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Reader x Jungkook

Requested by anonymous

Summary: You wanted to surprise your boyfriend for his birthday.

Genre: fluff

Word Count: 1,125

(A/N): This is my first request, so I hope I did well lol. Also, this is my first fluff scenario, so now I have done all three genres! Huzzah! 

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You were never really very good at being patient, especially when it came to surprises. There was a whole plan involved, and you were always the type that couldn’t wait to see the end result. Now, however, you were the main piece of this surprise, and you had to patient.

It was the first of September, the day of your boyfriend, Jeon Jungkook’s, birthday. A few weeks ago, you and the rest of BTS had come up with a plan to surprise Jungkook, and honestly you were super excited.

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What about Arthur & Gwen’s first child & it being a girl? Cause Arthur lives. Nothing bad happens in season 5 - requested by Anonymous.

I was in the mood to draw Merlin with an undercut again! Also, since buffycuddlespigs requested “some more tattooed Merlin” a while ago, I threw that in as well… Punk!Merlin was pretty much inevitable! x)


the-stray-liger  asked:

I know you probably don't take requests but I just kept thinking it'd be nice if there was more Cullenlingus in Letters from Orlais and I just thought I'd drop the suggestion QuQ? I am so sorry I accidentally went through the entire thing yesterday and now I can't stop thinking about itsdfjdfsdfskdfj´sdfjkfo

I think you will enjoy the next chapter then. :) Which is nearly 8k long and ALMOST DONE! <3 (Also, I always take requests. I just don’t fill them very fast, lol)


hs au for anon!!

i love filling requests, i have such a hard time deciding what to do so it makes me really happy when people ask c:

i loved this au i thought it was adorable and the style is fun to color! i’ll definitely do more of it in the future! thanks for the request!!