Yes there is a canon human-Timelord hybrid… at least if you count Big Finish as canon which as far as this blog goes, I do.

And for those of you who like to bring up the fact that Timelords are sterile…yes they were… Maybe… Again this is expanded universe stuff, but the curse that caused the sterility was lifted in the Doctor’s Seventh life.

After the curse was lifted Leela had children with the Time Lord Andred, Susan giving birth to Alex with her human husband and we can see severalGallifreyan children in Day of the Doctor. In fact they are a pretty big source of grief for the War Doctor. 

Also here is the blog Clever was looking at in case you wanna see someone else’s take on the Cyber-planner Doctor. 

Dear Rukigos

I love how you accuse Ichihime shippers of being delusional when

90% of your proof comes from non-canon Studio Perriot crap,

9.5% is from colorspreads having Ichigo and Rukia standing at a distance perceived to be relatively closer together to each other than anyone else (gods forbid that it’s because they’re the main characters)

and 0.5 percent is from a moment that you like to steal from Ichiriru shippers (Riruka controlling Rukia from the inside to shield Ichigo before popping out and taking the hit herself)

I also love how you think that you know more about Ichiruki than Kubo himself


here is it

I really can’t get a break this week.

tl;dr: I’ll be ‘offline’ on skype, streams, etc, for the next week or so.  Maybe sooner, maybe not.  If you need to get in contact with me, email.  Maybe I’ll start using twitter again…

take care all.