Matured alicorn Twilight. Jumping on the Alitwi sadwagon. 

There’s no way Twilight’s going to spend her life wearing some hand-me-down Element of Harmony crown after wielding it to save Equestria while Celestia rubbed cake all over her ass in Canterlot.

Also, the whole time I drew this I felt like I was illustrating an adorable Rashida Jones pony. Those bangs.

We all know that Luna is forced to spend her lifetime with a shadow of regret– and probably some natural pining for what might have been. It makes for an interesting character.

I started adding color and got impatient. I may try again tomorrow, but invite anyone interested to add their own color, so long as due credit’s given for the line work (plus, I wouldn’t mind having it shared with me!).

My Little Hot Dog Neck. Fluttershy is my favorite.

I promise I’ll make a real pony picture later today, but joke pony sketches will return. I’m thinking My Little Merkin or something next time.