Jerseylicious… This was by far one of the most interesting shoots for me (for the Berrebi and Lattif duo), that lasted a lot longer than expected and provided us with most likely a lifetime of laughs and conversation.  This, by far, does not grant me any bragging rights (besides that this was my national television debut), but it was supposed to, by contract, grant me TV credit and/or links to my website… which it didn’t so perhaps this will leave a bit of a footprint.

The crew for the show were really cool, very respectable, and very energetic. They left me with no cleanup, plenty of compliments, and cold pizza.

I wasn’t sure what to expect of a reality show taping, but was not surprised by the direction.  The only thing that threw me off was a morphing personality on a certain but unnamed guido male character once the director called: “action!"  I was definitely caught off guard, and the biggest challenge of the evening was holding back laughs.. constantly. 

Otherwise, Fil (Filly) was a nice guy, engaging, and reminded me of a few people I grew up with in West Orange before they toned down their ego’s… Olivia was a sweetheart, very appreciative, and is a very talented make up artist. 

Best of luck to them…