22 Spanish filler words

Spanish Filler Words

1) Bueno: Well

Ex: “bueno, no importa” = “well, it doesn’t matter”

2) O sea / Es decir: I mean, in other words, that is to say

Ex: “El jefe no me ha hablado todavía, o sea / es decir, de verdad no sé.” = “The boss hasn’t talked to me yet, so in other words, I don’t really know.”

3) Así que: So, therefore

¿Así que al final fuiste al restaurante? = So you ended up going to the restaurant?

4) Pues: Well

Ex: Pues… no sé, tengo mucho sueño = Well… I don’t know, I’m really tired

5) Mira = Look / look here

Ex: “Mira, sólo digo que a mí no me parece una buena idea.” = “Look, I’m just saying that I don’t think that it is a good idea.”

6) Che: Hey, hey buddy ( mostly used in Argentina but also used in Uruguay and Valencia, Spain)

Ex: “¡Che! ¿Qué tal, hombre?” = “Hey! What’s up, man?”

7)  A ver: Let’s see

Ex: A ver… ¿qué podemos hacer esta noche? = Let’s see… what can we do tonight?

8) Vamos a ver: Let’s see

Vamos a ver qué hay para hacer esta noche = Let’s see what there is to do tonight

9. Está bien / Dale = Okay, a synonym of Spanish in Spain is “vale”

Ex: “Mañana te llamo, ¿dale? – ¡Dale! / Está bien.” = “I give you a call tomorrow, okay?  – Okay!”

10) Tipo / como = Like

Ex: “Es tipo / como el pie Americano” = “It’s like the American pie”

11) Entonces: So, therefore

Ex: “Entonces, cuando vas a visitar a tu abuela?” = “So, when are you going to visit your grandma?’

12) Este: Uh, umm, ah

Ex: “Sí, este… rompí tu telefono” = “Yeah, umm…I broke your phone”

13) A propósito / por cierto: By the way

Ex: “A propósito, ¿sabes dónde está María?” = “By the way, do you know where Maria is?”

14) Luego: Then (it can also mean “later” in another context)

Ex: “Fui a la farmacia y luego a casa” =  “I went to the drugstore and then home.”

15) Por lo menos: At least

Ex: “Por lo menos no te quemaste” = “At least you didn’t burn yourself”

16) ¿Sabes?: You know?

Ex: Es muy importante para mí, ¿sabes? = It’s really important to me, you know?

17) Por fin: Finally, at last

Ex: “¡Por fin! ¡Estás aquí!” = “Finally! You’re here!”

“Por fin, tenemos la tarea de todos.” = “At last, we’ve got everyone’s homework.”

17) Quizás / tal vez: Maybe, perhaps

Ex: “Quizás/ Tal vez no debí haberme comido toda sea comida” = “Maybe I shouldn’t have eaten all that food”

18) Aunque: Although, even though

Ex: “Aunque está lloviendo, voy a ir al gym” = “Even though it’s raining, I’m going to the gym”

19) Además: Moreover, besides, also, and occasionally used as “too”

Ex: “El queso es demasiado suave, demasiado débil, y además huele muy mal.” = “Cheese is too soft, too weak, and besides, it smells terrible.”

20) Sin embargo: However, nonetheless, nevertheless

“Entiendo que el queso no es tan fuerte como el acero, pero sin embargo voy a hacer un carro con él.” = “I understand that cheese isn’t as strong as steel, but nevertheless I’m going to make a car out of it.”

21) De hecho: actually

Ex: “De hecho, nunca vi esta película pero dicen que es digna ser vista.” = “Actually, I’ve never seen that movie, but they say it is worth it.”


I had an idea.

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“Lightning Blitz playing with Queen Moon’s hair”
-Art by Apprentice Mage Scootaloo

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Omega Pt. 3

A/N: Here’s part 3! Things are heating up. This is more of a filler, and we learn a little more about Lauren. It’s not that exciting, but we’re getting to the exciting part. 

Warnings: a/b/o, so if that’s not your thing, then get out. 

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Clint found Lauren in a corner vent. It was big enough that she could sit and stretch her legs out, but she stayed curled up, crying and whimpering. Clint settled next to her, stretching his legs out in front of him as far as he could. They didn’t say anything, just sat in silence, enjoying the cool air pushing through the vents. Lauren accepted the calm and soothing vibes the beta beside her was giving off. He’d heard the entire ordeal, ready to get in and stop the fight if he had to.

“You know, he’s just beating himself up over everything.” Clint finally says, wrapping an arm around the omega at his side, pulling her into his chest. “He was going to send Natasha and I, but he figured Steve and Bucky would be better suited if something went wrong. He’s just mad at himself. He thinks he’s at fault for this, when really no one had control over what happened. It’s an act of nature.” Clint shrugs. “It happens. There are far worse Alphas than Steve, though. But you dad does hate his guts, and Bucky’s too.”

Lauren groans a little, shifting closer to Clint. He tightens his hold on her, letting her cry until she at least feels slightly better. The small distress she was in fading away.

“You should try to talk to him. You’re not under his influence anymore, but you are his daughter. If he’ll listen to anyone, he’ll listen to you.”


She hadn’t been planned. Tony had gone into a rut, and had hired an omega to satisfy him. He hadn’t planned on the omega going into heat, or becoming pregnant. He didn’t see the omega again. His daughter had been abandoned when she was a baby, not uncommon among professional omegas. The hospital had done a DNA test, and he’d gotten the call. He’d taken her in, his little pup. Chocolate eyes and a dark tuft of hair on her head. She was beautiful. He hired omegas to feed her, get his pup the nutrients she needed. He treated her like a princess, only giving her the best. He kept her out of the public eye, knowing someone somewhere would get an idea. He kept her fiercely guarded, her identity known to only a handful he could trust. Not even one Obadiah Stane knew who she was. And when she presented as an omega, he hadn’t thought any less of her. If anything, he became more protective. She slept in shirts he wore, keeping his scent on her at all times. When she had her first heat, he brought in a doctor to make sure she stayed calm, and stayed healthy. Then he immediately got her on suppressants, making sure she took them when she was supposed to. He took care of her, because that’s what he had to do. He was all she had, and she was all he had for a long time. He wasn’t going to let some cocky, self-righteous Alpha think he can just reach in and snatch her in a moment of weakness. Oh yes, he would get rid of this problem, and take back his omega, even if he had to kill for her.

He had prepared himself to fight for her. He knew he wouldn’t stand a chance against Steve bare handed. Steve could take him out with one punch. So he’d have to be a little unfair. He would just say he’s making it even.

“Dad?” He turned when he heard Lauren’s voice. “Dad, please don’t do this.”

“I have to. It’s the only way I can keep you safe.”

“Dad, I can’t lose you. You know you won’t win.”

“Then I’ll die trying to do the right thing.”

“Dad, did you ever think that maybe this isn’t the right thing? That killing Steve, or getting yourself killed trying, isn’t the best for me? That, maybe I need both of you. As my dad, and my bonded Alpha.”

“I’m your Alpha.”

“No, you’re not. You’re my dad, who’s an Alpha. I’m your omega pup. You know you couldn’t keep me unbonded forever. And who better than someone you know can keep me safe. Yeah, Steve ruined your childhood, and Bucky killed your parents, but none of that was their fault. But yet you make it their faults. If you kill Steve, another Alpha will just come along, unless you bond me, and I know it’s been done before, but…I don’t want that for my life.” She shook her head. “If you kill Steve, I’ll never speak to you again.”


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Touch has a powerful romantic value.

Moments of Nami and Sanji touching (Part 4/5)
Random episodes.

This is a small collection of moments to kinda put some weight behind my post: Hidden SaNami - Manga and filler

And no, this is not proof for SaNami and I know these moments are mostly non-canon material and that not all of them are positive. I am simply trying to show how they have plenty of moments of touching and that this is something that Toei has added between them. It doesn’t apply to them only of course, but this is not a competition, I’m just collecting some moments.
Cracks in the Steel City: Reportbacks from Pittsburgh
We could go on again about how the lines have been drawn, but this is obvious every time they are crossed or redrawn. It has never been about who has the right ideas or comes from the right background, revolution can only be made by those who revolt!

Some anarchists, marxists, all stripes of radicals have resigned themselves to another 4 years of the same, as if Trump does not mark a change in US politics. Much of what Trump ran on were things already running. Mass incarceration was started by Clinton, mass deportations have peaked to historic highs under Obama, and there’s no need for a wall since a fence has been built since the 90s. While all true, this stance ignores the overall movement that got Trump into power. It ignores the emboldened far-right getting more active over the past year or so. Neo-Nazis, the Klan, and White Supremacists trying to launch one National Front in Harrisburg earlier this month, the anti-fascist battle of Stone Mountain in Georgia, the Nazis who stabbed several anti-fascists out in Sacramento, and all the violent attacks against individuals.

Many of our friends are torn between repeating the same failed activities, or just ceding more ground to the far-right thinking they’re no different from neoliberals. Maybe we need new friends outside the Left to deal with this ever changing political terrain.

Follow the link to read Lena’s latest piece on democracy and factionalism