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The Importance of Finding Mentors

The Importance of Finding Mentors

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Day Eleven

Finding your Mentors

Hey guys we are back again, another week of fun filled adventures! So I was rummaging through my boxes and I found several books. Tossing out what I don’t read anymore I came across “Feel Alive” By Ralph Smart creator of Infinite Waters. I had only bought the book 6 months ago and it has been through hell, I plopped down and opened the 76-page book and found that…

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{ Working when you’re sick is literally the worst. I feel like crap but I can’t call out cause no one else can close. Fuck my life man. Fuck it. I’ve got a bunch of stuff in the queue to post over the next several hours. I will also be on the mobile app so talk to me while I’m gone? Keep me company yes. Also feel free to fill my ask box with general questions or anon stuff if you’d like. }

anonymous asked:

would u consider doing a vlog touring your house? Posting on here or insta I would love to see it

I’m moving right now so my house is filled with boxes and some rooms are under construction. Once it’s ready, I’ll consider doing a quick video if you’re still interested.

fairymelt  asked:


OK First of you’re an amazing person who always fills my ask box and I love you for that. You’re also a great influence for my horrible drunk-shenanigans (of which I hope there will be many more ;) )

You seem like an absolutely fabulous person who i’d love to go get pizza and moan about asshole virtual husbands with for hours on end, and just chill with.

I just want you to keep on rocking exactly they way you have been, because you my good friend are amazing and perfect in every possible way.

I had to order a couple of things off Amazon for going to a wedding next week, so to get myself free shipping, I also grabbed a couple of other things I’d been wanting…

So that is how today a box arrived in my mailbox filled mostly with a Pusheen plushie ouo

I also got another blind box, and this time I got cookie Pusheen! Still not taco or pizza, but now me and @justawordshaker match haha

Hey everyone! I can’t imagine why you would be but just incase you’re reading, would you mind filling up my ask box with some of that Palak drama? It’s looking a little empty and seen as though you really like to pick at me I thought I’d point you in the right direction. I know I apparently owe you all an explanation, and I’m still yet to fill in some of you on what died in my ass, but unfortunately I’m just another dumb tumblr troll so I don’t have the intelligence to give that to you. Nobody’s ever gonna read this but I’d just like to say, it is an honour to become a world-class criminal after saying something that could have come out of the mouth of Dora the explorer compared to some of the anons in your ask box. And oh, thanks for blessing me with your writing Palak - sorry, your majesty - though be careful with all that thigh riding because then I won’t be the only one with something dying in my backside :))

p.s. thankyou soooo much for calling me a twat, it feels so nice to inherit the family title

😍😍😍 I wish I was as cool as Gray! 😂 OMG Officially dying bc I had to carry A 30 POUND MOTHER FUDGING BOX filled with textbooks from my campus all the way to my apartment. DEAD. Dying. Rip me. #lifeasaunistudent ✌😢 Hope everyone has a better day then mee! ❤

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when i do masuda method i fill up all of the empty boxes in my pc, then i take a bike trip around the lumiose gym and hatch all of them. if i still dont get a shiny, i release all of the babies i hatched and start again.

i got a shiny bulbasaur on the first try. i got a shiny charmander on the first box of the second try. im on the second try of squirtles and have nothing, im almost full of boxes again.

i remember i hatched the bulbasaur and charmander on the bus home from school…maybe that’s my good luck charm? i can try taking public transportation, perhaps.