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Can i request a cute headcanon? In this case it center the guys as kids. What if they develope a crush for their nanny/babysitter who is in their twentys? And what if one day they see her blushing and happy while a Kingsglaive caresses her cheek and then kiss her. In Prompto's case a random guy i guess.

Omgosh- I have the PERFECT headcanons for this particular prompt! :D Get ready for an explosion of cuteness! <3

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Noctis: Noctis had fallen in love with his nanny from the moment he saw her, at the tender age of four years old. He was absolutely smitten by the way she prioritised him and his needs over everything else that was going in in the Citadel, and she had often talked to his father, King Regis, about courting her when he grew big enough. Regis had just smiled and nodded, casting conspiratorial looks at the nanny, who would in turn smile and shake her head as her cheeks flushed a light pink. However, on Noctis’ sixth birthday, Noctis experience his first real heart break. Noctis was only looking forward to receiving a present from one person, and one person only- his nanny. He ran about the Citadel in his new clothes and shoes, a happy smile on his face as he weaved between the legs of Crownsguard members to reach the staff lounge. Noctis entered without knocking, as he usually did, but he found something that he didn’t want to see. A present in a glaive’s hands- and the glaive’s lips on his nanny’s lips. They were kissing. And his nanny looked happy. Noctis balled his little fists and turned right around, his chest hurting and his midnight blue eyes burning in angry tears. Noctis ran straight to the throne room, where Regis was currently holding an audience with some ambassadors from Altissia. Banging on the door, the guards had no choice but to let the distraught prince into the throne room. Regis stood immediately, his eyes trained on his visibly upset son as the small boy ran up the stairs, stumbling quite a number of times before Regis met him half way and scooped the small, crying boy up into his arms. When Regis had asked Noctis what was wrong, Noctis could only sob harder and bury his face further into Regis’ chest. Regis dismissed the audience early and sat atop his throne with his heart broken son- petting his hair and pressing kisses to his head until the poor boy fell asleep. Later that day, Noctis’ nanny approached Noctis with a neatly wrapped present, smiling charmingly down at Noctis. Noctis turned his head and walked the other way. He didn’t want her present. She made him hurt.

Prompto: Prompto was often left by himself in his adoptive family’s home, but when he was too young to look after himself, the Argentum’s hired a nice nanny locally. She was a nursing student and she was extremely kind and accommodating to shy and friendly six year old Prompto. Prompto quickly fell in love with her kindness- he liked it when his nanny spent time playing toys with him, and taking him to the park to play on the swings. He really liked going to the park with his nanny, because afterwards, they would go for a really nice walk in the public gardens and Prompto really liked to hold her hand. Prompto was very happy with his nanny, and didn’t quite like weekends because that meant that his parents were home and that he wouldn’t be able to see his nanny until Monday. However, that weekend, Prompto was really excited because his parents were going to be taking him out for a picnic at his favourite park with the swings. He helped his mother make sandwiches and helped his father pack all their play gear before they all headed off hand in hand as a family to the park. On the way to the park, Prompto noticed his nanny with another older guy. Prompto tried to wave to his nanny, but she didn’t see him. Prompto deflated and kept walking with his parents. Once the Argentums were settled in the park on their picnic mat, Prompto excused himself and ran off towards the playground. He climbed up to the slide platform and tried to find his nanny again amongst all the people in the park. He blushed as his eyes landed on a young couple kissing behind a tree. But then he gasped when he realised that the woman that was kissing the man was his nanny. Prompto’s chest constricted and he felt like it was getting hard to breathe. The blond little boy quickly slid down the slide and stumbled towards his mother and father, who were eating their food and chatting cordially until they say how distressed their adopted son looked as he approached them with arms outstretched. Prompto wasn’t sure who he was supposed to go to for comfort, so he stopped before both his mother and father before simply collapsing on his knees and pressing the heels of his palms desperately against his pretty blue eyes as he sobbed loudly. Prompto’s mother immediately moved forward and wrapped her arms around her precious boy, shooting her husband a worried look. She asked Prompto whether someone had said something mean to him, and Prompto shook his head. She asked if he was hurt. He paused for a moment before he nodded. Pulling away, Prompto’s mother checked Prompto over and found no markings on her boy’s body. She frowned slightly in confusion. She asked where he was hurting. Prompto pointed to his chest as his lip wobbled.

“I want to go home. I don’t like this park any more. It’s mean and it hurts my feelings in here.”

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I know your requests are closed but GOSH it would be so hot for the roles to be reversed in 'Not Fake' where Harry 1. Never had an orgasm, 2. Was never able to get off from a previous hookup/partner 3. Hadn't had an orgasm in a REALLy long time so when things get /steamy/ he's v sensitive and swollen and so whiny to be touched......Ok I need to go and lie down or go outside bc I shouldn't be thinking of these things!

*war flashbacks imagining him as sensitive, swollen, and whiny* Help (erm, no pun intended, given that title…). This is a concept I will never be bored of – not sure how many unique ways there are to spin it, but does it ever get old? One long-suffering H coming (whoops) right up…. x.

Gentle reminder: requests are closed! 

037. Help

“You’re so grouchy today!” you accuse him after he’s snapped at you for the fifth time. You throw a piece of popcorn at him. “What the hell is going on with you?”

Harry grits his teeth, annoyance, and embarrassment, and frustration boiling together in his veins. “S’been three months,” he grinds out.

“Three months what?” you ask dumbly. “You only just got back from tour.”

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6. Vanitas & Roxas friendship maybe? I don't see many interactions with these two.

okay so this ended up longer than intended (but considering I currently have a 94k-word fic series that’s all about getting Vanitas to a tolerable point and he’s s t i l l not there, you gotta figure I’d get tl;dr on anything that’s not about him being a (total) psychotic brat (100% of the time)) BUT I had fun with it! It definitely made me think and stretch my creativity a bit.

#06. things you said under the stars and in the grass

summary“Light and darkness are two sides of the same coin.” So what about those who hang in the balance between? Roxas + Vanitas, post-KH3.

Ao3 version here

inb4 “but Roxas shouldn’t be able to dual-wield in KH3!!”

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What about Arthur & Gwen’s first child & it being a girl? Cause Arthur lives. Nothing bad happens in season 5 - requested by Anonymous.

I was in the mood to draw Merlin with an undercut again! Also, since buffycuddlespigs requested “some more tattooed Merlin” a while ago, I threw that in as well… Punk!Merlin was pretty much inevitable! x)



in jelly’s and my cku!au, flame princess is a cheerleader and fionna is a football player soooo yeah lol have some after-game-awkward-asking-out thing

also fi’s wearing the protective cup cuz she thinks it’s part of the uniform

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You should do Roxy in Colourful Summer!!

Like this? This is my first attempt at this so idk, hope you like it anon! >.> Pallete made by @galaxy-arts

i feel the desire to writeANGST so im going through my prompt list to see if i can churn out some sadness for yall and also i have so many requests to fill lol

buT if u guys have crack or angst ideas feel free to submit lol

Just wanted to post a little something something here regarding being tagged in those cute little tumblr surveys that friends pass around here- I haven’t been able to complete any that I’ve been tagged in AND I can’t find the notifications cos they’ve been buried in cyberspace SO PLEASE DON’T TAKE OFFENSE DEARIES! :O When I get the time to trawl through my email inbox and find where I’ve been mentioned and by whom I’ve been mentioned, I’ll be sure to fill out whatever I’ve been tagged in! I just thought I’d let you guys know now because I didn’t want anyone feeling like I didn’t care about being tagged in stuff- it actually makes my day that you guys want to know more about the silly young woman behind this silly little blog <3

Oh, and I also wanted to update you on my inbox’s status: Offically, I have 29 requests left to fill (LOL, still a lot but a week and a half ago I had around 51? So I’ve made some progress xD). I have had a few people send me requests while my inbox was closed for requests, and those are sitting at the top of my inbox, not being counted at the moment. I’ll be filling those ones submitted after my requests closed, so don’t worry! I’m flexible and lenient like that. It just means that if I do jump around in my inbox and fill things not according to the order they came in, I won’t be filling those three new ones that were submitted after requests were closed. Does that make sense? EITHER WAY, I AM STILL SLOWLY WORKING MY WAY THROUGH SO IF YOU SENT SOMETHING IN IT WILL BE MADE INTO SOMETHING USING MY CREATIVE JUICES LOVES DON’T WORRY I DIDN’T FORGET YOU <3 <3 <3

Okay, looong ass administration post here from Miss Immortal- apologies! But yeah, I just wanted to give ya’ll an update.

Oh yeah, btw, I kinda want to write more Cor NSFW. And, and, and!!! Sweet, gently lovin’ by Iggy dearest. So, like, what do ya’ll want to see? (I understand if I don’t get any responses for this question- I highly doubt anyone’s going to read my long spiel about my writing back log and my tumblr n00bness xD).

ANyways, night night from the land of the kangaroos, I’m off to bed to wake up bright and early in the morning! :D Love you guys, take care!