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This thing came like triple packaged! Love it! It was in a box filled with those white peanuts (thats what my family calls then at least, i dont know what theyre really called), inside a sleeve, bubble wrapped, and then put in another box. The pans of the eyeshadow are huge!! Love the color range! I was leaving my house to go to class when I saw the box on the porch. So I brought it with me and unboxed it in the parking lot. So the lighting is kind of weird! Still, you can see the amazing colors quite well here. Im dying to play with the green shade!

list of things my brother has done in starbound

-just up and set me on fire
-filled my ship with vaporwave
-built a gigantic dick out of boxes….on my planet.
-filled his friend’s ship with eyeballs (??)
-used an industrial mining laser to kill several bosses
-terraformed a moon into a snowy wonderland
-killed some local wildlife for no reason whatsoever
-enabled pvp long enough to defeat me, then disabled it when i came back for revenge
-colonized a tiny, tiny asteroid
-wrote “IS POTAT” in big letters on my ship??
-made me install like 200 mods 
-literally crashed my game once

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I’m stressed out and needing help getting through writer’s block. Maybe you guys could tell me what you want to see for part 2 of Eyes On Me or some Drabble requests?

mini-bebe  asked:

Nicodemus, Nico,23, male, asexual, Argentina, single as a Pringle, cookies and Voltron as well as friends, dislikes: unfollowers, intentional misgender, your boobs, random fact: you have the cutest sister ever.

How Well Do Your Followers Know You?
Fill this out in my ask box! One point for every correct answer. Ten points total. I’ll reply with your total score!

First name:
Sexual Orientation:
Random fact: ✔ nerd***********

porqué carajo dicen que estoy soltero, hell to the nah mate. estoy saliendo con mi novio ficticio pero muy real para mi, Richard Cambell Gansey the III so 9/10 my mate

my-calamity  asked:

First name: Trinidad Nickname: nico Age: 23 bUT turns 24 next week Gender: he/him Sexual orientation: asexual Likes: me Dislikes: heat (can't stop bitching about it) fake people/friends Random fact: is in love w jin but doesnt wanna admIT,,also really likes cookies

How Well Do Your Followers Know You?
Fill this out in my ask box! One point for every correct answer. Ten points total. I’ll reply with your total score!

First name: ✔
Nickname: ✔
Age: ✔
Gender: ✔
Sexual Orientation: ✔
Relationship status: im dating gansey HOW CAN U FORGET THAT! ✖
Likes: ✔
Dislikes: ✔
Random fact: ✔ 

ok, i know you forgot to add those two, and i know you know me well cuz u my child :’) and ilusm so 10/10 my mate

So I was tagged by @snowbleppard , THANK YOU!”

5 Things in my bag

- Apple (food)

- more food

- water

- trash, which is waiting for the nearest bin

- headphones

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom

- first thing people will notice are two big doggos, stoned!

- my brothers trash from all kinds of candy (he is 19 btw)

-clothes, clothes everywhere, I try to keep it clean as possible, but my brother.

- box of shoes filled with cigarette boxes! all sorts (my brothers)

- if you dig deep, a gag and a leash

5 Things I’ve always wanted to do in life

- sell !! like I bought some stuff I thought I could resell, and some stuff I have at home or found, like I have 3 pipes I need to sell (smoking pipes) I need to buy I new one (HELP NEEDED - message me)

- I want to draw and draw and draw, but can not find time

- I want to animate

- Speak more, I am always the one who listens and I don’t know how to form a normal sentence, I don’t have that amazing gift of speach

- work out

5 Things I’m currently in to
- werewolves, allways and forever <3

- dating, which isn’t going well

- drawing, but can’t find timeeee

- laerning, not xD

- not buying food for myself when I’m at school, I eat my apples!

5 Things on my to do list

- draw

- finish my wolf website for school

- work out

- draw

- pay atention at school

5 Things people may not know about me

- I almost died, but really, when I was like 6, I have fallen on my arm on some glass, and doctor said I was close to cut my main arteria

- I have a bad humor taste

- I love yiff

- I made out with a girl, worst mistake of my life……

- I love @snowbleppard‘s poetry!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hello Shadowhunters fans!!! There’s no better time for a scavenger hunt than in the Spring Time, where the weather is just starting to warm up a little, and we can enjoy beautiful, sunny days. So, without further ado:
Welcome to the Shadowhunters Fandom Scavenger Hunt (SHFSH)! I am your host, Gracie, of @shadow-readernwriter. In this post, I’m going to list the objectives, rules, prizes/rating system, and the schedule.

- The main objective here is to, like most scavenger hunts, get your ballot in as fast as you can in the allotted time, and to find everything on your ballot to the best of your ability.

Rules/general info:

1. Find each topic in each category to the best of your ability. When you find them, put a hyperlink on your ballot so that I can find the things that you chose.

2. After you fill out your ballot, please send it to my submission box so that it can be private, and so that no one can cheat off of you.

3. Please state the time in which you submitted your ballot, state your first name, and tag your submission with #SHFSH. This is so I can keep track of everything.

4. I will be posting each ballot at 24 hour intervals, which will start at 12:00 pm EST, so you will have 24 hours to complete a ballot. Those of you who can get their ballot submitted to me in the first 12 hours will get extra points added to their ballot.(I will talk more about points later)

5. You don’t have to do every category. You can do as many of them as you want.

6. There will be 3 winners for each category; 1st place, 2nd place,3rd place. This will be determined by how many points a person gets on each ballot.

7. There is also a grand prize winner. This will be rewarded to the person who completes all 10 ballots with a perfect score.

8. You can search for your items on Tumblr, ao3,, or any other platform that you seem fit

9. You should not submit your own works, they must be other people’s works. You also should not submit the same work twice. Ex: you shouldn’t submit the same post/fanfic to the Malec and the Character Development category, even if the post/fanfic has to do with both of those categories. Just pick one category to submit it under.

Prizes/scoring system:

Grand Prize: A custom gif set/ lockscreen/ header/ icon set of your favorite character/ ship
1st place: I will feature one of your own fanfics/posts/articles on my blog, and will do a review on it.
2nd place: I will give a shout out to your blog, review it, or both
3rd place: I will make you a head canon of you favorite character(s) (I can do ships too, but it will probably be easier to do just characters because I don’t write about a lot of the other ships)

Scoring System
Scavenger hunts are normally scored on how fast a contestant completes their list, and on the quality of the items that the contestant finds. Here is how it will be scored:
The first three places will be awarded per category. Each topic is worth 10 points. Each topic that has a good quality find will have an additional 10 points added. Their ballot will automatically be awarded 50 points if it’s sent to me within the first 12 hours of that category. So you can get a total of 250 points on one ballot. The grand prize will be awarded to the person(s) who complete all 10 categories with a perfect score, which would be a total of 2,500 points.

Day 1: March 29th-March 30th “Blogs”

Day 2: March 30th-March 31st  "Parabatai"

Day 3: March 31st-April 1st  "Malec"

Day 4: April 1st-April 2nd “Clace”

Day 5: April 2nd-April 3rd “Sizzy”

Day 6: April 3rd-April 4th “Fanfiction Authors

Day 7: April 4th-April 5th "General Fanfiction”

Day 8: April 5th-April 6th “Character Development”

Day 9: April 6th-April 7th “Shadowhunters Cast Members”

Day 10: April 7th-April 8th “Fandemonium”

April 11th: Results/Prizes

In Conclusion:

I worked really hard on this, so I hope everyone has fun and that you can get something out if it. I just want to give a quick thanks to @wildflower-clace for helping me out with the nitty-gritty. lol, thanks a bunch!
 Don’t hesitate to send me an ask to my inbox if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. :-)

I’m just waiting for some fucking anon to drop by and call me a nazi. newsflash; I don’t like to go onto tumblr and see a post saying that I’m tiring to be around just because I’m white. I think alot of things have happened. Men are getting a shit storm from the snowflakes of tumblr, cis people are called scums, and now it’s an entire race. What the fuck is even going on anymore? Tumblr has the odacity to call it accepting when I see this constant bullshit spewed over my dashboard. It’s like you guys don’t even stop to think about my age or what hell I’ve been raised through just to fill my ask box up with racist bullshit. Honestly tumblr is turning to shit.

Hey guys

I’m still accepting prompts/requests in my Ask box. Anon is fine, or you can take credit–none of us will tease you. I have 10 or so in there right now, and I promise that they will all most likely see fruition–if not right away, then as part of a larger work, or they’ll be added to an existing universe.

At the moment, I’m neck-deep in BFF revisions. Then I have a one-shot that I plan to turn into a two-shot, because the visual of a certain magizoologist peeling a certain Auror’s favorite pajamas off of her won’t leave me alone. That story alone will feature one or two prompts heavily, so don’t be discouraged if I don’t fill it right away.


(Asking me questions is okay, too!)


Guys, seriously. I only have four more drabbles to write, and two of them are secretly turning into full fledged fics because they took off and who am I to stop them. That means I NEED MORE PROMPTS!

Send them to my Ask Box and I will fill them all!~

Anything goes- any pairings, any prompt, any rating, any fandom.

The prompt can be as big or small as you want. Just send me anything! I wanna keep the writing going, and the short stuff is really helpful when I have slow periods at work, too! <3

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As always, anon is on! ASK AWAY!

What CAN I Do?

Well, I can do quite a few things, really.

-Play a few instruments

Currently, the B♭ trumpet is the instrument I can play the best. I’m being taught piano by my homeroom teacher and switching over to concert snare drum for band next school year.

-Draw some things

I believe I’ve been drawing since I was two. My mother told me I used to fill notebooks, sketchbooks, and boxes of paper with drawings. Then I dropped it for a few years since my two baby sisters were born. Another reason is because I also owned a hamster at the time. Then also joined the track and field team. Now, I’m getting back into drawing. I’m currently drawing a “vs” drawing of Ness and Lucas or Toon Link. Been playing a lot of Super Smash Bros. lately…

-Write a few stories

I was a geeky little ten-year-old when I started writing. This was also when I joined the FNaF (Five Nights at Freddy’s) fandom. I had a story in my head, joined Quotev, and made a story call “Wanna Play?” Sadly, after about a year of being on Quotev, my account got deactivated. So the story is no longer up.

-Take “decent” photographs

I picked up the small hobby of photography. All I use is my iPhone 5 camera or my Samsung Express 3 camera. I’m only thirteen, so can’t afford to buy high-quality photography equipment. My brother takes photography as his second elective. It saddens me that I can’t do the same because, in my middle school, you’re only allowed one elective. And I’m not giving up band class.

-Ride a 4x4 ATV

I was twelve when I learned how to drive an ATV. Sure, I’m under the legal driving age, but I live in a village. It’s how all the village kids around my age or older get around a lot. My grandfather’s going to teach me how to drive the truck soon.

-Ace most of school

Ever since my slightly older brother started kindergarten, I wanted to go to school. I can’t recall the reason why I was excited. But, with my eagerness, I paid attention to everything I was taught and worked my butt off on school work. All that hard work got me in advanced reading and math in fifth grade. I also won Best Female Student of my class the same year. The only problems I have is remembering things from history and social studies class and getting over the fact that most health subjects make me sick. Literally.


I got the hobby of baking from one of my older cousins who can bake like a pro from scratch when I was seven, eight, or nine. Now, there is a difference between cooking and baking. Cooking is making dishes such as breakfast. Baking is making desserts like brownies. But don’t ask me why you bake cookies and cook bacon.

Now I have to get going and head to science class.