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My experimental halloween charms came right in time for Halloween omg…

It’s Yuuki Mishima with Joker (cuz I love shuyuu SWEATS) on fluorescent orange acrylic! This acrylic is transparent orange in regular light, but glows in black light comes with puppet Joker :3c

It’s actually a bit time-consuming to assemble though oohh… never again HAHA…because of that, it might take me a little longer to ship them out D;

I’m selling these at my Etsy! Link should be the green etsy button at the top of the page or the bottom (depending what browser you’re using)…if you can’t see it though, click here for the link (only works for PC users)!

The worth of a man is in how he picks himself up after a fall... or *cough* after "capsizing” (Arashi ni Shiyagare 04.02.2017)

When Sho-kun does not appreciate being volunteered.

Sho (to Hatori-san): You’re just saying whatever you like to say aren’t you.

But still cutely gamely playing along.

Though when he “overturns” and manages to “resurface”, there are only good-looking onlookers nearby.

Upsy-daisy and here we go.  (notice the displaced position of the equipment)

And the adorable chipmunk just looks ADORABLE!!!

The proud proclamation of “What good waves there were today ne~”

└ Trust Sho-kun to look mecha mecha kakkoi while being bullied. (^_^)

Cr: Arashi ni Shiyagare 04.02.2017

Joker’s Property~Smutty September~

Prompt:  Can I get a Mr. J smut, pretty please? the reader has had enough of his behaviour, so she flirts with another man, and so J takes her right there in the club. rough pls😉

Pairing: Joker x Reader

Warning: Rough smut, sex in front of others(Ion know how to spell the word), possessiveness. 

Word Count:1.7k

TGGED: @geminioriginalsimagines @smileybear17 @khadija456fire  

@sapphire2489 @yui-miyuka

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Clown Twin Headcanons: Hair

Request: (anonymous)  Can I request about their hair. Like how their hair was when they were really young and how events in their lives changed it and how they do it now ?

  • When they’re born, Joker and Harley are obsessed with checking what color hair they inherit or if it will be ‘normal hair’.
  • They can see their son sprouting green hair and it fills Joker with pride that his son is going to look like him.
  • They see their daughter has the bleach blonde almost white hair like her mother, Harley already begins to day dream about coloring the ends to have a child to match herself.
  • As they grow up Joker and Harley hate the idea of cutting their locks that they see as perfect and letting it grow out.
  • As time goes on, the ends of their hair begin to grow into brubette and blonde, the effects of the chemicals passed on fading.
  • Joker and Harley are terrified and feel in a way they are losing them, so they trim those parts off to have the green and white back.
  • The older they get the more their roots grow and stomp out the green and white to the point where they can’t hide it unless they shave their heads.
  • Joker and Harley see that their children don’t care and don’t want them to be unnatural or against who they are, because that is the opposite of what they represent.
  • Oncd their brunette and blonde become the norm and they grow up with it, they reach the age where they begin to notice the physical differences between them and their parents.
  • The twins buy hair dye in secret and experiment with the colors wandering how different life would be if they did inherit the look from their parents.
  • The clown prince notices how much he looks like his father, it fills him with confidence seeing the green hair on him.
  • He day dreams about people seeing it and immediately knowing who he is and what he’s capable of, craving that power.
  • He helps his sister put her hair up in pigtails like their mother and helps her pick color combos.
  • She tries dying the ends, one red and one black to compliment her mothers but have some individuality.
  • The clown princess loves how it makes her feel and expresses how she see’s herself and wants everyone else to.
  • After they try all the possibilities out they wash the dye from their hair, but when they look in the mirror again they feel an emptyness.
  • Joker and Harley can notice the change in their children, it drives them even more crazy not seeing their heirs laughing and smiling.
  • The clown twins continue to experiment with their hair until Joker notices a drop of green on his sons ear and they have to come clean.
  • They admit how much they long to fit in more and look like their parents, that their natural hair doesn’t make them feel like the clown prince and princess that they are.
  • Harley remembers when she was Harleen and desperate to become who she really was inside. She tells Joker it’s time to show them how they came to be.
  • They take their children to Ace Chemicals and tell them the story of their birth, what their hair used to be. Reassuring them that they aren’t changing, but going back to what they were born to be.
  • The clown twins want this without hesitation and hold hands ready to take the jump.
  • The clown princess stops though, turning to her father and saying she wants them to take the same oath he gave their mother much to Joker’s surprise and pleasure.
  • They take the jump into the vat and let the chemicals take their hold, wanting to stay under for as long as possible to make sure it works.
  • The clown prince grabs his sister under the chemicals and pulls her to the surface, not caring about their hair anymore and just wanting to make sure she is okay.
  • She opens her eyes and gasps for air, before unleashing a sadistic smile when she see’s that her brothers hair has turned green. Thinking at first that it was her father who grabbed her.
  • The clown brings tries to wipe the chemicals off her head and reveals that her hair is the same white color her mothers is. 
  • Joker and Harley stand at the top watching them, like the day they were born seeing that they do look just like them. Giving them comfort the clown family is strong.
  • All their laughs echo throughout Ace Chemicals, Gotham having no idea what is in store.
  • The clown twins help each other with their hair every day, never wanting to forget that together they decided to do this and together they took that jump.
Favorite Garrus Moments - Mass Effect 3

So Part 3 of my favorite moments with my favorite Turian. But there were just so many to choose from! I couldn’t … I couldn’t list them all. You know how long this would end up being??? Waaaay too long. I may have to do a Part 4 of Mass Effect 3, but for now I hope you enjoy. Note: This one does have Citadel and Leviathan DLC moments. So … spoilers?

Garrus: Yeah, soo … is this the part where we … shake hands? Wasn’t sure about the protocol on reunions, or if you even still felt the same way about me. The scars are starting to fade. I remember they drove you wild … But I can go out and get all new ones if it’ll help.
Shepard: I haven’t forgotten our time together.
Garrus: Well I’ve been doing some research on human customs … didn’t want to assume any—
Shepard: *Kisses him* That’s the protocol on reunions.
Garrus: The vids mentioned it might go something like that. I had hoped it would. I mean, I didn’t know-

Garrus: Listen, Shepard. I’m all for Crazy ideas, but this one’s off the charts.

Shepard: Goodbye, Garrus. And if I’m up there in that bar and you’re not—I’ll be looking down. You’ll never be alone.
Garrus: Never.

Mercs: I think that turian they’ve got is Archangel! How the hell are we going to kill him?!
Garrus: You’re not!

Wrex: I appreciate that, Liara. I wouldn’t want anyone else along for the ride.
Garrus: *coughs*
Wrex: I suppose I could make room for you too, Garrus.
Garrus: Figured you’d gone soft sitting on your throne, forgot how to hold a gun.

Garrus: Shepard?! Wake up! She’s freezing!
Shepard: *bolts up and begins coughing*
Garrus: Are you okay?
Shepard: *still coughing* Yeah … yeah, I’m fine. Hell of a headache.
Garrus: Never do that again.

Joker: Maybe something was … mis-calibrated?
Garrus: You do know who you’re talking to, right?

Garrus: I’ll start managing turian support right away, Shepard. You must be exhausted. Mordin dying … it can’t be easy.
Shepard: I’ll sleep when I’m dead.
Garrus: We both know you need a clear head to win a war. There’s no room for mistakes here. You should catch some shut-eye. Besides, I know where you sleep. We’ll wake you if anything comes up.
Shepard: If you insist

Garrus: So. Who needs their ass kicked now?

Garrus: Not sure if turian heaven is the same as yours, but if this thing goes sideways and we both end up there … meet me at the bar. I’m buying.
Shepard: We’re a team, Garrus. There’s no Shepard without Vakarian.

Garrus: Ever have that one thing you’ve always wanted to do before you died, Shepard?
Shepard: I’ve woken up with a turian next to me.
Garrus: Still trying to make me blush, huh?
Shepard: Until it works.

James: Hey, pendejos! Our Shepard is better than yours!
Garrus: And better looking!

Shepard: It’s incredible.
Garrus: I’d be lying if I said I didn’t hope it would inspire a certain … mood.
Shepard: Something on your mind?
Garrus: It seemed like you needed time to … figure us out. Are you ready to be a one-turian kind of woman?
Shepard: The only thing that made leaving earth bearable was knowing you were out there somewhere.
Garrus: I felt the same way. The worst part about the galaxy going to hell would’ve been never getting to see you again.
Shepard: Well, here I am. Exactly where I want to be. I love you, Garrus Vakarian
Garrus: Wow … the vides Joker gave me … well, they never got this far. There was the part about sleeping together, but this … I don’t exactly know what to do—
Shepard: *kisses him* Who needs a vid when you’ve got me?

Liara: But there was one thing I was unable to verify. Did you really kill three Blue Suns mercs with one bullet?
Garrus: Well … the third one died from a heart attack, so it’s not fair to count him.

Shepard: I guess we’re back on the clock.
Garrus: And when this is over, I’m sure we’ll find something to do off the clock.

Shepard: Is that supposed to melt a girl’s heart?
Garrus: No … but this voice is *leans in closer*. I’m Garrus Vakarian. Codename: Archangel. All-around turian bad boy and dispenser of justice in an unjust galaxy. I also kill reapers on the side. And you are?

Garrus: Shepard … is it just the alcohol, or do you have vids running in your head of us mostly naked, completely alone, and shamelessly rolling all over a couch?

Garrus: So … I guess it’s back to the fight.
Shepard: Yeah. At least we threw one hell of a party. Probably the last one.
Garrus: That doesn’t sound like my girl. You’ll find a way to win. And when this is over, I’ll be waiting for you.

Garrus: One of my favorite places to fight!
Shepard: The CIC of a warship?
Garrus: Right there above gardens and below electronic shops!
Shepard: And Antique Shops, as I recall!

Joker: How do you know when a turian is out of ammo?
Garrus: He switches to the stick up his ass as a backup weapon. Why does the Alliance hire pilots with brittle bone disease?
Joker: You’re shitting me! The turian military has one about me?
Garrus: Oh absolutely! I heard it myself from a private back on Palaven.
Joker: All right, why does the Alliance hire pilots with brittle bone disease?
Garrus: So their marines can beat someone in hand-to-hand drills.
Joker: Damn, you need to tell James that one.

Garrus: We’re going to retire somewhere warm and tropical and live off the royalties from the vids. Maybe even find out what a turian-human baby looks like.
Shepard: *laughs* I’m game … though I think adoptions a better idea—biology may not cooperate.
Garrus: Hmm … I suppose there will be a lot of little krogan around soon.

Garrus: Looking good, Shepard.
Shepard: I did the best I could without a carapace or a crest.
Garrus: Your best has my mandible on the floor. Damn.

Garrus: What do we know about the mercs?
Shepard: They have guns and don’t like me?
Garrus: Not helping, Shepard.

Shepard: There are a few people who’ve seen me in action, Garrus. They seemed impressed.
Garrus: Yeah, but I’ve actually seen you dance, Shepard. No comment.

Garrus: Shepard … thought you might be up here. You know what the best part is about a battle that decides the whole fate of the galaxy?
Shepard: Winning it?
Garrus: I was thinking … it’s a good excuse to remind the ones you care about that … well … you care about them. Want some company?

Garrus: Forgive the insubordination, but your boyfriend has an order for you… come back alive.

Garrus: You sure you want to play this game?
James: What’s the matter, Vakarian, you chicken?
Garrus: I don’t even know what that is—though I’ve heard everything in the galaxy tastes like it.

Garrus: To borrow a phrase from Vega—you looked smoking in that dress, Shepard. You got some looks. So did I … though the ones directed at me said, ‘How did a turian like that, get a girl like her?’ Hell if I know.

Garrus: I am Garrus Vakarian and this is now my favorite spot on the Citadel!

Garrus: Perfect! A human. I’m kind of on the outs with my human girlfriend Could you give me some insights?
Security Guard: Sir … I am definitely not an expert.

Garrus: Still think you can win this, huh?
James: I can do this all day, Scars.
Garrus: Funny you mention those … ever hear the name ‘Archangel?’

Garrus: *in elevator* So … anyone wanna talk about their people’s history?
Wrex: Nope.
Garrus: So I’m the only one who misses when we used to chat in the elevators back on Citadel?
Wrex: Yep.
Garrus: *sighs* So disappointed.

Shepard: What a night … but look who’s here.
Garrus: Yeah, I hung out a lot of places last night. Your upper body. Your lower body. Pretty much allll the parts in between.
Shepard: Turians certainly don’t lack for a sense of direction.
Garrus: And you don’t lack for places to get lost.

Garrus: Shepard! Can you hear me?! Are you okay?!
Shepard: I’m fine. Might need a little backup.
Garrus: Lucky for you, Archangel is your boyfriend. Joker filled me in, I’m on foot. Be there as fast as I can.

Garrus: So … having a bad day, Shepard?
Shepard: You could say that.
Garrus: Landing pad is just over there, but it’s behind a locked gate.
Shepard: Let’s look for a control panel.
Garrus: *gets distracted watching Shepard walk by* Niiice outfit …
Shepard: *glares at Garrus*
Garrus: Control panel. Right.

Shepard: You gotta get out of here!
Garrus: And you’ve gotta be kidding me!
Shepard: Don’t argue, Garrus.
Garrus: We’re in this till the end.
Shepard: No matter what happens … you know I love you. I always will.
Garrus: Shepard I … love you too.

Garrus: Shepard … I admit, I was worried about you on that dig site. Things got pretty hectic. Not used to feeling like that, you know? That’s what love does … turns a guy like me into a nervous wreck with something to lose and the aim to make sure he doesn’t. Nobody better hurt you, is all I’m saying.

Garrus: Jack … as charming as ever.
Jack: Bite me, Garrus. Better yet, bite her. Probably how she likes it.

Garrus: Glad to know my romantic … uh … skills made an impression. Because it’s going to take more than Reapers to come between this cross-species liaison.

Wrex: Garrus … I have to make with the one turian in the galaxy who thinks he’s funny.
Garrus: Imagine how I feel. I’m supposed to hate krogan, but you came along and warmed my heart with your winning personality.

Live For Me

Joker x Reader x Harley 

Masterlist | Requests 

Prompt: Hi! Could I request a joker x Harley x reader story where Joker and Harley take the reader to ace chemicals to take the oath and become one of them by jumping into the chemicals?

{A/N} I’ve been away for quite a bit, but I am back again! I hope you enjoy the requests that will be popping back up onto your dash! <3 Requests are open! 

xo Harley

Warnings: Cutting and blood, but not in a violent or self harming way. (You’ll see what I mean!)

The echo of Harley’s giggling fills the air. The clank of her heels against the metal steps that made up her own dangerous playground as she pranced echoed along with her voice, causing a symphony of music to your ears. This is the moment you’ve been waiting for, and you hope it plays out the way you’ve been dreaming it would all this time.

The Joker is dressed to the nines. His metal grill shines in the dim lights that light up the inner workings of ACE Chemicals as his permanent smile is plastered to his face. You’ve never seen something more beautiful, and tonight, it’s all for you.

“Oh Mistah J, she’s gonna be just like us now!” Harley squeals from the top of the steps, leaning against the railing just over a vat of acid. It looked like eternities down from where she was standing, and a vivd memory of her own jump for The Joker fills her thoughts.

“That’s right, doll face,” he replies, reaching the top of the steps, you follow swiftly behind him, suddenly a bit nervous at the thought. “And she’s gonna make a perfect addition to our little team..”

His eyes scan your {B/T} frame. He helped you pick out your outfit, and the {F/C} dress he chose is perfect for what feels like is the “old you’s” funeral.
You peer down as you step next to Harley. The acid bubbles like a witches cauldron, and you notice streaks of blue and red faintly on the surface. Your eyes shift to Harley’s hair, and your imagination runs wild as you try to picture what Harley’s own dedication must’ve been like. It wasn’t something they spoke about to anyone, just a private, intimate moment between the two of them. You shut your eyes briefly at an attempt to calm yourself. There’s no turning back now, you think at the same time Harley voices it.

“I don’t want to turn back. I want to be devoted to you two. To this life..”
You run your fingers along the railing, emotion overwhelming you. Everything in you is burning, telling you to jump now and forget the life you came from. To give it all up in servitude to The King and Queen of Gotham City.

You remember when you met them.

She was wearing a black and gold party dress, and he was wearing a black and gold suit to match her. They looked stunning. You had only seen them before on the news, and in person, you understood the hype. Her eyes landed on you first, and then his. When they approached you, the rest was history.

“C’mon sugar, just jump!” She eggs, perky as always.

“Now Harls..” J spits, “This isn’t a matter of just.. just jumping..”

Harley’s face stiffens at his disciplining tone. “I’m sorry, puddin’..”

“No.. This is an oath.. A ritual!” He growling tone is excited as he says the word “ritual.” It’s frighteningly attractive to you. It makes you feel as though he can’t wait for you to take the plunge equally as bad.

“An oath?” You ask, wondering what you might say. “I.. I’ve never taken an oath before..”

“Then repeat after me..” He rasps, wrapping a hand around your shoulder and forcing you to face him. His electric blue eyes set on your {E/C} ones, and your hinges come undone. The way his stare holds yours is deadly. The desperation on his own face seems to beg you to be just like him.. To drift into the madness he created for himself and Harley.

Harley watches the exchange in between the two of you intently as he speaks, a slight pang of jealously rising in her chest. She hops onto the railing next to the vat, leaning backwards slightly as her hands grip onto the rail.

The Joker pulls you closer to him until his crimson lips meet your now warm ear.

He takes your hand, holding it out over the vat of acid. You feel something cold in-between your hands.

“Would you live for me, {Y/N}?”

How simple, you think.

“Of course.”

“Would you live for me?” Harley asks from the railing, the first time you’ve ever heard her in a serious manner.

“Of course..”

“Do you want this? Do you want this and all that comes with it? A life of power.. enlightenment.. madness..” J asks you, his voice filling the atmosphere around you.

“All of it. I want all of it.. always..”

The depth in his own voice causes desperation in you as your need to be apart of them rises. You can’t help the words that spill past your lips now. Your face and body seem to tense just slightly as your tone almost pleads to him.

“I.. I couldn’t dream of living without it.. I need it fore-“

You’re cut short by a sharp pain in the palm of your hand. The pain is so grave, it takes your breath away. A small gasp is all you can manage as your mouth is slightly agape and your face tenses in place a bit more. You notice his jaw clench, as his hand squeezes yours tighter. The look on your face from what he’s just done arouses him, and the fact that he’s now cut the palm of his own hand further drives him crazy.

You feel a trickle of warmth dripping off of your hand and into the vat below you.

You can hear Harley sigh softly in delight, her eyes closing as though she had to take in the power of the moment. She swings her legs out and crosses them with a faint, satisfied hum. Blood from the two of you continues to drip as you roughly exhale, trying to keep your composure. 

Forever…” He finishes for you.

J squeezes your hand and pulls you into the vat, sweeping you off of your feet. You exhale again as you tip over the edge carefully. Your {H/C} locks cascade around your face as you plummet quickly and yet still seemingly slowly toward the bubbling liquid. Every other thought halts as the air around you rushes in your ears. The fall feels suspending and yet freeing all at the same time. His staring face along with the blood dripping off of his extended hand and her smile are all you see on the way down. Though this is a devotion to the both of them, there is only one thought on your mind.


As your body connects with the liquid around you, there is a sudden rush of numbing heat. The only other sensation you feel is the pain of chemicals stinging the open wound in the palm of your hand. Stretching out your fingers, you take comfort in the quiet and strangely, the pain. You take comfort in the reckless decision to prove to them that you need them.

You had been unhinged by the two of them long before this. Insanity crept into your mind like a thief in the night. But this.. This only set it all in. The mind you once knew seems to have disconnected altogether as you contemplate staying beneath the surface. There is serenity under here, yet careless freedom. Who needs air, anyway, when you have the two of them?

It’s not long before you’re being swept into a pair of toned arms, pulling you out of the acid. As you break the blue, red and now {F/C} surface, you involuntarily gasp for air.

You hear Harley laughing with joy from the railing above, and J growling with excitement as he holds you in his arms. 

“Welcome home, honey..”

Jason’s Worst Fear - Jason Todd x Reader

Originally posted by mrjasontodd

Requested by Anon - one where the joker tortures you and Jason goes to the rescue

Jason’s worst fear had just been realized. He was standing in your shared ransacked apartment, staring at the words spray-painted on the wall.

Ha Ha Ha. Joke’s on you, Hoodie. 

You were taken by the Joker. He knew it the moment he laid eyes on the first ‘Ha’. Rage burned in his chest as fear clenched at his heart. Jason knew he had to find you and fast. Taking a deep breath to calm his emotions, Jason picked up his phone and dialed the one number he knew he could trust. 

Awakening to cruel, bone-chilling laughter, you opened your eyes to find yourself chained to a chair inside some kind of room lined with trick mirrors. You stared at yourself as you realized you were only in your underwear. Pulling at the chains, you tried to break free only to stop when your eyes fell on your kidnapper, who was approaching you from the shadows.

“Well, it looks like Hoodie’s lover is finally awake,” Joker teased, circling you. You did your best to keep him in your line of sight. “I was worried you were going to miss the party.”

“Why are you doing this?” you asked, not knowing what else to say. You knew you had to keep him talking if you were going to buy enough time for Jason to come and save you. Even though you didn’t know how much time had passed, you knew he should be on his way by now.

“Today is a special day for Hoodie and me,” Joker ranted, spinning around gleefully. “It’s our anniversary.” 

“If you’re talking about the day you murdered him, you about a month off,” you answered sharply. You always remembered that date, the day was always hard on Jason.

Joker just laughed in response. “I’m talking about the day we first met. It was such a lovely time when it was just Batman, me, and Hoodie.” He sighed in remembrance before putting an arm around your shoulders, pointing at the far corner of the room. Your eyes widened when you saw a video camera. “So, I decided you and I should plan a surprise for our Hoodie Boy. After all, we haven’t spend too much time together yet. We should get to know each other if you’re going to be my Hoodie’s one and only.” You flinched away from him, making him laugh harder.

“You’re not going to get away with this, Joker,” you said menacingly. “Red Hood is probably on his way right now.” Joker just smiled at you, shaking his head as he chuckled.

“No wonder he likes you,” he taunted, grabbing your chin in his hand to make you look at him. “You got spunk, I like spunk. Hoodie always had a lot of spunk even when I killed him.” Tapping your nose, he turned away from you. He walked into the shadows only to come back with a rusted metal cart with several evil looking tools on it. The sound of the cart’s rickety wheels filled the room for several moments until it stopped next to you. Silence filled the room as you watched the cart with wide eyes.

“Wha…What are you doing?” you questioned, stuttering when he picked up a long sharp knife and began to heat it with a cigarette lighter. You hoped Jason would get here soon.

Joker gives you a wink that sends a shiver of dread up your spine. “Why, we’re getting you ready for the party. After all, you need to look your best for Hoodie.” He stops heating the knife when the metal glowed red. Grabbing your chin, he turned your head towards the camera. “Smile big for the camera,” he ordered as he dug the scalding knife into your bare shoulder. You screamed in pain as his laughter filled the room. 

“(Y/N)’s tracker is at the old amusement park on the east side,” Tim Drake reported through Jason’s earpiece. Jason was on his motorcycle. He quickly did a u-turn, and headed towards the park. 

“Great. Did you get that, Roy?” Jason asked as he swerved through traffic. 

“Yep, Kori and I will meet you there,” Roy replied through the com before clicking off. Jason had thought Tim had also sighed off, but a shaking breath confirmed he was still on.

“Are you sure you don’t need me there, Jason?” Tim questioned carefully, mindful of Jason’s temper. 

Jason took a deep breath to take the edge out of his voice before he answered. “No, I got Roy and Kori, but your offer is appreciated.”

“I was just concerned that if (Y/N) should need medical attention…” Tim explained, the tone of his voice contained the fear that froze Jason’s heart.

“I’ll call you if it comes to that,” Jason reassured, picking up speed as he neared the amusement park. There was a pause on Tim’s end before Tim cleared his throat.

“Batman appears to be heading towards the amusement park as well,” Tim informed. Jason swore as he turned into the park. He parked his motorcycle.

“How long before he arrives?” Jason ordered, taking out his grapple gun. He fired it, flying up to a high point of the park to scan for your heat signature.

“I estimate about five minutes,” Tim responded blankly. Jason perched himself on top of a light post, and slowly scanned the park. He hoped he could save you before Batman got here, but that was unlikely.

“Perhaps you better get down here, Tim,” Jason suggested. “I don’t want a fight between me and B when (Y/N)’s life is at risk.”

Jason heard Tim’s quick intake of breath. “I’ll be there in five.” Tim clicked off the com as Jason finished the scan. He had come up with nothing. Tapping the side of his helmet, he called Roy. 

“We got pointy-eared company arriving in five minutes, and I can’t find a trace of (Y/N),” Jason shouted, the angry in his voice made Roy shriek in fear.

“Calm down, Friend-Jason,” Kori soothed through the com. “We have found something…”

“…In the fun house by the Ferris Wheel,” Roy finished as Jason jumped off his perch to swing towards the Ferris Wheel. “Two heat signatures are in the main room. There is no easy way in, except through the front entrance.”

“Don’t worry, I have a plan,” Jason growled menacingly as he approached the fun house. Jason hoped he would make it in time to save you. 

You didn’t know how much time had past as Joker found new ways to inflict pain onto your body. Deep cuts and bruises covered you, leaving you slumped listlessly in your chair. It was getting harder to stay awake. You hoped Jason would get there soon, but part of you didn’t want him to find you like this. 

“Don’t go to sleep yet,” Joker laughed, slapping your face to keep you awake. “We haven’t finished.” He reached for his tray, picking up a electrified cattle prod. Pressing it to your stomach, you screamed as the electricity ripped through your broken body. Joker chuckled at your pain before raising the prod to strike your thigh. 

However, just as Joker lowered the weapon, a gunshot rang out. It hit Joker’s hand, allowing the prod to fly into the air and crash to the ground far away from you. You sighed with relief as you knew help had finally arrived. 

“Step away from her, Joker,” Jason ordered, the rage in his voice sent shivers down your spine. He walked into the room, stopping when he was only a few feet from you.

“Oh, Hoodie, you had to go and ruin your surprise party,” Joker teased, spinning you around in your chair to face Jason. You kept your head down, feeling Jason’s eyes taking in your tortured body. “(Y/N) and I were working so hard on it.”

“Son of a…,” Jason swore, shooting Joker in one kneecap. He fell to the ground. Jason ran forward, kicking Joker away from you while shooting out his other kneecap. You flinched at the sound of the gunshots, even though you were happy to hear Joker’s cry of pain. Since you were focused on Jason, you failed to notice Roy and Kori running to your side as Jason kicked Joker farther away from you. 

Kori melted the chains as Roy tried to capture your attention. You were having a hard time focusing on anything besides Jason and Joker. “(Y/N), can you hear me?” Roy asked carefully, gently taking your chin to bring your gaze to meet his. You swallowed before nodding, finding yourself unable to form words. The chains gave way as you fall forward into Roy’s arms limply. You wished you were falling into Jason’s arms instead. 

Jason seemed to have sensed that Roy and Kori had entered the room as he tossed them his jacket. Kori caught it, wrapping you in it. “Get (Y/N) out of here,” Jason ordered. “I’ll take care of things here.” Roy nodded as he scooped you up in his arms. You peeked over his shoulder, staring at Jason as he bore down on Joker. Tears filled your eyes when you couldn’t see him anymore.

“It’s okay, (Y/N),” Kori soothed, seeing your distress. “Friend-Jason will be fine.” You nodded at her as tears fell down your cheeks anyway. Roy squeezed you gently in his arms. 

You don’t remember much after that except for the rain hitting your bare legs and a vague memory of seeing Batman running passed you when Roy carried you outside. Everything was a blur as you were cold, then warm. The only thing you focused on was the feeling of Jason’s leather jacket around you. 

It was some time before you finally came back to yourself. You found yourself lying on a bed in a bedroom you didn’t recognize. Panic filled your mind that this was some kind of trick of Joker’s until your gaze came to rest on Jason. He was asleep in a chair next to your bed with his neck in a uncomfortable position. Calming at the sight of him, you looked down at yourself to see bandages covering all the gruesome cuts and bruises made by the Joker. You smiled when you saw Jason’s leather jacket was still around you.

Pulling the jacket tightly around you, you reached out a hand to gently wake Jason. “Jason,” you said, shaking him. He jumped awake suddenly, grabbing for his gun only to stop when he saw it was you. 

“(Y/N),” he murmured, moving to take you into his arms. You returned his embrace so tightly that you felt the air rush out of him. He didn’t say anything about it, choosing to tighten his own arms around you instead. “I’m so sorry.”

“It’s not your fault,” you whispered into his ear. You pressed a finger to his lips when he tried to protest. “Don’t argue with me.” 

“Alright, whatever you want, Sweetheart,” Jason replied, not having the heart to fight his case. He buried his face into your hair as you gathered enough nerve to ask your next question.

“Did you kill him?” you asked slowly. Jason pulled back from your hug to look you straight in the eye. He studied your eyes for a long moment before clearing his throat. 

“No,” Jason answered with shame in his eyes. “I should have for what he did to you, but I couldn’t.”

You nodded, kissing his lips softly. “It’s okay,” you soothed, once you saw the tears forming in his eyes. “I didn’t want you to.”

“He will be getting two knee replacements though,” Jason commented as he pulled you back into his arms. 

“Good,” you replied, rubbing your face into his shoulder as a wetness struck your cheeks. You both stayed like that for a long while until you both had released your pent-up emotions. Pulling out of his embrace, you glanced around the bedroom again. “Where are we?”

“We’re in one of my safe houses in the city. I couldn’t bear to let you in the apartment until Roy gets the new security up,” Jason explained, rubbing the back of his head sheepishly. 

You gave him a gentle smile of reassurance. “I’m glad,” you said before you bit your lip. Dread and fear ate away at your heart as you thought about returning to the place where Joker had kidnapped you. Jason sensed your feelings.

“Actually,” Jason suggested as his own fear of sending back to where you were kidnapped shook his bones. “We could just move into here?”

Your eyes brightened with relief as you kissed him on the lips. “Let’s do that,” you agreed as Jason chuckled in his own solace. He pushed you back to lie down on the bed. 

“We’ll do that, but you should rest now,” Jason recommended. 

You yawned when Jason pulled the covers back over you. He made sure to close his leather jacket snugly around you. “You’ll stay with me?” you questioned as your eyes became too heavy to open. 

“Forever if you want me to,” Jason reassured, smiling at the sight of your breathing falling even and deep. He tucked his jacket around you once more before sitting back in his chair to watch you. Every once and a while, he would touch your hand if only to reassure himself that you were really safe and alive. 

Kitten pt 18. Final.

You and Joker get in the shower together, he seems a little irritated but you brush it off. You wash your hair under the streaming hot water as Joker stares at you. Once you’re both clean you exit the shower first and grab a towel, wrapping it around yourself you grab Jokers towel and toss it to him. He hasn’t said a word to you since the incident downstairs. You can tell he’s mad and you don’t want to piss him off even more so you leave the bathroom and sit on the edge of the bed.

You run your fingers through your wet hair and get up, you walk to your closet and try to figure out what to wear. You grab a cute (F/C) knee length dress with a lace trim, black lace panties, a matching bra, (F/C) open toe stilettos, and a simple silver necklace with your birthstone in a heart. You start to get dressed as you ponder where the two of you are going, probably the club. You turn around and see Joker standing with his back against the wall, his arms crossed over his chest. He’s wearing black dress pants with matching black shoes and a deep crimson button down shirt that’s halfway undone.

He watches you carefully, a lustful look in his eyes. “You know kitten, maybe we should skip dinner.” He laughs.

“No, I want to get out of the house. We’re going. Plus I haven’t been to the club in a while.” You adjust your dress and smooth it out.

“Oh, we’re not going to the club doll. I’ve made other plans.” He says, a mischievous grin playing on his lips.

“Oh? Okay.” You shrug it off, curious as to what he has planned. He stands in the doorway and gestures for you to come. You pass him and head down the stairs towards the front door.  He comes up beside you and places a hand on your waist as the two of you exit the mansion. He leads you to his purple chrome Lamborghini, he opens the door for you and bows dramatically; you chuckle a bit and get in the car. He closes the door and walks to the driver’s door and get in. The car roars to life and he peels out of the driveway, he turns the opposite direction of town and you tilt your head curiously.

He drives a ways outside of town and you begin to realize where he’s headed.

“oh no, please tell me you’re joking..” you laugh nervously.

“Oh kitten, I joke about a lot of things but this isn’t one of them,” he laughs and speeds up, nearing your destination.

He pulls into the Wayne manor driveway and parks his Lamborghini a little too close to Bruce’s Mercedes. You and Joker get out of the car, he walks over to your side and before you can open your mouth to protest Alfred opens the front door of the large home and beacons you two to come inside. Joker grabs your hand and pulls you inside. You sigh in defeat and greet Alfred with a warm hug.

“Hey Al, I’ve missed you. Have you been well?” you smile at the old butler you’ve loved as family since you were a child.

“Oh miss (y/n) I’ve been alright. I’m glad to see you, I trust you’ve been treated well?” he glares at Joker who returns the glare.

“Yes, he’s taking care of me. Where’s Dad?” you ask.

“Master Bruce is in his study and will be down shortly. I’ve informed him of your arrival. Please come to the dining hall.” He bows politely and you walk towards the dining room. Joker follows you and looks around at all of the artwork hanging from the walls.

You take your normal seat at the table next to Bruce’s seat. Joker sits at the other end of the table across from Bruce’s spot. Your father walks into the room and you stand, you run to him and wrap your arms around his neck.

“Daddy I missed you!” you smile and hug him tightly. Joker rolls his eyes and lets out a low growl.

“So Batsy, nice place ya got here. What for dinner big man?” he laughs and Bruce cuts a sharp glare to the clown.

“You’ll just have to wait and find out.” He answers coldly. Bruce squeezes you tightly in a loving embrace before he releases you to sit down. You sit next to him and smile. Alfred strolls into the room pushing a cart with tonight’s dinner on it. He serves everyone and makes his way to the corner of the room.

You smile, looking down at the plate of spaghetti in front of you. Alfred and Bruce know it’s your favorite so of course they’d make it.

“So, Joker. I trust you’ve been taking good care of my daughter? Because if not I’m kicking your ass and dragging you to Arkham. “ Bruce threatens.

“Oh batsy boy don’t worry. I’ve been taking care of her in every way. And I mean Every Way.” He laughs. Bruce begins to stand but you grab his arm. You glare at Joker and try to kick his leg under the table but hit the table leg instead. You bite your lip to keep from yelping and Joker laughs hysterically.

“Joker please, we’re trying to have a nice dinner.” You say softly.

You all sit in silence for a few minutes, you nibble on your food and watch as Joker just pokes at his with a fork. You clear your throat, “Um daddy can you please pass the salt?” you ask. You mentally kick yourself for what you just said as both Bruce and Joker reach for the salt. Bruce’s eyes fill with rage and Joker has a sadistic smile crossing his face.

“Fuck.” You mutter aloud, you reach between them and grab the salt from them. “Thanks,” you say and sit back down in your chair. Joker and Bruce glare at each other as you watch them you imagine different ways to loosen the tension. You come up with nothing sigh. You stand and excuse yourself from the table. “I’ll be right back, I need to use the restroom. Please don’t kill each other while I’m gone.”

“No promises.” They say in unison.

You make your way up the stairs to the restroom and lock the door behind you; you lean against it and slide down until you’re sitting on the floor. “Ugh,” you groan, conflicted and irritated. You think about what you’re going to do. On one hand you’re happy with Joker even if he is an ass sometimes but on the other hand you miss living here in Wayne manor with your father and Alfred, you never get to see your friends and every time Joker and Bruce see each other they’re always at each others throats.

Your train of thoughts is interrupted by a knock on the door. “Miss (Y/N), are you alright?” Alfred asks from the other side of the door.

“Oh, yeah. I’ll be back down in a moment,” you respond. You stand and straighten your clothes. You’ve made up your mind. You exit the bathroom and head down stairs to rejoin your father and Joker.

When you enter the room you sigh when you see Joker holding his shoulder, which has a batarang in it, with one hand and a gun pointed at your dad in the other.

“Okay you two enough, I’m tired of the fighting. I’ve made up my mind about what I’m going to do, no matter what I don’t want either one of you two to get angry. There will be some stipulations that go along with my decision but, the one I’m going to live with is _______.”

It was the kiss

Based on prompt #321 by @lego-batjokes-prompts.

Warnings: mentions of mental illness, medication, etc. Nothing is graphic, as always, but if you think any of those might be a trigger, I suggest skipping this one shot.

Also on AO3.

The maniac laughed as he slung, enjoying the rush from those ‘dates’ as he always did. Batman dodged the punch with a grunt. There was a surprising amount of strength in the wiry figure of his nemesis.

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batjokes writing ii.

Here’s a little bit of writing for @jokersby cause they’re writing A Different Kind of Tenant on ao3 based on one of my blurbs on this blog and I just wanted to do a little thank you for them! 

you can read more things like this on my ao3

Bruce had just finished unpacking the last box in his new apartment when his cellphone rang in his pocket. 

He pulled it out of his pocket and when he saw that the caller ID read ‘Dick’ he immediately answered and brought it to his ear, happy to hear from his son. 

“Hey Bruce.” Said Dick through the phone

“Hey.” Bruce answered as he took a seat on his couch to rest.

“How’s the apartment?” He asked.

“A little small.” Bruce chuckled as he looked around the furnished room. 

“Yeah, well, the manor has never been quieter.” Dick sighed.

“Well I’ll be home soon, it’s only been a couple of weeks. I just need some time out of the spotlight so the renovations can finish up.” 

“Yeah, yeah.” He could hear Dick rummaging through something in the background, and the distinct sound of Alfred tsking at the boy. “The construction teams are working hard, i’ve been helping out. Anyways, how are the neighbors?” 

Bruce paused. His weeks at the apartment complex had been far from normal. Some of the less wealthy areas of Gotham could be a bit… odd. But this building seemed like a beacon for all sorts of weird. 

First it was his landlord, Cobblepot, who asked for Bruce to pay his rent solely in cash. Bruce eyed the expensive tailored suit that the short and portly man wore as he handed over his rent for the month. Bruce didn’t need a second look at his landlord to get the impression of the mob.

Next, it was the two men in the apartment near the elevator. They watched Bruce step into the elevator, one was tall and gangly with curly hair tucked behind his ears, a coffee mug with the crest of Gotham University was clutched in his hand, he watched Bruce over the rim of the coffee mug with dark eyes sunken into pale skin. The other, his boyfriend it seemed, was dressed in green silk pajamas embroidered with purple question marks. If that wasn’t odd enough, his bright red hair stuck out in every which way. A smile passed over his freckled face and before he could say something to Bruce, the gangly man closed the door in his partner’s face. 

Bruce tried to shake it off, but on the second floor, things got worse.

The man in apartment 2B gave a solemn nod as the doors of the elevator opened momentarily. Bruce didn’t get a good look at him, but he caught a glance of the interior of his apartment. It was decorated completely in black and white, there wasn’t any sign of color anywhere. The doors to the elevator closed.

The third floor was crowded. 3 women seemed to occupy the apartments. Bruce stepped out of the elevator for a moment, Cobblepot had told him the fourth floor entrance from the elevator often broke down, he didn’t want to risk it. 

He passed a woman standing in a doorway with dark chocolate skin and striking forest green eyes cradling a tawny colored cat in her arms. She was simultaneously one of the most beautiful and intimidating people had Bruce ever met. 

He cleared his throat, “Um,” He said, trying to form words.

“Cat got your tongue?” She asked, tilting her head to the left in a way that was so incredibly feline that Bruce dared to look into her eyes again to check if they were in fact slitted like her pet’s. “The stairs are that way.” She pointed a perfectly manicured fingernail down a hallway, and promptly disappeared into her apartment.

Bruce didn’t see her much after that. 

He walked down the hall, suitcase in hand and before he could make it up the stairs to salvation he was ambushed what seemed to be two very scruffy looking dogs.

The two… dogs snapped at his heels and the best Bruce could do was hold his suitcase in the air. Now, they didn’t really look like dogs. Too mangy… and a little bit too wild.

“Bud! Lou!” A voice called “Buddie, Louie c’mere” Bounding out of the apartment came a brightly colored blonde girl who’s hair was pulled up into two curly ponytails on either side of her head. She gave a wide, sympathetic grin Bruce’s way. 

“I’m sorry, mister, they get awfully squirrely when i forget to feed them.” She grabbed the two, what Bruce just realized by now were hyenas by their red collars and dragged them into the apartment behind her. “Red!” She called, her voice suddenly not so friendly and cheery. “Feed the dogs!” She hollered and slammed the door to the apartment behind her. 

Bruce quickly climbed the stairs to the fourth floor, where Cobblepot had given him the key to the second apartment on the floor. He reached the top of the stairs, and braced for whatever odd tenant occupied his floor. 

The floor was unusually quiet for all the commotion underneath him.

The only sound was the wood settling under his feet and the faint electrical buzz of the lights overhead. In the corner of the hallway was the escape exit to the roof, and a stack of boxes that filled the empty space. Bruce craned his neck to try and see his door, but to no avail. He shot a wary glance at the bright purple door that belonged to his neighbor and began to walk down the hallway. 

The boxes were stacked to the ceiling, and each of them were labeled with 2 words, 81, and JN. Bruce pushed one of them aside to reveal the frame of his apartment’s door. He set his suitcase down and in a few minuets time, the black lacquer of his door was revealed. But before he could pull his keys from his pocket, Bruce’s curiosity got the best of him.

Cautiously, he opened one of the boxes.

Playing cards, the whole box, filled to the brim. He shuffled through them, this box seemed dedicated to the 2 of hearts. He opened another, this one was filled with only Joker cards. Bruce felt a chill go down his spine. The owner of these cards, JN, seemed to be the oddest of all the tenants of Cobble Pot Heights.

He took his keys from his pocket, and turned to enter his new home.

“The neighbors…” Bruce said, the memory fading. “They’re interesting.” 

“Not too interesting, I hope.” Dick joked

“Oh you have no idea.” Bruce said tiredly. 

The playing cards were only the beginning of his elusive neighbor’s antics. 

Bruce soon learned that his neighbor’s name was Jack Napier, and that he was a pest of the worst variety. No one in the apartment building seemed to like him, they only tolerated him. Every week a new ‘joke’ was played on the fourth floor. First the playing cards, the next week, the hallway had been decorated as if it was a tunnel of love. Bruce had to swat a paper cutout cupid to get to his doorway. It was months until valentines day. The next week, it was plants. The whole hallway was decorated from top to bottom in flora. In his apartment, Bruce could hear one of the women downstairs yelling at his unknown neighbor.

He found himself liking the man across the hallway less and less, and his slight annoyance had bubbled over to distaste and now it was borderline hatred.

“There’s this guy who lives across from me, it seems like he’s bent on making my life a living hell. I keep talking to the land lord but Cobblepot wont do anything unless I slip him some money-”

Before Bruce could continue ranting about Napier, there was a sharp knock at his door.

“Hold on, Dick.” He said shifting the phone to his other hand.

He opened the door, and there, in the doorway was the man Bruce had come to know as Jack Napier. Although, the humorous part of it was, he had never seen Jack’s face before.

He peered out into the hallway. Playing cards were strung from the ceiling, Napier had decorated it with the 2 of hearts.

“Can I help you?” Bruce said, agitation clear in his voice. 

The man was slight and scrawny. A white dress shirt was tailored to his thin frame, and dark plum slacks were held up by even darker suspenders. He looked timid, at first glance, but the razor sharp acidic green eyes and the thin lips that turned up in a smirk said otherwise. In his hands sat a key lime pie.

“House warming gift.” Was all he said, accompanied with a smile that was a little to wide for his face. He was about a month too late. His voice was painted with the distinct Gotham accent. Bruce was taken aback. The thin face and bright eyes were startling, and the perfectly combed black hair looked quite handsome on the small man.

“I’m sorry, have we met?” Bruce said, placing a hand against the doorway. He cleared his throat, and channeled the playboy persona. “I’m sure I would have remembered a face like yours.” 

“Charming, rich, what else could I ask for in a neighbor?” Jack flirted back, ducking under Bruce’s arm, inviting himself in with a knowing, tight smile. 

Neighbor. Bruce’s face paled. 

He brought the phone to his ear.

“I’ll have to call you back.” Bruce said as he turned to look back at his tormentor, his elusive neighbor, who was not so elusive anymore. 

anonymous asked:

what are your favorite things batman has said to the joker?

  • Honestly any time Bruce says “Joker” it fills the hole in my heart.  i need a complication of every time Conroy says it in the animated series.
  • also Bruce’s first instinct after J grabs his butt is to call him a degenerate and i think that’s hilarious. .
  • the whole killing joke speech at the end of the comic is one of my favorite lines of dialogue between the two, it really shows the obsession compassion Bruce has for J to offer rehabilitation.
  • any time Bruce monologues about Joker is A+, especially the scene at the end of TDKR, it has so much energy and i find myself hanging off the page it’s just a treat to read. 

anonymous asked:

What if Jason had killed Bruce during the events of AK? Do you think he would still have a raison d'être after? Would he have become a full on villain?

Thanks for your ask, Anon.

I think for Jason, that would have been it. Killing Bruce was his last ditch effort to get all pain and hate Joker filled him up with out of his system, but I doubt it would have worked. As a matter of fact, the part of him that was Jason Todd would probably have ended up feeling even more miserable.

The Arkham Knight on the other hand… he would have been very pleased with that outcome, so there’s only two ways I could see that ending: 1) Jason taking his own life, or 2) fully becoming the Arkham Knight and using his militia to rule over what’s left of the ashes (he did say something along the lines of “when you’re gone, the people you abandoned will cower in my shadow” in the game).

anonymous asked:

I was going through your Ian Bohen tag and saw a gifset of him in The Dark Rises. You totally need to write a small Steter drabble where Peter tells Stiles about that time he went to Gotham for a vacation and ended up caught in a mess. "Never go to Gotham, Stiles. Worst vacation ever."


Lol Peter has the worst luck. Idk if I can write something for this but can you imagine if Stiles was from Gotham? And Peter met him there while he’s on vacation, and then shit goes down, and Stiles is just “Oh this is normal, don’t worry, we have Batman and us civvies all know what we’re doing by this point, now let’s go to my cellar-turned-weapons-storage before the Joker starts filling the streets with deadly laughing gas or something.”

“‘Deadly laughing gas’?”

“Yup. One inhale of that shit and you’ll literally laugh to death.”


And this probably takes place before the fire so Peter isn’t really quite used to a place constantly plagued with crazy shit that can kill you because the Hales are still around to keep order, and the Nemeton is still inactive, so Peter’s just WTF WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS CITY STILES YOU ARE ALMOST NOT WORTH THIS SHIT.

No Time For Regret

A JayDick Oneshot

Rated T for Threats of violence and rape and character death.

In all honesty, maybe sending the Red Hood out on the streets while the Joker was at large was probably not Bruce’s brightest idea. Yet, his resources were spread thin and there was little h could do with so few people available. Robin was out of commission for the next week with an ankle injury and Red Robin was out on a mission with the Titans. Nightwing and Batgirl were still facing off with Poison Ivy and with Batman on League business, the team was pulled thin and Batman did what he had to do. He had called Jason, the familiar weight settling on his chest as he told him the situation. Jason could do this.

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They were COWARDS!

Joker: I want it. I want my phone call.

Stephens: That’s nice

Joker: How many of your men I have killed?

Stephens: I’m a twenty year man. I can tell the difference between punks who need a little lesson in manners, and the freaks like you who just enjoy it. And you’ve killed six of my friends.

Silence fills the room

Joker: You see, in their last moments,

Stephens rolls up his sleeves

Stephens: I know you’re gonna enjoy this

Stephens: I’m gonna have to try and enjoy it even more.

All Jacked Up! (A recommendation post)

Sundays can be pretty poo, they’re the final day before back to work after all. But when not just one of your favourite authors updates, but THREE, you know it’s gonna be a good Sunday. So, without further-ado, enjoy getting your Jack/Joker filling (oo-er) from these three beauts! 

<Love and Warfare> Probably one of the most famous writers within the fandom, respected, loved and admired by many and her work speaks for itself in deserving such high praise. @mabelmadnessss bring us a war time special with this Jack & Harleen story of planes, innocent love, crates of goodies and all round good feelings. A piece suitable for work (currently)

<Dancing on the Edge> It’s always great to come across new authors and @cvioleta has been bouncing around in my head for a week now with this extraordinarily unique and wonderfully clever story about a somewhat different AU. Written with sass, humour and plenty of flirting it’ll grab you by the eyeballs from start to finish. (Gonna say NSFW due to content midway through)

<Tearing Into Your Soul> If you haven’t heard or read one of @endorathewitchwriter stories yet you’re missing out on so much in life. Not just a remarkably talented person, but an author who is writing around 10 stories at once and updates them frequently! (I struggle with one, that’s so bad *hangs head*) This brilliant story takes on the aspect of the Joker (aka Jack) being blood brothers with Bruce and with a sprinkle of Doctor Harleen Quinzel, some of the hottest sex scenes in the business and a dash of murder, it’s proving to be one of the most engrossing, nail biting stories in the fandom. Absolutely must be read if you’re a fan of Bats/Harley/Joker, but VERY much in the NSFW category (unless you’re super pro at reading sex without blushing, if so, please provide tips).

Although this is a dedicated Sunday updates post, I felt it necessary to bring attention to some of my other favourite stories that have been stuck swimming around my brain for the last month as they are truly that good. 

<The Wild Enthusiasm of a Belligerent> by @donnajosee​ Brings us a superb ‘20s mob themed piece with her usual element of hilarious author’s notes whilst producing some of the most popular stories in the fandom, definitely one to check out! NSFW! 

<Impossible Love: A Novel> This one nearly slipped under my radar as the wonderful @chickadee333 posted this beaut all at once and I’d missed the post, but I am so glad I did a step back as this is truly one of the best I have ever read. A very unique background for the Joker thought out perfectly from the start to the end, a heart clenching story with a subtle mix of nicely written erotic scenes that don’t sound like a typical “yay sex” piece. This will take a few reads given the length but oh boy it is SO worth it all. Again, NSFW piece due to the content but oh my, you’ll be glad you weren’t at your desk for this one. 

If you have anymore recommendations for me, please throw them my way! I generally try to read all stories posted on the AO3 website and those that really stick out I’ll happily tell the world about so please do point me in the right direction! 

Finally, a quick shout out to @juney-chan for the art pieces that have been appearing on my feed lately, keep up the amazing work - every update is showing progress I can only dream of! 

anonymous asked:

deb! have you watched the video ‘born sexy yesterday’? it’s an interesting video about a popular trope in a lot of movies and tv shows that originated and is mostly used in science fiction. its very hard for me to describe because the video covers a lot of things,but for some reason it really stuck with me and some mass effect characters like edi and tali popped up into my head, while not completely following the trope it definitely feels like it was influenced.

there was also comment on the video that said “how female robots are portrayed vs male robots in science fiction. With female robots, almost all of them are naive, completely submissive, and in some cases, literal sex toys. Most male robots, on the other hand, have the opportunity to be exceptionally cunning and dynamic, even if they were originally built to be servants themselves.” and i immediately thought of edi/sam.


I just watched it now and really loved it, thank you for reccing it! :)
If anyone is interested, it’s a 18 minutes video analyzing the “Born Sexy Yesterday” trope where a man falls in love with a female character with the ‘mind of a child’. She’s a mermaid, a computer, an alien, … She is innocent and has little experience. The male protagonist is the only man around her and he’s able to “teach” her. The female character is also heavily sexualized from the beginning and is often good at a specific skill that the man will respect (like fighting).

I especially liked that the creator of the vid used the relationship between Cameron and John from Sarah Connor Chronicles to illustrate a relationship where the man and the female character are both clueless, making this about a “mutual exploration.”
Westworld also strikes me as a good example of a sci-fi story subverting the trope (and showing the danger in following it).

The only issue I might have with the vid is the lack of examination regarding gender identity. He is very critical of the trope and clearly sees what men find appealing in it, but he could go a bit further. The man assumes the character is female and the sexualized looks comfort him but the character might not be female like he believes. 

And the link to Mass Effect: I agreed it’s influenced but I don’t think EDI is a good example of the trope.
She is “innocent” (to a point!) and come in a fully sexualized body like the female characters of the trope, only Joker is not the only man in her life and he is not the one who gives her knowledge. Shepard fills that role. Joker does the opposite: EDI often comes to Shepard explaining she asked Joker first but he was not able to give her the information she needed.
I actually think that, unlike the other female characters of the trope, EDI is very aware of Joker’s shortcomings and loves him in spite of it (or depending how you see the relationship: because of it). It means that she can compare him to others, that there is competition and it requires him to do better. He is not free from insecurity.
We can argue about ME3 doing a poor job showing this but hey…

And I think Liara, more than Tali, fits the trope in ME1. (I could analyze what it means when you think about asari not caring about the gender binary but my answer is already a bit too long…)
So, with Liara, the difference is that you can romance her as F!Shepard, so it’s not just a male fantasy and it’s not just about avoiding male insecurity.
Let’s be real though, the asari were made for male players. I also think the creator of the vid would find it funny that you have all those gorgeous looking aliens who can be really old and much more experienced than the protagonist but here comes the very young, very inexperienced alien who is full of innocence and wonder. And that’s the one at the center of the romance! 
What is interesting is that it’s not just about the protagonist, it’s also about the player. I suspect one of the reasons Liara romance works so well and is such a positive experience to a lot of us is because she is so innocent and inexperienced. This is when it gets complicated, because in-game it would be influenced by the trope, but from player to LI, it could be about a “mutual exploration” that the creator of the vid might approve of. 
So yeah, layers and layers.

Now the comment and the link to EDI/SAM… SAM is not going to get a sexualized platform anytime soon. He might not even get a platform period.
I don’t think they believe he needs one, while they thought EDI did.
And I obviously want to rush to EDI’s defense and says she is as cunning and as dynamic as SAM but this is more of a general problem. It’s definitely there.