Quick doodle of Maria Makiling, the most known diwata (forest nymph) in Philippine mythology, who guards Mount Makiling in Laguna. In one of her many stories, it is said that one can have their fill of fruits of the forest she guards, but that these fruits are not allowed to be taken home. One cannot simply take from the forests fruits without risking Maria’s anger. In order to appease her, one must throw away the stolen fruits and reverse their clothing.

I wanted to try my hand at designing a Talon Healer

Her name is “Laya”, which means “free” in Tagalog

Her backstory is here

Her left hand is like Sym’s hard light prosthetic but it mixes biotic field tech with a barrier component (hard light?) which gives short burst healing and short term 50% damage taken (like Hog’s heal but for teammates, and more limited) in the form of a barrier or hard light net which engulfs single teammates

Her right hand can shoot out like a harpoon and do some precision damage (like when Hog hook whips you on low health but as primary fire and with more damage than the hook, as well as having no pull)

It can also fan out like Genji’s right click but limited range, for close proximity damage

Her physical design is a hodgepodge of Talon influences, Mercy, and Symmetra but with a unique color scheme and an as of yet unfinished costume design based heavily off of a hodgepodge of different traditional Filipino clothing

this is still a first draft and I’m experimenting with making her more unique in design, but I’m pretty happy with the idea for the most part

I think Philippine culture is underrated.

Which is interesting, where there has been a rise of Filipinos going abroad and developing communities there, the culture is underrepresented compared to things Japanese/Chinese/Korean/Thai/Indian/etc.

While conservative and quite derivative (and flawed) this culture can be, I still think it’s beautiful and diverse.

And admittedly, I still do think this is an unpopular opinion due to the racial slurs and the xenocentric orientation of the Filipinos themselves.