Darktide Gorgon companion, spent some time with her and said that it’d be safe for me to interview her. For this conversation, I blindfolded myself (i like to think it helped lol) and Magdalena brought DS to me and stayed with me the entire time.  

“Hello,” she said as I felt her presence enter the room. Her voice was very high-pitched and young, like a teenager perhaps. I let her know that I’m interested in asking her questions about gorgons. “You have a gorgon to speak with already,” she pointed out. I explained that I wanted to talk with her because Magdalena is a different species of gorgon and that it’s good to get others’ opinions. “I understand,” she replied, “What questions do you have for me?”

The first question I asked her was if there were any light gorgons. “What do you mean?” I elaborated on how Magdalena uses dark magic and how I assumed that most gorgons used dark magic as well. “Oh yes! We do prefer darker magics. I especially like poisons. But there are a few of us who don’t delve into that. In fact, some don’t even preform magic at all so I guess they would be considered light too.”

I mentioned that I don’t think the system would only apply to magic and that it considers decision making as well. “What system?” she asked. I explain how some people use a light/gray/dark arts system for categorizing spirits to make characterizing them easier though people have different meanings for each label. “Well that’s phooey!” she exclaimed, “no spirit can be categorized so easily, especially if you don’t even have a standardized system. I mean that in itself shows you how hard it is to categorize spirits.” She didn’t seem angry, just confused. It wasn’t a system that I liked but it did make things easier, I told her.

I brought the conversation back to gorgons by asking her if they ever work with humans? Besides Darktide gorgons of course. “Um, not really, no. We do have a tendency to turn their blood cold,” she giggled. But are there any classical gorgons that do? I inquired. “What do you mean by classical? See, you’re doing that systemizing thing again.” I told her that I was just trying to differentiate Darktide gorgons from regular ones. “Oh in that case I’m sure there are just a very few.”

I asked her if she was interested in working with a human. “You already have a gorgon friend, I wouldn’t want to impose or anything,” she answered. I clarified that I wasn’t asking for me and was just curious. “Well I guess it’d be cute to have a human around but I wouldn’t like it if they had to be blindfolded all the time.” I joked about how there’s probably a human that can’t see spirits who’d love her company. She took my joke seriously, “Do you really think?” Probably, I answered though I didn’t want to point out that the hypothetical human might develop spirit sight later on. “Well I guess I’ll just have to wait for that human! Any more questions?”

Are all gorgons immortal? I asked. “Yes and no,” she replied, “Some are, some aren’t. I’ll leave it up to you to figure out who’s what.” I asked why that is. “I guess it has to do with magic. Perhaps the immortal gorgons devised a magic to make them such. Or maybe we’re always immortal yet some lose that ability through magic or trickery. I guess you’ll have to find out.” I got the feeling that she did know the answer but wanted to keep it a secret.

I mentioned that I was reading about info on gorgons before this conversation and saw that that their image was used for protection. “Oh yes! We’re pretty good at protection magic, though I guess Magdalena has shown you that.” She has, I said. “I’d protect my human from all forms of harm! I’d be their invisible protector since they can’t see me,” she chuckled cheerfully.

I told her that I don’t have any more questions but offered the cake that I had. “Oh no! I couldn’t possibly have those carbs, also I don’t think it’s very good for me since I’m snake-ish.” Magdalena interjected, “Oh honey, you can have cake. I have it all the time.” I joked about what if the cake was slowly killing her and that what if gorgons who eat too much cake lose their immortality? “I think it’s worth the sacrifice,” Mag teased.

“Can I go now? I want to sleep,” DS said. I thanked her for talking with me and she said the same thing back. Shortly after Mag said “You can take off the blindfold now, she’s gone. Also I’m taking the cake.”      


ten unappreciated scenes

Aria's letter

The really frustrating thing this week was that this is one of the first times the show has directly addressed the effects that Ezra might have had on Aria, but it was framed as Aria saying something bad and the concern is that Ezra might find out and get his feelings hurt. This is up there with last season’s Hanna telling Aria not to go to the Principal because Ezra might go to jail (where he belongs).

This storyline is such a good opportunity for Aria and her friends to start talking about how inappropriate Ezra’s behaviour has been, but I’m sure they won’t take it.

And on a side note, I hope they stick with Jackie not being evil. Twice now they’ve demonised the “other woman” to create drama for Ezria, and once they’ve done it to get Byron off the hook. Women fighting over men is an awful trope, but fighting over Ezra is even worse. There are serious issues with this relationship which shouldn’t be reduced to “She’s just jealous”.

baalat-ov  asked:

I want to hear about the volcano dragon!!!!

I suppose I can post this astral experience.

I rode on the back of a helldragon named Azor as we flew out of my realm and into the expanse of the astral in order to explore. We were accompanied by a shapeshifter named Mer, who mimicked Azor’s form and flew alongside us, and Tea, who sat next to me. We found a fiery field where we planned to practice fighting in however, along the field was this large mountain range. When looking at the mountain range one of my companions pointed out a mountain that was spewing lava and had a dragon flying around it. We decided to go up there and talk with the dragon.

When we landed we saw that the mountain was in fact a volcano although it had this strange rock path that jutted out from the rim of the crater and over the middle of the deep lava pit. It looked like something out of a video game. The volcano dragon flew overhead and Mer shifted into his human form as we waited for her to land. After a bit, she finally brought her enormous body down on the side of the crater opposite us.   

“Wisdom, Power, or Justice?” the dragon asked. Her body was made of rock but I could see lava oozing and pulsating through it like blood.She watched us with her mouth hanging open, viscous lava dripping out of it and into the volcano crater below.

“We actually just want to talk,” I replied.

She paused for a moment, as if in disbelief. Then she snarled “Don’t make me knock you into the volcano! Wisdom, Power, or Justice?”      

Not wanting to argue with her I turned to my companions to see what they wanted to choose. I made a case for Wisdom because it seemed like the less risky and most helpful choice. Also who doesn’t love more knowledge? Tea argued for Power because she was hoping that the dragon would bestow upon her the ability to shoot lava out of her eyes. I told her that Power usually ends badly but she refused to be swayed. Mer chose Justice solely because no one else had and Azor asked why Love wasn’t one because he found the dragon to be cute.

“Wisdom, Power, or Justice?” her impatient voice boomed over our bickering.

Azor hopped over to her and gave her a toothy smile, “How about you and I get out of here and spend some time together? You know, like on a date?” She didn’t even deign to respond as she flew away from him to another part of the crater’s rim and repeated her question to us. As Azor made his way back over all we could say was “Wow.”

I apologized to the dragon for us taking so long to decide and asked Mer to give his argument for picking Justice. He explained how Justice is the ultimate good choice because what we are given can be used to help many who are suffering. I joked about how he needs to be more selfish like Tea and I. Seeing as the three of us probably won’t budge on our decisions we asked Azor to make a choice.

“Justice,” he declared. He then ran out on the rock path that led out to over the middle of the crater and looked towards the volcano dragon, “because wouldn’t it be Justice for us to be together? My love for you is Justice!” If she had pupils I’m sure she would have rolled her eyes.

“Wisdom, Power, or Justice?” she repeated almost in anger this time around. Azor shouted “Justice!” but I said that we have to all agree with the decision since we’re doing this together.

“Wisdom, Power, or Justice? You have five seconds before I knock you into the volcano,” she snapped.   

“Okay, okay, okay, we’re gonna make the decision now,” I nervously replied though for a moment I remembered that I’ve survived falling in lava before.

“Why don’t we just do Justice?” Mer proposed, “There is a majority after all.”

“Yeah but Azor isn’t even really for Justice, he’s doing his own thing,” I countered. “Here, I’ll throw my lot in with Power to make it equal and we can flip a coin.” I conjured up a coin and designated Justice as tails and Power as heads. I threw the coin in the air, caught it, and flipped it over on the back of my hand.


“You cheated!” Azor shouted, “Look you flipped it over to heads!”

“I didn’t cheat,” I protested, “and I’m doing it three times so calm yourself.” I flipped the coin again. Tails.

“The deciding flip,” Mer commented.

“How exciting!” Tea added.

I flipped the coin again. Tails.

I chucked the coin into the volcano.

Azor swung his body to face the dragon, “My love for you is revealed! The coin has chosen Justice and so that is our choice!”

“And so Justice it shall be. Which one of you will step forward?” she sat on the opposite side of the rock path indicating that the chosen one should walk down it. Azor rushed towards it but we stopped him saying that Mer should be the one because he initially suggested Justice. Azor conceded and let Mer walk the path.

Once he got to the edge of the path the dragon spoke up again, “What is Justice to you?”

“Giving a voice to the those that have been beaten down and stripped of their rights. Giving power to the oppressed,” he answered.

“And how will you use this gift of Justice?” she pressed.

“To help people.”

The lava in the volcano began to swirl around creating a whirlpool. This disturbance caused steam to rise up with such ferocity that Mer’s hair and cloak were blown upwards. He looked at the dragon awaiting instruction.

“Think about a situation that needs your Justice and then gaze into the volcano to see what to do to carry it out,” she directed.

Mer got down on his hands and knees and peered over the edge of the path. We watched for a few minutes as he searched the lava for answers. I glanced into the swirling pool myself but all I saw was molten rock. At last, Mer’s hand flew up to cover his mouth and he let out a tiny “Oh my…” as he looked back up at the dragon.

“Now that you have found your Justice the volcano requires payment,” she stated, “Five human souls.”

“But I- I don’t have any souls,” he casted a worried look over at us.

“I do, don’t worry,” Azor said.

“Why’d’ they got to be human?” I protested as Azor pulled out the souls from…somewhere. Tea patted me on the head to calm me down.

“Into the volcano,” the dragon instructed. Azor dropped the souls into the crater. Those bluish white balls of energy fell into the lava and swirled around until they weren’t seen anymore.

“If I knew we had to pay with human souls than I wouldn’t have done this!” I complained as Mer regrouped with us. Hearing my comment the dragon explained how the energy of the volcano worked and that the souls weren’t necessarily trapped there forever. She then, however, brought up something else.

“Wisdom,” she said to me, “is a rare choice but it is the most selfless choice if you share it with others. Power and Justice can be used for selfish purposes, but Wisdom, by the nature of this Volcano, is inherently selfless. I will bestow upon you the gift of Wisdom but you must swear to tell what you learn to everyone you can. That is your payment.”

“Sure, I’d probably share it with everyone anyway,” I replied as I began to walk down the rock path. It wasn’t that hard to post stuff online after all.

“Look into the volcano and find your Wisdom.”

I got on my hands on knees just as Mer had done. Not going to lie, it was a little nerve wracking to be stuck on this tiny platform over a pit of swirling lava. I could even see small bits of rock crumble and fall in when I moved. As the lava spun faster the steam rose up sticking to and burning my face. I could feel tears coming out of my eyes as I looked straight down into it.

In the middle of the lava vortex images began to form. At first they were images of my personal life and of my past. Then they became images of the human race, characterizing us through our growth as species. From sticks to civilization. When it just passed our current time period something bad happened. We were gone. Deteriorated into nothing. The images then reversed back to the beginning of the 21rst century and then replayed again, this time focusing on the cause of our destruction. Once it reached our end, it reversed and replayed again. Reversed and replayed. Reversed and replayed. My wisdom was the reason for the downfall of our civilization.       

The images kept playing but I looked up from them and at the dragon, “I already knew this, in fact many people already know this. We’ve known this for years.”

“You….what?” she shook her head, “No you can’t possibly have already known.”

“Pretty much every human already knows that this is a thing, now whether they believe it or have the knowledge to understand what it is, well that’s a whole other thing. But me? I’ve known about this for a long while and I already knew that it would cause our death,” with a laugh I added “This is old news.”

“You need to leave. Right now. Leave!” she demanded. I flew back over to my crew as we looked at each other with confused expressions. “LEAVE” the dragon commanded as she began to vigorously stir up the lava. Tea and I climbed up onto Azor and Mer shifted into a dragon and we flew away before the volcano dragon attacked us.  


Arrow AU: Episode 3.20 as Parks & Recreation

epona610 replied to your post: arianakristine replied to your post: …

I want to believe that, but I too have always been a member of the “better to expect the worst and be pleasantly surprised than expect the best and be bitterly disappointed” club. I just can’t let myself get my hopes up, no matter how little sense it makes…

I get not getting hopes up, I do, I am the same with expecting the worst (though I lean more towards withholding judgement). It took me a long time to believe what they were showing us.

It is just a little frustrating, because we are finally getting some pretty solid proof that we were right about Regina all along, we are seeing the Regina story we wanted play out. And no-one is talking about it. Everyone is desperately clinging to theory that the writers of a hit TV show are so incompetent they would fail a high school writing class.

anonymous asked:

You've talked about how A&E aren't queerbaiting SQ but do you think they're still ultimately responsible for SQ by refusing to acknowledge the full extent and severity of Regina's crimes? If the show rightly called Regina a rapist and child abuser (and had the other characters react appropriately) I don't think SQ would be as popular as it is. I'm sure it would still be shipped, but not by as many or as loudly.

The thing is, SQ took off in S1, back when they were not being shy about acknowledging Regina’s crimes. So that was never really an issue for them.

You could possibly argue that the way Regina’s story played out was partially responsible for how some of them convinced themselves that SQ was actually going to happen, but honestly, there will always be some shippers who convince themselves that their ship is canon contrary to all evidence. And writers should not have to factor in how a handful of crack shippers are going to react when writing.

And while SQ may be popular in fandom, it is unknown outside of fandom. It is not one of those ships that the general audience ids aware of (because it is not a ship with any canon support). Fandom is an insignificantly small portion of the audience, SQ being popular within fandom does not mean anything.

I have a problem with the idea of saying they are ‘responsible’ for any ship. Technically they are responsible for all of them, as they wrote the characters and put them on screen. But that way of putting it implies that it is a bad thing. SQ as a ship in fandom is not a bad thing that should have been prevented. If someone watches the show and that is the dynamic that called out to them, all power to them, you go girl. Go write your fic, and create your art, that is what fandom is for. It may not be a ship that appeals to me, but I can see why it would appeal to others (and even if I couldn’t, you still get to ship whatever the fuck you want).

The only problem with SQ has been a very small number of shippers who lost perspective, ignored one of the biggest rules of fandom (don’t bring up fanon ships to the cast/crew), and started pestering the writers and actors about their crack ship. And for that at least some of the responsibility lies with Adam and Lana for engaging with these people and encouraging and endorsing their behaviour, rather than shutting them down. Every fandom has these people,. but they don’t usually get the kind of attention from the show that validates their ad behaviour.

Remember that the people being loud and obnoxious are a minority, and they would still exist however popular the ship was. It is not the fault of the ship, these people exist in virtually any ship (except usually rare pairs). So if your problem is the inappropriate behaviour of a small number of SQers, then that is something you can say Adam and Lana are responsible for, because they chose to encourage the worst parts of the fandom.