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Las relaciones a distancia no son recomendables para la salud emocional, pero que bonito se siente saber que hay alguien en algun lugar del mundo que te quiere y piensa que eres lo más hermoso que existe.

You are now more than 3,500 following me, and I have no idea how I could thank everyone. So here is a me (yeah, let’s dream a bit), drowning in space with 3500+ stars.

So thank you all for keeping watching my drawings, thank you for your kind words and everything. I love you <3

International Music Recommendations

Here’s a list of artists and groups I have amassed from my language studies that I love and wanted to recommend. Some of them are just bands/artists that I’m familiar with. I’ve included links to my favorite songs of most of the artists. 

If you have any recommendations to me, in any language, feel free to share!








Artiste du jour:

Artist of the day:

Jae Lee

American Spirit / Esprit Américain, Black Terror / La Terreur and / et Woman in Red / Fille en Rouge

Namor and / et Atlante

Hawkeye / Oeil de Faucon and / et Black Widow / Veuve Noire

Iron Fist

Psylocke and / et Wolverine / Serval

Young Miracleman, Miracleman and / et Kid Miracleman

Weapon Omega / Arme Omega, Emma Frost, Namor, Daken, Dagger / Epée, Cloak / Cape and / et Mimic

Colossus and / et Wolverine / Serval

Wolverine / Serval

Batman, Superman and / et Catwoman

Alexia mon baby, je vais transformer pour que tu ressembles à cette fille. Toute en plastic, tous les attributs vulgaires pour que tu sois une vraie pute. Je t’aime