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If it's okay to ask, what is pirozhkis usually filled with?

Well, there are thousands of recipes of pirozhki. 
The most common fillings are:

  1. Mashed potatoes;
  2. Chopped meat;
  3. Сabbage;
  4. Mushrooms;
  5. Onion & eggs;
  6. Quark (russian tvorog);
  7. Apples;
  8. Jam;
  9. Berries;
  10. And many others ^^

Generally, you can fill pirozhki with whatever you want.

Personally, I love cheese and chiken & mushrooms.

P.S. BTW, in Russian “pirozhki” is a plural form of a word. The singular form is “pirozhok”. ^^
And sometimes people, who are in love with each other, affectionately call their partner as “ My pirozhok (Мой пирожок)”. Parents and grandparents  also call children in such way.


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“Some are bound to die young, By dying young a person stays young in people’s memory. If he burns brightly before he dies, his brightness shines for all time”Unknown

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How about number 12 with wolfstar? :)

((all of you want angst as soon as I wake up man, but bring it on.)) 

Prompts here! 

Prompt: “Please don’t cry, I didn’t mean that.” 

Sirius knew something was wrong the instant he walked in on Remus. The way the man was sitting on their sofa in the shared flat seemed different, and Sirius could almost feel the waves of emotion hitting Remus. The ‘waves’ only reached Sirius’ toes, of course, while they must have crashed over Remus like a tsunami. 

Entering the room cautiously, he sat on the recliner across from Remus’ sofa. “Are you doing alright?” Sirius questioned. He knew the full moon was coming soon, and he figured that might be the reasoning behind Remus’ mood and odd behavior. 

Remus shook his head, covering his face with his hands. The ring on his finger shined in the glow of the fire, and Sirius couldn’t help but feel a little burst of pride that he got whenever he saw the engagement ring on Moony’s finger. His attention turned back to his face, though, when he heard the broken sigh come from Remus. 

“Oh Merlin.” He murmured softly, moving to sit beside Remus on the sofa and putting an arm around him to comfort him. “Hey, it’s gonna be okay, we’re going to get through this, I promise.” Sirius whispered softly, trying his best. 

“No, we’re not going to get through this, because I can’t marry you.” Remus sharply retorted. Sirius felt a shock much more powerful than any hex he’d ever been on the other side of. He moved his arm from Remus’ back, blinking back tears. No, he wasn’t going to cry, it was going to be fine, but… why wouldn’t he want to get married? 

Sirius got up from the couch so he could go and clean himself up, heading to the upstairs bathroom to give Remus some space. Fuck, his chest burned with the realization that Remus didn’t like him. Tears were flowing freely down his face now that he was in the privacy of his room. His and Remus’ shared room. But nonetheless, his. Why would Remus say such a thing? Had he fallen out of love?

Sirius looked up at himself in the mirror and tried to see what Remus saw. A broken young man, with no career, and just an old home to his name. Oh. He ran a hand through his hair and sighed, eyes sliding closed. A knock came upon the door and he glanced over to the bedroom door a few feet away. 

“Please, don’t cry, I didn’t mean that. Pads, I’m… I’m nervous, and I’m afraid I’m not good enough for you. You’re so funny and talented and-” The door opened quickly in the middle of his sentence, startling Remus. Sirius looked absolutely broken, and Remus could hardly believe he did that to his soon-to-be husband. He took a steadying breath and then pulled him in for a hug. 

“I love you, I really do love you a lot, I’m just afraid I’m going to fuck something up. You know how I am, when everything goes to plan I mess it up.” He laughed harshly. Sirius put his arms around Remus, holding him tightly.

“Hey. It’s okay. We’re both broken. I thought you’d fallen in love with someone else.” Sirius told him truthfully, gently running his hand through Remus’ curly hair and then pressing his lips to the crook of his neck. 

“There could never be anyone else I love more than you, Sirius Lupin.” Remus whispered quietly. Sirius’ eyebrows furrowed together, and then he realized what Remus had said. 

“I thought you were taking my name, you dork.” SIrius responded, laughing at Remus as he pulled out of the hug. 

“Maybe we should hyphenate.” Remus suggested, smiling at Sirius now. “Remus Lupin-Black and Sirius Lupin-Black.” 

“Actually, I’d be okay with just taking your name. Sirius Lupin sounds lovely.” 

I love the SCP wiki because it has gems such as the article about a sack of potatoes thats actually a pocket dimension filled with nothing but potatoes

Lunch today 🍓🍴 rice paper rolls filled with lettuce, sweet potato, tomato and avocado (plus an unpictured peanut sauce), strawberries and a salted caramel peanut smoothie 🙊 #vegan
First YouTube video now up 👆🏼 link in bio 💚

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