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Hey! I totally ADORE your Sans mask! I want to make one myself but, I'm kind of a beginner at this thing... Would you maybe have the time to make a short tutorial of how you made it? It would help me out so much!

Well I don´t really have the time to make a tutorial now but I can at least tell you how I made…in short.
Uff, okay here we go:
First I searched for a 3D Model of Sans, luckily there are quite some very nice ones around. Then I contracted the artist, who made the model and asked if it would be okay to use the model as a base for my cosplay. With her approval I threw the model in a program called Pepakura. The program does this: it makes a paper pattern out of a 3D file. So you can print it out, glue it together and voila! Got a 3D object out of paper!

If you think this is the most anoying part, you`re wrong.
We hardend it with epoxy resin, the inside is also covered in glassfibre fabric to make it as hard as possible.
After it dried we used some sort of filler or putty, if you will to build it up.
Since I am from germany I can`t help you with the products you`ve got in your country. Sorry :C
We used putty that is especially for building minatures.
After that it`ll look like this:

So now this is where the actual fun part starts.
Brace yourself, you`re going to have a hard time.
I sanded him with a grinder, then filled in all the holes, sprayed him with special plastic primer, then sanded him again, then filled the holes, then sprayed him with primer. For days.

I think it took us a week until we could sand him with sandpaper and very very soft sandpaper sponges to polish him up.
This is a really time consuming process but it pays out.

Here are all the products we used on him:

Before you ask: yes…it was expensive…because you will need more than one tiny can of primer and at least two cans of the putty…and more than one set of epoxy….Also you`ll need some small tools to fill up the holes but you could take small slices of thick paper for that.

This is how we made it!

I can understand if that just…runs you over like a truck now…I couldn´t have done it without the help of a good friend who knows a lot about this stuff.

If you´re looking for an easier and cheaper solution, I recommend this little tutorial for you! I wanted to make it like this in the first place,too but…it was really hard to find some of these pumpkins in germany…and then my good friend came up with the pepakura idea.

by AttackGoose Sans Head tutorial

That reminds me…gotta post some new pictures here….

“Hey, so check this out,” said Sam, walking into the kitchen with his laptop.  You finished filling the coffee grinder and snapped the lid back on.  

“Yeah, what’s up?”

 "I looks like there’s a-,“ he started to say as you pressed the button on the grinder and looked up at Sam innocently.

"I’m sorry, my bad,” you apologized, letting go of the button.  The coffee grinder slowed to a whining halt.  Sam clenched his jaw in annoyance then continued.

“I think there’s a-,” he began again.  You pressed the button again, locking eyes with Sam and grinning slyly.

“Nice, very mature,” Sam chastised when you let it go of the button again.. “So, I was saying-,” he started again.  You turned the grinder on again and burst out laughing.  

“So this is how it’s going to be,” he said as you laughed.