i live in orange county, california, and if you have no idea where that is, better for you. i have experienced such blatant and ignorant racism and awful fetishisation from the people around me, specifically the older white men here. more people here have tried to tell me they’re “more asian than me” because i’m so white-washed. more times than i can count do people ask me where i’m from, or start with “so you’re like half black, right? what else are you?”

i am 100% filipinx. 

“you’re just so pretty! i was going to guess filipno next.” no you weren’t. i look filipino, i look asian, i am an asian. 

you can’t keep treating me like an other or white-washing me when it’s convenient. #idolookasian



This is so creepy & Good(by good i mean the after effects was well worked out) and by creepy can you imagine it can be traced way back the american Regime. We are all born with lies by the media, and this right here my friend is the truth, you know what they say, Every Family Has its Secret. you know what, Filipinos nowadays are stronger & braver !

:’( just said goodbye to some of the most important people in my life; the filipino crew I always nag you guys about. We’ve been tight since birth; each one of them have played an important role in my life, and have probably influenced me the most. They always say that you’re group of friends influence you the most, and without a doubt this group of girls have helped me grown out of my comfort shell, more than anyone else. Even though a few tears were shed saying goodbye, I know I’ll always have a unique bond with them that I don’t have with anyone else, and that bond will always stay no matter how far I am from them. We’ve had many amazing memories growing up, and I know that separating for them for college is only 1 temporary chapter in my life. As long as we’ve got time, this ain’t goodbye…