And so he became home.

Because I realized something through it all, that yes, you lose a whole hell of a lot of people throughout this life, more than you’ll ever want. One right after the other, each person walks into your heart, makes you believe - believe in them, and one day, one day it all just stop. And when they finally leave, they all seem to take a piece of you with them. Now you’re left with nothing but empty scars and holes reminding you of those you once loved.

But then one person comes along, and you tell yourself that this time you want your walls all the way up, higher than ever before. You don’t want to let him in, having to clean up another mess, and beating yourself down when he leaves - just like the rest of them. But what if this one stays? What if you’re the one who was wrong about him and you kept all those walls up for nothing?

He became home because he taught me to love again. He filled all my holes, mended every scar, and made my heart whole again. He was the one to love me.

—  c.f. // “don’t let me down”

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All Holes Filled

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