In ancient Philippine mythology, Mayari is the one-eyed moon-goddess of war, revolution, beauty and strength- daughter of the chieftain of the gods, Bathala, and a mortal woman, Mayari battled with her brother Apolaki, over who would rule the earth.  

She graces the night sky with her light, and she is said to be the loveliest out of all the gods. 

Beautiful Tagalog Words
  • walanghiya - liveliness and eagerness
  • charot - a reason for being
  • putok - natural scent of a person
  • pokpok - awareness that nothing is ever permanent
  • abnoy - things that remind you of yourself
  • chaka - something added to embellish and make something perfect
  • kupal - the feeling of great achievement due to putting more effort
  • anyare - a profound insight 
  • gago - powerfully persuasive
  • echos - being mindful of small details
  • jejemon - verbosity
  • bwisit - purpose in life
  • tanga - something everyone seems to be except for you
  • weh - things left unsaid
  • bokya - reaching the zenith
  • ulol - picturing things in your head
  • supot - something that didn’t happen because of waiting for too long
  • baliw - ephemeral beauty
  • hinayupak - overflowing with fervor
  • ansabe - wanting someone to repeat what they said that made you happy
  • punyeta - finding beauty in things despite their imperfections
  • tarantado - a convivial person

Please don’t forget that Asian American immigration history exists and is being used as precedent for a lot of gross policies, like directly with Japanese Internment making the Trump Admin think Muslim Internment is an option. Don’t forget that even President Obama erased our immigration history in his farewell address when he compared immigrants of today to the Irish and German and Poles and said nothing of the Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Filipino, South East Asian, Vietnamese, “waves” of immigrants literally imported to work the fields bc they would take a lower wage. Don’t forget about the refugees that fled the Vietnam and Korean and other wars and regime changes that came here to start from nothing and are now our nail salon jokes. Our history is full of disgusting immigration acts created by the US govt and they have the gall to pat us on the head and call us a model minority.

Don’t let them get away with it. History is supposed to teach us not to do bad things again.


15/100 days of productivity 🍯


Happy Sunday Everyone!

Today’s unplanned color theme is yellow. I have a pretty laid back day today in terms of work because I’m ahead in all my classes so I’m slowly working on small papers due in 2 weeks. As per usual, I am accompanied by chocolate, coffee and a snoring puppy.

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