fill your heart with allah

Sometimes we forget truly how powerful the verses of the Quran really are. They heal us in so many ways and these words are not to be taken granted for. Do not devalue the words of the Quran, grow from them learn to respect them and fill your heart with the words of Allah. These are not just words, they are from the book of Allah and they will protect you from everything that can be seen and unseen. May Allah guide me.

You’re sad. You’re in search of comfort. You missed the point. If you continue to search for comfort in another human being or in things, you will be tormented with it. Yes, we ask Allah to make them the comfort of our eyes, but they can not fill your heart where Allah, and only Allah should be. That’s the struggle. Allah is One. And it must remain that way…in your heart and in your actions.

Please remember:

When sadness fills your heart
When tears flow in your eyes

Always remember 3 things:

1) Allah IS with you
2) STILL with you
3) ALWAYS with you

Stop impressing people who don’t even care. Start impressing Allah who tests your heart. So fill your heart with Allah so there is less space for anything, other than Allah. This is the way to heal you.