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Leo anatomy
  • Mind: Flashing lights and New York bright nights, everything is a theatre, thoughts can glow, tendency to dramatise, incredible dreams, attached to childhood
  • Lower Back: Often pressured and sore, can be a sway back, small lower vertebrae
  • Eyes: Follow the light, playful, seductive, attracted and mesmerised by flashes, colour, and patterns
  • Heart: Filled with passion, larger than life, hyper sensitive, reactive to rejection, overly generous, sacrificial, requires validation to keep beating
  • Stomach: Trusts the gut
All You Need is Sleep

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Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Word Count:498

Warnings: Just some fluffy goodness

Anon Requested

A/N: I did combine two requests into one for this and I will continue to do that with other fics if i feel i can blend them together seamlessly.


You bit your lip as you concentrated on the half-blank canvas in front of you. You let your paintbrush do the work as colorful swirls and patterns filled the page. You’d been at it for hours now, wanting to make sure every detail was perfect. You dipped your paintbrush into more paint and continued on your masterpiece. Occasionally, you’d take a drink of the coffee on your left, to keep you awake. 

Truth was, you’d been up for 18 hours straight trying to finish. Jughead walked into the room you were occupying and observed. He admired from afar as you continued to paint, not even noticing his presence. 

 He smiled softly as he watched you while leaning against the door frame. The sunlight shining through the window landed on you in a way that made you even more perfect to him. Your hair was pulled up in a messy bun and you wore one of his old flannels. The jeans hugging your legs had paint splotches all over them, but he thought you looked great in everything you wore. 

 You finally turned your head and saw him standing there making you smile brightly. You put your paint brush in a cup of paint water as you wiped your hands before walking over to him. “What are you doing here?” You laughed as he shrugged. “I figured I’d pay my loving girlfriend a visit." 

Your hands landed on your hips. "And…” waiting for him to continue. He softly sighed as walked over to you and wrapped you in his arms. “Your mom called me. Said you hadn’t slept in close to a day.” You smiled into his chest. “I’m not even ti-.” Your own body betrayed you as a yawn interrupted your speech. “Tired.” You finished with a cheeky grin as Jughead chuckled. 

 His hands gripped your arms as he looked down at you. “You need sleep, y/n.” “But I need to finish.” You stated as you looked back at your current piece. He looked over at it and smiled, he admired your raw passion for your art. 

 "Come on. Let’s take a nap.“ He said softly as you nodded tiredly. He walked you over to your bed and laid down with you still in his arms. You laid your head on his chest as he traced patterns on your arms. Within seconds you were asleep. 

 He chuckled when he heard your soft snores and shifted into a more comfortable position for both of you. Your mom came in to check on the two of you and to offer a snack when she saw the two of you curled up asleep. Jughead looked up when he heard her and mouthed, "I got her.” Before settling back down with his arms around you. 

Your mom smiled before closing the door, not wanting to disturb the two of you anymore. Jughead’s head nestled into your neck and lightly kissed it before whispering an “I love you” and then falling asleep.

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Art School | Sophie Roach (Austin, TX)

Drawing and painting her way through an imaginative landscape of intricate and visual entanglements is Austin native, Sophie Roach.  Her artwork has endlessly covered  surfaces from– guitars, beer cans, Vans, to entire rooms.  And if that isn’t already insanely rad, her organic approach and laid back attitude make her not only incredibly humble, but also a super awesome collaborator.  While finishing up one mural and starting up new projects, we had the chance to ask Sophie a few questions about her art, her career, and her approach – from finding her voice, attacking a mural, to digging the quietude one might find as a mail person hah!  

Photographs courtesy of the artist. 

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My name is Andrew Denholm and I am from Scotland, currently living in London. I am an illustrator/designer and would love for you guys to show off some of my work. I like to create pattern filled designs with lots of energy. Drawing from nature but putting my own surreal twist on the subject matter.

Inktober 1:  Hawkeye comic panels redrawn as Rent fanart. Because Clint and Roger are about equally human disasters and this is basically what already happens in the show, just set to music.

My name is Andrew Denholm and I am from Scotland, currently living in London. I am an illustrator/designer and would love for you guys to show off some of my work. I like to create colourful, pattern filled designs with lots of energy. Drawing from nature but putting my own surreal twist on the subject matter.

Fool’s Gold

Summary: Marinette knew that she wasn’t a good dancer. She could be a fearless warrior and a great hero but she couldn’t fix her two left feet. Despite that, she wanted to go to the masquerade ball in the royal castle to meet a certain someone. Instead, she meets a masked jester under the moonlight…

A/N: I have a translation project due in two days. Instead I decide it’s worth finishing off this fanfic I had in my drafts since last summer lol. At first, this was meant to be my Queen!Marinette AU but I couldn’t think of anything to make her queen without making it complicated so this was the result. Well, I kinda wanted to see Marinette stepping on Adrien’s toes too haha. Enjoy!

Word Count: 2.5k+

Link to FFnet / AO3

Marinette was many things. A skilled seamstress. A wise advisor. A good friend. She could lead an army, devise flawless tactics and dominate the battlefield all while making it look like a ladies’ picnic.

She may be many things. But a dancer, she was not.

It was at times like these that she hated her accursed clumsiness. Very few people noticed after she became a hero but to the people who knew her before that they could only laugh and say ‘that’s our Marinette’. It was one thing that never changed.

Five different people asked her to dance that evening. All five left with bruised toes. Thankfully, they seemed like good noblemen who knew how to cover up so they bore with the pain with smiles on their faces. To escape from the misery and to avoid making a fool of herself for any longer, she slipped away to the castle gardens, taking solace in the moonlit scenery.

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Sirius x Reader // Worth the world

My writing is slow,

And my word choice pathetic,

Unfollow this blog,

“Alright, up you get, love, I need you in the library.”

“I’m eating, gimme a moment.”

Sirius Black sighs but resolves himself, sitting down in a huff at the Hufflepuff table, watching patiently as Y/N finishes a bowl of soup, using a chunk of baguette to soak up the last vestiges of French onion while he drums his fingers impatiently on her thigh.

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Surprise, Surprise

Wanna One’s Lai Guanlin X Reader 

• it’s your birthday

• boyfriend! Guanlin 

• ft. my wanna one sons 

Word count: 1750

oH MY GOD MY BIAS MY BIAS DKSIAHSDH LET’S GO i love guanlin so fcking much it hurts. and awww, you’re the sweetest, thanks for requesting this anon, hope you like it !! as much as Seonho loves Guanlin. Also I was kind of lost and this took me quite awhile to write so please be more specific next time + it’s shorter than i’d like it to be but I really couldn’t :( ( i’ll let it slide since it’s my baby boy ) 

also longevity buns and noodles = something i’ve eaten every birthday for as long as I’ve lived. I love them ❤️ 

can anyone relate?


Guanlin awoke extremely early this morning and he was never known to do be up at such an unholy hour but today was special. 

It was your birthday.

And he was determined to make it perfect… with the help of his hyungs of course! It had been the most challenging thing to keep his plans a secret from you and he even called your parents the night before to confirm it. Your parents were so taken in by how sweet and adorable Guanlin was your mother was set on marrying you off to him. She too, had a hard time keeping her mouth shut about today, nearly babbling all about it to you if it were not for your dad’s constant reminders. 

7.48 am

Guanlin, Jihoon, Jinyoung, Daehwi and Jisung pulled up outside of your driveway, your mother dashing out as soon as she spotted the headlights of the car.

Jisung didn’t care if he was blocking the entire street, there were barely any cars on the road anyways, all he focused on was getting the balloons safely out of the car. By safely, he meant not letting any pop. They were so precious, he stayed up all night scouring the internet for these metallic gold balloons only to find out that the shop nearby their dormitory sold the exact same ones. That was the moment when he turned around, walked about two blocks down back to the house and re-evaluated his life decisions.

Jihoon’s nimble frame clambered out of the car half asleep, he was monitoring the cake which at first, Guanlin and Sungwoon teamed up to make but it was ruined because they ‘forgot to add something’ in the batter half way so ‘you can have it guys. Call Seonho over if you can’t finish’. Guanlin ended up using up his monthly allowance from the agency to order your birthday cake and he said he would sue the bakery if it wasn’t as good as they claimed it to be.

He eyed it carefully, ignoring Daehwi’s advances to 'help carry the precious cargo’, 'no offence Daehwi but I think you’ll drop it’. He wasn’t about to let Guanlin’s money go to waste, the maknae probably had to only drink water for the month. 

But when it came to you, he only gave you the best.

Guanlin’s hands shook uncontrollably and his heart was pounding madly in his chest. He squeezed his eyes shut and opened them again. He was more nervous now than when he auditioned for Cube. 

“Y/N is quite a light sleeper and early riser,” your mother had told him. “But I will try to delay her as much as possible.” Your mother rushed up the staircase just as car number two with the rest of the boys arrived outside your front door, that only shocked Guanlin more and he feared that things would not go to plan. 

The boys could pretty much taste the anxiety radiating off him. “Never fear dongsaeng, your hyungs are here.“ 


It was a real miracle that you hadn’t stirred the whole time Guanlin was busy filling up a heart pattern on the floor of your room with rose petals. 

How romantic. 

He’d lie and say it was Daniel’s idea later though. 

A heart made solely out of rose petals adorned your floor, by it’s side was a single pink balloon which was attached to a scroll of paper. Guanlin hoped you liked your first gift of the day. 

He took a glance at you as you slept, he had been avoiding doing that while he decorated because it seemed creepy and stalker like but he couldn’t help it. Even in your sleep, you looked breathtakingly beautiful, like a princess out of a Disney film, to Guanlin, no one else could compare. He knew it would stay like that for eternity and if he got to wake up to you every morning, he’d never go anywhere else for the rest of his life. 

Your boyfriend’s thoughts were all over the place now. Resisting the urge to wake you up so he could kiss your tender lips, Guanlin quietly crept out of the room, he smiled to himself, thinking about how well the rest of the day was going to go. When he returned from upstairs, he saw that Sungwoon had everything under control and should there be a need for extra party supplies, he brought his Doraemon purse along. ( i hope someone understands this part ) Jisung and Minhyun ( parents )  was helping your parents to set up the dining table for breakfast which Jinyoung and Daehwi had come marching in with. Breakfast was waffles and pancakes from your favourite cafe and longevity buns your parents had made. 

He hoped you hadn’t minded all of the boys joining you for breakfast, all of you were close and he figured it’d be more fun. 

"Okay! We’re ready,” Minhyun whispered from kitchen. 

Jihoon gave a thumbs up as Woojin stepped away from a bunch of bunting, he pretended to wipe fake dirt off his hands and smiled. Daniel and Sungwoon inspected every single part of the decorated living room, and Seongwoo proceeded to rearrange the present pile. 

“It has to look perfect before I hit my slate! Okay, Jaewhan, start recording,” he instructed. 

Slate clap! 

Jaewhan turned the camera to focus on Guanlin and nodded encouragingly.

Shit, I swear I had a script for this, Guanlin thought. It’s just lost in my head now.

“Uh…hey guys. T-today is actually Y/N’s birthday so Wanna One is here to surprise her. All of us are very close to Y/N and we are very excited for what is about to happen. For now, we will wait for the princess to awake from her beauty sleep,” Guanlin said, he couldn’t hide his smile even when speaking. When Seongwoo pointed that out, he just laughed awkwardly and covered his face.

“We will update you when Y/N’s here, I don’t think she knows a thing. See you guys!” Sungwoon ended Jaewhan’s recording. When he opened his mouth to protest, Sungwoon shushed him. “I think we should go up to the second floor. Y/N’s mum is going to wake her up.” Guanlin felt like digging a hole and burying himself inside. 

Jaewhan, 'I’m the cameraman’, 'you need a slate every time’ Seongwoo and 'i’m today’s mcee’ Sungwoon camped outside your room door where you and your mother were inside. 

She was preparing you to be camera ready. And secretly filming your reaction.

Let’s go. 


Your eyes fluttered open and for once, you weren’t blinded by the bright sunlight as usual. You felt your mum shake you gently. “Y/N….it’s time to wake up,” she murmured. “It’s your birthday today. Happy birthday!" 

Though confused, you still sat up to hug her, your eyes still shut and unaware of the massive balloon and heart … and your mum’s camera recording the entire thing. When you finally saw the first thing Guanlin designated for you, your jaw fell open and you shrieked excitedly. "What! What? What is this?” You were wide awake now, all the sleepiness was erased and throwing off the covers, you dashed to it’s side.

Your mother laughed at your antics. 


Someone call Samuel over. 

The scroll unfolded, you immediately recognised your boyfriend’s handwriting and smiled.

My dearest Y/N, Happy birthday baby! I can’t believe this is our first time celebrating a birthday together. Cheers to many more! Speaking about cheers, go get ready. I still have things for you! Love, your boyfriend, Lai Guanlin.

You felt your face get hot and suddenly became too aware that your mum was holding her camera the entire time. "Mum! No! Oh my god!” You wailed, trying to hide your face - until you made it into your bathroom at least. You looked in the mirror and took a deep breath, fanning your reddening face. 


Okay, let’s not keep Guanlin waiting downstairs.

At the thought of your boyfriend, you grinned so wide it almost hurt.

“Jaewhan! Seongwoo! Sungwoon!” The scream tore out of your throat before you could stop it and you covered your mouth before launching into the arms of your close friends. Brothers, more like it. 


“Happy birthday!" 

"Today is going to be so fun!" 

Jaewhan focused the camera on you. "It’s our dear Y/N’s birthday! Here she is! We’re so proud and happy for her!" 

You attempted to cover up your awkwardness and embarrassment by playing it cool. You shot your best, million dollar smile into the lens. 

"Ahhh! Y/N, what do you expect from today?” Sungwoon asked, holding a hairbrush as a mic. 

“I definitely expect a lot of fun times and good memories from today! I know it’ll be enjoyable with all my oppas around,” you replied, brushing a stray strand of hair out off your way. 

“Of course! Now, let’s go downstairs and see what’s waiting for you, okay?”

Seongwoo had to hold onto you to prevent you from sliding down the entire staircase. You simply couldn’t contain your enthusiasm today. 


You nearly fell down the last step for dramatic effect. 

"Y/N! Happy birthday!” Jisung yelled, enveloping you into a tight embrace as soon as you were down the last step. “My yeodongsaeng is growing up!” He rubbed your back affectionately before stepping away to let the rest of the boys overwhelm you. 

Daniel was the next person to hug you closely, he got mildly emotional too. Minhyun was on the verge of tears but he got himself together anyways. 

Daehwi threw petals around you as Woojin balanced a flower crown on your head. You blushed, shy, but that didn’t stop you from squishing them into big brother hugs. “Aww, I’m almost as old as you guys,” you teased at which they both scoffed and rolled their eyes. 

You took your time to greet the rest of your friends, hugging them close like a family member would. 

When you saw Guanlin, holding out a bouquet of roses ( bcwhynot ), nearly burst into tears from sheer joy and gratitude. He leaned in a pecked you on the lips before pulling you in for a tight hug. 

Okay, it’s now or never. Guanlin thought, he did his best to shake off the nerves that seemed to be eating him alive. He held you close to him and then whispered into your ear. 

“Y/N, I love you. Happy birthday.”

That was probably the best surprise of today. 

Dear Evan Hansen: A Starry Night With You

For @fluffyfics who requested this a while back. I hope you read this and enjoy it when you come back, sweetie. 

Words: 1,654

They’d been sneaking out— well, no. Not really. Connor kept telling Evan to refer to what they did as sneaking out since it sounded more badass. Badass as compared to having permission to go out at night. 

Connor took his parents’ car, picked up Evan, and they drove off together through the neighborhood shrouded by darkness. It was usually a quiet meeting. A simple hi and a shared smile, and they were off. Evan looked out the passenger window, eyes flying back and forth to catch every house and tree and fire hydrant along the way. He sat with his legs close together and his hands on his knees. God, they were getting sweaty, too. Why did that always happen? 

Connor pulled over when they arrived, and they got out of the car together. 

“I-It’s a clear night,” Evan pointed out as his first bit of conversation. His friend nodded and led the way down the familiar park path. Evan followed behind him, climbing up the hill until they rested beneath a giant oak that the public park initially grew around years ago. The tree was original, authentic. Evan loved it. 

Connor was the first, after stretching his hands above his head dramatically, to plop down on the grass. Evan sat gentler. 

The differences between the two bodies was apparent in every way. But their souls were practically one in the same. Evan felt it. He’d felt like that for a long time. But he never plucked up the courage to confront Connor about it. To ask him if he felt the same. But it was small dates like these that Evan treasured. 

A cloud passed overhead, and both teens were gazing up into the sky. Evan was trying to figure out what that cloud resembled when there was a minute grunt and a shifting beside him. Connor moved just a tad closer to Evan, the gap between them getting smaller. Evan blushed. 

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